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Good evening and happy Friday to you…hope you are well. Been very very busy with the porcelain container presale going on now. So many beautiful things…we just updated the site to reflect what is still available. It will end tomorrow, so don’t miss out click here if you missed it.

Here we are in the throes of a seriously hot heat wave…as in it feels like a boiler room when you walk outside. Cannot imagine living without AC! So about a week ago I had the good fortune to visit the Hamptons Showhouse presented by Traditional Home, and am I glad I did.

It was amazingly wonderful and if you have the chance to go, I highly suggest you do. Click here for the lowdown. Certain rooms really hit it out of the park and I took away several great ideas for my PB home. So enough of my gabbing, think the pictures speak volumes. Come on in…….



Upon entering you are greeted by this beautiful living room that opens onto the kitchen/breakfast/dining-

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Just love the palette in the living room…very much what I see for PB!


Stunning, don’t you think?



Really loved this pale driftwood finish on the beadboard, note to self- keep in mind for PB:)

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And this kitchen just wowed me, totally loved it-

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How beautiful are these built ins centered on the table wall and with a window seat in it!

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Then there was this very large family room/media room swathed in a sea of cream…


This ultra plush furniture is begging for a late afternoon siesta:)

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Then we ventured on down to the lower level aka basement which felt like anything but….

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This lower level bedroom was gorgeous…so unique and loved and ate up all the details!

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I said this is an adults version of a great sleepover room:)


And then upstairs to 4 bedrooms…this part was probably to me the least exciting but here is a snippet-

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The view from above… blue and white radar was definitely on!

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Did like the illuminated builtins in this closet


This closet definitely got my attention:)

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Upstairs laundry rooms are always a good idea!


And finally to the outside spaces which in one word were fabulous!


Always loved a covered porch with outside curtains, this space begs for a party!

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And the pool was a vision in blue and white….loved it all!


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White is so beautiful outside….always works, always!

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Love taking away ideas for stylish bar cart styling…this one was a pretty one!



Well that was a treat, wasn’t it? Hopefully this was the next best thing to being there:) Do you have a favorite room? For me the kitchen, breakfast, living room and outside spaces are my favorites! Tell me what you loved the most and why, always love hearing from my readers. Click here to learn more about this beautiful showhouse.

The porcelain presale is on until tomorrow, don’t forget to visit and be sure to enter the giveaway for a chance to win a gorgeous planter! Click here to visit  the presale and enter the drawing.  Wishing you a wonderful evening and great start to your weekend! Until next time……



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Liked the outside style of the house. Kitchen was nice. Overall, I found the overuse of off white in the interiors very boring–and too much metal furniture–too many hard edges. Pool area was nice–looks like FRONTGATE outside furniture. I like more color in my interior spaces.

Thank you Tina! I just learned about your blue and white. I have inherited some beautiful ginger jars and look forward to using the miniatures as part of my display. It is really hard to select a favorite, but # 25, the very large bowl would be lovely with orchids in the dining room.

The pool area is fabulous, love the “adult sleep over” room, but my real dream is a laundry room like this one. I guess I’m simple minded!

I was at the Traditional Home Showcase last week as well. I totally agree with you! Loved the living room–the soft creams and blues were so calming. Loved the kitchen as well. Not a fan of the upstairs bedrooms. Funny, I thought of YOU when I saw the pool area with the blue and white porcelains.

I have to agree with the comments about lack of color- boring indeed. Since when are white, beige & grey “colors”? I’d go to sleep in that house as soon as I walked in.
Outside nice, definitely FRONTGATE, whick I do like. But no personality inside.
Imthink this trend will soon end.

Hi Tina, thank you for inviting us all in for those of us who live far far away ! I happen to love the way it’s done particularly the downstairs Not crazy about the bedrooms or bathrooms but the living room, kitchen, and outside spaces are dreamy.

I personally feel that a beach house should be calming and serene so the use of all the neutrals and creams is spot on in my opinion-we used to own a home in Jupiter and I did the entire home in these colors. Not a day went by that I didn’t walk in and love it !

Totally agree with other comments. Found the ongoing beige boring inside and with out any specific interest. Upstairs bedroom with three beds was a great idea for grands staying over, but that was about it for upstairs. The star of the show were the outside areas. Loved them.

Tina, I love the touches of blue, but I have to agree with the previous comments. It lacks color. I’m a color person. I think a home lacks warmth, interest, and elegance without it. Thanks for taking us on the tour, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

Thank you Tina for sharing the tour with us. I very much liked
The lower level bedroom with the three single beds. It looked cozy and the geometric pillows complimented the bed skirts
and floor covering. The duvets brought some softness. Also
Liked the lighted closet upstairs. But that was it for me. Always
Appreciate seeing what others are doing. So interesting. ?

I liked the feel of the french looking urns flanking the living room fireplace and the bookcase treatment. That area had a nice feel.The taupey beige with light blue pillows could be wonderful to spin off of. Floor tree planter, nice touch.

Kitchen, dining with window seat were spot on.

Lighted closet shelving, yes. Upstairs laundry, yes.

The basement living room was certainly special and felt like anything but a basement.

Hi Tina, thank you for sharing this home with your readers. I, too, thought the home needed some additional color but I still liked the home overall. The bookcase would have looked spectacular with blue and white porcelain, instead of the white. Also, the triple print above the fireplace would have looked 100% better with some wall space between each panel! I did love the closet, and will have to remember the illuminated spaces when we build our new home in May.

Tina, Thanks for sharing, loved the pool area,I would live out there. I thought of you while reading my latest obsession of southern cookbooks Pat Branning’s Shrimp Collards and Grits, the whole book has featured all of the best southern artists perfect for your PB home. Enjoy, Marcia

I’m sure it’s a very expensive home but I could never feel happy living there. It is sterile and dreary.

i almost alway LOVE the homes you pick for us, but this one was boring and cliche to me.
Nothing appeared especially lovely, new or fresh.

LOVE Everything about this- thanks for taking us along. The kitchen is a dream as is the outdoor dining area.

That house takes my breath away. Inside & outside were so on point!! Perfect calming colors after being in the hustle& bustle all day long. I’m so inspired right now & ready to go shopping ? I kept zooming in on the details of the accesories!! To die for!! Thanks for the energy booster & my head’s spinning now- fantasies of hosting phenomenal parties there. Maybe in my future- one never knows!! Thanks,

This house feels cold and blah. Except for the kitchen, everything else was lacking color and warmth. I’m so surprised to see the furniture being used, it looks like the pieces my parents had back in the 60s. Very surprised that Traditional Homes endorsed this.

I love the kitchen and outdoor spaces the best but the whole house has a lovely relaxing vibe. If I moved in, I’d never leave! By the way, I’ve seen houses with two dishwashers but never on with two clothes washers and dryers. What a great idea!

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