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Good Tuesday morning everyone…first thing I want to do is announce the winner of the blue and white planter, congratulations goes to-


Please email me with your shipping info at [email protected] so that your planter can be on it’s way!


Well, between my garden project and getting lots and lots of orders out the door from the recently arrived silver and porcelain containers, I have been super busy but mostly all great things, just not enough hours in the day! It is so wonderful to be able to walk outside without a jacket….spring has sprung and I could not be happier about it.

I periodically share my life with you via my trusty little iPhone….and it does have a unique way to telling a story and taking my readers along with me on my travels. So here’s a look at the highlights of the  last week or so…..




Had a fun city day…went to The Met and to Collichio and Sons for dinner downtown



Caught the late afternoon sun just was a sight for sore eyes after 2 days of rain


This spectacular arrangement was given by a friend…. a match made in heaven with my blue and white! Isn’t my Mottahedeh covered dish a beauty?

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Had my gorgeous custom monogram from Arabella made into stickers, can use them for so many things…


Flowers are part of my life on a weekly basis made a stop to my favorite wholesale nursery


Took a walk at my friends home along the Long Island Sound on a perfect spring day….

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Then she made me this yummy and oh so healthy lunch….

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She clearly has the flower bug as well (above)


My azalea still going strong


My sister in law just bought a beautiful home on the water….here is her “backyard”


Teddy chilling


The last of my flowers from the market

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Stopped at another friends home who is putting the finishing touches on her pretty dining room (going to add jars on brackets and hurricanes to table)


And love how my newly arrived gorgeous metal server looks in her kitchen (soon to be on my online shop)


Took a walk on Sunday with my husband,  visiting the horse farm “next door”  is one of my favorite places to walk….so beautiful

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Isn’t this stable amazing?

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And then we walked to our old street, such fun getting to see my old house…

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Front door with white impatients going in, going to add ivy today


Got new mrytle topiary and thankfully my new mid sized fishbowls are a perfect fit!


And now grace my kitchen island


Teddy surrounded by blue and white:)


Added my new pale blue pagodas to my mantle vignette


A highlight this week was bringing home new blue and white loot


Teddy keeping guard over the orchids…no,  they are not all for me though it was tempting!! I kept two for myself. I had over 50 orchids on order for a few friends (one who just got a greenhouse and one who was hosting a function at her home)

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A visit to my favorite wholesaler is always anticipated



And so my little garden begins…..

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Teddy enjoying a splendor in the grass moment


This was so much fun! I loved every minute of it, about 75% done….hope to finish the rest tomorrow when its not raining


So there you have all the (good) highlights of the last week or so. As you can see plants and flowers took center stage…tis the season. Hope your week is going well, here it’s rainy but the timing is great for my garden:) Wishing you a wonderful day, until next time…

PS If you missed my Seven on Sunday, click here


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Just beautiful..LOVE when you take me along 🙂 on your trips.The photo of your mantle with the peonies looks like a painting ( swoon). I am in love with your new garden.

Love the flowers, so beautiful and your garden is going to be fantastic! Teddy is adorable as always, my favorite snaps. He looks so much like our Golden, Abby~ though she just got her summer shave down since it’s already getting hot here in the deep south. Thanks for shining a light on all the beauty that still surrounds us even when the world can seem dark these days. Cheers!

This spring seems more glorious than most. Your pictures have given me inspiration to get outside and add some new plantings, dig in the dirt and enjoy the beauty of the season!

I guess when one is at a certain social status it is acceptable to say “I” when in reality it is “they” doing the grunt work, e.g., the raised beds. I feel better knowing you too are human. Otherwise I’d feel so inadequate! Even Martha Stewart has come clean and now admits that it is “us” and not “I”.

I love your, Tina!

I love seeing life through your photos. They are very beautiful and inspiring. I’m heading out now to buy more flowers just because yours look heavenly. (Can you ever ever have too many flowers?) Happy Tuesday!

Looks like you’ve been enjoying the spring weather! Your garden will be fun and I hope you’ll keep us posted on how it’s going. I want to do this at some point too:)

Perfect, in every way. Love to Teddy – From a Blonde, and a Red Head (Golden Girls) in Texas.

Perfection I must say, although can’t imagine why you’d leave the other gorgeous home so nearby! Welcome spring!

Hi Tina,
Love the beautiful sites, especially the beach scenes and the horse ranch. Question, the beautiful Motadeheh covered dish, do you carry that? If not where might I find it?

Thanks, Tina and enjoy the Spring lovlieness

How cute is that that Teddy guards the orchids!? I wish my little Coco did that, but she is only 8 pounds so she can’t really guard much. Looks like you’ve been enjoying what passes for spring up here in the north east 🙂

Hi Tina

Isnt it lovely to welcome Spring at last …your pictures are wonderful with the blue skies and green unfurling leaves. I love to see Teddy, what a sweetie he is, and the orchids are fabulous. Flowers are heaven to me, too.

I so enjoy all the anticipation and fun of gardening, your raised beds will be a huge success. I think you have a similar climate to mine, although I must admit I mostly grow flowers. I hope the sun shines for you today dear Tina

Love to you
Sally x x

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