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****For anyone who placed a porcelain presale order, the first part of the container arrived so some orders are shipping Monday, the rest of the container is due in by end of week (going through customs right now) and we will get ALL orders shipped out upon receipt right away, everything looks gorgeous so far. Be on the lookout for a one day celebration sale as I always do once the entire container is here****


Hello friends! Hope this finds you having a wonderful weekend. I first want to announce the winner of the Neiman Marcus tote bag, congrats goes to-


Its neat your son wants a blue and white dorm room ….how cute !! I love the # 1 blue and white rug and the #9 tote bag its beautiful
Thx Tina

Please contact me at [email protected] to claim your prize


Supposed to go to a party today in the city (rooftop party and just found out this little detail  so now yours truly is considering trudging up almost 20 flights)! On the other hand I may not,  given my slightly torn ACL and in that case,  would spend time outside and tend to my little garden which is showing the first batch of tomatoes and teeny tiny cucumbers, very exciting!

This post has a real summer vibe to it, if not in late July then when? This is also a chock full post as you will not hear from me again until Wed.  There is so much to love and savor about summer….and with the way time is flying, we better enjoy every single minute while we can.  As I do every Sunday I share with you seven things that are on my mind:) Ready? Here we go……



1 MONTAUK HIGHLIGHTS. Having such fun even though I am doing a lot of back and forth to the Montauk beach house. I miss those carefree days where I could go and really unpack and stay for weeks, now I go for a few days come back catch up on work and head back out.  I will say it sure makes me appreciate the simple pleasure of being at the beach at sunset, with a great book in hand, the waves crashing and a huge iced coffee to keeping me hydrated.

I love having friends come out, trying new restaurants and hitting farm stands. I am in a totally different frame of mind when I am there, it’s so relaxing. Of course (enter Jaws music) that is until the weekend arrives, then all bets are off as the “hipster brigade” marches into town, fedoras, cut off jeans, and quench for a $38 lobster roll LOL. That’s when I hightail it out of there back to my little slice of civility, aka home:) Here are some highlights from this past week or so-

IMG_7887 IMG_7882 IMG_7881

IMG_7879 FullSizeRender(165)

IMG_7886 IMG_7163 IMG_7154 IMG_7161

2. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. Never at a loss of amazing images to share with you and love my weekly discoveries of new accounts. This week, its all about summer, flowers, great food and happy living.


IMG_8006 IMG_7997 IMG_7995

IMG_7918 IMG_7921 IMG_7922 IMG_7923 IMG_7924

IMG_7919 IMG_7955 IMG_7957



3. A NEW SALAD WORTH SHOUTING FROM THE ROOFTOPS ABOUT.  St. Ambroeus in Southampton is a favorite lunch spot when I am out that way, one of my favorite salads is very simple and oh so good. I came home vowing to replicate it and that I did, in a way-

IMG_7883 IMG_7882(1)

Unfortunately I missed the memo about artichokes now being an endangered species ( kidding but went to FIVE markets and none were to be found)! So I instead replaced them with Brussel sprouts and it actually came out great and added grilled chicken for protein  to make it a “meal”. Suffice to say this was good…..very good. And best part? Super healthy!

So easy- all you need is a big bowl of mixed greens of your choosing, chickpeas, artichokes thinly sliced and sauteed (Brussels sprouts for a back up plan), 3-4 thinly sliced marinate chicken breasts that are grilled and razor thin pieces of Parmesan. For dressing I used 1/2 light virgin olive oil, juice of 2 lemons and a dash of white wine vinegar and a pinch sea salt, shake it up and serve. Add pepper if desired.



Anything that starts with a gorgeous x large platter/shallow bowl like this beauty, you just know it’s gotta be good:)

IMG_7904 IMG_7906

Got the grilled chicken off the grill and sliced it thin


Sauteed brussel sprouts ready to go


In a skillet I browned and sauteed the halved brussel sprouts, added them to a huge serving of mixed green, threw a can of chickpeas in there, added some radish=


I had this Hamptons book/cookbook nearby to channel my beachy vibes while home:) and yes the Rose was nearby too!


And voila a guilty free dinner is served and let’s face the blue and white adds an extra dose of deliciousness:)

IMG_7912 IMG_7913

Had an impromptu dinner guest and it was a perfect amount for the three of us:)



4. HAVE A YEARNING TO HIT THE SOUTHERN COAST OF ITALY? OK how about settling for a virtual one instead:) Two places I have not been that I am dying to go to are Capri and Postiano, was hoping for this summer but alas it did not happen. These well done videos about a day spent in each place are probably the next best thing to going since it looks like this summer it isn’t happening. Think you might enjoy these….

Welcome to Positano-

Come visit Capri-



5. BEACH READS ! I have been on a little mini reading kick lately and a few I read I really enjoyed, even one was a great surprise. Plus a great blog/site for anyone who wants to get a taste of the Hamptons lifestyle-

Shucked is so entertaining and well written it just draws you right in, even if you don’t like oysters:) I can almost guarantee you will enjoy this book immensely!



