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Hello and happy Friday to you. This has been one busy week, so many balls in the air! Exciting things are happening over here and there is a lot to tell you about. I like to do these little updates on the shop site a few times a year to give you a heads up about all that is happening or will happen.

I also have included a couple of very short polls and for your time and feedback, I am offering a beautiful giveaway to one lucky Enchanted Home reader (details at bottom). So consider this a bit of a newsletter about all that is happening over on this end. Ready to begin? Let’s go…




Yes just in case you were wondering, no it has not been abandoned and yes,  we are very much working on it behind the scenes, it is not an easy task and it has gone well well beyond schedule.  At this point I am not so much focused on the time  anymore as I am about getting it right. It is really coming along and I can safely say we are in the final stages which is great news!

So I am not really adding much to the current site as it doesn’t make sense, I know there will still be small things here and there to be tweaked but I am hoping that within 2 weeks we will go live. To be continued….




Well as you know the container just arrived a few days ago and though I am sure that I cannot  get too excited having done this many times now, sure enough I am wowed by it all and always drive home with my fair share. Somehow I find a place:)

So we have been super busy getting a ton of orders out the door. By tonight every single one will have shipped, no easy feat! These items will be online but right now as I am between my current site and soon launching  the  new one, they will not be available until then. Click here to see porcelains.

I will soon be offering a presale on the last container for 2016! The last container of 2016 will be here by early Nov (by Nov 4th).  So many new and exciting pieces are going to be offered, I hope to do this in the next week to ten days so do stay tuned, you will not want to miss this. Here is a little peak at some of the new items coming in…

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Getting in more mini foo dogs in a wide variety of colors including gold!

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And I am getting a huge number of the ever so popular mini blue and white foo dogs in anticipation of the holiday rush. Believe it or not I had to even give up a pair for myself to fulfill an order, so I too cannot wait to get them!


Loving all the mini bud vases I just got in, they are so beautiful and so practical, I have them in several areas of my home




Just got in a really magnificent bounty of silver. I mean, I am not bragging but you just don’t see silver like this around anymore. It’s either old and antique and very often quite expensive. Sometimes not in great shape or needs major work. These look old but are brand spanking new and polished to perfection. They really are exquisite and even prettier in person. Click here to view silver.

I will be getting in a small shipment of acorn and equestrian themed mint juleps hopefully around Oct. 20th, so stay tuned.


This candelabra is just beyond gorgeous!

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Seriously considing having 30 of these made and need to make a decision within 3 days….would order 30 pieces just in time for Thanksgiving/Christmas/holiday season. These as you might know can be very expensive, I would sell them for $250-270. Really fabulous quality, would love your input!




So much buzz on these beautiful ornaments, I cannot wait to decorate my tree! It is going to be a totally different tree this year and I am very excited! So did a presale on the first order which is due here on or around Oct 8th, they cannot come soon enough. Then did a presale on a second bath which will be here late Oct/early Nov.

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THE FOO DOG ORNAMENT! I also worked don and created the cutest foo dog ornament (by popular demand). I have not gotten the finished one back but it will be a blue and white foo dog. So, in the  name of time I am going to offer them through this post for presale. These are in production and will be here around Nov. 10th. Today and the promo coming up will be the only time you can order these (limited numbers) it will be blue and white and stand 5″ tall it is $13.00 (shown with primer) Isn’t he darling!



And then just when I decided I was not going to do colored ornaments this year, I got back the samples of the red/white, green/white and gold/white ornaments and changed my mind. I was smitten and had to get these done too.

So really would love your input via a short poll after the pictures. I am accepting orders on these now (min 2 per style) and will offer them in an upcoming promo (within a few days) and today and that promo will be the only time to take advantage of the special pricing.


