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Good morning! Hope your week is off to a good and productive start:) So as I announced a few weeks ago, I was starting a new series, Bluff Diaries (click here if you missed chapter one)? to document the soon to be (hopefully) project of our new home in Palmetto Bluff. We signed with the architect and are busy working on the plans, and will? be going down there in a few weeks. With luck we will get our permits fast and start to build maybe in May if the permit Gods are on our side:)

So every time I post a new “chapter” I will discuss a different element of the process. Last time we talked about flooring, today I am going to devote this post to powder rooms. This house? will no doubt be a much more casual, laid back, lighter and airier style home reflective of that wonderful and iconic Low Country Style. There are so many choices for gorgeous flooring, wallpapers, plumbing fixtures, lighting that my head spins just thinking of all the possibilities!

Here are some of my thoughts, I tend to be one of those people that when I really love something, I tend to stick with it so you can pretty much bet? that what I end up doing will be quite close to what I am musing about here:)




Sinks– LOVE this sink and have had this in my files for awhile…..would really love to do this in the powder room. Did this in my old house and it was one of my favorite design choices for that house. There is a company Palmer Industries that makes custom sink legs, you need to get the marble tops fabricated on your own.

The powder room is one room I always splurge on because it should feel like a wonderful little jewel box and it is those special and unique touches that help to create such a look. It is a bit of a process to put together but just look at the results! Some ideas of what I have in mind……




Wallpaper– Big fan of it in the powder room. It is an easy and doable space to create a real statement..and I feel every powder room whether? a more casual one or a super formal affair should wrap you in beauty.? I could see a gorgeous fun, crisp wallpaper like one of these, all are sophisticated but more on the casual side-

T14204-medium T36158-medium T36154-medium T36185-medium T16051 T16020

Plumbing- I am thinking of doing a rich brass or even an unlacquered brass fixture in there which would work with brass sconces as well. Something along this line is what I am thinking-

hottesttrendsforkitchenandbath_ce2d-kallistafaucet_thumb 45378

tumblr_mz0hw96FKH1qzhvr4o1_1280 99b5b4413c4e8ed900972aa011493432

Sconces- Now if I go with brass on the faucet, I will most certainly do the same with sconces and a ceiling light fixture. Since the vibe is decidedly much more casual I will forego looks like crystal chandeliers and do something simpler without compromising on good looks or sophistication. I like all of these-

m_TOB2070HAB?? ? ? ? ? ? m_CHD1183AB(1) ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? m_CHD1174AMAB

m_AH2040NBPL(1)???? m_AH2015NB-NP

Ceiling light/chandelier– For this too, I see something much more casual/relaxed but in a refined way. Going casual does not have to be interchangeable with boring!? I am thinking more of a lantern idea and any of these beauties would do just fine!


Mirror- This is a mirror I have used a number of times with design jobs, it’s one of my favorites. It works as well with a super traditional interior as it does a more transitional one…comes in gold leaf or silver and I think would work perfectly in my future powder room, so much so that I don’t think I need to look any more!


Flooring- Covered lots of flooring last week but for the powder room,? the busier the wallpaper the simpler will go on the floor, I love whites and creams together and feel that palette will work well in this house. Some of the more patterned mosaics however are a work of art in themselves and I feel like maybe just a solid wall or a tonal paper would suffice, so it will either be a statement floor or a statement wall! Any of these would make me very happy, I am quiet sure I will do a white/cream marble honed of course…..

r3a era


These beauties are from Tile Bar-

single-honey-onyx sb-intlacthsmgbls sb-mjgerbera

And these are from New Ravenna

r3a era mediterranean-bathroom-tile

1257fb78-40b7-4866-a3ad-26d5acc9bd87 7caa9712-bb18-413d-be0c-41f56e4b76ec e9e40b882bf8cb02240781cd24556f29

LOVE all of these from the Silk Road Collection at New Ravenna, we used them for four of our baths for this house and I must say they do exquisite things with marble!



Wow I feel like this little room is already done! If I continue at this pace I am bound to shave off some significant time in this entire process. Next up will be master bath…..thanks for following along. Lots more to come! Wishing you a wonderful day and great start to your week. Until next time…..


PS New promo that started yesterday ends tonight, some beautiful things including these gorgeous cashmere capes! Click here


PPS If you missed my Seven on Sunday, click here

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I am interested in the mirror above in silver…do you sell it, or can you provide the information for purchasing it? Love your design thoughts for the PR. I, too, always do a fabulous wallpaper in mine. P.s. Love the last lantern….had it in my beach house prior to renovations.

Thank you for any info.

Christine Pajonas

Good Morning Tina,

Love, love following along with the Bluff Diaries. Your ideas for the powder room are beautiful. Thank you for sharing this adventure.


Good morning Tina, thank you for sharing your beautiful ideas for the powder room in your Palmetto Bluff home. I will say I like the first blue wallpaper, it has an almost Palmetto tree design in it, which would work perfect in the low country. Have a great day! ?

How exciting! Your choices are stunning. I am so excited to be allowed to be an on looker in your
amazing journey. I live in the south. It is an amazing place to live or visit.

