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Hello friends and happy Sunday to you. Hope you are having a great weekend, I cannot believe we are already done with the first week of August…scary. We’ve  had a nice weekend, very relaxing. Dinner with friends and hosted a small intimate birthday lunch for a very special friend. Today is all about relaxation, we are invited to brunch at a beautiful waterfront home  and hopefully  going see Captain Fantastic, heard such great things and am so excited about seeing it.

I have had a very very busy few weeks on the work front, been a bit nuts but things are calming down. I am gearing up for  my next 2 containers, one full of exquisite silver pieces coming in a week or so and another amazing porcelain container which will be here in about 4 weeks. I will be offering a porcelain presale as I always do next week so definitely check back for that…so many great new pieces. Not too soon to start thinking about the holidays as crazy as that might sound!

As I always do I share with you seven things on my mind and this week is chock full so grab a cup of coffee and  here we go…



1  WANT TO LIVE LONGER? Don’t know if you saw this in the NY Times, but found this interesting yet not at all surprising given how reading so expands your mind. It is now scientific proof that reading extends your life. One great reason to make it a priority!

Found the article fascinating. Said that even those who read up to half an hour a day have a significant survival advantage….a great excuse to make sure I continue with my current reading binge. Click here for full story.




2. SNEAK PEEK OF WHAT’S COMING NEXT TO THE ENCHANTED HOME. Besides the ornaments and planters,( late Sept) I will be getting in a beautiful container of exquisite silver and porcelains soon. The silver will be here in about a week and the porcelains in early Sept. Sales for both will be happening quite soon so stay tuned. Here is a little peek as to what’s coming in….

Some of the beautiful porcelains, also getting in a bunch of small pieces, a return of the gorgeous x large ginger jars,  great little vases and jars (perfect for hostess gifts/holidays) and lots of garden seats-


And for the silver getting in lots and lots of  mint juleps since they sold out so fast and by popular demand gorgeous elegant candelabras plus more of the beautiful trays…this container is due in this week:)



3. FABRICS TO LUST OVER. As we are getting closer and closer to breaking ground on P.Bluff….I am starting to envision places to use some favorite fabrics, and those happen to be part of the China Seas collection by Quadrille. Click here to see them all. Here are some favorites-

Loving this possibly for the master or a guest room the pale aqua on white is gorgeous as is the new beige on tan (want to keep it very tonal)




And Bali Hai is a long time favorite, in fact just ordered some to be made into a tablecloth:) I will definitely use this somewhere in our new home, it’s just too pretty not to!


Palampore_Stripe_chairs_Bali_Hai_pillows_Amanda_Lindroth_House_Beautiful_April_2014 Bali-Hai-curtains-and-pillow-Sarah-Bartholomew-House-Beautiful-July-2016-3

And then there is Birds II which is another beautiful fabric, thinking this could be stunning for a guest room in the pale blue color

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 5.49.52 PM



4. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. Never at a loss of beautiful images to share with you…this weeks is pretty incredible. I love discovering new accounts, and this week discovered a few great ones worth sharing. No particular focus this week just a major accent on all things beautiful. Enjoy….

IMG_8439 IMG_8458 IMG_8437 IMG_8438 IMG_8459 IMG_8443 IMG_8442 IMG_8440 IMG_8423 IMG_8427 IMG_8431 IMG_8432 IMG_8417

5. A SMALL BREAKFAST ROOM PROJECT. So I LOVE my pug chairs, they are so stinking cute however if you can believe it we have had them for almost 15 years! They have seen plenty of sticky fingers, ice pops, pasta spills you name it..and have held up remarkably well given how long they have been here but are due for a makeover.  Here is the breakfast room now-


I want to reupholster these wing chairs either in a beige colored velvet or a navy velvet….the green/brown is neither here nor there


And these darling pug chairs which have brought us so  much joy….are starting to look a little faded

unadsfsdfnamed unnamafsdfdsaed

So, its due time to have them reupholstered. I found some gorgeous fabrics in one of my favorite colorways, blues and browns with a bit of tan. These fabric have me thinking of doing two fabrics on one chair, a look I like a lot for breakfast rooms, not so much dining rooms. If I didn’t love the tall windows so much I would do panels out of one of these but they will just be done on the chairs and probably a few pillows.

So here is where I am headed…..problem is I love them all! Now that you have seen the room, what are your two favorite fabrics? Maybe you can help with my decision:)




6. ANTHROPOLOGIE FINDS. Every now and then I stop by a local Anthropologie, I give them credit for always having unique things that you simply don’t find everywhere and best part is they are always priced very fairly. I have found some really cute things this summer from a few great tops, a darling dress and these recent bags. So much on sale too, click here to see them all

They are so well priced and just scream stylish summer dressing!

This is the bag that started this fun little binge, such a  great price and I love it….


I love this whole look below-


How pretty is the color on this top, beautiful styling….could not resist especially since it’s more than half off!


This is one good looking white tote.….may need to add this to my late summer bucket list:)


And this one has a retro vibe with the cute strawberries and of course I love the colors…..

39208236_041_b2 39081021_014_b3

I recently got this bag below and adore it, the colors are so beautiful!


Wore this on Friday night with a pair of white pants,added a little bit of gold jewelry… it was a perfect summer outfit in my favorite color combo!



7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY. Remember I told you last week, how I would publish a survey every week in my desire to “get to know my readers” . These will be totally random, fun, always anonymous and hope you will participate. OK so here we go with this weeks……



So there you have my seven for this Sunday…..anything here excite you? I so thank you for stopping by and making me a part of your Sunday. I love when I hear from you and always have fun putting these posts together for early Sunday reading…kind of like a mini paper but this is all about good stuff and lots of beauty:)

Last day for my chinoiserie tole clearance, still some great deals on a few things left! Click here to visit. Thanks for stopping by, until next time….



