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Hi friends! How are you doing? Hope this finds you well and in full fall mode. First order of the day is to announce the winner of the monogrammed notepads set from Horchow. Congratulations to…

#31 Karena

The Arts by Karena

Please contact me at theenchantedhome@gmail. to provide your choice of the two sets and your shipping info


It has been a really beautiful fall, and the foliage is just breathtaking. Given that we are in November and the holidays are really just around the corner, it is not a moment too soon to star thinking about holiday planning.

I vow every year to start a little earlier but finally this year I feel like I am getting a teeny head start, not to say I will not be crazy busy in Dec. but even taking care of small things like ordering my Christmas cards and gift tags and starting to make a shopping and gift list feels like an accomplishment.

Was away Fri/Sat for an overnight short trip with my sister and we got to see Burnt. I actually really liked it….its a beautiful movie, the food cinematography was gorgeous and Bradley wasn’t too shabby himself:) As I do every Sunday, here are seven things that caught my attention this week……




1 NEW ITEMS I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT. I don’t know if I have ever been as eager to get in a new shipment as I am of all the goodies coming in….just in time for the holidays! I have the most gorgeous chinoiserie items and porcelains arriving. Porcelains due here end of month and chinoiserie items sometime beginning of Dec.

I will be offering a presale on the porcelains and chinoiserie tole as I always do in about a week or so, so stay tuned.. Amongst so many exciting things here are some new additions to the chinoiserie family…..


This amazing mirrors offered in four colors-

yellowgold bluewhite silvergray blkmirror

How about these fabulous lamps!

u3222nnamed 3223unnamed

And SO very excited about the beautiful chinoiserie lighting coming this way!

unnamed33 unnamasdfed




2.? ONE FABULOUS HOTEL. We had the best 4 day getaway last weekend, will share some pictures/highlights sometime next week but I have to say The Inn at Palmetto Bluff is as close to perfect as I have seen in a hotel. Run by the Montage Hotel group, this was simply sublime in every way. I had been last year for the first time with my sister and this time went with my husband, his brother and wife…fun weekend!

Most of the time pictures make things look just a little bit better than they really are, in this case, it is every bit as spectacular as the pictures. So much so that we are even considering eventually possibly buying there.? Click here to learn more about Palmetto Bluff.


InnatPalmetto_3_Solo PBL0821-Poolff1 innatpalmettobluff_biking The-Inn-at-Palmetto-Bluff-Rest-Bar



3 ONE VERY PRETTY SALE COAT! I always look forward to buying a few coats/jackets for the loooong winter season ahead. I had seen this a few weeks ago but pounced when I saw it’s for sale at Neiman Marcus, fits great, very chic and so well priced. I love that this could literally go with anything, and be dressed up or down. Click here for details-



4. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Always so much beauty and inspiration to share, whether its nature, someones talented hand at decorating, something delectably delicious, an adorable pet or words of wisdom….suffice to say Instagram delivers and this week’s round up is mighty spectacular-

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1221unnamed unn22amed unname8d 455unnamed unnamed87


5. LOVE THY PET As we start preparing ourselves for the holidays and checking our lists….our beloved pets should not be ignored. Afterall they make the best friends and deserve a special little something for the holidays, don’t you think? These picks are just too cute and I think Mr. Teddy just might find himself sporting a new faux fur or getting a beautiful monogrammed bed…shhhhh!



This is so cute…I can’t stand it! Click here


Teddy would flip over having his very own personalized bed, click here


And when ordinary tennis balls just won’t do, have your pooch fetch in style with this chic leopard balls! Click here


6. SHOWHOUSE PICS! So remember my Ronald McDonald Showhouse and how everything was sold off the night of the gala? Rarely do you get to see where your things go and how they are used in their “final resting place”. Well imagine how exciting it was to see the dining room where several of my items went. They look so beautiful……and the rug looks like a million bucks! Plus wanted to share the gorgeous pictures taken by Alan Barry Photography.

So many emailed me about the rug I had used which is not only a beauty but a ridiculously great price, it is being featured over at Decor Market,click here? just can’t get over how much look they offer for the price, unbelievable! If you are an Instagrammer, be sure to follow their new instagram account as they are doing a giveaway week to celebrate! Click here to follow them.


