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Hi friends, busy busy week. over here and allergy season is in full bloom:( Not to mention we are hovering around the 50’s, what gives!! We were near 75 a week ago…I am not loving this throwback to winter. Hope I don’t regret my eagerness in my garden planting.

Speaking of the outdoors, I was hoping to finish my post on using  blue and white outdoors but we have had very chilly, rainy weather so my photo ops were limited. It will post early next week, so please do check back.

Calling all Enchanted Home customers….this ones for you! I haven’t done one of my contests in a while, but I enjoy them immensely. This one is the big daddy of them all, calling it “Enchanted Home Love 3”. This is your time to show the world your decorating chops:) If you have purchased anything from my online shop (or from any of my  promos) then you are eligible to enter. Here are the “rules”-

  • As of today I am accepting up to 2 pictures per reader (only if they are of different things or settings) if it is the same setting,  please send one picture
  • The picture must include at least one item (any item) from The Enchanted Home shop
  • Email your “winning picture” to [email protected]
  • Deadline for photo submission is May 14th (but almost always I get to the quota well before that)
  • You can submit any picture you want as long as it is your own (not taken from a website or Pinterest as an example)
  • Most phones take excellent photos,  just be sure you do not send me a small picture, otherwise we cannot use it
  • On subject line for the email please put “contest”
  • There is a cap of 60 pictures so once 60 are received I cannot take any more
  • The first round will be on May 16th, the second round on May 17th, the “showdown” round will be May 18th and a winner will be crowned on May 19th!


The BIG prize-

This is the best part, one very very lucky winner will win a YEAR’S worth of Enchanted Home products…that’s right every month the winner will get in a special treat from my shop. It could be a pillow, a ginger jar, a serving tray, a box of soaps, you just never know…it will be a year of goodies!

A few pointers-

Be sure you feel that your picture is up to snuff. Take time to arrange your item and make sure the lighting is nice and bright (natural sunlight always best). Also you want to be sure your shot is fully focused and sharp. I get lots of beautiful pictures and the competition will be stiff…please submit a picture you truly think is up the challenge! I cannot wait to get them in:)

Some great examples-

Lets take a look at some past entrants and their pictures from past contests. This should give you a bunch of great ideas to get started with your own winning shot.  I think each and every one of these truly exemplifies a  “contest worthy” shot-


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unLISAHLnamed uJORDANHLnnamed FALLPEGGY-1024x543

KitMITCHrchen2 Farley_-6 imagISABEEELe ucnydeennamed

uJORDANHLnnamed falldana racheltunnamed caroline21unnamed

falljessica1 ehsarah-1024x1024 ehdeanna2 inde443x ehlori

39270fd6cb658d62b3debd1f73474184 uleslieennamed uEEEnnamed image1-1024x768


Pretty gorgeous, don’t you think!! Yes my readers and customers are indeed a very talented bunch if I do say myself, and there were more, but I had to draw the line somewhere!

What each of these pictures  has in common besides being incredibly beautiful is that they are all very clear, bright and focus in on a particular vignette. Many I have gotten in the past have been beautiful but often were too dark or were not focused….taking a few extra minutes for that “winning shot” might just pay off:)

These should be great examples to go by, now it’s time for you to get busy and start sending me your best shot! You have from now until May 14th to submit your pictures (or until I have 60).

I cannot wait to start getting them……so start channeling your inner Enchanted Home vibe and be sure to check back when the contest begins on May 16th! Until next time…..

PS The pillow promotion is going strong, if you missed it click here, it’s on until Saturday.



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Happy Friday Tina! What a fun contest and what a prize!! This has me excited to enter. We are hosting a derby party so I will be sure to take lots of good pictures and submit 1 or 2 for your contest. Your examples are so beautiful and you are right your customers are really talented.

I must say I really love every single thing I have ever bought from your shop, the tole lanterns and the porcelains are really exceptional and tremendous values. Thank you for what you do, it is always how I start my day, a cup of strong coffee and The Enchanted Home:-) Have a nice weekend.

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