Green bird 4″ ball $10.00


Green dragon ball 4″ $10.00


Green tall ginger jar 5″ $12.00unnavccmed

Green flat top 4.5″ $11.00


Green Chinese symbol ball 4″ $10.00



Red tall ginger jar 5″ $12.00


Red floral ball 4″ $10.00


Red flat top jar 4.5″ $11.00


Red Chinese symbol ball 4″ $10.00


Red pagoda A. 4″ $11.00


Red pagoda B 4″ $11.00



Gold pagoda 4″ $11.00


Gold pagoda 4″ $11.00


Gold floral ball 4″ $10.00


Gold flat top jar 4.5″ $11.00






Also coming around Oct. 9th are the much anticipated Provence planters, I am so excited to get these!! All orders will be expedite as soon as they here and unloaded. I also have a big batch of new stunning lamps being made as well as a return of the 36″ and a new smaller size 24″ bamboo lantern, these are very special and I am really looking forward to having them back in stock! Click here to see all chinoiserie tole.

unnamed unnamed

unnamed IMG_2096 IMG_2098

I had worked on this planter and decided to have a sample made. Just got back the sample back of the incredible highly intricate planter  and it has me dreaming. I am in love with it.

This is a more expensive planter as it is much more labor intensive, all done by hand! I will offer this in much more limited quantities. The size is 23″h x 15″w and the price is $425.00 which is heavily discounted. It can be finished in any color of your choosing. I have a small order of them in production now. If you want to order contact me at

unnamfadsfdased unf3named


A big batch of gorgeous lamps and lanterns will be coming as well… is an in progress peek, I love seeing them being made, such an art and all done by hand! It really makes me appreciate these even more…..




And the very popular bamboo lanterns will be available now in two sizes 36″ and 24″




HOLIDAY ARRANGEMENTS. So I am also going to offer a limited number of super elegant holiday arrangements plus I am very excited to  have partnered with a magnolia farm and we are going to be preselling arranged bunches of magnolia tied together that you need to just drop into any container. Click here to see all custom florals.

There is nothing that says elegant holiday like magnolia. Here are a few of the gorgeous arrangements that will be offered soon-


Could so see a pair of these flanking my fireplace mantle!


These will come in ivory and black, perfect for consoles, chests and dining tables


Here is an idea of the magnolia in various containers (pardon the pictures taken on the fly with a cell phone).  Plus will offer presales on thick luscious magnolia garland and magnolia wreaths. Would love your input on these as well-

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HOLIDAY CANDLES IN BLUE AND WHITE. I am excited about these….filled with an incredible triple scented gardenia candle, this beauty will grace any elegant home in the most wonderful way that only blue and white can.

These are being made as we speak and hold 40 oz  of candle, so they will last a long time. Being triple scented and from my favorite candle manufacturer (who does all the candles for the Ritz Carlton), means the scent permeates every room so beautifully. These should be available sometime later October (limited numbers coming in).


MONOGRAMMED NAPKINS. Will offer a whole new set of fonts and colors plus cocktail napkins, these will be on the new site though they are available now. Here are some examples-


teh_napking_-16-of-26 teh_napking_-22-of-26

And one final question- (optional)


Wow this post reminds me of why I love doing what I get to do every day! And on top of all these goodies, I have some odds and ends coming in in  limited numbers, magnificent cashmere/lace shawls and wraps, luscious incredible throw blankets and plenty more.

So as you can see I am one busy elf gearing up for the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Seeing that we are almost in Oct. it is not a minute too soon to start planning!


One lucky winner is going to win this fabulous new silver water pitcher  from the newest collection. Perfect for the upcoming holidays!


To enter, simply visit the ship by clicking here and take a look around. Come back and tell me your most favorite item, that’s it.  I will announce a winner next Tuesday.

Thank you for stopping in, wishing you a great Friday and end to your week! Until next time….

PS Don’t forget to enter the amazing Neiman Marcus travel giveaways!! Click here to enter (winners to be announced tomorrow, Sunday)













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Courtney boone on

After going to your site, I could not get the pink foo dogs out of my mind….amazing!!

Regina Drover on

My favourite by far are the Provence planters. I just love them.

Colleen Hunt on

I love the 2-tier wooden servers. So versatile.