Here are some of the gorgeous professional shots taken by Alan Barry-

wloJN7C_8OlJ8MStGw0N8nZPn-uAat5cLjgNSyZZqf0,T3GxNJVJGCS03W2TcJWeUdI1S-8xYNqGhZ0UcuX2y4c,FDnTaYl7Iqui92gJKOIWOQEYpd1Pa5RiBDQypSZiB5Y vekMmDyuMykbvo98a9eM1ybIFHag20DbCe6xUc5j0p8,JEyp7pGoZUFCfZcXPlkqDS43u1Z7J66hFY563sASUr4,lgXseY-iOGweoAnUGFWOwHy9ALBwUejvkzCMZlCGJdw PeK0hio0RQNA5dsWc44fcyXd6yfw9BKvNnDXa6DPuKI,fsKHJI1L-9KPp0OuZfCSEZogR5UhOhvRInt5Zyu24-8,I3ppONCC76eRZy0N7Y_Fnh8BOWD-oR_QAmz7pQM_Nx8

And here in this beautiful room is where my ginger jars, chairs and rug went…..looks so beautiful. Thank you for sharing and love the added touch of? the “cute as a button” little girl hiding under the table:)



7. FALL AROUND HERE. As I continue to enjoy the splendor of fall, I have added very small but pretty tweaks around the house. This will likely be the last of fall, as it will soon be time to move onto Christmas! It never ceases to amaze? me how blue and white literally looks good with EVERYTHING. Love it with the magnolia, fall leaves and pinecones theme I have going on here….


Just got these chinoiserie pillows in for my chairs and have not taken the tags off yet, was anxious to see how they looked:)

unname34fed unnavcemed

And because I so love white mums added more to my front door and love the effect, one person said it looks almost like a dusting of snow. I am enjoying these while they last and until I start to decorate for Christmas….which is creeping up fast!

un32named unname33d


So that is what is up in my world…how about you? Anything exciting that you want to share? Thanks as always for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful day and end to your weekend. Until next time….


PS Don’t forget to enter the giveaway for the STUNNING Christmas cards (100 of your choice) to one super lucky winner from Dixie Designs, click here


PPS Last day for the blue and white blowout, some items are sold out but there are still a few pieces, click here


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Thanks for the reminder of Palmetta Bluffs. I went there after they first opened and it looks like I need to return. It’s beautiful! I also loved the small cottages where you can stay. That would be the best of both worlds–a place to be pampered as well as having horses. If you buy there, I’ll look forward to your next decorating project. Really enjoy your blog–still my favorite after all these years!

What I am the winner, I am so excited and thankful to you Tina and to Horchow!! How great, I will email you . We are definitely following the same Instagram sites ( many of our friends) I see a couple of new ones though. Love all of the fun pet products! They are always a hit in my family! Both of my children and their children have menageries!

The Arts by Karena

I try to view this blog every day because I love to look at all your exciting finds! Especially ordering the towels at Horchow and having them monogrammed. Because of you, I have them an extra 30% off too. Beautiful home, beautiful photos, exquisite taste in decorating.

Dear Tina,

I just love the blue and white chinoiserie tole lanterns and mirror! Hopefully these will be offered for sale soon.
Your posts are terrific!
I want to meet you in person!!
Do you ever come to San Francisco? If so, you are welcome to stay in my tiny blue and white bedroom.
I mean it!
Best to you,
Polly Kelly

Your home looks festive Tina … love all the white in the front and of course your planters are the best;) I guess I need to take it up a notch with holiday “pet” giving (?) 😉 Thanks for sharing the Show House pics ~ they are beautiful! Enjoy your evening!

Love you beautiful fall arrangements, Tina. I think you need to cut the tags off those pillows. They look great!

Tina, your fall touches look fabulous! I too love white mums.

Congratulations to Karena! How wonderful for her to win your giveaway.

Palmetto Bluffs is fabulous! I can see why you would want a place there. I am sure that is was nice and relaxing.

I am already getting ready for the holidays and cannot wait to start baking!

Have a great week Tina! Thanks for sharing your fabulous finds.

I’ve always wanted to go to The Inn at Palmetto Bluff. What beautiful pictures! We will be in Sea Island next summer so maybe we can take a side trip to this beautiful resort for a few days. I just love the south and those beautiful Spanish Moss trees are stunning! I’m a big Montage fan and I just did a post about their location in Laguna Beach. Can’t wait to go back! Loved the pictures of your home from the recent show home tour…..absolutely stunning and I love your traditional and classic taste! Those dog beds are adorable……I think I need to get one for my little Sherlock!
Have a great week and I always enjoy the IG round up you do every week!

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