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**Have gotten some emails from people saying they are not getting my blogposts. So sorry about any inconvenience, we are looking into this and this is likely due to the site change. Please go ahead and resubscribe, that should do the trick**

Good Sunday morning friends! I first to announce the very lucky winner of the signature Enchanted Home candle. Congratulations goes to-

#53 Peggy Thal

Please contact [email protected] to claim your prize so it can be on it’s way!


Hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend. Ours was quite nice, relaxing, plenty of “me” time, dinner with friends,  just how I like it. Thinking of heading into the city today though the weather is “iffy” so we will see.

Coming off the heels of another busy week still getting acquainted with my new site and working hard to get all the shop updates done. Many things have gotten added (including the Christmas ornaments, who knew people still buy them in Jan)!  But the entire scope of work is still not done, so please continue to be patient as we put the finishing touches on the blog and shop.

As soon as it is I will have a one day special sale and will announce it hopefully in a week or so. As I do every Sunday, I like to share 7 things that have gotten my attention……


1 SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL I love Park City, love movies and the idea of the two together sounds like heaven. I vowed a few years ago when we were in Park City (fell in love with it there) to one year make this iconic film festival. How fun it would be….maybe next year! In the meantime, “visiting it” virtually I suppose is the next best thing…have you been?

There are many ways to stay connected and almost feel like you are there if you a movie buff too. Click here to find out how

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2 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST So many good ones, it was really hard to have to narrow it down this week, some weeks the inspiration is on serious overload! Here are my picks for this week…….


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And my favorite this week is this one because well……this table is simply breathtaking!!


3 BAKER EXTRAORDINAIRE I am smitten with this most amazing bake shop, Peggy Porschen in London. Any shop that is done in all pink gets my vote and her confections are simply dreamy as is her entire aesthetic.

Love everything about this place, makes me want to hop on a plane and head to the other side of the pond, plus Vanity Fair calls their cupcakes, the best in the world. That is really saying something….click here to find out more.

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4 FUN DOCUMENTARY If you read my blog you know I love food. On rare occasions I even like to pretend that I am a foodie but then I remind myself I still like pizza, gummy bears, diet soda and that immediately counts me out:)

But I really enjoy food documentaries and foodie movies (my husband finds them torturous akin to me having to sit through Star Wars)! This is a new one and though somewhat pretentious it was a fun and engaging peek into the lives of globe trotting food bloggers…..


5. STATIONERY. You know how I love pretty stationery. Through the internet and Instagram I have found some amazingly beautiful and swanky stationers. One of my faves is Nico and Lala.….always oohing and ahhing over their latest creation.

If you have something going on that you need a pretty invite for, by all means, check them out. Their work is just amazing!! Click here to find out more



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6. CLOTHING AND SHOE ALERT.  I bought this at the beginning of the season and I love a chunky cardigan that can double as a coat with the right layers and a scarf. I cannot tell you how much use I have gotten from this, it goes with everything and is super comfortable and really cozy, this is that kind of piece you wear over and over, season to season. Big fan of almost anything Vince, simple classic pieces.

Click here to see it


Also a great sale alert, always loved Delaman shoes and own several pair, these beautiful woven flats are in two colorways and are almost 60% off! I have the blk/white and they are very comfortable and so chic, just ordered the tan. Click here



7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY So just yesterday I spent a few hours returning some Christmas gifts. Ironically (or not) these were all for my sons. I thought I was so clever in coming up with some, what I thought were great ideas for them, since it is so hard to buy for them to begin with. I am not one to wrap up a gift card or money, that just wouldn’t feel like Christmas!

My oldest son is the most difficult to buy for, he is not only practical but very specific in what he likes. So he had a neat little pile he had so kindly left behind for the elf to return (me) 🙂 I made a joke and he actually thought it was really funny that I would give him in cash whatever the return was less a 25% “ungrateful brat” service charge, lol.

So my question is for all of you who buy for young adults or adult children…..what do you think about giving money for Christmas over gifts?


So friends. that’s what got my attention this week. Always have my radar on for things that I think are worth sharing on the blog. Wishing you a wonderful and relaxing Sunday, until next time……



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Color crush-

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I always love finding new Instagram accounts to follow and I cannot get over the bakery in London…fabulous! Hope your Sunday is wonderful, Tina!

I sometimes find your blogposts in my spam folder for some reason so maybe that’s what is happening to others as well.

Look forward to your post every Sunday! Just ordered the cute black and white shoes! Also LOVED your post on the London bakery! Will have to visit!

I am missing the sidebar with other current posts by other bloggers. I don’t want to subscribe to all of them, but like you “leading” me to them. Am I missing them on your new site?
Love your new “look.”

Over Thanksgiving I gave my married son my credit card # and told him to order what he wanted and then have it shipped to my house. I wrapped his gifts and he opened them on Christmas. Yes, no surprises, but he did get what he wanted and could take advantage of the sales on line. He also had a tangible gift to open and not just a gift card. I will do this again next year. He did tell me what he was ordering.