Elaine on

I am so excited for all the wonderful treasures you are filling your shop with. I love the silver and the lighting. Can’t wait to order more ornaments for Christmas. Thx for sharing and as always love your shop!

Linda on

I love all the silver. So beautiful.

Linda on

I love all the silver. So beautiful.
Linda O.

Ginny Rowe on

If the Enchanted Home fairies came to visit me, I would be extremely happy if they dropped off one of your new artichoke/magnolia arrangements in a black tole container.

Linda Ewald on

Tina, I am so busy with work and two teenage girls!! But I sooo look forward to all of your posts! There are so many items from your shop that will go so wonderfully in “the house in my head”!!!! I just love your taste, talent and choice of gorgeous items!!! Your blog makes me smile every time! You and I have the same taste and I know we are “great friends in my head”!!!! Thanks for all the effort you put into this every time!!! XOXO L

Linda lubach on

I love the mini foo dogs and the pagoda – very pretty.

Carol H on

Adore the new candles in blue and white that you are planning to have in October!!

Donna dowd on

Since I am redecorating my living room, I love the B and W porcelain lamps, especially the soup tureen one. All items on your site are inspirational!

Susan Stark on

I love the Tiffany Bell Jar! So elegant.

Nancy Pharr on

How could you ever choose a favorite! So hard but if I could have anything it would probably be the SW16 planter. Stunning!

Aimee R on

All of the monogrammed napkins are exquisite! I need to order some soon!

Janet MaSterson on

Fabulous silver pieces… I especially love the two-tired serving piece!

Mary MacKenzie on

My next purchase will. be a lamp. Maybe the blue and white flat top.

Lynne B on

I love the star and feather lantern. Hard to pick just one item though because you do have beautiful items in your shop.
Keep up the good work.

Kathryn on

I can’t wait to receive my ornaments and look forward to ordering more..,also love the life-like florals!!

Alice on

Dying over the mini foos in pink!!! Excited to see the other colors too 🙂

Grace Williams on

Love those large silver candelabras! Would like to get them .

Blair on

I love the Provence planters! Fabulous!!

Judy on

I absolutely love the Pink Foo Dogs!!! So classy & wimsical?
Tootles, Judy

Gayle on

I love your enthusiastic approach to your items…I have ordered quite a few things from your shop and love the monogrammed napkins… And the silver… And the porcelain and the candles… And the planters etc.. Etc…and am anxiously awaiting the return of your chargers SW 2…. I need more!!!?

Kathy on

Diver pieces are so beautiful! Hard to pick a favorite

debi timmerman on

This is the first time that I have seen the statuary! That crest frieze my be the perfect thing to hang over a stone mantel in the mountains where nothing else has looked just right….mirror and paintings look a bit too fluffy!

Debi T

Lauren on

My favorite thing is still the blue and white tureen. It’s perfection!

Diane on

Love all the silver and linens. I recently ordered the single initial napkins and they were lovely. I sent them as a wedding gift.

Ellen on

I’ve been looking for a huge cashmere or alpaca wrap in white!! I can’t think of anything more luscious to wrap around evening attire or casual wear during the winter months so I don’t have to mess with a coat. I love tailored, clean lines so if you can find something like that, I’d be ever so grateful!!

Kimberly on

I love everything, but I have to say the yellow Lab needlepoint pillow is very special and my favorite of the day!

Regina on

Everything is beautiful! But I have had the 3-tiered serving tray on my mind for months!

Donna C on

My favorite is the gray acacia three seat wood bench. Thank you for your hard work, Tina. The selection and variety you bring us is simply amazing!

Shawna on

Hi Tina,
Love, love love the new chinoisorie lamps. And will be placing an order for the candles in October !

Deborah milo on

As always, everything is so beautiful that it is a difficult choice. But for me, I would love the floral arrangements. They are a beautiful classic that never goes out of style.

