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Hello and happy Tuesday! Hope your week is off to a great start, I have a chock full week? this week with several outings, a couple of events and plenty of work to do, so taking it one step at a time. Today is one of those posts that is somewhat random, it doesn’t really fit into any one topic so it’s lumped into “Rooms I love”. These rooms represent a broad array of styles, feelings and lifestyles.

Now that we will be building “down south” I am looking at rooms of a different variety than our home in NY. I want a light, airy, open casual BUT refined feel to them. I have several albums online where I keep my favorite rooms of all time, from a vast variety of sources. So every now and then I will share with you “Rooms I love”. Ready to see what I am loving as of late? Let’s go……



Need I say more? Fabulous!! Cathy Kincaid


This is grand, very grand but so beautifully done! Kara Childress


Love me a white bathroom and this is an absolute classic, Alexa Hampton


This room I like but the real reason I kept it is because I LOVE the built in cabinets and have always liked this look for a master bedroom, Michael S. Smith


LOVE the colors and feeling of this room and this is most definitely an inspiration picture for Palmetto


Isn’t this sweet, would make a great look for a makeshift guest room, gorgeous! Phoebe Howard


Not so much the exact colors but the feeling of this smaller kitchen is so warm and inviting, well done!

Tastemaker_mary mcdonald_img04

Always admired this beautiful bath from Mary McDonald


This space is very interesting to me, love how the prints really accentuate the height of the ceilings and of course just adore the tonal effect here, Allison Hennessy


Always loved this space by Alexa Hampton, think the 3/4 wall application is very interesting with subtle wallpaper on top


A beauty from Cathy Kincaid

alexahampton - the hamptons5

A beautifully designed kitchen by Alexa Hampton


Dreamy patio/loggia, Barry Dixon


Isn’t this dreamy, kind of like walking onto a cloud…just how I like my master bedroom to feel, Alexa Hampton


Ahhh that is a what I call a feast for the eyes! Do you have a favorite? Do any of these styles resonate with you? I think beyond the obvious beauty of each room it is that they are all classically timeless…..these spaces do not scream a particular decade or time period the way lets say a silver pouf or an ikat anything does (and I do love ikat) but it is definitely a trend that is unmistakably from this decade:)? OK your turn to talk…what do you think?

Thank you for stopping by…wishing you a wonderful day. Don’t forget, you have one more day to take part in the poll and add your name to the hat to enter a drawing for two blue and white goodies, click here to enter. Until next time……

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Karena on

Tina you are going to have so much fun designing and decorating your new home “down south”! These rooms are are gorgeous. I can picture a few painted furnishings or even some special bamboo styled pieces mixed in!

The Arts by Karena

Peggy EkEna on

Really enjoyed looking at these beautiful photos; I have “pinned” some of my favorites to my Decorating Board for future reference. I especially liked the subtle colors used in the smaller kitchen. Keep the photos coming.

Susan on

Hi Tina, Your inspiration photos are some of my favorites too, especially Cathy Kincaid’s and Michael Smith’s timeless designs. Your southern home will be so gorgeous and inviting, you may not want to leave! Can’t wait to see your designs.

Linda on

Tina, I came on board after you home was completed and have loved every minute of your blog!!! If we get to see posts like this more often, and I get to watch the next home go up, I can’t tell you how excited I am to have found this site! I LOVE your taste in everything, love to see The Enchanted Home in my mailbox!!! Enjoy!!!

Things that inspire on

Hello! I clearly have missed a lot taking a break from the blog world to focus on my oldest, a senior, and navigate the college admissions process. She has been accepted to a great school in the Northeast, and I am now going to ease my way back into the blog world!

Where are you building? That is so exciting!

Thank you for keeping me on your blog roll, despite my long absence. I am looking forward to catching up on your posts.

joyce gee on

A few a bit formal for my likes, but loved the white bath, guest room, and rough-cut stone counters in one kitchen. The huge, white master was a dream-come-true. I’m just getting to know you–so glad our paths have crossed.

joyce gee on

Forgot to comment on the peaceful loggia–love it!

