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Hello from rainy, dreary cool New York. Though I am not going to complain as we really need this rain! Been a crazy busy week as you can imagine, having gotten in the porcelain container and getting orders out the door as fast and furiously as we can. I am happy to say that by tonight 95% will have shipped…no easy task and it sure does take a village!

As I periodically do I share with you random pictures of beauty, everything from precious pups to inspiring architecture or exotic places…you can’t categorize beauty, it comes in so many forms. So here is what has recently caught my eye with a big accent on the glorious season of fall, enjoy.




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Well if that doesn’t give  you a necessary dose of beauty to start your day, not sure what can. It sure inspired me:) I have fully embraced fall, and am so excited it is here, by far my favorite season! And you? Are you happy to say goodbye to summer and transition to the cooler season of fall?  Thank you as always for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day. Until next time….

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Have a beautiful Fall day Tina ! Here, in Paris, it’s still the Summer. Bisous bisous. Sophie

What a beautiful way to start my Thursday! I especially loved the pasture photo with the horses, it’s so serene. And, I really like the photo of the puppy in the chair, reminds me of your beloved Teddy. Hope you can relax now that most of the porcelain has been shipped out. I can’t wait to get my Christmas ornaments!

Holy moly, I was totally enthralled by the beauty of each and every photograph (I only wish I looked as good walking away as the woman in pic #2 -Forget the Hydrangeas!). When I scrolled to that cute puppy I had to giggle! Truly, Thank you. I’m off to buy my mums!!

Doing Fall cleaning and needed a break! What a relaxing post! I also love this time of year and all the colors and pumpkins, etc. Well, now back to “work” !!!!!!!

Thank you so much for the beautiful fall images. We are still having summer in Southern California so this post is a nice break !

So much beauty! So much that I’ve scrolled through twice. And yes, I’m happy that the temps have fallen enough to wear fall clothes. My favourite time of the year.

Tina..what exquisite pictures!!!!I wish I knew 2 where they were..thank you for posting them

What a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing such amazing imagery, Tina! Happy fall!

I swell travel bottle and a new passport wallet, and I’m ready to go! Fall is my favorite time to travel! Your post along with all the best looking accessories make me what to call Sandy asap!

Loved that outfit with the long Pearls and kid gloves. Are gloves coming back, I wonder, very elegant.
The outdoor Restaurant looked like Monte Carlo. Beautiful.

Love the hotel in sixth photo. Could you please tell me what it is?
Thank you so much,

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