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#13 Alicia says:

?Oh my goodness, truly had a hard time choosing a favorite, and that is very unusual for me. I too share your love for beautiful cards and stationery. I choose at this moment, Joy the Lord is come, but it would probably be something else 5 minutes from now! Thank you for sharing this line!

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As I do from time to time I post on the happenings of my life via snapshots taken with my iPhone. How did we ever survive without it? It is a great way of capturing the moment and I can’t imagine not having it with me. So here is a look at the musings in my life the last few weeks….




Best shaved brussels sprouts salad ever…Harvest in Greenwich!


Always inspired by beautiful sights when in Greenwich

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Started going through my (many) dishes in think ahead to Thanksgiving….wasn’t sure if we were going to be here but we will:)


Look who thinks sleeping on my husbands favorite leather chair is OK and with my needlepoint pillow to boot


Scenic beautiful Savannah


We were not willing to wait for nearly an hour and a half to get a table at Mrs. Wilkes. dining room …..which we understand is de rigueur


Charming beautiful downtown Savannah


Entering beautiful storybook worthy Palmetto Bluff

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Even the pancakes are taken to another level!


Everything is just so darn scenic


In love with this painting!

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How adorable is this idea? Spoons with the names of the herbs for this herb garden seen at The Ritz in Amelia Island, Florida


The beautiful area of the main building at Palmetto Bluff where we had late day cocktails


Look who just came home from a grooming….looks like a fluffy little chick:)


Isn’t’ this topiary a stunner? Loved it even more in my tole planter…..floral promo coming up soon, stay tuned!


Really like the way these simple fall arrangements came out, added just the right amount of fall cheer

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Back at Palmetto Bluff….2 bikes to every cottage (and a golf cart)

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And yes it really looks this picture perfect!


Our beautiful room in our cottage


Live jazz and a martini…..yes!


This beautiful mantle and jars caught my eye at the Ritz in Ameila Island


Went to this beach house….this is what I call a million dollar view!


This is a neighbors horse farm, it looks so beautiful with the foliage as the backdrop

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Love the beautiful new carved wood brackets I just got in..stay tuned will be added to my shop in near future!


Always have my urn radar on and loved this arrangement seen at Orchids in Greenwich


Have a confused white azalea topiary that is in full bloom….no complaints from me:)


Orchids……gotta love them. And yes that is a pizza box in the background, hey a girl needs to eat even when on the run!


Love these litlte moss green “purses” filled with a flower pot,? they are perfect for a small gift


Doesn’t’ this trim seem so appropriate for fall? Working on this palette for an edesign customer right now

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Not sure if I showed you this….had my beautiful pair of Winterthur chairs recovered in Scalamandre’s Falk Manor, love this velvet


Finally getting a runner installed on our backstairs….perfect with winter coming


So there you have it… about you? What’s new in your world? Are you thinking about the H word (holidays)? I just can’t believe its upon us…seriously where has this year gone! Just thinking about it honestly makes me weak in the knees……guess its all about being organized and ahead of schedule, both things I am hoping to conquer this year! Wish me luck and thanks for stopping by, until next time…..


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Lots of goodies on your phone, Tina. The brussel sprout salad looks amazing and I love seeing your trip to Savannah. Isn’t Palmetto Bluff gorgeous? I always want to move there when I visit. Happy Tuesday!!

Love your gorgeous pics. Isn’t Savannah the greatest? My husband and I always spend a night or two there when driving from Atlanta to Saint Simons Island to visit our daughter. Mrs. Wilkes (restaurant) is a treat with the fine southern food.

Thank you for your beautiful blog. Always lifts my spirit.

I feel atwitter when I get your emails. Such wonderful pictures which allow us to travel too. Love your inspirations and share the affair with blue and white. Can’t wait for the new florals!

OMG love all the pictures…Thanks for sharing!!! I love Savannah and I love the florals in your tole planter can’t wait to see the promo!!!

Did you stay at both the Inn at Palmetto Bluff and the Amelia Island Ritz Carlton? Did you not stay in savannah? If so, where? Did you stop in Beaufort? I’m trying to plan a similar trip!

Loved your post today, Tina. I’m a Georgia native. Live in Atlanta but visit Savannah often. It’s the most magical place. Glad you enjoyed your time there. Really love the Robert Allen fall color palette. Gorgeous fabrics and trim!

Oh, you should’ve waited for Mrs. Wilkes! It’s soooo amazing! They take you in ten at a time, so the line goes pretty quickly, then you’re seated together and served about twenty different southern dishes with fried chicken, biscuits, sweet tea and dessert. It was such a fun and delicious experience!

I love iphone musings. It is incredible how much beauty we are surrounded by. The perfectly groomed dog picture stole my heart. And yes, we are all thinking about the H word now. Thanks for inspiring us daily.

Tina, thank you for the Savannah Tour, a city I have always wanted to visit and shall soon!

Love the Falk manor Fabric on your chairs…..gorgeous!! Just planning the calendar this time of year is a challenge!! so much is going on and of course one wants to be everywhere!!

The Arts by Karena
Artist Sandra Goroff

Love these pictures of Savannah. While growing up on Saint Simons Island, I would visit my Nana on the Isle of Hope, go to Sunday services with her at Christ Church on Bull St., and learned very quickly what a wonderful place Savannah is. Even twenty years of living in Charleston never took away the love I have for that city!

I love your fall urns and that beautiful topiary !
BUT … I love Teddy even more !! What a very sweet boy !
Your post brings smiles after my long day at work .
Thank you for that gift !

Beautiful collection of random photos. Christmas is frightening me a little. Really hoping to get my decorating finished the first week of December. It is all the lifting and lugging that takes so much time. The main tree 12 footer takes me alone 3 days of up and down the ladder. Sure wish I was 21 again ! – The holidays are always so much fun and excitement.

i keep meaning to go online solely for christmas shopping but then i bet you know what happens. i bounce around from site to site…the perfect boots, a beautiful kitchen, and even an exquisite shaved brussel sprout salad. oy. that is a thing of beauty. and savannah! i have got to go soon. it is tough to get away right now since the weekends around here involve so much DIY, but oh lordy, take me away, southern charm. peace to you and your pretty pretty shares.

I have a dear friend who is building a house in Palmetto Bluff and I’m quite anxious to go visit. It looks like a charming – and quintessentially Southern – spot!

Such eye candy – Greenwich looks so pretty. Glad you liked Savannah. My husband is from Savannah – it is so pretty there – I am lucky that we get to go there often.

I love your azalea topiary with the little pumpkins in the urn – so cute!

We seriously love Brussels sprouts anything (maybe because we grew up there??) and that last image made us smile. You’re installing a runner on your stairs and it looks like there are quite a number of running shoes by the stairs! You have sold us on Palmetto Island, too.
C + C

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