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Good Sunday morning to you…hope you are having a wonderful weekend. I am heartbroken over what has happened in Paris, such a senseless tragedy. How has our world turned into one filled with such hate and rage that there is no regard for innocent lives.

I make a point to not talk about politics or world events on this blog as it is my happy place (and I plan to keep it that way) but this has weighed heavily on me as it has the rest of the world. The silver lining with horrific events like this is that they unite countries, people and transcend barriers of race and culture. They bring on a wave of solidarity and unity, much needed in our world right now.? I have loved seeing various iconic monuments across the world lit up in honor of France.


In honor of France, Alizee is my favorite French singer….love this long, Moi Lolita (yes if it sounds familiar it was used in one of my all time favorite movies, A Good Year)? Vive la France!

Speaking of music….we saw Frank Sinatra Jr last night and he was? truly a chip off the old block, the talent gene is alive and well, still going strong but Alizee could teach him a few dance moves:)? Today we are supposed to be going to meet friends for dinner in the city, must admit I do love fall in the city, my favorite season to be there.

But this season and our cold windy weather lately? has me wanting to be home more, whipping up comfort foods and watching movies and maybe even keeping my robe on all day:) I use Sunday is my designated “lazy day”, where I do whatever I want and will not be thwarted by all those I see on Instagram whose homes are fully decorated for Christmas! I kid you not…….I feel like I am basically still getting over summer:)

Hope you are having a great weekend……as I do every Sunday, here are seven things that have my attention-





1? AWESOME JACKET/COAT. The best idea since they invented Spanx (not that I have ever used them of course wink wink) . I love these coat, jackets and vests…all in one. This is brilliant and so very chic.

This wonderful coat’s sleeves unzip to wear as a long vest, or it can be worn with the shorter vest inside and then finally as a full on jacket. I think this is so clever and I love all three styles equally, click here for more info




Then this? snazzy coat can be zipped off hallway to wear this chic little jacket or worn full length, gorgeous! Click here


2. THE PRETTIEST HOLIDAY GIFT TAGS ON THE PLANET. Look what I just got….are these not stunning! Leave it up to the almighty paper princess, Laurie of LB Originals the maker of the most beautiful paper goodies. These actually have me excited about wrapping gifts..go figure:) Click here to order some of your very own? gift tags….love every single one!

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Getting these even motivated me to wrap my very first Christmas present (definitely a first for me to do it this early)!

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Take a look at some of her other magnificent gift tags (also makes a great hostess gift)……


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3.INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Always enjoy sharing what has caught my eye? on Instagram this week…and suffice to say there is always a plethora of beauty to share. Here is this weeks round up….


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4. MAGNOLIA LEAVES CENTRAL. So I love magnolia leaves around the holiday…they are such an elegant greenery to decorate with, but quite costly since they are not grown around here, as in $15.00 for 2 branches and I need a lot for all my planters, fireplace hearths, etc…..

So I spoke with a wholesaler I know and asked him about getting me some. He was able to on special order, what I was not prepared for was a dishwasher sized box packed tightly with more magnolia leaves than I have ever seen!

This baby hasn’t left the backseat of my car because its so heavy, so I am just starting to decorate with them and get them from the backseat when I need them:) I think the box must weight 50 lbs! And yes that is toilet paper (among many other things) my backseat is basically like a little market~

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5. MIRRORS AND PAGODA SCONCES THAT I AM IN LOVE WITH! How beautiful are these mirrors and these sconces? I just ordered the sconces, have no idea where I will put them just that I had to have them and they were calling my name. Huge fan (as you might know) of chinoiersie mirrors…and my favorites come from Friedman mirrors and Carvers Guild who I just happen to have an account with…..very convenient:) Click here to visit Carvers Guild (where all of these are from)

5399 5502 1111

ADORE this sconce and cannot wait to get it;) Think I am going to get it electrified

5401 1515

LOVE these too and am brainstorming as to where I might be able to use them!

6. MY ENCHANTED READERS AND A NEW CONTEST! I have a section on my blog/shop site where I featured my readers and the pictures they submit to me using products they have bought from me. I never cease to be amazed at what good taste they have! If you haven’t taken a look lately…you should by clicking here.

