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Hello! Just in case you are wondering about what is going on with the PB house…there is progress being made albeit a little slower than what we wanted. Some of it was our fault, changes in the plans, and amendments that needed to be made. The good news is that we decided on a builder, soon to sign on the dotted line and with luck this show is going to hit  the road very soon and never look back:)

One great thing is that  unlike up here in NY, “down south” they do not lose time for bad, cold, inclement weather…so building is pretty much a year round process there. That is good news indeed. I feel somewhat ahead of the game in that I am doing lots of research to figure out what/how I want to do things and think so far I  have a really good idea of what I am looking for. Thankfully my Pinterest board is a great place to curate a  collection of pictures to refer to (click here if you want to see).

So today I am focusing on flooring. SO many options. We are finishing a small wine cellar in our home and went to look at flooring and boy, was I ever floored (pun intended) at the vast choices but even more what they are doing with tile that looks like wood flooring, right down to nails and cracks….incredible! Totally wowed by so many of the choices and best part how affordable so many of them are. The tiles that look like marble, wood and onyx are mind blowing. So here we go on the subject of flooring….



For the great room which is basically a living room/family room with dining partially open to kitchen inclined to go with wood (a little softer on the feet) though some of the wood/tiles are mighty temping. First here are some of the real wood ideas-

photo-parquet-1317563749 hardwood-floor-pattern-chevron-2 end-grain-wood-blocks-1352556147

point-de-hongrie-1236009774_52d9526562e07 1a3a9ed41e57237a0c39dc602949a0cb


And then check out this tile (we chose this one for the cellar) as we are keeping it lighter/weathered woods, channeling a rustic Napa vibe to work with the great room next door. Amazing stuff! The Tile Shop is an excellent source for beautiful and super affordable flooring! I get a special contact me about it:)


4202341_orig IMG_1295-2

This is the “wood tile” floor we chose for our wine cellar-incredible with the “cracks” and nailheads-

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For the family room/study,  I may do wood but thinking to do an area rug out of sisal with a herringbone pattern or possibly wall to wall-


Always loved this room above, it feels coastal but in a very sophisticated way and love the textured sisal carpet…..great vibe!


bakari2 steps to bedroom more camilla-sisal


For first floor powder room fell in love with this painted cement floor, it is stunning!


For the back powder room will likely do a simple white honed marble-

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Onto bathrooms, we divided our big master and did a his and hers smaller (we are used to our own bathrooms and this is a luxury we want to keep:)

So for mine just loving these, they are white marble with celeste blue accents-

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For hubby white with the brown tones is always masculine and attractive-

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For guest baths I will likely do what I did in this house, kept them all clean and classic variations of white marble. it is timeless and you can add color with things like prints, art, and/or wallpaper,etc….


This below is so pretty , love that chunky marble chair rail and detailing



For bedrooms am a big fan of wall to wall though down south you see lots more hardwood, not sure if I will go that route. If I did the carpet I would go with either Stanton or Stark they both make some all time favorites, these I may also do area rugs out of and bind the edges with about a foot or so of wood floor exposed (another look I like)-


And finally for the back mud area which leads to a small pantry/mudroom/laundry I do love the look of herringbone brick or would do oversized pavers, possibly Peacock-

Herringbone brick-


A few patio/outdoor space inspiration pictures-





Peacock Pavers-

peacock_pavers_buff_interior_texas_portfolio peacock_pavers_champagne_interior_rosemary_beach_portfolio home-design


So those are my ideas on flooring, though they are subject to change, I have a feeling what I end up doing will be very close to these ideas. I typically do not waver much when I really like something and I really really like these ideas:) Of course the budget is to be considered and that is something that needs to work as well! Anything you particularly love?

If you want to see all the other “chapters” on top right of my blog, go to the search bar and click “Bluff Diaries” it will take you to all previous posts. Thanks for sharing this fun journey with me….the best is yet to come. Thank you for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day! Until  next time…..


PS Last day for promo. Site has been updated to show what is still available, click here to visit












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I love Everything! I live in the panhandle of Florida, on the Bay. We installed Travertine flooring, in the French or Versailles pattern, in our entire home. It looks very much like the Peacock pavers, but is real stone. It is easy to care for, and the cost is not outrageous. We have lots of company, and I have decided that I would never have carpet; too much sand, even in our soil, and too much rain. I also have 4 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels coming in and out. Just a suggestion.
I am really enjoying reading about the exciting plans for your new Home!

