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Hi friends and Happy Saturday!  Woke up to snow!! Very exciting and somewhat unexpected, we were told we would wake up to rain, and as of now we have at least 3 inches and counting.

Well, I will be  a busy bee today in a different capacity, that of playing hostess for our annual family Christmas party. I will try to take some pics as I always do, coming off the heels of an insanely busy work week, you better believe I am chugging my coffee:)

Very excited to announce the two finalists of my Holiday Love contest, admittedly they were all winners, so many fabulous pictures! But in the end it comes down to two and here they are. This is the final day of voting and a winner will be crowned tomorrow morning! I am happy to present the two finalists after over 3000 votes came in. Time to vote for  your absolute favorite-

From Round 1


From Round 2


Congrats to the two finalists and to everyone else who sent in their beautiful pictures, thank you for taking part in the fun. Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day and start to your weekend. Until next time….



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Ellenann on

I am so delighted to see the two favorites that I chose!! Whoo hooooo!!

anita rivera on

Hello Tina!I voted! Best wishes to you and your loved ones! Anita

joan on

Children and dogs, you just can’t beat ’em! Love the photo of that little angel walking in the snow, if it had been shot in black & white and she had been dragging a wreath, with only the bow in color, it would make a perfect holiday card!
Stay toasty and safe all!

Emily McGriff on

Merry Christmas. I love both and voted!

Cathleen A Hoffman on

Both photos are stunning. The one with the dog and Christmas tree tell a story of family and the comfort of home. The little child in the snow tells the story of the wonder of Christmas. Beautiful.

Missy on

The toddler in the snow is a moment in time to be cherished. The memory will be etched in her family forever. Much as I love all the lavish decorating, this one touched my heart…. Missy

Sylvia on

Delightful contest. Both photos are beautiful. The sweet puppy sitting under the Christmas tree speaks Christmas.
I love the photo of the child on the snowy path, but that’s Winter.
However, both adorable.

Patricia Porter on

Wish I could have voted for both of them. They are both just wonderful.
Merry Christmas!

Sherian on

Happy Holidays to a lovely lady and her blog………..found you by accident and am so enjoying it.

Marcia GREEN on

I love the dog with the beautiful tree. It is so elegant but still very dear. We had wonderful white lab from Scotland, his name was Chumley and he loved Christmas! This photo makes me very happy. Marcia

ApRil on

Loved them both. To hard a choice. Let’s have a tie.

TaRa on

What a wonderful Holiday idea. I enjoyed seeing all of the photos!
“Enchanted Home” is such a wonderful Blog! I always look forward to it. Thank you for all of your hard work. I know it’s appreciated! The merchandise is so exciting to see and to order! I like that I can order and not have to go on a massive search.

I just love the sweet face on the young Lab, so pleased to have an actual tree in the house, curious about the sparkle, glitter and glow! It is a very welcoming, happy photo.

The Christmas tree and staircase are exquisite and I know how much work that endeavor took!

The photo of the child strolling in the snow is very precious.

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