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I have done a few posts  on edesign and because its a relatively new way to approach design, decided to do another as I get emails often about how it works. I actually love the process. It is such fun to help someone create a beautiful, functional space/room/home that reflects who they are and their lifestyle.

The beauty of edesign is that everything is done via email, where pictures are sent, sometimes even videos. A constant dialog is ongoing and I send mood boards as we start to narrow things to provide an overall glimpse of where we are going.

I love getting to know people and often I will hear from an design customer who  might want a little “spruce up”, maybe adding a few decorative accessories, or maybe a few pillows…I am always here to help. I am finishing up two jobs and about to start one very big one later this month. I will  be taking a short break and resume mid to late August.

This job below is a recent one which had a few twists and turns and was one of my favorite jobs. A few weeks before most of what we ordered was due in,  they had a family emergency  which precipitated a big and pretty sudden decision to  move back to their home state.  To their surprise, they sold their house in a day…I know everyone’s dream!

So the furniture (most of it) was delivered just in time to be packed again by the movers a few days later,  literally its been in the house a week as its getting moved this week.

We never had a chance to hang the mirrors, add the pillows and all the decorative accessories so its not a totally finished space but you get the idea. I was lucky to get there to take some pictures, not everything is in its place but you will a feeling of where we were going.

We were both so pleased with how it was coming along, so the next step is to set this up in her new home and we will continue the process there, the beauty of e design is that is goes wherever the client does 🙂


Love the dining room, we used a beautiful Oushak rug as the starting point and built from there

This client wanted  transitional spaces with some traditional touches and wanted it to feel more tonal


un12wqnamed unnamed4334 DSC_0720_2

Moving onto the beautiful living room where we went also with a gorgeous washed Oushak that coordinated beautifully with the dining room-


Would have been fun to see the mirrors hung, pillows added and accessories placed…oh well, in the next house!


We went for a more tonal room with subtle plays on color and pattern, just love this space



This is a great fabric and such a comfy chair from Sherrill


Absolutely love this Stark raised velvet fabric above


And this beautiful Hickory Chair coffee table with the antiqued mirror glass


The girls room not quite ready for the close up but it came out so adorable…love the cherry blossom linen window panels and monogrammed bedding


And this rug could not have been more perfect


Again the master is getting ready to be carted up and moved but took a quick pic, love this bed, the rug and chest….can’t wait to see all of it in it’s new home with the beautiful monogrammed bedding we ordered


This was another favorite project-

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These are examples of a few recent mood boards-

OB-study OB-kara OB-kareni

And to answer commonly asked questions-

What exactly is e design?

It is a design service that is done exclusively online via the computer between me (the designer) and you (the client). Everything is done via email with the exception being occasionally faxing over floor plans but even that is normally done via email.

Who is it suited for?

Well typically it involves someone who reads my blog, likes my taste but doesn’t live near me (though I have worked with people via e design who live not even an hour away). It works great for someone who is busy working, or raising a family or someone who just doesn’t want to go the traditional design route of hiring a designer. Normally that could be for a multitude of reasons from cost, to convenience to not feeling like they are making progress fast enough (e design is quite speedy),etc……

Is it only good if I have a blank room to start with?

Absolutely not! While I have done my share of “blank spaces” which are always fun, the majority of spaces involve someone who already owns some furniture,  rugs or accessories and wants to work around existing items. Do this all the time. Sometimes a client might have a sofa or chair they are considering reupholstering, I will help them decide if the furniture warrants the cost of labor and fabric.

How do you know what the client is looking for?

To start they have come to me for a reason…they like my taste so we are one step ahead of the game! Once a deposit is given to secure a spot, I follow up with a list of questions to help me understand the scope of the project and the goals of the homeowner. Everything from colors, style, room dimensions, lighting, flooring,etc…is discussed. I also request pictures and on occasion a homeowner will send a video, it can only help.  Once I have a good understanding we begin the process normally with a succession of pictures/questions and then a mood board follows….

What are the costs involved?

