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Hello and happy Sunday. We are in NYC this weekend for a good friends daughters wedding….I know its going to be pure magic and I look forward to sharing highlights with you soon. Planned this post ahead of time, here is whats on my mind this past week… goodies! Enjoy and hope you are having a fabulous weekend….




1 SHELF ARRANGING. Many people are at a loss of how to arrange shelves. It can be a challenging process, much of it is truly trial and error with a lot of experimentation thrown in. But if you dont’ have the time or gumption to test and try,? then this tutorial from Yvonne of Stone Gable is one of the best, most user friendly I have seen. Thought it was worth sharing. Click here for the full post.

DESIGNER-TRICKS-FOR-BEAUTIFULLY-ARRANGED-SHELVES-breaking-hutch-up-into-vissual-grid-hutch-stonegableblog.com_ DESIGNER-TRICKS-FOR-BEAUTIFULLY-ARRANGED-SHELVES-farmhouse-hutch-stonegableblog.com_


2 ANOTHER SUPER TALENTED ARTIST. I am utterly floored by the works of Sally Spratt? who is the talent behind The Lust List. I just cannot imagine being able to paint like she does…what an amazing gift! She offers all of her art in large prints and note cards not to mention she takes private commissions. She is soooo talented! Click here to find out more about The Lust List. Here are a few examples of her extraordinary work-

23-25-3 A1_poster_GOLDEN_AFTERNOON

Love her take on beautiful baby prints-



Couldn’t you see these as a grouping? being framed in white, silver or black frames for a chic ladies dressing room or teenage girls room?





3 LB ORIGINALS. I have spoken before of my absolute love and adoration for Laurie of LB Originals, almighty princess of the paper world and what she does. I never cease to be amazed by all she churns out of that amazing little paper empire.

Every time I get something from her I think thats my new favorite item…until the next one arrives! Thanks to her I have the most exquisite and stylish paper/card/gift tag inventory known to mankind! I cannot wait to order my ginger jar holiday tags again….those just “made” my holiday gifts last year. Click here to see all of her beautiful products and to place your order-

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4. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. Just when I think I cannot possibly top last weeks Instagram finds, I do! So much to love this week…this is quite a roundup:)


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5. NEW BOOKS YOU NEED. And I do mean “need”, read on…..


Love Palm Beach? Me too and every single thing about it from it’s jewel like downtown to the fashionable and fantasy like homes that dot the’s all so darn beautiful! This book is an incredible compilation of truly some of the most beautiful homes I have ever seen, absolutely spellbinding and is now officially one of my most favorite design books, period! Talk about a book that can “take you away”……. this is the one. Click here to purchase this AMAZING book!

.Palm Beach Chic cover 08 PalmBeachChic artemis4336 08 PalmBeachChic artemis4262 (1) 03 PalmBeachChic auersperg8820 01 PalmBeachChic lafollia5269 01 PalmBeachChic lafollia5192



Love Central Park? Me too….this iconic park is the subject of this fabulous coffee table book and of all the many painters inspired to paint it. Features the most fabulous pictures of some of the most beautiful art of the park referred to as one of the most important and beautiful parks in the world. For anyone who loves art, Central Park, NY or culture….this is a must have! Click here to purchase Painting Central Park.

Painting Central Park

pic 1cV8WSHucI6LrEqc1ghLDFyBfoLPKqqpboPt__tllXE


DTR114602 A Day in June, 1913 (oil on canvas) by Bellows, George Wesley (1882-1925); 106.6x122 cm; Detroit Institute of Arts, USA; Purchased with the Lizzie Merrill Palmer Fund; PERMISSION REQUIRED FOR NON EDITORIAL USAGE; American, out of copyright PLEASE NOTE: The Bridgeman Art Library works with the owner of this image to clear permission. If you wish to reproduce this image, please inform us so we can clear permission for you.
DTR114602 A Day in June, 1913 (oil on canvas) by Bellows, George Wesley (1882-1925); 106.6×122 cm; Detroit Institute of Arts, USA; Purchased with the Lizzie Merrill Palmer Fund; PERMISSION REQUIRED FOR NON EDITORIAL USAGE; American, out of copyright
PLEASE NOTE: The Bridgeman Art Library works with the owner of this image to clear permission. If you wish to reproduce this image, please inform us so we can clear permission for you.

