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Hello! Just back a few weeks ago from one of my favorite places on earth,  Palmetto Bluff and I am very happy to report things are moving along at a brisk and efficient pace. It was so nice to be there and of course the highlight was getting to see our house taking shape! The framing started and as we speak they are working on the second floor, to be able to walk in and visualize and dream each of the spaces finished was amazing!

The framing should be done within a week or two and then the roof will begin. I have a few pictures to share with you  and then its some highlights from this recent visit and why we love it there so  much. We will resume next time on design and decorating topics for the next chapter as the best is yet to come!

So here is the house a few weeks ago while we were there-


Below is the back deck which extends almost the entire width of the house overlooking the lakeunnxcxamed


And here are some of the most recent pics that our builder sent as of last week-

These were taken from the second floor (bedrooms there will have a  lovely view to wake up to)

This below is looking through the eventual living room french doors-

There are a few reasons we chose Palmetto Bluff. We love that it’s a fully self contained community that has everything from many pool clubs, golf club, equestrian center, boating center, shooting club, tennis club, etc…and all are truly world class.

Then there is how naturally beautiful it is, every inch is so beautifully maintained, truly its like driving into a modern day Mayberry. Not to be underestimated,  is the proximity to iconic Savannah, a huge perk and only 2 hours to historic Charleston plus easy access to many other wonderful southern favorites like Sea Island, Kiawah and more….

We also love that there is fabulous Montage property on the premise which has been very convenient for us to stay at during site visits. Eventually if we have an overflow of guests we can put them up in the inn or cottages and know they are getting a 5 star experience.

Everything we could want is there, plus great proximity to the charming towns of Bluffton and Beautfort loaded with cute shops and wonderful restaurants.  So here are a few pictures which even better illustrate just why this place is so very special-

unnameddsaasI think one reason I so love it here is that it feels like time slows down, that the pace goes down a few notches and l just feel calmer and at peace when I am there…..


All the “sub communities” within have the prettiest entrances like below-

There is a new Montage Inn which is fabulous, though we always opt to stay in one of the cottages, the inn is quite beautiufl

They must have known I was coming, there was lots of blue and white on display!


The cottages are beautifully appointed-

The cottages have a beautiful view of the May River (one side of them)


Love the generous and not often see dressing rooms


The bathrooms are also beautifully appointed

unnsda1amed unnamdfsed

Every cottage comes with a pair of bikes, a fun way to get around and love that there is a dressing table outside of the bathroom, so proper and civilized!



More pictures out and about……


Always have  my “gas lantern” alert fully on:)


Love all the screened in porches for early morning coffee

Firepits are everywhere along May River

Come on….anyplace that has a portable smores setup gets serious brownie points!


This is one of the new clubhouses (near our new house) which is just beyond gorgeous

 And a few pics from when we were in Savannah on New Years eve-

unasdf3named unnafd3med unna433med u3342nnamed unnamed34342

Being in Palmetto Bluff we spent a lot of time driving around and taking notes of different aspects of the house that we want to see-


Above we chose that brick for the trim and LOVE the pierced wall and chimney detail, below are the colors we are going with


Suffice to say over time I will share much more about this gem of a place with you as we spend more time there, cannot wait to call it a part time home:) We will be there again in a month or so to do the electrical plan/walk through and are plugging away at fun things like kitchen cabinetry, appliances and flooring. Lots more to come….the best parts are still ahead!

If you want to catch up on past posts simply click “Bluff Diaries” in top right search bar, (make sure you pull down under search and mark blog post) then hit the search button, it will take you to all previous “chapters”. If I have enticed you to go, click here to find out more about the Montage at Palmetto Bluff and here to find out  more about the community.

And finally this video beautifully and accurately gives you a glimpse into life at Palmetto Bluff-

Thank you for stopping in and sharing this fun and very exciting journey with us. Until next time…….

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How wonderful that place is. Breathtaking! So happy for you. You’re going to have such fun putting your personal stamp on decorating it!

So happy for you, truly looks magnificent. I love it when you give us photo tours. Being mostly home bound, your photos give me a view of places I would have liked to visit. Thank you Tina

Oh, honey. That video did me in. Even though it’s January, I’m going to have to make a mess of Frogmore Stew.

Beautiful Tina, just love everything about Palmetto Bluff and your selections for your new home. Can’t wait to see more! Thanks for sharing.

Nothing like the Low Country! I’m from Savannah and I just can’t believe I ever left! Dying to get back ….. Can’t wait to see more progress pictures of the house.

Isn’t that the most precious little church? I love that part of the south, so I am especially thankful for the photos you share.

I wish the photos posted on your blog were condescended so you don’t have to scroll through the photo. It seemed before you could read your description and then see the photo at a glance. The scrolling through the post with pics is not that desirable. Just my thoughts!

Dear Tina ,
Can I join you in South Carolina? Photos of the area and new home are quite impressive .
I am still not receiving your blog posts and I miss my fix ! I will “re-subscribe ” for the 3rd time and hope it works . Are you able to check and confirm ?

Your post has brought back wonderful memories of our own visits to Palmetto Bluff. We still hope to build a home there one day as well. I haven’t been since the new Inn was finished so it was fun to see it. I too love the wonderfully spacious and beautifully appointed cottages. It doesn’t get much better than Palmetto Bluff. Congratulations on the progress of your home. You must be so excited!

Lovely video !
Is the Narrator Pat Conroy ? He was so proud of this area where he grew up and inspired so many of his novels …
RIP Pat Conroy

Oh Tina… I can’t wait to see you perform your magic on your new home. It looks like a beautiful area. Enjoy your weekend.

How wonderful! What a magnificent place to be a child and grow up. I have never had the privaledge to visit the South. I live in Malta, Europe, and they are so different.

Congratulations, and I look forward to reading more, more, more!

No wonder you’ve fallen in love with Palmetto Bluff! It’s one of the Sea Islands, reminds me of St. Simon’s Island off the south Georgia coast.

Well Tina, since we have a summer place in Beaufort and I actually grew up in Andy Griffith’s hometown of Mt. Airy (Mayberry) I know exactly what you were looking for and I think Palmetto Bluff fits the bill except of course you won’t have Floyd’s Barber Shop or a pork chop sandwich from Snappy Lunch which still have thousands of fans visit each year!

How exciting! I love it! I am happy to be included in this wonderful journey of yours. I love everything you have chosen. What a beautiful piece of property! My son lives in Savannah and enjoys playing golf at Palmetto Bluff. Telling him about your adventure, he replied, “Oh, Mom, it is a fabulous place, they’ll not be disappointed!”

Palmetto Bluff is an amazing place and I’m so excited about this new venture for you! Can’t wait to follow every detail! Happy Thursday!

I think I need to add Palmetto Buff to the list of places to visit It looks lovely.
Your project seems to be moving along well – I look forward to seeing the progress.

My daughter just built a cottage there and she absolutely adores the house and everything about Palmetto Bluff and area
. She lives in Md. and goes there at least every other month. She is a children’s dentist, so needs a break quite frequently, loves her job but quite stressful. She said it melts away as soon as she arrives.
Since she did her residency in Children’s Hospital in Charleston, she feels back home.

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