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Hi friends, hope you are having a great week so far. Mine is a good mix of a lot of work with a little fun/down time too:) I am gearing up for the big and much anticipated blue? and white presale which starts tomorrow(going to get a good nights sleep tonight)…be sure you put it down it is so worth waiting for!? Busy week and even busier days ahead but always have to strike a balance. As I mentioned on Sunday, I am hosting a new contest, Enchanted Home Love.

This is your place to shine…..if you have bought anything from me via a promo or from? my online shop, then you are eligible to enter. If you think your room has what it takes to enter, then please send in your pictures. I have already started getting in some beauties and you have no idea who thrilling it is for me to see how you display my various products in your homes!

I feel like a proud mama, seeing all of my goodies in such beautiful spaces. Just a few rules before we begin-

  • You can submit up to 2 pictures, please email them to [email protected]
  • OR
  • You can send me your picture(s) via instagram just tag me at @theenchantedhome
  • Please put “contest” on subject line (gets tons of emails and need to keep those in a separate file)
  • Can be of anything as long as it features an item from The Enchanted Home
  • I am taking pictures as of today through Dec. 1st
  • The contest will start on Dec. 2nd (there will be 2 rounds and a showdown round of the two finalists)
  • There will be a cap of 60 pictures
  • A winner will be announced on Dec. 6th


Just a few ideas from previous entries (man my readers are talented)!



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This time I am offering two prizes-

The grand prize winner will receive a beautiful blue and white ginger jar (winner will have a choice from a few styles)

The second place winner will receive a beautiful blue and white planter (winner will have a choice from a few styles)

So now it’s your turn to grab those cameras and start snapping away. Look forward to getting your pictures, again email them to [email protected] (put “contest” on subject line). Thank you for stopping by, wishing you a fabulous day!


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Tina I always love these contests and seeing all of your beautiful wares in our friends homes!!

The Arts by Karena
The Blink of an Eye

Your taste in everything is wonderful. My decorating is quite an ongoing project…there seems to always be something else that needs some help or special touches. Your enchanted home truly is a great inspiration!

You have beautiful things and excellent taste. Love the pillows in your shop and hope to purchase soon. Have enjoyed the blue and white I’ve purchased recently and the life like flowers !!

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