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Hi there! Coming up for air after practically drowning in boxes and 90 degree +  temps at the warehouse. NOT a great time to lose a warehouse manager…..yours truly has been burning the midnight oil to get the many many orders out the door. We are 80% done with presales and expect everything to have shipped by Monday (in case you are waiting)….its been a fast and furious process.

Plus just put the finishing touches on the next porcelain container, as this last one was heavy on fishbowls…this next one is filled to the brim with vases, ginger jars and tons of smaller blue and white pieces (thinking about the holidays not so far away). This will be one of my last two containers of 2016. I will get another in early November…stay tuned.

As I periodically do I share with you snippets of my life from recent weeks. If it was just on this week, trust me it would be of sweltering temps and boxes of porcelain..not that glamorous however in recent weeks, my beach time pictures are perfect material! So here is what has been happening in my life the last weeks….




Gorgeous Club Monaco shop in Southampton



My friends gorgeous pool with a view at her home in the Hamptons


Nothing like a late day stroll along the beach…though that truck does kind of detract

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Love the little beach house…..miss it already:)

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A scene strolling down Main St. in Southampton and yes…that is a mini blue and white chaise lounge, the cutest!!

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Take note friends…this is how the Hamptons addresses unsightly guard rails….brilliant!


Dining at Scarpetta Beach Oceanside


A little cutie pie starting young


Don’t you love a walk at twilight?


Early morning pic of surfer with his best friend:)


Lunch at St. Ambroeus…. a favorite


A few shop pics from Aerin


Starting to indulge my son who will be leaving for college in less than 3 weeks….Belgian waffles always do the trick!


A view from my friends beautiful beach house, if I lived there I would LIVE on that daybed!


Ripe tomatoes and crusty bread are always a good idea:)


This iconic shop is always fun to stop into


Don’t you just love summer salads?


Nothing like spotting a fellow blue and white lover!


Ready for guests!


My new favorite summer shoe…so looooove these. Click here to see


Gorgeous front row seat to the ocean…


Such fun at a local farmers market… of my favorite things to do

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Our newest acquisition….this gorgeous pool table just got delivered.

afsaindexBecause of course Teddy has to match the rest of my house 🙂


A beautiful spread that is beyond bountiful at a fundraiser we attended


A sneak peek at a beautiful new tablescape that is shaping up to be one of my all time faves!


And this is my current reality….


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So friends that is whats up in my corner of the world…and how about you? What is happening on your end? Hope your summer is going well, and that you are getting to enjoy  necessary downtime, as we all need to unplug from time to time. It makes such a huge difference when I am able to get away and then come back recharged and this week more than ever I really needed it!

The response to my planters and ornaments presale has been phenomenal, guess there will lots of blue and white going on this Christmas! And I am counting down the days for the planters to arrive…..have just the spot for them:) The presale is on until tomorrow night. Click here for the lowdown and be sure to enter the giveaway!

IMG_8192-1 IMG_8193

Thank you for stopping in, wishing you a fabulous evening. Until next time…..






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What a lovely way to spend summer. My daughter-in-law was raised in Southampton so I recognize lots of your favorite places and love dining at Ambroeus! Their location in NYC is also a favorite. Try to stay cool. We are sweltering here in California too!

Love all of the blue and white ornaments, and the planters would be absolutely perfect for some boxwood topiaries on my front porch. Trying decided between black, cream or special order white.

Thanks for continuing to provide such lovely items for our homes!

Marietta, GA

Hi Tina,

I would love to order some planters, would it be possible for you to post a picture with the various size planters side by side to get an idea of which sizes to order? Thank you!

So enjoyed your photos!! Looks like a fantastic time& thanks for taking the time to share w/us!!

Your week has 7 days so how can you fit everything in?
I’m completely amazed by you!
I know when I was younger I could do so much in one day but you, my dear, are something else!

What wonderful musings thru the lens! There is nothing like an east coast summer because it only lasts for 3-4 mos! We all have to savor every short minute of it before its over. Your pics remind me so of Avalon and Stone Harbor NJ! Both lovely, little towns.

Wherever did you find that magnificent pool table? How elegant and different it is!

Sweet comment above from Linda Miller! I second that comment!

Enjoyed the last recipe you shared!…………even hubby liked it and that is a winner for me.

Love the new Christmas ornaments……… trying to decide how many to keep and how many as house gifts.

Love the Provence planters………..

Looks like you’re going to have to wrestle your boys mother-in-laws for wedding decor………lol

Beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing! I can hardly wait for my new ornaments! Counting the days!

I live in your neck of the woods, and agree this hot weather is stifling. Thank goodness for A/C.
Looking at your beautiful photos inspires me, especially your postings of food. What can be better than garden fresh tomatoes, fresh basil and a loaf of bread. Pure Heaven!

The ocean looks so blue. I just got it…of course you love the beach…the white sand and the blue beach…what’s not to love? lol I hope you can kick back and relax with a beautiful Ros? this weekend. Thanks for the beautiful pics. Love them so much!

I HAVE to ask you about your dining table in your Hampton’s house…it is absolutely gorgeous and exactly what we have been scouring the country for with zero luck! Can you site the location for me, please? Thank you in advanced!


Your days at the beach look fabulous! Always nice to relax and spend time with friends.

Do be careful in your warehouse, with the temps that high. Water, water and more water.

Looking forward to seeing more of your blue and white treasures!

Have a beautiful weekend Tina. Thanks for sharing your fun.

Tina, your beach pictures remind be so much of my childhood hang-outs; Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Destin, Dauphin Island and Eastern and Western Mobile Bay in Alabama. Same scenery, same vibe,same sugar white sand! Swimming, surfing, sailing, deep sea fishing, shelling and last but not least, eating the very freshest Gulf seafood! Hope you and your readers get to experience it one day!!!

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