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Hello! First thing I want to do is to crown the winner of the Holiday Love Contest, after nearly a whopping 5,000 voters total, you have selected the winner ,and what a beauty it is! Congratulations goes to Wendy with this amazing picture-

The winning picture-


A close runner up was this beautiful picture from Alison-


Thank you to everyone for sending in their beautiful pictures, they singlehandedly put me into the holiday spirit and to everyone else for voting!

Wendy, please contact me to so I can arrange to have your prize shipped.


Well, this is one tired elf after our super fun holiday Christmas party last night. We all know the work that goes into planning a party, every detail must be thought of but it was well worth it. It came out just beautiful and now that there are about seven little kids in our family, I can’t tell you how much fun it was to see the magic of the season through their eyes.

Best part is great leftovers today! We have another holiday party tonight but I plan to spend a lot of time home today resting my poor achy feet, watching a movie or two and indulging in all the yummy leftovers.

As I do every Sunday, here are my seven things this Sunday…..


1 NEWEST ITEMS AT ENCHANTED HOME. Some amazing things just came in, they will be offered up the week after Christmas. The chinoiserie tole pieces are nothing less than gorgeous, stay tuned!!

And here are just a few of the super gorgeous new porcelain pieces, introducing a number of new items to my extensive porcelain collection, so many exciting things coming for 2017! There will be a presale in about 1 week to ten days for this order arriving in mid January

My colored ornaments just got professional photographed. Yes, it’s late in the game but the new site’s delay is to blame, what can I do! They are going to be added online tonight and we will guarantee Christmas delivery for all orders placed by how they came out. Click here to see all the blue and white’s already online


2 A BEAUTIFUL IDEA OF A HOLIDAY CENTERPIECE. I saw this over at my friend, Bettie’s blog, Private Newport  and was blown away by how pretty this was, she generously shared her “how to” and surprisingly it is pretty easy. Though I am all set up now I will most certainly attempt this  next year, it is magical! Great job Bettie! Click here to see the how to over at a favorite blog, Private Newport-


3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST More holiday beauty this weekend, let’s cram it in while we can:) Hard to believe this is the last Sunday before Christmas, bring on the holiday inspiration!

And my favorite this week is this darling shot because not only are these the cutest dog family on Instagram but getting all FIVE to pose with Santa is nothing short of  a Christmas miracle!!



4.A NEW LIPSTICK COLLECTION FROM MAC. I love Mac lipsticks, to me, they are simply the best. I am addicted to the color Angel and when it’s in stock I buy 3 and 4 tubes of it. If they were to ever discontinue it, I will lead the march all the way to their headquarters in protest.

Their colors are amazing and the formula is perfect. There is a new collection from Mariah Carey (go figure) but I am loving the colors, all variations of soft pinks and nudes. I ended buying three of the new colors, click here to see all.

5. ONE VERY CLEVER CHRISTMAS TREE NAPKIN. In the spirit of Christmas being a week away for all those hostesses out there who will be hosting dinner, here is one final touch to up your A game…..a Christmas  tree napkin and it is surprisingly super easy thanks to Sand and Sisal, love it!


6.MY LATEST HOLIDAY TOUCHES. OK I will admit I am late to the starting gate this year and when I look at some of my fellow Instagrammers homes where they have not one, not two, not three but four and sometime 6 Christmas trees…it leaves me feeling a bit behind.

But I keep saying I have done the best I could and what I have done I must say I really love. With our Christmas party last night, I added my usual paperwhites and fresh greens and it is amazing how much those three simple things can do. Here are a few quick pics taken with my iPad as I scurried to get things ready, I will have a full post later this week on all my holiday decor.


7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY. This is partially guilt driven. Until a few years ago I would never ever have thought about not sending holiday cards, it was as part of the holidays as setting up a tree. But two years ago I got so crazy busy that it didn’t happen and I beat myself up over it and vowed to get them done in August of the following year. That did not happen, I quickly scrambled at the very last minute for cards and got some out right before Christmas but didn’t put the normal energy and effort into them as I once had.

It mostly has to do with that we always sent a photo card and now that my sons are grown and older, they just don’t want to participate and even getting all three of them together is challenging.