So I having another contest! This one is called ENCHANTED HOME LOVE. If you have bought anything from me, send in a picture of how you have used it. Will properly announce this contest this coming week but you are getting an advanced notice! Send in up to two pictures to [email protected]

Here are some recent additions….amazing inspiration if you ask me. If you are an Enchanted Home customer and want to show off how you have used product(s) you have purchased from me, this is your place. Send your pictures to [email protected]. Keep em coming…love to get them!

If you are an instagrammer you can also just tag me at theenchantedhome with your picture too:) Click here to follow me on Instagram

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7. DUNTON HOT SPRINGS, CO. In case you are thinking you have never heard of it…that is probably with good reason. Forget Aspen, Vail and Telluride. Say hello to Dunton Hot Springs:) It is an abandoned mining town that you could liteally miss if you blinked.

However it has been resurrected into the most beautiful and charming small resort/wedding destination. Where else can you go and literally “rent a town”. I love the idea for a family reunion or wedding! Quite off the beaten path it is brimming with natural beauty you just don’t see very often. Alert to my three sons, I may have to change course and plan your wedding here instead of Tuscany 🙂

Bathouse-2 jr-dunton-store-front-winter Dunton-Store-night Tipping_Cabin_image_g_1 gallery_5 gallery_4


If I have piqued your interest then you will want to see this? video……




So there you? have it….my roundup of my Seven on Sunday. Hope whatever you are up today is relaxing and that you have a great end to your weekend. Thank you as always for? stopping by, wishing you a great day. Until next time…..

PS Sold out of the dough bowls, thank you for the wonderful response….if you want some ideas on decorating with dough bowls, click here

What’s coming up this week-

A fantasy dinner party

A MAJOR blue and white presale

Gift wrapping 101


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Hello Tina… Great coats and mirrors! I put in an order at LB Originals and never saw the monogrammed napkins. Looks like I’m going back today! Looking forward to your new contests and this week’s posts. Stay warm.

Good Morning Tina, we do need loveliness amongst all that is going on in the world that we cannot control; only spread the love.

LB Originals is the best and that coat that turns into the short fur bomber jacket, adore!! The mirrors and sconces are just my style… I could use a getaway to Dunton definitely!!

The Arts by Karena

Love your decorating with magnolia leaves. My neighbor has a huge, beautiful Magnolia tree, might need to ask for some branches. Gorgeous mirrors, absolutely love the calling cards! God bless France

Hello Tina,

The recent events in Paris are heartbreaking. The world is in a terrible state.

Love all these links especially that fabulous resort in Colorado, it looks like a magical place.

Have a great time in the city this evening!

Love the movie A Good Year pulled it out an watched it again the other day, this is a beautiful movie with such beautiful scenery . A sad and terrible time for all of France my prayers go with them.

Praying for France…and people everywhere. I have tagged you in Instagram, and loved the coats! Peace, just peace.??????

Hi Tina,

I live in north Fl. (Destin) and have two beautiful Magnolia trees in my front yard.
I can cut as I needed. Although, early fall they are very messy. My boys always
wanted to have then cut down.

Praying for the families who lost their loved ones in France.

Tina love your posts on Sunday’s. Always interesting. Terribly shocked & saddened by what has happened in Paris. We were supposed to be going to Disneyland Paris tomorrow but have cancelled. My daughter is too frightened. Give your loved ones a hug today. Greetings from England. May you allhave a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Try Winward silks for magnolia leaf branches, wreaths – and so many more silks that look real. The great thing is that you will have them year after year.

Seeing la tour Eiffel go dark made the city of light seem so barren, dark and brought the full force of the tragedy home. We were there this summer and I cannot imagine the grief this lovely city is going through. Thank you for mentioning Paris.
I love, love all the magnolia leaves you have. So beautiful! I thank you for the lovely pictures and words. Such joy and beauty! Je t’aime Enchanted Home.

It’s hard to think about the holidays when the tragedy in Paris is still so fresh in our minds… Our hearts go out to all there. You certainly have a head start on your gifts giving – those tags are fabulous! We hope you have a great start of the wee, Tina.
C + C

Merci du fond du coeur Tina pour votre soutien et les messages laiss?s par vos lectrices.
Nous ne pouvons que prier face ? ces barbaries.
Enormes bisous
Sophie from Paris

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