And Sweet Salt Air, really enjoyed this. It was a perfect beach read with a slightly predictable twist but nonetheless one I would recommend:)


If you love to read on your iPad and want a Hamptons Fix but don’t live anywhere near this red hot beach destination, then get your Hamptons fix over at KD Hamptons, where all things Hamptons are dished about from the best restaurants to the lively social scene to all that’s trending… here

Parrish-960x540 EHP_dock-960x540


6. A FAVORITE SUMMER SHOE ON SALE. I love espadrilles, to me they add a casual summer stylish vibe to anything they are paired with. I have a few favorite pair and this first one is one I have worn more than any other, why? Because they are navy and sooo comfortable. Was excited to see them on sale, getting a back up pair for next year:) Click here



And this second pair because white is hard to find and these are really cute and again super comfy. These have quickly become one of my summer faves and love that it has a little platform, so cute! Now I am also tempted to get them in navy.  Click here



7. A NEW ROSE IN TOWN. Move over Whispering Angel and Domaine Ott, this wonderful Rose is giving you a run for your money:) We had stopped over at a wine store in the Hmaptons and was recommended to try this, its got more body than Whispering Angel but  like all Roses from France, this is light and has summer written all over it.

Two of my four ‘fellow wine tasters” (yes that’s what we call ourselves) said they actually liked this better than Whispering Angel. Me? I love both, never met a Rose I didn’t love:) Just call me Switzerland. Plus I do love the bottle and being an unstoppable seeker of beauty….this bears some merit too:) Click here to visit Maison Belle Claire. Cheers!



And that my dear friends is what is on my mind this week…it’s all about summer, easy carefree days (well only maybe a few days a week but I will take what I can get), and enjoying life to it’s fullest because as recent events have sadly reminded us, you just never know when life can change and it can be fleeting.

Wishing you a wonderful and relaxing summer day, and hope your weekend was fantastic! Thanks for stopping in, until next time……









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Wonderful post! Enjoy so much the pictures from the Hampton’s and Montauk. The beach is just gorgeous and such a beautiful sky for your days at the beach. Sometimes we forget how beautiful our country is. Thank you for showing us the beauty in your corner of the world.

Good Morning, dear Tina. This post should be rated X and come with a warning: FOOD PORN AHEAD! Holy tomales!!! I’ve never seen such gorgeous food all in one place. Love all your Montauk and Hamptons picks. Hope you have a wonderful week!

I always enjoy your Sunday posts with my morning coffee, in my Enchanted Home mug. With all the disturbing events this past couple of weeks in our country and France, it was nice to escape to Positano for a beautiful visit. I just returned from a week in northern Wisconsin, where the air was cooler and smelled like pine! It was a nice break from the dog days in Missouri. Have a good week.

With all the disturbing events this past couple of weeks in our country and France, it was nice to escape to Positano for a beautiful visit. I just returned from a week in northern Wisconsin, where the air was cooler and smelled like pine! It was a nice break from the dog days in Missouri. Have a good week.

I always enjoy your Sunday posts. I just ordered the white laser cut espadrilles. Thanks for the tip!

Second time in two days I’ve purchased something you’ve blogged about. This is getting dangerous!
Love escaping into the world of enchantment…Thank you!

Hey, Tina! Loved the videos of Positano and Capri! We were lucky enough to visit there two summers ago and in my opinion, there are no places in the world more beautiful. Stayed two nights on Capri and after the day trippers leave, the island is magical. Think we walked every path! When you DO plan to
go, check out the Grand Hotel Qvisisana – probably the most memorable hotel we’ve ever stayed in! Enjoy my orchids from you EVERY DAY!!!

Thank you for once again making my Sunday a special day. I always look forward to Seven on Sunday and the beautiful images you post. I just got off one plane and headed back out again on Tuesday so I’m thinking your delicious salad is on the menu for tonight.

Happy summer, cheers!

I too ordered the espadrilles(white cut-out…)thank you Tina….also bought the cashmere gray cape….
I have been to both Positano and Capri….Off to a wedding next weekend where the bride and groom live in Italy…If any of you know of a sculpture that shows his work in Positano(they are vases…done in clay..fairly large….the one I saw was of a sailor and his mate…….I would love to have his name and where I can contact him..(I saw these at the hotel we stayed at in Positano and truly wish I had bought them…) The old saying when you see it buy it….Darn…
I love getting the recipes….Thank you…Inspiring

Enjoyed the videos of Positano and Capri. I have also told my son and daughter in law to watch them as they are going there soon for their honeymoon. What magical places. Love your salad, looks so delicious and healthy.

Such a lovely treat to read this post. I absolutely love Sant Ambroeus especially the desserts!! I will be trying out the salad today. Can i use artichoke hearts in brine?

you had me at le petit trianon. then you threw in a lobster roll and blue espadrilles. it’s unfair. mercy mercy good heavens. get in ma belly, brussel sprouts. i mean get out. i need room for the rose! yummy yum. and my jeans are tight as it is. xox

Nothing says summer like a delicious fresh salad and a glass of Rose! The heirloom tomatoes and the lobster roll look quite enticing, as well! Happy summer!

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