So this year I can’t believe it, again I have no card and am facing the fact that it’s likely not going to happen this year. Makes me kind of sad as this is so “not me”. But I am putting it on the record, NEXT YEAR I will start thinking of my cards in Sept and giving myself a deadline of Nov. 1st to have them done by, whether its my three sons, our family or just Teddy:) So what do yo have to say on the subject of Christmas cards?

I hope I have some company out there! I really am going get my Christmas cards done next year with a Nov. 1st deadline……… really and truly! Thank you as always for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful and hopefully relaxing day.

Good luck as we all call it wrap this week and I know we are all going to be incredibly busy. Take good care and remember those little mini breaks do wonders:) Now excuse me while I go and have a bite of bake brie for breakfast:)









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Kristi on

For the last couple of years, we have been receiving Happy New Year cards/cards with photos/letters all throughout January. I love the extension of the holiday season. Thank you so much for your blog, insta, and store. Hope Santa is especially good to you this year!

Susan K on

Love the gingham ribbon around the paperwhites!

debi timmerman on

You are NOT alone……I ordered cards last year and they just never got sent. So, I am now sitting at the breakfast table addressing away, using last year’s cards with this year’s photo. I just noticed that there is a bit spot on my husband’s tie in the picture….lovely. You just have to laugh!
I also swore that I would get all of the addresses on labels this year so I did not have to address 250 envelopes…..not happening.
Your house look just fabulous! best wishes for a happy holiday!!!

Calypso in the Country on

We haven’t received as many cards as we used to but I still send them…although very late this year! (Mine go out tomorrow!) We have many far away friends and family that do not use facebook or other social media and I know they look forward to seeing the latest family pictures on our card. My boys are 10 and almost 13 so they look different every year!
Your house looks beautiful with all your fresh greens and paperwhites. Congratulations to the winner! Not only is the tree beautiful, but having a golden in the photo is the perfect touch!

Mary Ann Frasher on

Your home looks lovely as usual. As far as sending Christmas cards, my intentions are always good. But with taking care of a husband who has Alzheimer’s, I just have to pick and choose the important things. Somwhere in our home are boxes and boxes of Christmas cards ‘meant’ to have been sent……LOL. But nowadays I find a phone call or a greeting online does the trick. Although I love sending cards out, life is too short to worry about it. A very Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Uptown frog on

I figure that Facebook and Instagram make up for the Christmas cards that I used to send out. While cards are beautiful and nice to receive, I no longer look for them or send them as I feel that most of the friends that we connected with only at Christmas in the past are now on my computer or phone whenever we need to catch up. Besides, it’s a positive environmental move, no?

Cindy J on

I bet your sons would gather around somewhere eating a watermelon at your new vacation home Big guys don’t like to be so formal
It’s photos with kids or dogs that win This year I had to vote for the Golden Retriever. Because I have a big golden girl, Gracie Jean .
My granddaughter crowned her with one of her princess crowns
That party buzz will start to wearboff around 1:30 grab your favorite spot of sofa zzzz

Roxanne on

I set up an album on my iPad “possible Christmas photos” in January, and any time we get a good picture, I slide it into that album. This could be people, pictures of the house, garden, pets, vacation, or anything else. Then all I have to do in November is go through that album and it’s easy to make a photo collage of our year. As usual, your house and entertaining snaps were lovely.

Joanna on

It might be the old way of thinking but it’s only once a year, so can we not take the time and effort to send out cards to dear friends and family? I get mine out by the end of November because December gets too busy. Every year there are fewer sent in return. Instead, we get emails mass sent. I guess it’s the times we live in. I know my grandchildren will never send out a Christmas card nor a thank you note. We live in an electronic time.
Love the puppy instagrams. They warm the heart.

franki on

Just crazy over that “Winter Wonderland” table setting! Luv your photo of the credenza/metallic trees/nutcracker!!! Back to writing Christmas cards….*sigh* franki

Donna De Marino on

Joanna, you are so sweet and so right. I’m guilty this year of not being able to gather the enthusiasm to do them. I’m on the fence but maybe you have the right idea to just send them to dear friends and family and not try to send to so many peripheral acquaintances. To your mention of thank you notes, I wish there was more emphasis given to sending a handwritten thank you note no matter how absurd the electronic age thinks they are. When I was younger a nice lady quite emphatically told me that if someone gives you something that only cost a dime, you should acknowledge them with a thank you note and especially for wedding gifts. I never forgot that. It’s good for us to recognize people’s thoughtfulness. It makes US better people to be thankful and grateful no matter the gift’s cost and it will brighten the giver’s day.