Donna D on

I loved Mark Hampton and continue to be inspired by Alexa Hampton’s beautiful rooms. Her’s are my favorites of your lovely choices above. Cathy Kincaid also a favorite. Beautiful presentation Tina, I know your new home will be gorgeous. I especially love the kitchen from AD and the dining room by Alexa Hampton, that wallpaper!

Barnali guha on

The rooms are gorgeous. Is your home going to face the ocean? I would love to see pics of rooms that face the ocean and see how they would incorporate the outside in… A loggia would be nice as well. These rooms are beautiful but i think a little more coastal vibe would be apt.

My favorite is the Cathy Kincaid look, the foyer table ( is that Scully and Scully?) is gorgeous.

Celia Becker @ After Orange County on

I love the loggia. The iron chandelier is unique and I’m a big fan of curtains in an outdoor space. Happy house planning!

Julia on

The last picture of the all white bedroom is just beautiful. So soothing! I agree that many of the pictures are too formal for Palmetto Bluff! Remember it is the lowcountry:)

Joye on

Hi Tina

Check out Postcards from Paris. Either her website or on Houzz . She designed my most favorite house where you are building you new ‘ down south’ home.
I promise I don’t work for her just a huge fan of her work!

franki on

Well, I LUV the AD kitchen..especially the colors!! Great selections!! franki

Donna C on

I’m so excited to be able to watch the PB build! Have saved some pics and made notes from today’s post for the home we plan to build. Especially love masteer bedroom built ins, patio/loggia design and the 3/4 wall in Alexa Hampton’s room. Thank you for sharing, Tina. Have a great day!

Katie Clooney on

What a feast for the eyes!! I love all the rooms but my fave is Michael Smith’s br and Allison Hennessey’s hallway. The reason for my last choice could be, just could be, because the pooch in the pic looks like Chow. Enjoy your week, dear Tina!

Maritza on

Wonderful eye candy, all of these rooms are just gorgeou, you are just going to have a great time decorating your new home.

splendid market on

I especially love the kitchens, the colors of the cabinets and that rough edged counter top.

Christine pajonas on

The inspiration photo for Palmetto is lovely!

Mo at Mocadeaux on

It will be interesting to see the ways in which your “down south” decor is similar to your gorgeous home and in which ways it is different. I absolutely love the white master bedroom. Stunning!

Karolyn on

Okay did i miss a post ? You are moving down south? I have to check into this! I can only imagine how gorgeous your home will be and anything done by Alexa Hampton is fine by me!

Leslie @PrettyPetals on

You picked some beauties Tina and there’s no way I can pick a favorite. I think I’ll pin a few a make another to-do list, ha;)

Maria Elena on

Blustery winds and snow tonight in Wisconsin. Feasting my eyes on these fabulous rooms gave me serenity and inspiration for better, sunnier days. Come Spring!!!
Didn’t know you were building again. This will be fun! Love your blog.

Debbie H. on

Each of these rooms are absolutely beautiful, love the serenity of the colors, can’t wait to see how you design and decorate your new home! I still think you should do a book, giving direction, what and what not to do when building a home and of course your gorgeous decorating skills. ?

Donna on

Cathy Kincaid is my favorite. Love her room treatments. Did you notice the kumquat plant in the slated urn planter? Totally picks up on the Southern element, casually elegant.

Sandy @ you may be wandering on

Good morning Tina from beautiful St. Lucia! All of these rooms are stunning…I can’t wait to see what you do with The Enchanted Home South! Sending you some Caribbean sunshine! xoxo

Loi Thai Tone on Tone on

Such beautiful rooms! That bathroom from Alexa Hampton is dreamy! Thanks for the inspiration on this rainy, gloomy DC day. Cheers

Susan Hayes on

Beautiful inspirations! It’s fun decorating for a second home especially when that home won’t have the clutter and storage problems of everyday life. I’ve saved favorites from magazines since 1978 in binders. When I reached my 20th binder, thankfully, digitizing became available. All have become scanned into a 4 Terabyte hard drive and now, along with Pinterest and Instagram, I have immediate access to every design problem or inspiration possible!

Barry Dixon brings back memories…. He is good friends and collaborator with Dr Brian Coleman, a psychiatrist and former colleague of mine, who pens his books. Brian is a fan of Craftsman architecture and has a Storybook home (I mean it looks like a Hansel & Gretel cottage!) here in Seattle.

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