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Hi and a happy Friday to you. Every now and then I like to feature the work of a designer/ architect whose talent is catching my eye. I have seen the name Jeffrey Dungan here and there but recently his name has increasingly been on my radar, as a few pictures  got my attention.

Upon further looking, I really fell in love with his entire body of work. He seems to really shine in the slightly more casual but very sophisticated niche. I think for me, its particularly appealing as many of his pictures and general aesthetic are somewhat in keeping with what I hope to do in PB.  He certainly has a beautiful portfolio under his belt and I definitely felt it was worth sharing with you. I think his work will speak for itself….





This is the picture that started this post! Love this space above..and this is somewhat how I see our great room in PB

English-Village-Alabama-1600x648 dungan-nDFequette-portfolio-interiors-traditional-library dAAungan-nequette-portfolio-interiors-traditional Jeff Dungan Architect dungan-nequette-porStfolio-interiors-eclectic-kitchen


This is the ultimate barn!

7-Bodnar-Grassy-Side-1600x1045 Jeff Dungan Architect dungan-nequette-portfolio-interiors-eclectic-kitchen

dungan-nequetnbte-portfolio-architecture-architectural-details dung3433an-nequette-portfolio-interiors-traditional-kitchen

DSC7588-Edit 34dungan-nequette-portfolio-interiors-traditional-kitchen dungan-nequette-portfolio-interiors-eclectic-great-room IMG_2943-1600x1066 IMG_2922-1600x1205

What a lakehouse! Love the walls of windows

porch-1600x1066 kitchen-1600x1065

Fabulous kitchen with the soaring ceilings and metal windows….stunning!


Always love limed oak, we did it in several areas in our home and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat


Beautiful, don’t you think! So many beautiful spaces that feel serene, inviting yet super sophisticated…love all the earthy tones. Pared down elegance is how I might describe the work of Jeffrey Dungan. He is based in Alabama but his work takes him all over the country.

He has also partnered with another architectural powerhouse, Nequette Architects and suffice to say they make a winning team. Click here to visit his  website, it is a feast for the senses. I was also very impressed reading over his testimonials. So what do you think? Do you like his style? Your turn to talk….wishing everyone a wonderful day and a great end to your week:) Until next time….

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JoyE lanahan on

Yes! Yes I do love his work. You are spot on with the design he has for a great room. It would look fabulous at PB

Karena on

Tina I agree Jeffrey’s designs have a very casually elegant aesthetic! First found him on Instagram!
have a fabulous weekend!

The Arts by Karena

Weezie on

Jeffrey’s style is very appealing: understated elegance. You might also want to glance at another Architect/Designer from Alabama: Bobby McAlpine.

Dana on

Beautiful. Love the feel of his homes! I could live in any of them, they are so calm.

Elaine on

Beautiful! I follow him on instant gram too. Check out Minniepeteresblog. She is a designer who has worked with Jeffery and does an absolutely beautiful job! Can’t wait to see your home in PB.

martha bryan on

What a talent!

Peggy on

Good Friday morning, Tina. Thank you for sharing Jeffrey Dungan’s work. It is not so formal and the feeling is very cozy and relaxed. From the exterior, one would never think the interiors were so beautiful! I especially love the sitting room with the four antique mirrors on the wall and slip-covered furniture.

Have a great weekend!

Barnali guha on

Jeffrey Dungan has a style that doesnt get old.. Love the architectural details on the Marsh lake house. A wonderful architect ensures that structurally the house is solid for generations. I love how the lake homes have that wall of windows.. Beautiful 🙂

Rebecca Hively on

Pared down elegance is the perfect way to describe his beautiful work!

Donna C on

The arcitecture makes you want to get inside and see the details. Casual elegance permeats all of them. Thank you for sharing.

RoxaNne on

Proud to say most of the architects mentioned in your blog or on the comments are graduates of Auburn Univetsity’s School of Architecture. And they live or have lived in my hometown, Birmingham, Alabama! Lots of talent here!

Sandy Mack on

Classic, timeless design work. You might also wish to view Bobby McAlpine’s first architectural design project in California – 777 Lommel Rd., Calistoga, CA. The home is currently on the market
with many photos on Sotheby’s site.

Iris on

Love his casual sophisticated style. The use of natural light through the soaring windows will allow you to enjoy the outdoors even on those rainy days.

michele@hellolovely on

what a beautiful body of work here, and yes, pared down elegance at its best. loving how he has taken full advantage of natural light in so many of these projects. can’t wait to behold your new project! exciting stuff. bon weekend, belle.

Bgirl on

Isn’t this the guy from B’ham that is sooo good? Love his work!

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