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Good late afternoon……so much rain over here! Happy I have new rain boots, I am talking monsoon weather so they are going to be seeing a lot of mileage this week. Hope the sun might be shining wherever you are! I am so ready for a much needed coffee break.

Anywho busy week prepping for the showhouse, finishing up a few e design projects and doing odds and ends in my own home…it’s all good. As I periodically do I share with you my week as seen through my trusty little iPhone, so here we go…….




Was so excited to put our my magnificent chinoiserie pumpkins from The Relished Roost…that’s what I call ushering fall in style!


Had fun playing with some new blue and whites

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Been on a bit of a gift wrapping binge, had a few friends birthdays to celebrate and you know I take my wrapping very seriously:)

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Gave each an Enchanted Home mug…a little shameless self promotion:)….


And this gorgeous monogram bag will soon be making its way to my shop…..


And here are snapshots from the magnificent wedding this past weekend……gorgeous!

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These above were the view from my beautiful hotel room, it was a picture perfect night to see Lady Liberty all lit up at dusk


The flowers were just “beyond” an oasis of white orchids and hydrangea, the massive towers of flowers were showstoppingly beautiful

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How amazing are these led lit name cards on mirror? Such a beautiful touch!

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Loved the clear tea lights hanging from the dance floor ceiling, it was so magical

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Snippets from around the house….doing a little fall cleanup


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Here is one of my consoles half way painted for the showhouse! It’s looking good, I am going to add some kind of a pale antiqued gold finish to it to dress it up


Some of the goodies that will be going into the showhouse



Have a painter touching up my beautiful chinoiserie paper… is dreamy beyond words but we have a painter enhancing the flowers/stems to make sure it’s perfect and I am loving the subtle difference


So there you have it…….busy but fun and mostly productive week. Hope all is well on your end and that your week is going swimmingly? punt intended given the rain we are having:) Until next time……

Only a few hours left for monogram tray orders (we are at near capacity as the reaction was fantastic but can take 3 more orders) click here for details…..



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Karena on

Tina the wedding must have been am absolute dream!!
You captured so many lush and luxe images, from your foyer to the new monogrammed evening bag!! The Chinoiserie panels and beautiful serving trays!!

Thank you for brightening my day as always!

The Arts by Karena
Painting Central Park!


fun, fun, fun, so much eye candy, the events decor was glamorous and stunning. We have rain too and that is a gift from above in California, Doing the happy dance for more!!!

franki on

WHAT A GORGEOUS WEDDING!! Alas, those celebrating ceremonies this weekend are going to have to do some Plan B arrangements I fear… We’re 6 inches of rain and…counting… FABULOUS PHOTOS!!! franki

Leslie on

Lots of pretty pictures .. gorgeous snap shots around the house and WOW;) what a spectacular wedding! Sounds like you are transitioning to fall!! We are too and I I’m so glad summer is over. It was too warm for me?

michele@hellolovelystudio on

just a thought. i am not half bad with a camera and can sub for your iphone with just a few hours notice. think about it. a rachel zoe-like personal photographer for the enchanted home to capture events like THAT WEDDING!!! oh my. unbelievable, tina. just dreamy. peace and pretty chinoiserie pumpkins, pretty lady.

Taylor Greenwalt on

The wedding looks the center pieces!

elizabeth@pineconesandacornsblog on


We too are getting great use out of our rain boots! Between the wind and the rain I am hoping that it is all over soon.

The wedding looks fabulous! I love the flowers.

Your week sounds and looks busy! Stay safe in the storm.

cindy hattersley on

What a gorgeous wedding! Can’t wait to see more peeks of the showhouse! Tina is anyone besides me having a hard time updating your blog link? For some reason blogger will not allow it? Am I doing something wrong? I keep trying but nothing works!!

diane on

The wedding pictures were gorgeous- my daughter and I are in the midst of planning her May wedding!! So pictures were helpful.
There are so many monogrammed things I could buy the bride and groom to be its so hard to choose!!

J. Dwan on

Monogrammed Stocking are a great idea. My children are all grown (and have their own from their childhood anyway). I think I’ll get a pair monogrammed for my husband and me! The silver paper ones are my favorite.

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