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Hello friends, first I want to announce the winner of the beautiful blue and white planter, congratulations goes to-


Please contact me at [email protected] to claim your prize



Well, I am SUPER excited today,  its been months in the works but at long last not only one of my dreams came true but two!! Dream number one is my beautiful blue and white Christmas ornaments are in production as we speak:) And dream number two, is that  the stunning and so elegant Provence planters are as well. I am so excited to get these goodies!


They will all be here by early Sept. (possibly late August for the planters).  It is a major learning experience to hatch an idea, develop it, and watch it come full circle into actual production…with a few hairy moments in between:) But when you really believe in something, you don’t give up at the first roadblock, you keep on trucking and persevere which is what I did and boy am I glad because my tenacity really paid off:)


With both items, I had to take an educated guess as to how many to put into production, but with the ornaments the minimums for production were quite large, so think I will have plenty to go around (hope so, that should only be the biggest problem) lol.

So today is a very special opportunity, that will be available for 3 days only. A very special “pre pre-sale”. You will have the chance to buy both the ornaments and planters at a significantly discounted price (at least 20% of what they will be when they arrive). And with the ornaments the more you buy the more you save.  Plus this guarantees you will get these items. There are a few rules below, to please read over-

  • Email all orders to [email protected]
  • Please use first item number then quantity and color/size if applicable
  • Final sale and shipping is extra
  • I will ship ornaments internationally but not the planters (inquire for shipping rate)
  • This is a PRE SALE, which  means you are getting a special advance purchase price
  • These items are due early September and will ship upon arrival
  • This promotion is offered for 3 days only, there will be no extensions
  • For orders of 60 or more ornaments or 6 or more planters contact me for special pricing
  • Planter invoicing will be only for the planters, we will not be billing for shipping at this time
  • Limited quantities of each so subject to availability
  • PLEASE do not submit an order unless you are able pay your invoice within 12 hours
  • Questions? Contact [email protected]


And here we go……


These  magnificent glass blue and white ornaments, include assorted ginger jars, pagodas and glass blue and white balls. They come in 4″ and 5″ sizes. They will come in a white The Enchanted Home gift box like blow, so also makes a wonderful gift idea.


For now (until I figure out how I will sell these) I am selling them in 4’s, 12’s and in larger quantities.

You can pick any four and build your collection from there, a sample order will look like this-

I want to order 2 G2, 2 P2,  4 B2

Can buy in sets of 4’s and any order over 48 pieces will receive a discount of 10% off total ornament purchase price.

Some have contacted me about wholesale, please email me at [email protected] for wholesale inquiries

Blue and white ginger jars-

G1. Comes in 5.3″ $10.00


G2. Comes as 5.3″ $11.00


G3. Comes as 4.75″ $10.00


G4. Comes as 4.5″ $10.00


G5. Comes as 4.5″ $10.00





P1. Solid white comes in 5″ $10.00



P2.Navy comes in 5″ $10.00


P3. 5.5 $10.00


P4. 5.5″ $10.00





B1. Comes in

4″ $9.00

5″ 10.00



B2. Comes in-

4″ 9.00

5″ 10.00



B3. Comes in 4″ 9.00



B4.  Comes in

4″ 9.00


B5. Comes in

4″ 9.00

5″ 10.00


B5A. New design not out of production yet comes in 5″



B6. New design out of production yet, comes in 5″ $10.00



These incredible Provence metal planters are powder coated and sealed with a water resistant paint to prevent rust/weathering. As you  might know, these are often at least a few thousand so I am incredibly excited about this offer.