Mary Noel on

I have always loved the silver napkin rings, in fact, that is how I first became acquainted with The Enchanted Home. My favorite is the bunny and squirrel tea party, but they are all adorable.

Karenann on

I am absolutely in love with the amazing dog lamps you have on your store! They are gorgeous!

LaTanya on


Catherine Heers on

Love your shop thinking of buying the statuary dog for my porch and of course the silver and garlands. Really nice.

Janet on

I am in love with all of the silver, but I especially love the large punch bowl. Wow! It is beautiful!

Sherri on

Love the scalloped-edge silver trays and the monogrammed napkins.

Diana on

LOVE LOVE LOVE the glass etched Bell Jar!

Holly on

I am a sucker for anything silver, and especially love the engraved mint juleps.

Annette mcclintock on

The porcelains and the lamps are wonderful !
But its hard not to like just about everything. I keep thinking about the beautiful Christmas tree ornaments too. So lovely!
Thank you for all the wonderful inspiration.

Mary Bogart on

Its hard to choose just one item, but the Provence planters are just stunning and I can see them on the patio filled with boxwood. I love your posts and want to dive into those boxes of the new shipments you got in! I am a porcelain addict! Have a great weekend!

EllIe on

As always… I love it all! But I really want one of your new artichoke/magnolia arrangements in a black tole container.

Terri michael on

The Provence planters…. without a doubt!! Cannot wait to order two!

Andrea on

The Incredibly Regal Extra Large Scalloped Gallery Tray…it is so beautiful and elegant! I just love it.

Sakeenah M. on

I’m loving luxurious lotions and creams at the moment, so I’d choose your ANTICA FARMACISTA FRAGRANCED BODY MOISTURIZER.

Barb on

I’ve had my eye on the foo dogs for quite some time. There are so many beautiful items on your site, it’s hard to choose just one.

Eve on

Love the melamin salad plates and the woven cloche server. Hard to choose just one–love everything!!

Hiltrud on

Hello Tina,
My favorite item right now is the Square Chinoiserie Tole Planter in moss green and gold.
I own several tole items from your shop but never really looked for something in green.
This little planter looks fresh and just perfect for the holidays.

Debbie on

I love the blue and white foo dogs. They are beautiful and so eye-catching . Very classy.

Rachel on

I love the silver pitcher. There are so many things to love in your store. I think one of my current “loves” is the large cut crystal hurricane poured candles. So pretty! Perfect for the holidays.

Larie Hensley on

Loving ALL The lamps! I’m needing a couple, can’t decide!

Vivian walker on

Love seeing your post, always such beauty , I love pillows and linens so my favorite is EVERYTHING
I want most of everything you have to offer

Sherry on

Impossible to pick just one item…everything you have in your shop in absolutely stunning. My favorite is the Chinoiserie Handpainted Pillow. They are beautiful and can be used in any room.

sUSAN oSBORN-Sanders on

Tina, Although I love everything in your store….I must say my next purchase has to be a hand painted silk pillow (or two).

Sonya o on

My favorite item is the silver candelabra! Such a statement piece!

Jeanab on

My favorite item is the last flat top ginger jar listed. I have been thinking about adding a few pieces to my home since returning from a trip to China a few months ago. I think they can add to a room without taking it over.

Barbara Abbott on

I have fallen in love with the lanterns… the pagoda that is sold out, and the black with gold is extravagantly gorgeous!

Catharine on

Love the fruit handled flower pot in the porcelain collection ….and love the lanterns!

Ashley on

Looking forward to all your upcoming arrivals!! My favorite piece right now in the shop, is the large 3 stem orchid in the beautiful silver planter!! It’s so timeless and elegant.

Wendy on

Wow! So many choices. I must say I do have a personal favorite–the bell jar lanterns. I would love to have a pair over my kitchen island.

Katherine W Pitts on

Just to pick one is wrong but this beauty is
breath taking ❗️
Spectacular multicolored
Chunky ginger jar ✅✅✅

Arell on

Tina, I love everything in your shop. I cannot say it enough!! But interestingly, I am drawn to the Bell-Jar lighting and thinking that there may be a spot for a one (or two, or three!) of your lights in my home. I think the entry way would look stunning with a large Bell-Jar.