I am looking to put a new backsplash in my kitchen to freshen it up.. I probably will do a version of subway tiles but I like the newness of herringbone. Thanks for inspiring me!

Deri makes a good point…we LIVE with sand outside AND inside – you gotta luv it…franki

Lovely choices, Tina! have to agree w/ Deri’s suggestion about carpet: lots of pine trees in that area, which means pine needles and pine tar that is magnetically attracted to the underside and paws of any dog with a longer coat. Then that gets carried throughout the house. Always keep a bottle of ‘Goo Gone’ with your cleaning supplies!

Isn’t it amazing how the tiles that are made to look like wood plank keep looking better and better? Our soon-to-be-renovated ‘scary pool shed’ is going to have either a herringbone brick or tiled ‘wood plank’ floor. Any high-traffic surface that only requires a broom and a mop to keep it looking great works for me!

One question about the bound sisal stair runner. Love the look but have been warned by carpet salesman that they can be slippery and recommended wool sisal instead. What has your experience been?

Best of luck hope you can break ground soon!

Tina, there is a reason as to why there are not too many wall to wall carpets in the coastal area. It’s humidity. I know you will have air, but with the first storm or hurricane the electricity will go out and carpeting is like a sponge, it will soak up moisture. After time, moving furniture around, you will find mold. All that carpeting is a waste of money, you can do better. My electricity has been out as long as 12 days with past storms.
Sand is another factor, you’ll spend all your time cleaning. You won’t like that…………….

Just a thought with all your beautiful choices. As one get older, too hard & non forgiving surfaces are hard on the legs, especially the kitchen. Perhaps more wood than tile better. ( getting older non negotionable 😉

I’m so excited about this project for you, Tina! I’m obsessed with the herringbone floors – so pretty and love that they look aged. We used the Stark Natura seagrass rug that you show, in Beaufort in all of the living areas and LOVE it – great pattern and perfect coastal vibe! So happy to get to vicariously decorate a beach house again!

Every choice is beautiful. Can’t wait to see the final product. It will be fabulous!

Hi Tina,
I also live in Fl, Ponte Vedra, I agree with what the other gals have said. I can’t believe the sand that cones in even though we take off the sandy beach shoes. Also mold is an issue if the power goes out. Not nice for lovely wall to wall carpeting.
Best, Marie

My wine cellar floor has herringboned floors done in wood reclaimed from an outbuilding. I can’t take credit since they were done years before I moved in, but I do love it and it’s somehow both subtle and attention-getting. From what everyone is saying above, reclaimed wood isn’t very practical for Florida, but I can’t believe how authentic those tiles look! Best of both.

I am in consensus with the others…. carpet is troublesome on the southeast coast. Having lived on said coast from Virginia to South Florida there is always a reason other than aesthetic for the low country of South Carolina traditions. Sisal BREATHES…and allows the sand to go through to the floor…the blue porch ceilings repel the night bugs of summer… the tin roofs allow for heat reflection to cool the house in summer…etc. And as much as I love hard wood…the tile is a much better choice in the low country…Sometimes it’s nice to feel the coolness underfoot!! We have had an oppressively HOT summer in the Carolina this year…with temps over 95 degrees since early JUNE…with high high dew points!! As beautiful as the moss draped trees just happen to be…it’s that high high humidity of the low country that keeps them that way….

I LOVE the flooring chosen for your wine cellar!!

Tina, I adore the third from the last carpet, the blue and white one! I can picture it in a traditional bedroom. So beautiful! Is it Stark?

Love the over sized pavers, and the carpet. Usually by the time you walk to the bedroom all the muck will be off of your shoes anyway, at least it is in our home. That is why we use throw rugs over our hardwood. The minute I hit the house my shoes come off anyway lol.

Love, love the herringbone wood floors. If you end up with Peacock pavers, under paver heating would be a good option in PB when it reaches into the lie 40’s January-February. Im envious of all the planning fun you are having!

omg, tina. all this herringbone has me woozy, i love it so much. just can’t get enough. i cannot believe this product you are showing with the nailheads. that is genius and the look i would like to add to our place in arizona eventually. the floor tile here is like new so it’s not at the top of the list. and the separate bath ideas is so so smart. if we build a new house, it is a must have even if we go with a small place. so excited for your PB adventures, and if you host a blogger lunch, brunch, whatev i will be there with bells on. xox

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