Your Christmas ornaments are incredibly beautiful and well made. I would encourage all my fellow followers to get them while they’re hot!:)

I read your 25% theory to my husband. We too have two adult sons. Very funny!

Isn’t the Delft wallpaper GORGEOUS! – I had to look twice at those adorable Scottie (?) cupcakes! What an amazing talented decorator.

One Thousand Two Hundred restaurants. Bragger!! LOL..

Thanks, Tina..Have a great week.

Totally loved your “ungrateful brat” idea. I too love to give presents, but more and more my choices are not theirs.

I won! So excited and thank you very much. So fun to win. I love your blog and always enjoy seeing your beautiful items and ideas. Always look forward to your post. Warm Regards from Me.

Tina, regarding your survey: my kids create “wish lists” on Amazon for themselves and the grandkids. Amazon provides links to other websites if it’s not available there. It will take you directly to the item they have chosen. Amazon, somehow, manages to keep everything a secret. It also removes bought items from the list to prevent duplicates. I have no idea how they’re able to do all this, but I do know it works like a charm. The big kids get a few gifts to open, and some money. The little ones get a few gifts and a donation to their college funds (per their parents’ requests). Hope this helps. Happy New Year!!!

I understand the whole cash/gift dilemma totally now that our three kids are all over 21. We give them a check and gifts to open. The gifts now lean on the more practical side…things they need for life but perhaps not what they would want to spend their checks on…socks, towels, pj’s, gloves, scarves etc…This means no take backs & they have money to buy what they really want. Yes…I still also do stockings but those have changed too as they are happier now with foodstuffs, beauty items and the like. I guess as a Mom I will always need them to hang stockings & open gifts so my shift in giving has made it a win-win!

Gifting adult kids is a challenge, isn’t it? Mine are pretty good at coming up with mini wish lists, which I happily use, and they always get some $$$. But I often find something I can’t resist for them. However, if they need to return something, for whatever reason, it’s on them to do so. I always neatly tape the gift receipt under the lid of the box, whatever. And I learned from them this year that it’s the little things that count. The pajamas and socks I always wrapped up as “extras” to open are on of the things they look forward to!

I love to gift shop but I found several years ago that it was becoming stressful. There were now son in laws and a daughter in law, then eight grandchildren. Mailing all these gifts across the country added up too. My youngest ( the practical one ) suggested money. They all agreed. They are happy and I don’t have to stress about buying the perfect gift for adults and eight children of varying ages. The part I do miss, is the wrapping. Oh, and can
I suggest a cheque versus direct debit, as one just becomes part of their monies and the other is a gift.
At least your son was honest, instead of packing them up only to donate to others just to make his mom happy.

Ha! I am a Londoner and Peggy Porschen is opposite the shop where we went for my daughter’s wedding dress. Every time we went for a fitting we had coffee and a special cake in there, always excited at having found just the perfect dress for her and the perfect cakes for both of us! The shop is in a rather chic area too. Hmm, maybe time we went back!

Tina… my girls are so darn picky, I gave up buying them clothes and costume jewelry. Now I buy them a fancy monogrammed bag stuffed with cosmetics and lotions, a few gift cards, and the thing they love most…$! I hope you have a wonderful week.

Site looks great! Our adult kids do a wish list on Amazon. And not all the wishes have to be bought on Amazon but can be listed there. And, once the adult kids start having kids we switch to giving gifts to the grandkids only. Too many kids etc in our family.

One other suggestion for your son, like your son, my husband never wants gifts so he asks for a specific charity to be gifted. That and a gift card to the movies and Christmas is done for him! Julie L

Looking forward to the Bluff Diaries and Color Crush!

Am having issues with your site, but know it will all get ironed out in the end…….

I love your office decor, but also your home decor……….I’m trying to come up with a workable marriage of the two for our home. The modern edge married to the warmth of French Country upscale.

Are those Westie cookies or cupcakes. I have a friend who breeds and shows Westies and I know she would go crazy over them!

I can’t figure out how to subscribe on the new site. Can somebody help? I hate missing posts.

Tina, thanks so much for the tip about the Foodie program. I’m anxious to watch it and had not heard of it before today. Also loved the bake shop in London. I put that on my bucket list for my next trip across the pond. I can never get too much of London, ever!

You always have the best 7 on Sunday posts! Love the foodie pics and that Sundance festival looks like fun! Hope you have the best week Tina! XOXO

Hi Tina, I noticed your posts were missing a couple of weeks ago. I (and possibly others) read your blog through feedly, but I tried searching for your RSS feed and it wasn’t popping up. Do you think this is something you could fix?

Thank you!

Tina, so many great finds! Love the cute cupcakes! I discovered that bakery a few weeks ago, it looks like the perfect place to spend time chatting and eating with friends!

Park City is fabulous! Have never been for the film festival but have spent time there is the summer and winter and in both seasons it is a charming place to visit.

Have a great week.

As always, Seven on Sunday is a feast for the eyes! And speaking of feasts, thanks for the heads up on the Foodies movie. It looks fascinating!

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