Unfinished state



With powder coating



In addition there are a number of sealants that be also be purchased in your local hardware store to be sprayed on for extra protection. Offered in four sizes and 5 finishes-





Pale blue/gray




A custom color of your choosing ($75.00 upcharge per planter) please email me at theenchantedhome@gmail for color options

Small: 21.25″H x 18″D  $220.00
Medium: 23.25″H x 20″D  $245.00
Large: 25.25″H x 22″D $275.00
      X Large 26.5″H x 22″D  $310.00

6 or more planters will receive additional 10% off total purchase price


This post has my heart racing with all of the beautiful possibilities that will happen with these goodies. I have pictures of blue and white laden Christmas trees and gorgeous Provence planters willed with boxwood trees, ivy and flowers dancing through my head:)


yb25 yb9yb29 yb27yb30

One lucky winner will win a box of four blue and white assorted ornaments! Just leave a comment on this post as to your favorite item and you will be in the running. A winner will be selected on Sunday. (you must leave a comment on this post not email  me).

See something calling your name, email your order to [email protected]. Thanks for stopping by, wishing you a fabulous day!


















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The planters are beautiful and so are the ornaments. Very creative and they will look beautiful this coming season.

Congratulations on your latest endeavor, Tina!
There’s only one possible response: the black metal planter. I’d use it for my living room Christmas tree, covered in your beautiful new blue & white ornaments!

I really love the two ornaments still in production…the dragon and the cranes. They are lovely. Also, I think the unfinished painters are the most interesting and will go with many decors!

The ornaments… I can’t wait to win them!! No doubt another labor of love by you, Tina…and I too can see beautiful tall and stately Christmas trees dressed in blue and white splendor.

Love everything!!! The ornaments are a must for my Christmas tree…
Thank you, Tina.

So Beautiful !! Amazing how you were able to make these planters available and affordable.

I know at least 4 friends that I would make very happy giving one of these ornaments as a Christmas gift! They are really special!

The planters are just beautiful. Simple in design and elegant with a topiary or any choice of fall/summer flowers. You keep amazing me with your talents Tina. Thank you!

I love theme trees….I could have a xmas tree in every room of the home, as there are so many possibilities …but a blue and white tree in my kitchen would be the ultimate in chic!
Love the ornaments and love the idea of the pale blue container for the tree…

Congratulations Tina! I’m not al all surprised at your design, this was a great idea. I love all the different designs on the blue and white ornaments and I think the planters are awesome. Now I’m having visions of a blue and white Christmas tree!

I love the pagodas… Especially the solid white ones.., but today I’m ordering the planters!!! Trying to decide on the colors..,wish you could see my house entry…,mixing antique French urns with those provincial planters.. Hmmm

I really like the new planters, but the ornaments are very pretty too. Congrats on your accomplishments.

I’m giddy! Been waiting for this post since you announced you would be selling the planters and the ornaments! They’re all beautiful so I can’t pick a favorite. It will be difficult picking out what to buy! 🙂

Tina, the ornaments are so beautiful! In picturing them on my Christmas tree along with lime or hot pink balls to set off the blue and whit against the greenery of the tree. AND the tree would look fab sitting in one of the white planters! (Now y’all don’t copy my idea…lolol).
Tina, everything you do is gorgeous! Have you thought about doing a pop-up shop in PB? They LOVE blue and whit there! Best of luck!

Tina…..your labor of love has paid off!! The ornaments and planters are wonderful. Would be thrilled to have the ornaments and the planters for my home.

The ornaments are lovely but I can’t get the planters out of my head! I would love to have several in black to put along my porch. You have really outdone yourself this time!!!

Good Morning Tina
Well, you’ve done it again….another delicious assortment of goodies!
Your taste level is exquisite and the dedication to detail and design to
get the very best quality is amazing. Not easy in this day and age.
I’m loving the two ornament designs still in production, can’t wait to see
and the ‘unfinished’ planter would patina beautifully over time to look
like a French relic.

I love all of the ornaments but G2 is my favorite.
Thanks for designing and creating these.

The ornaments are just adorable! The only question that I haven’t seen addressed is their weight. Some of us still buy real white pine or fir trees for Christmas and if the ornaments are too heavy, they won’t hang on the tree properly. Can you let us know your thoughts?

And I LOVE the 5″ round dragon ball the best!! It’s fabulous!