Finally this book, Tea and Savories is the best book I have ever seen for planning a ladies luncheon, a brunch or any kind of light beautiful luncheon/tea.? This book alone has me wanting to plan something very soon just so I can try some of these amazing looking ideas…every single page features something so delectable and beautiful! Click here to purchase this wonderful cookbook/book on elegant entertaining….


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6. NEW WINTER BOOTS. Just got these and must say, they are not only even prettier in person but? super comfortable and will be super toasty as the cold weather makes its way in. Love these and can see these easily becoming my “go to” boots during the cold winter months ahead.

These are waterproof and can be work folded over with the faux fur or worn tall, love these! Offered in black or brown, it was hard to pick a color! Click here for find more information



7. A CHINOISERIE WEDDING CAKE ? Oh yes! You can imagine how I flipped when I saw this…….I want it for my next birthday! From the incredible Murray Me cakes (gotta love that name) Isn’t his incredible? I would feel so guilty cutting into this work of art! Click here to read all about it


MurrayMe-Willow-Pattern-Painted-Cake-Topper-682x1024 MurrayMe_Willow_Pattern_WIP3-682x1024




So there you have it, my seven on Sunday. Anything excite you here? Thank you as always for stopping in…wishing you a wonderful and relaxing Sunday. Until next time…..

PS Chinoiserie pillows finally got added to the online shop yesterday! Click here….


And all the new porcelains are up as well, click here to view

Fancy and Elegant Jar



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Beldav on

I always look for your email before church on Sunday. It inspires me to fluff my pillows a bit more, and set the table for lunch. Thank you for the weekly inspiration….it is more heartfelt than you know…I hope everyone has a glorious day!?

Sandra olson on

Hi Tina, I have been following your posts for awhile now and just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I admire your amazing taste and style in everything you do.

I look forward to Seven on Sunday every Sunday morning.

Thanks for sharing!



Karena on

Tina you always surprise me with new Instagram lovelies to add to my friends I follow!! The books are all excellent additions for anyone! That Chinoiserie cake has blown me away!!!

The Arts by Karena

Desiree {Beautifully Seaside} on

Love this post! All seven things are amazing especially that artist on Etsy! I just favorite her store there thanks to you πŸ™‚

Regina on

Thank You.
I learn so much from you.

Katherine on

I just got back from New York and it was a bigger buzz than normal because of the Pope’s visit. You will still feel the excitement of it all.

The Santana Boots are designed by a friend of mine and produced/distributed by a company I worked for. There are incredibly warm, DRY and comfortable. Buy them.

Love the Chinoiserie Cake and love the idea of blue and white for a wedding.

Donna Lovold on

Loved, loved, loved the chinoiserie cake!! When I married in January I tried to get one made and was told the blue icing would be an awful stain on your teeth because of the dye. I wonder what the cake maker used?

Leslie Sinclair on

Hi Tina! I love that book on Central Park and that cake had to look at it twice to make sure it wasn’t porcelain! AMAZING!!! I bet the weather there is getting cool and like fall! Send a bit our way!!! xo Leslie

Katie Clooney on

Hello dear Tina… I was up bright and early on Sunday and after my coffee I always check in on your Sunday series. You hadn’t put it on yet and I was so bummed. Seven on Sunday always gives me my full of eye candy for the day, and you never disappoint. Saw a pic of the wedding on Instagram WOW!!! I hope my girls don’t see those pics! Have a great Monday.

elizabeth@pineconesandacornsblog on

Tina, I hope the wedding was fabulous!

First, let me say…THAT CAKE! Is fabulous! What an amazing cake, a true work of art.

I am going now to check out the books, they look fabulous as well.

Have a great week Tina and as always, thanks for sharing!

Pretty Pink Tulips on

Oh Tina,
There is SO much goodness in this post, per usual! Bookshelve tutorials are always welcome! Sally Spratt is new to me, but you know I have a penchant for watercolor artists, and her illustrations of the perfume bottles and shoes had me at the door!!! LB Originals is amazing! Always love your Instagram round ups, but especially tickled to see Jeanne’s drawing of my mudroom entrance! πŸ™‚

Hope the wedding was wonderful and the plans for the Shophouse are coming along beautifully!

Happy Monday, sweet friend!
xoxo Elizabeth

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