I’m happy to see you like polished brass. Several years ago we went with it on our MBath. I was really on the fence because I thought no one was really using it anymore and it might look outdated. Everything was brushed nickel or oiled bronze. I took the leap and we’re happy with the results. The walls, floor and window treatment are beige, soft yellow, and gray so that helps temper the shine:) The blues you’ve shown are a gorgeous choice too.
Good luck. Loved looking at all your options on your blog today! It’s a keeper.

At a fundraiser for big brothers big sisters of metro Atlanta we bid on a weekend stay at the Inn at Palmetto Bluff! Heading there in June for our 37th anniversary. We’ve never been there! Any tips?

Hi Tina!! Am just starting a powder room and the mirror is so beautiful – would you share the manufacture’s name? Would love to use it in silver – Thank you!! Your plans look amazing!!

Love your interior design for Palmetto Bluff but am concerned about your cold, hard tile floors. You may want to consider products by Karndean, a high end vinyl flooring. Don’t flinch at vinyl – great for a beach house. We’ve just redone a house in the parquet and the barn board look. Warmer, quieter, softer to the foot. We are very pleased.
Wishing you much success with your project.

Beautiful choices to pick from, your new home will be a masterpiece! Thank you for sharing, it is always a treat.

WOW, you are making a lot of great headway on the Bluff house already. Congratulations. I love all your Powder Room choices, especially the sink and flooring ideas. And how apropos your description of a Powder Room as a Jewel Box. I couldn’t agree more.

Just had to post!

My immediate reaction to the powder room sinks was perfect!………But the marble back splash stops the eye, however you don’t want to allow the wallpaper to get wet. Maybe mirror, maybe some other solution!

Hi Tina. I’m so excited for you and that I get to see another house built by you. Here is a tip- living on the ocean is like living on a boat…brass that isn’t lacquered at my house lasts for about two weeks before it has to be polished again. Lacquered lasts 18 months max. And has to be redone. At one point I thought let it go… Yah, some things like Chapman Lamps and wall sconces just need to gleam. Hope this is helpful. Good luck on your permits. Love your current home and I’m sure your home away from home will be spectacular.

Your wallpaper choices are wonderful. Do you have information to share on them? Thank you.

Enjoyed and loved many of your selections…Wallpaper in the powder is a great and elegant idea to set it apart. Beautiful sconces and love the mirror selection. Can’t wait for the next installment of PB and more creative ideas. T

Thank you for sharing your PB journey with us. I love seeing all the ideas you have for decorating what is sure to be an incredible home!

Love the brass fixtures. Happy to see there are still people who love the beauty of brass. Looks so rich and elegant. It all looks wonderful and so well planned out. Great ideas!

Dear Tina,
Your ideas are stunning. I’m hoping you will share your wallpaper, particularly the first blue one, and the lovely lanterns sources as I would love to consider them for a project of mine.
The Palmetto home will truly be a retreat you’ll resort to as often as you can spare the time.
Thank you for sharing this amazing adventure. May your permits be expedited!
Be sure to enjoy the journey as there will be plenty of ups and downs as I’m sure you well know.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts…being resilient is something I need to work on

It will be like your home away from home, I see the similarities in choices and it will be elegant just like you!! We have friends who moved down there and love it and they have my husband wanting to head there too.. I am a Tri state girl so I meed a big push to move down south.
xo K

Tina – don’t ever invite us to your second home… You’d never get us out of the powder room! What beautiful things you’ve picked and blue and white with brass is fabulous. Hope you’re having a great week and enjoying this summer weather!
C + C

So pretty! I am in the Lowcountry now close to PB at our get away home. It is always so relaxing here. A special place! Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful ideas! Julie L

Hi Tina, I love that lantern with the little birds sitting on top, so unexpected and interesting. Favorite tile, second one with the yellow/beige filigree shapes remind me of a sand crab or a shell.

Interesting how words are being shortened and spelled differently in our posts! A new language! I noticed it reading through and then when I posted, the same thing happened with my posting. I promise I checked my spelling before posting!

It seems as though the server is leaving out the small letter “I” in posts. I put the capital I to mention it so it wouldn’t leave it out in my post, lol, always something fun and strange in cyberspace.

We are remodeling our guest room bath so your ideas are wonderful and so appreciated! I love brass and like both the polished and the more matte look?I am so glad to see you considering the polished look?. love the mirror and your choices for the sconces! Can you share where you found them? Looks like many of us have that question!!! I am so enjoying your Bluff Diaries blog and appreciate you sharing with us your ideas as they unfold. Your taste is impeccable as always, and I feel so lucky to get a glimpse of your taste, style and ideas! Such a help to the “decorating challenged” like me! Thanks again!

So excited! And it’s not even my house lol. Looking forward to more ‘Bluff Diaries’…..

Also interested in info for the mirror.Would you tell me information necessary to look up. Thanks.

That is the sink I put in our powder room at our new home. I will take a picture and send it to you. I did antique mirror roles in harlequin design on the sink wall. A scalamandre chinoiserie wallpaper. I love it.
Can’t wait to share it with you.

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