Congratulations on your new products!
Love your planters so much but I already have two.
Now the Christmas decorations are gorgeous.
Best wishes

Hi Tina, I have been waiting and so excited about the blue and white ornaments. Ever since seeing the blue and white ginger jar wreath you did I too want to do the same. I love all the ornaments but my favorite are the ginger jars. Thank you for all your hard work in bringing us such wonderful things.

I have been looking forward to blue and white ornaments since you posted your gorgeous Christmas wreath last year. Thank you for the inspiration and the beautiful product.

Amazing! So beautiful, all of them! Evident of the time, care and love put into the designs. I personally love the ginger jar ornaments. I’m torn between the pale blue/gray planter and the black. I guess I could put one color in the front of the house and one color in the back!
I look forward to your emails each day!

So excited about your beautiful collection of ornaments. After much thinking, my favorites are the pagodas. I use a bright pink as an accent with my blue and white family room. Last year I decorated a white flocked tree with accents of the hot pink with gifts wrapped in blue and white paper with navy ribbon. I have so much blue and white in decor I think I am going with the navy assortment of pagodas. Looking forward to see how it all comes together.

The planters are lovely, I especially like the ones with the natural patina. Definitely bespoke of the French country side!

As always, thanks for a lovely giveaway.

I’m so happy you are offering these ornaments. I’ve seen them at another ‘store’, but yours are hands down absolutely beautiful! I’ve lived in an apartment for the past three years, and just moved into a home. Now I can have a big Christmas tree, and can’t wait to add these blue and white ornaments to go with all the blue and white vases I have. Your products are outstanding. Thank you for making this product come true.

Love that the ornaments will come in a box – what a great way to give as gifts! The P4 ornaments are my favorite. Great job Tina!!

I love Everything! I can’t wait to see the planters in the blue/gray color. The ornaments are Fabulous!

I love all the ornaments, but especially the dragon ball one still in production. I already have a lot of blue and white Chinese style ornaments, but will buy more.

All spectacular!! The Provence metal planter in the Unfinished AND pale Blue/ Gray…. Yes please!!! Now is the difficult decision on which ornaments, but the ginger jars and balls speak to me. It must be so incredible for you receiving so many orders ( I am sure they are flying in), of designs that are simply of your creation!! Congratulations!

The planters are beautiful. I can’t wait to see your all blue and white tree this Christmas. There isn’t any one that I would not be happy owning.

Love Blue and White anything, a blue and white Christmas tree would be wonderful, love you site!

Hi Tina,
I too am excited about the ornaments. I love the ginger jars the most but think they are all wonderful!


Wow! I love them all, but G1 and G2 are my favorites!! And I love the planters in unfinished state. I would seal it, and fill with gorgeous flowering plants for each side of my farmhouse front door. Unpainted, they look very old which is right up my alley!

Dear Tina,

Congratulations on your beautiful ornaments and the fabulous planters!! Now that you are building a home at Palmetto Bluff, have you considered a Charleston green planter?!?

Thanks for yet another inspirational post!

Very excited about the beautiful planters…2 in either black, or unfinshed would be my choice. But the ivory and blue/gray are equally gorgeous.

I think a small white Christmas tree in dining room with blue & white ornaments would be the bomb. I think I would start with G1 then a #5 ones. I have two large tulipeire and have them on either side of a small tree with blue & white ornaments would put a blue and white holiday on it’s toes. Not too early to think of decorating for Christmas while a/c is working over time.

Love, Love, the planters…. in blue/gray would be beautiful! Your going to sell out of everything!

All fans of blue and white need to have these ornaments gracing their Christmas tree! Hard to choose a favorite, but G1 is perfection!

Serious WOW!
Amazing….ornaments are too precious
Planters… Perfection!
Claudia from California

I love your new items! What winners!!! I’m building a new French country home and I can see the planters on my back patio with evergreens, ornamental cabbages, and ivy. Just beautiful! Thank you for the offer!