Joan on

Received a wonderful phone call from a dear Aunt back home who said she’d rather hear my voice and catch up than sent a holiday card – and at age 90 she has earned the right to not send out cards as religiously as she once used to! I have fond memories of my Mother sending out cards with notes to family and friends who lived miles away and my Father always sent out cards to his clients. But I’m there with you, the holidays seemed to have come up very quickly this year! I appreciate those cards I do get even if they arrive between Christmas and New Year’s.
And yes, thank-you notes should not be replaced by email. Good lesson for our children to learn, gifts and kindness should always be acknowledged.

Michelle K. on

I’ll admit, I only look forward to the photo cards and seeing everyones children or grandchildren growing up. I’m a Realtor and Love, Love keeping in touch by receiving their annual family/children photo.

Take the stress off yourself! The photo does not have to be time stamped December. Find your favorite one of the kids while on family vacation or event. We just want to see how the kids have changed in looks that year. Order and assemble your cards by Nov.1. Then you can enjoy the holidays!!!

Beth Brace on

Well I usually send cards , then I decided to send them every other year . Now I send a few every other year with instagram and facebook most of my friends are up to date. But I know many friends only send them to out of state friends. I now send my cards out in the middle of November because we travel for Thanksgiving and early December. If not I make them New Year cards. I refuse to stress on cards. Lol. Have a wonderful Holiday with your family. Beth

Elizabeth on

Wonderful blog as always, Tina. Your home looks so gorgeous dressed in it’s Christmas finery. I always look forward to Seven on Sunday, especially.
For the first time in a couple of years, I managed to get Christmas cards out. Whew!
The one thing I always, always, always do, is send handwritten thank you notes. My daughter was taught from a very, very young age that manners matter. Those thank you notes always need to be sent out. Now, her toddler son, my precious grandbaby, scribbles his very own thank you notes!

Julie on

Love all your pretty Christmas decor!! You’re an inspiration. This was the first year I did not do cards in my adult life and I am over 50! We just had to unexpectedly put down one of our Standard Poodles in the last couple of weeks-so with that and having committed to giving a neighborhood party- I gave myself permission to let the cards go! I did make some phone calls and send some emails to wish a “Merry Christmas” to those I do not speak with routinely.
In 2017 I am easing up on the perfection goal– life is too short!
Merry Christmas!! Thank you for all the beauty you bring to us!

michele@hellolovely on

You are not alone, friend! I have not yet sent Christmas cards as I really like to take time to write a meaningful letter, and I haven’t had a window of time to devote to it. I guess I am an all or nothing girl when it comes down to that sort of thing. But a New Year’s card could happen. I have enjoyed seeing all your beautiful photos and updates on instagram of your decked halls and party details! so happy to hear it was a success and brought you joy. Best to you this week as you juggle the shop and the homefront! xox

Deanna on

I always love seeing your home and today did not disappoint. Seems like you have a few Nutcrackers…I like that very much! Hopefully things will slow down for you so you can savor the season. Enjoy…

Fran on

I’m just finishing my cards today and will get them in tomorrow’s mail. Sometimes, I’ve mailed them Christmas Eve day! I think as long as the cards arrive during Christmas week (before or after), it’s ok. I hope so anyway! 🙂

Cathy on

I love the beauty that you bring to your blog through pictures! I’m like you, three boys growing up, and I’ve quit sending out cards of any kind. Sad, but true. Thanks for your wonderful blog.

Mo at Mocadeaux on

Our holiday cards now feature photos of the grandchildren. I use pictures from throughout the year focusing on images that capture their personality. I don’t always write a note, though. I rely on a variation of the old adage and say, “If I can’t say something happy, I won’t say anything at all.”
By the way, that Christmas tree napkin is beautiful. That design will definitely be on my Christmas Eve dinner table. (Perhaps sans the gold ball…we’ll see how that goes…)

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