Coming up this week-

A wonderful recap on an intimate birthday luncheon

Exciting presale on new blue and white container

Which would you choose plus a giveaway











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franki on

THANK YOU for so much loveliness!! franki

Lynn on

Love, love China Seas fabrics and the aqua would be a beautiful master bedroom! Please don’t recover those leather wing back chairs – they are classic!

anita rivera on

I cast my vote for the chairs, Tina! I recently had a little French settee redone and I’m so happy with it; the upholstery artist is right here in my side of town in the arts district. She did an amazing job. Your chairs will be divine! Have a happy Sunday, Anita OH! I believe you follow Vicki Archer? She will be doing a post on ME, MOI this week! Come and visit and learn more about me. Much love!

Lp on

Tina did you ever publish the results of your November election survey? I might have missed?

Carol on

Your material for the chairs are nice. But I think you need something with a PUNCH The ones you picked are too sedate. Your green and blue ones from last years showhouse had punch. I say keep looking I am sure what you pick will turn out wonderful. I love your blog and thank you for sharing. You are bringing class to us all and your decorating has a timeless feel to it. Thanks from all your followers.

Linda on

Thanks for more beautiful posts!! Looking foward to more posts on PB! Have a great week!

Katie Clooney on

Back with my regular routine on Sundays – coffee with Tina. So funny you mentioned that article on reading – I mentioned it in an upcoming book post. Positively adore you pug chairs – can’t believe they are 15 years old! You must have the neatest boys in the world! Love all your instagram pics, as always. Good luck with your busy weeks ahead. Enjoy your Sunday and thank you for the eye candy!

Dana on

Fun as always. Thank you for the happy!

Donna De Marino on

Unless I’m doing something wrong, the chinoiserie and tole clearance link takes you to Anthropologie navy top. ?

Sherry on

Can’t wait for P B to start. The soft blue is beautiful for a guest room, so serene. Your taste is simply exquisite,

Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors on

Tina, I noticed that a few of those fabrics are from the Charles Faudree line. I have pillows in the #5 pattern on my living room sofa and love them. I live in Oklahoma and have been fortunate to obtain some of his personal items from an estate sale. Last month for my birthday my husband purchased Mr. Faudree’s French Pastry Table, a rooster lamp, and some beautiful antique brass candlesticks. I so adore these items. You can see the French Pastry Table on my blog. I wrote a post all about it. I hope that you have a wonderful Sunday!

Cynthie on

Your dining room chairs need to be bold! Everything in your home doesn’t have to be a sedate blue, white or tan. Time to mix it up!

Melissa on

Hi Tina! What a great post to start my day- so excited about all the new items coming in.
Voted in your poll and in fact we are Thscany bound on Tuesday for my nephews wedding – we are so excited!
I love your breakfast room- is the wood limed? What a beautiful shade. I just love the chairs and pug fabric but am in love with the new fabrics too- whose are they? They have such a warm and timeless feel to them. I love the small acorn print , 2,3 and 4 get my vote. But I would not dare to second-guess what you have in mind as everything you have done in my estimation has been spot on perfect . Give Teddy a big hug from a fan in Cali!

Suzy on

Oh my goodness. Such lovely fabrics for the PB house! I can’t wait to watch it come together. I love fabrics and can spend the afternoon in the midst of a mountain of material swatches. Have a great week.

Elizabeth@pineconesandacornsblog on

Good morning Tina!

I hope that you have a great brunch and movie day. I cannot believe that we are on the fast track toward Fall! Where has the time gone!

I love your finds from Anthropoligie! They look beautiful.

Love the fabric choices too! I am sure that you cannot go wrong with any of your choices they all are beautiful.

Have a great day!

Andrea on

Love the idea of navy on the chairs, a bold color against all that wood is just devine!

Ellie on

I think this is my all time favorite. I especially love the article on reading. I am an elementary principal in Florida and I just emailed this to my teachers, husband, sons, and friends. ??
I must have a dog bowl like yours for our English Cocker puppy, Lucy. Do you carry them? I don’t recall seeing them.

Happy Sunday. You always enlighten, bless, and inspire me. ?

Larie Hensley on

Wonderful as always…….love The China Seas fabrics! I need those blue and white dog dishes!!!! Please carry them or let us know where to find ! So perfect for our 4 legged babies! Have a splendid week! Can’t wait for the next porcelain shipment!

Larie Mallie Kylas Cafe

joan on

Am a huge Charles Faudree fan, plus anything with acorns or deer/buck/stag imagery, especially if it’s a toile, you can count me in, since there are plenty of both on our property.
Shannon, am jealous that you have such a well-trained hubby! He did good at that estate sale!

Dramadiva on

Love the Charles Faudree fabrics…the new upholstery will be stunning!?

allison on

Those fabrics just don’t have it, they blah and old fashioned.

Design chic on

You have had a busy weekend and it sounds like you have lots on the horizon! Adore the instagram images – always fun to find new friends to follow. The China Seas collection is a favorite and love this look for your new home – can’t wait to watch it come to life!

Vopato on

The fabric is fantastic and cast a spell on me can’t wait for them really excited…….

Belinda on

I love you Pug Chairs and I think if you changed the fabric they would still be called the Pug chairs! I’d use the same fabric all over again!!!

Anne on

Cover the wing chairs in green velvet and do the dining chairs in the navy Bali High. The room in the Quadrille photo is very similar to your breakfast room and look how gorgeous that is!

Mo at Mocadeaux on

I love the idea of spelling out a message in the pie crust. Now if only I were a person who bakes…

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