The easy thing is it’s one flat design fee. That fee can range from $450-$2250. Really depends on if its one small room or an entire home,  also to what extent we will be working. Is it just accessorizing to starting from the ground up down to the very last detail. There are no additional fees which makes this easy peasy.

What if I just need help with paint colors or accessorizing a room?

There is a plan for that too, which is a newer plan. I realized there is a big demand for people who need help putting the finishing touches on a room. They might have a room that in theory is done but they have no idea how to accessorize a console or coffee table or where to add mirrors, art,etc…..I also get plenty of inquires from people who need direction with paint colors, let’s face it, it can be intimidating and discovering that here are 500 shades of white alone drives my point home beautifully! So yes for a nominal fee, I do offer accessory and paint plans.

How long does it take?

On average about 3 weeks for the average sized job. Small jobs can be done in a week and larger jobs can continue off and on for a few months (or longer). I try to wrap up small-med jobs within 3 weeks. Larger jobs can take longer. I do however make myself available long after for any kind of consultation/followup.

Are there any discounts given?

With certain plans I  offer my substantial trade discounts for various items which include but are not limited to furniture, fabrics, rugs, lighting, wallpaper, etc……definitely makes it worth it nearly all the time as the savings can be enormous.

Who is e design not suitable for?

Someone who is not on the computer often and regularly or who is not comfortable on a computer. Someone who needs to see and feel things in person. It is honestly great for nearly all but the few exceptions would be what I have listed above.


OK so that sums up in a nutshell what e design is all about. Its quite straightforward and I must say I get enormous satisfaction getting to help people beautify their homes!

If you have questions or want to reserve a spot, please keep in mind I am not taking jobs until mid August, you can contact me with any questions at [email protected]. Thank you as always for stopping in, wishing you a great day!












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Hello Tina,
On a unrelated subject, Christmas
When are your blue/white ornaments coming in for sale
and have you priced them yet? I am trying to plan holiday
design for a client and would like to use these in the install?
Thank You for your wonderful blog and talents, always an

Very nice! It all worked out to not hang pictures and mirrors. The new inhabitants have clean walls.
Such a nice opportunity to “design without barriers”!?

For anyone considering E design with Tina, I can certainly vouch for the process. Our bedroom and bathroom are a dream come true. I can’t fully describe in words what a delightful experience it has been to work with Tina on several projects to date. Simply said, she is the best. She is not only talented but is one of the most kind and generous individuals I have had the pleasure to work with.

Tina love how your clients house came out, this newer style of simpler/cleaner lines is so appealing to me. I am trying to bring more of that into my home and painted all the walls Acadia white and love it already. I think the idea of e-design is such a smart way to go.
You have beautiful taste and I really like that you can do so many styles so well. When our lake house is completed (hopefully Oct) I might be reaching out to you for some help. Hope you are enjoying your time at the beach.

oh tina i love this project of yours! easy to see why it sold immediately–classically elegant and suited to all sorts of diverse buyers. and you have de-mystified e-design beautifully for readers. i am toying with the idea of offering design services later this year, and the internet opens up a world of possibilities. keep sharing your gorgeous success stories…they look good on you, lovely! peace.

So interesting learning about the process of e-design! Your clients home is lovely – not surprised that it sold so quickly. You did a great job! Hope your week is going well – soak up some Montauk sunshine for me! xoxo

The moment we ever move into a new home, I am emailing you to design it! I love your work and have watched elements in your designs and implemented them in my home. You have a great talent, Tina. I don’t know where or how you developed your eye for design, but you are very good at it. Thank you for the ideas and inspiration. And one thing I hope you can show us some day is how you decorate your family room…the one in the deep colors and darker wood tone etc. Thanks for the lovely, pretty, packed full of info blog you put out there. I love it!

This seems like a great market to be in with everything being done online these days. It’s neat that it can be done almost remotely now without appointments and needing to physically meet with someone.

E-design is a brilliant use of technology. But one question: how in the world do you have the time to do all that you do, Tina?!?! I’m in awe of your time management skills!

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