Thank you Tina. You have me dreaming of a blue and white Christmas. Cannot decide which ornaments are the most beautiful so I will order one of each! Not to mention the gifting to each of my clients at the holidays! Perfection!

What a great idea for the ornaments! I especially love the ginger jars, but the balls are also beautiful!

Hi Tina!!!!! I am in love…. Ever since your blog caught my eye on Pinterest I have been hooked!!!! Reading your blog gives me so much joy and inspiration… And I thank you for putting a smile on my face…. I love it all but especially adore your beautiful planters… Till next post… Xo, Laurel

I think if I had my way, I would have my own blue and white tree with all of the ornaments! So beautiful!!!

The planters are beautiful. I can’t wait to order the ornaments. My favorites are G2, G3, G4 and G5! Thank so much!

Well I have to admit I’m not much on blue and white but the ornaments are stunning. I can just imagine a tree loaded with them and little white sparkling lights! Will be beautiful!!

I can never resist buying more Christmas ornaments. These new blue and white are certainly tempting!

My favorite ornaments are G1, G5, and the white pagodas. I really appreciate your hard work getting the ornaments from an idea to a finished product. It is also great that they come in a box for not only gifts, but for storing the ornaments as well.

When will your new design be ready for your blog? I am anxious to see it and know that it will be beautiful!

I love the planters in black! The ornaments are also gorgeous! G2 is one of my favorite’s

I just love the ginger jars but would absolutely adore the
pale blue gray planters. They are just stunning and would
go with so many color schemes.

The blue and white ornaments are awesome. I think they would look pretty on a wreath or hanging from a chandelier!

Congratulations on the new additions to your shop. I just ordered two of the large blue/gray planters. They will be perfect on my front porch. I also love B6-the dragon ornaments! They remind me of the fabulous dragon china from Portugal I’ve always wanted!

I love the pale blue grey planters. They would look great on my covered back area!!!

Makes me want to start decorating for Christmas, my head is spinning with ideas of different uses for the ornaments! Love everyone of them, you are so very nice to share your wonderful ideas and talents.

The blue and white ornaments make a style statement. The planters are beautiful and their style is so evident. Any use of these would only be stunning.

What a coup ! The planters are over the top fabulous and so well priced. The B/W ornaments are darling and besides gracing my Christmas tree they look like perfect little hostess gifts for the holiday season. Love it all !! Thanks, Kathleen

OK I am smitten with the blue and white tree!!! I can see Cookies with white icing mixed in, I will send you a picture for your Christmas tree post!!

Love the dragons!! And anything pagoda makes my knees weak too. Lovely designs!!

Wow! The ornaments are dazzling and B1 and G1 are my favorites. Will be looking forward to seeing how your readers utilize the beautiful planters.

Love dvefythinh?Can’t afford everything,but will order several
Every year I do a different tree and this year I will try to do it with your beauties

My favorites are the blue/white ginger jar ornaments. What a feature to decorate my Christmas packages! You can’t find these any where. Bravo!

Oh, Tina, how exciting. The ornaments are absolutely adorable! And, the planters couldn’t be any nicer!! No wonder you have visions of blue and white Christmas trees and boxwood in planters running around in your head…now I do too!! 🙂

I’m loving everything I see here! The ornaments are fabulous, and if I MUST choose a fave it would be G3. Definitely want to purchase a couple of the planters at some point!

I love the ornaments, everyone of the them. I think I like G1. And as for the “to die” planters, I think I might just might have to purchase a couple. I’ve always wanted them!!

You have a done a beautiful job on the blue and white christmas ornaments and the planters are stunning, too! Must have been a labor of love!

The blue and white pagodas are very lovely and this are what I’d love to place on my Christmas tree. Well, really, they all are pretty!

WOW! Who can pick just one item. I have been wanting these ornaments forever. My tree is in blue and white and these will be the icing. All the ornaments are beautiful for blue and white fans.

The Planters! I am ordering 2 tonight!
They will go on my front porch and will be home to ferns in the summer and Christmas trees in the winter. You are amazing to have these manufactured!