SusaN on

I love the monogrammed napkins. They are very classy and an elegant addition a table setting.

Anne Dewees hart on

Tina, I have ordered several items from you and every single one has been wonderful and I love each one. The new items are all wonderful – I’ll want so many of them, my husband will be rolling his eyes! Thank you for all your efforts, you’re doing a great job. I’m excited to see the new site?

cathy Flanagan on

I adore the white mini foo dogs

Lynne on

My favorite is the large antique floral patterned bowl! I am hoping they come back in!

JiLl on

I love all the lamps!

Barbara on

Love the silver, the lamps, the bench and the planters!!

Ann on

Oh my, so many beautiful things to lust over. But I have to say that the nautical needlepoint pillows are my favorite. The navy anchor and the one with the sailboats would look right at home in my family room.

Dee Farrell on

Your floral designs are stunning, and I’m pleased to have several of them in my home.

ApRil on

How to choose one among many, many enticements. The silver is beautiful and a favorite. Today my choice would be the antique blue porcelain umbrella container. My front hall calls for it. AFN

Vicki Brady on

While I do love all the monogrammed napkins, silver just makes my heart sing. The elegant silver beverage tub and the trophies would be such treasures to have. So many beautiful pieces!


I’m still in love with the SPO6 rustic planter. My very favorite item in your shop!

Nancy H on

Everything in the shop is first quality and classy. I am a lover of lamps so that’s my favorite category.

LISA Hayes on

ANYTHING Chinoiserie ♡

Donna Clark on

Hi Tina
I just adore your shop and have ordered before. My favorite right now is the bell jar. Will be ordering some soon for my new place.

D McLennan on

I agree with a previous comment. Love the Provence planters!

Linda Doezema on

I love the large antiqued blue and white centerpiece bowl!It is absolutely stunning!

Donna De Marino on

My favorite item is the Palm Bell Jar Lantern in Lighting. So chic!

Lorelai on

The songbirds on the beige chinoiserie garden seat are just so lovely.

Also—I am beyond excited for the foo dog ornament!!!!

Sherry M. on

How can I possibly choose a favorite?! If I must, I would have to say the porcelains have always been my all time favorite. I also love the life like florals, the monogram napkins, the silver, and the lighting. All are so beautiful! I am greatly anticipating my ornament order. The new colors are gorgeous too! Thank you for making our world more beautiful, Tina, with each new post.

Michelle b on

Always admire the beautiful dough bowls.

Laurie Carpenter on

You really are asking the impossible in narrowing down my choice to 1 favorite thing from the shop. I love everything in the European Kitchen, but I do think it makes for a lovely family tradition for each family member to have their own napkin ring. Now that my children are grown & return home to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries & holidays with their spouses it is not only a conversation starter, but will be a fun tradition to present the newest family member with their own napkin ring this Christmas!

Alexandra on

What’s not to love? Adoring the jumbo figural fishbowl. Oh, the possibilities!

Beth on

There are so many goodies, it’s hard to choose! Love the bell jars, tole ware, porcelain, of course, and can’t wait for the candle and magnolia to be offered!

Karen baetz on

My favorites are the bell jar lanterns in your lighting section. I honestly love every style and would have a hard time narrowing them down to just one.

Fran on

Everything is lovely, but that Imari bowl is calling my name!


Hi Tina,

In regards to your recent give away…you asked us to name our “favorite thing”. That to me is like asking to narrow down a favorite pair of shoes/boots or a favorite handbag designer! My motto is to always buy what you absolutely LOVE, as you will never go wrong! Since I have found your site, I have ordered many items…silver, flowers, planters, blue/white. I simply cannot just name one favorite thing since your entire blog is so right up my alley!! I LOVE everything you do and the way you do it! I am a sucker for silver pieces and although I admit I haven’t looked at that part of your site for months, now that I have, there are many must-haves which will be heading my way very soon! Congrats on the soon-to-be new website!