I love them all but love the ginger jar shapes and balls probably best. Hard to choose what to put in my order!

The planters are fabulous. Can’t decide between the black or pale blue/gray.

The ornaments are absolutely beautiful. What a great way to add my love of blue and white to my Christmas tree!

I’m loving the planters and have a perfect spot on our front steps for two of them. They’re gorgeous.

Love Joan”s #2 idea….and only “one” possible response….yes that’s the perfect idea for a Christmas Tree…I would have to be a copy cat and “copy” Joan’s idea. Planters are great so are the ornaments.

The ornaments are out of this world! So amazingly beautiful! Thank you thank you for your efforts.

Love the ornaments.. especially admire the white planter …pick me please?!

Tina, you have outdone yourself. I love the planters and everyone of the blue and white ornaments. I would fill my silver bowl with the ornaments after Christmas and enjoy them all year. Thank you!

Love all the ornaments and may have to change up the tree this year. Keep up the great “dreaming and creating” phase. Life is really an adventure!

Love G1 the best but B2 very close second. I had never thought of a blue and white Christmas tree but why not, how fabulous !! I hope you post some beautiful blue and white Christmas trees at Christmas time with your ornaments of course 🙂

I am so happy your vision of the blue chinoiserie ornaments finally has come to fruition! I love them! They came out great!
Thank you for the presale!

The planters are wonderful! I would choose either the natural patina or black. All of the blue and white ornaments are delightful!

Will be placing my order for the ornaments tomorrow morning!! Just adore these! I tried painting some myself last year but not very professional looking! Can’t wait to receive these!!

I love the ornaments. The ginger jar is my favorite but would happily take any of them. I have collected miniatures for years plus cobalt blue glass and Chines blue and white pottery.

I love the Blue/White ornaments!! I have seen them before but they always sell out Quickly!!! I know you are a proud “Mama” when you see yours dreams come to fruition!

Wow Tina, they are all absolutely stunning. I have anxiously awaited these ornaments since the first day you mentioned them. I so love the planters in the natural color which would be my first choice with the pale blue/gray a close second. You are truly amazing, and we are so fortunate that you share your many talents and your life journey with us. Thank you.

I love the G.3 dragon ornaments. Some of those are going to need to be on my tree this year…

They are so lovely and I have shared them with my family, hoping they will get the hint! 😉

If could choose only one ornaments, it would be B2 in any size!

I love the ornaments, especially B5 and P1. The planters are wonderful, and I could use them in black, but I think and almost-black green would be even better.

They are all my favorite! Congratulations Tina. I am sure you will bring much beauty to many homes with your newest additions.

Tina! Never have I put together a blue and white tree! This year- my tree is going to be one! I adore all of the ornaments. Each one is just adorable!!
I can’t wait for The holidays! My first blue and white tree! ?

Pick a favorite??? All of the ornaments are fantastic, you did a fine job in designing these!!! If I must pick just one, ginger jar G1 is my choice! Thanks. I’m off to place my order now.

So love all of your new offerings, Miss Tina! Not seen anywhere else. All design offerings are classic and exquisite!

Love them all especially the jars and pagodas. One of the trees I do for Christmas has an Asian theme – I use manzanita branches on a stand and fill them with colorful glass ornaments like pagodas, emperor & empress, Chinese lucky symbols, birds, etc.

All I can say is … Wow! The ornaments are gorgeous – so hard to choose between them! I am hoping to fit a planter into my budget as well – they are exquisite.

My favorite is the G1! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

They are all gorgeous! I especially like the white pagodas and B2 and the last two not yet in production.

I love these ornaments! Christmas is long overdue to be celebrated in blue and white! My fav is the ornament ball with pagodas on it, a lovely wait to integrate blue and white decor with holiday decorations!

Just saw this today, 8/3, so I’m too late for the special pre-order:( Looking forward to ordering the ornaments and, hopefully, a planter. Everything is exquisite!

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