Until the next order…

Ka on

Love the hand painted pillows. Just beautiful.

Connie on

So many beautiful choices! Today the bell jar lighting is catching my eye. Exquisite patterns!

Sharon on


I love the monogrammed napkins and the silver chargers.

Thanks so much,

Ann Mngo on

Hi Tina,
Today, the first thing that came up was the statuary and planters so I selected the SP04 planter in white moss as my favorite.
Though, you know, I have probably 50 favortites throughout your shop. : )

When I am not feeling so good I sometimes come to your shop and look around just to help me feel better. And it works!


Debbie H. on

I still love the porcelain beige garden seat.

Sandy @ You May Be Wandering on

Hi Tina! Happy October!!! How can I pick a favorite among so many gorgeous things, many of which I am now the happy and proud owner! If you made me pick, I think I would choose the monogrammed napkins or the tole. I love all your new additions, especially the ornaments and the holiday arrangements. Hope you manage to find a few minutes to relax this weekend! xoxo

Ann Melamed on

I have to start by saying HOW CAN I POSSIBLY CHOOSE A FAVORITE? It’s like asking me to choose a favorite child. That said, I am still crushing on your fabulous dough bowls, the entire boxwood collection, and omg the silver. And the new Magnolia florals. Okay, I can’t do it. I love it all. Thank you for your always-informative and entertaining blog, and your generous giveaways.

leigh on

Lots of beautiful “must haves” but I am partial to the hand painted pillows! Thanks again for another great giveaway!

Sharon Ellis on

This is so hard for me to choose…I love the monogram napkins but I think my 1st preference would be the scented candle with the triple wick……I’ll bet it smells heavenly! Thank you for all your hard work putting this together all the time, it’s so much fun!

Christy on

I like your ELEGANT SILVER BEVERAGE TUB. But also am very excited about the blue/white candle!!

nancy on

Hi Tina..

I am in love with the scalloped chinoisorie trays…hoping Santa will look closely at my xmas list!

Janie on

OMG the pink Foo dogs!!!! All of the silver footed trays need to March to my house. Love them xoxo

Kathy on

So many wonderful choices…..
The chosen piece the silver candelabra.

Elizabeth on

Tina, you have outdone yourself once again! What a treasure trove of goodies. I am in love with the custom flowers, my favorite is the lifelike orchid in the blue and white planter ($240).

Kelly D on

I love the Fabulous Statement Tray Pale Blue Green with Gold Chinoiserie Design.

Josie on

Your chinoiserie tole pieces are absolutely beautiful!

Crystal Rose on

I like the 30″ Classic Ball Boxwood Topiary.

Loren Sharkey on

I love the monogrammed napkins!

cheryl on

The new items are wonderful! I am loving the Provence planters, hope to order the gardenia scented candles, and I have my eye featured bowl coming soon!

Carla on

Love so many things but really need one of the tiered servers.

Jill on

I just recently found your blog and find myself looking forward to reading it every day. I am a transplant from the north shore of Long Island to the front range of Colorado. Reading your blog and seeing your delectable photos reminds me of the classic beauty of the traditional decor unique to the northeast. My favorite items from your store are the blue and white porcelains. I inherited a few pieces, but you have inspired me to expand my collection. Your large porcelain bowl is just beautiful!

Lisa on

Love the blue and white ornaments and blue and white candles!

Lisa on

Love the sliver tray !

Joyce on

Love your blog! Have had my eye on your bell jar lighting! They are so beautiful!!

Deanna on

I just found your custom florals! I didn’t know you had them and wow are they beautiful. I think it’s time to go shopping!

Latricia on

I still love the monogrammed tole trays! They are so beautiful and something that can be utilized in so many ways every day!

Rita LaCour on

I love the keyhole classic urns. Yours look so heavy and real. I can see why you love them so much. They look great in front of your home.

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