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Good Saturday morning from very very cold arctic New York. How do we go from a balmy 60 degrees on Wednesday to 12 degrees today with snow yesterday and a significant snow storm headed this way on Tues? INSANE. I am not looking to give an extension for winter, I have my gardening gloves ready and just waiting to fling open my windows!

Hope wherever you are…it’s a lot warmer. Moving along, today is the start of a new series. Much like the Buff Diaries, this is the Diet Diaries, and admittedly not nearly as much fun or pretty:) We have adopted a healthier way of eating, so I don’t even like to say we are on a “diet” as much as we are changing to way we look at food. There, sounds better already:)

Its been about 3-4 weeks and I definitely feel much better. It was hard to say goodbye to certain foods that frankly I ate with abandon, but I am pretty good recreating the ordinary and have started to getting fairly creative with coming up with some pretty good meals, plus there are more choices than ever to be able to create a healthy lifestyle.

So I am really hoping that we can do this maybe once a month or so , and get a dialog going. I hope to be able to share my ideas with you but really hope in return, you too will share yours. Diet and “watching it”; are three words most people know about, and with the warmer weather headed this way…….I think it’s on a lot of peoples minds now. So here are some of my own ideas, observations, successes-

Today focusing on what we can grab and go the essentials to get me through a day, next time we will focus on things I am making at home, with a few recipes and the “E” word, exercise:)


DRINK WATER.  I have never drank as much waster as I have the last month. In general I drink a fair amount, but I have dramatically cut back on diet soda (now most days I have none and every few days will have one) so I replace all of that with water, water and water.  Now soda seems so sweet, but every now and now it does hit the spot!

I love Pellegrino and Poland Spring, that is really all I drink. Also love the sparkling Raspberry Lime flavor. I also love a big extra large cup filled with ice and lemon slices and fill it with water and drink it all day and refill as necessary.


BREAKFAST. I am not a big breakfast person, never have been. Most mornings I am rushing to get out the door, once or twice a week I will make myself an egg white omelette with baby spinach, tomatoes and one low fat string cheese cut up. I will add two pieces of the low cal 40 cal whole wheat bread and it is quite a satisfying meal. Most mornings however I have a yogurt and a piece of fruit or a low calorie cereal/protein bar.

The Think Thin bar is quite good and very satisfying, recommended often by various vigilant health nuts who have devoted their life to healthy eating.

Instead of a second or third cup of coffee, I have a few cups of lemon ginger tea throughout the day. Its quite tasty and has great benefits.

SNACKS. If I need a snack, a piece of fruit, a 90 cal string cheese, a small bag of unsalted almonds normally does the trick. I don’t do a lot of snacking while we are watching it as that is my pitfall, I could LIVE on snacks.  But there are times you just need to eat to fill a craving for something to munch on, so choose wisely and make sure they are not empty calories that will make you feel even hungrier a few minutes later.

INDULGENCE. When I feel like I need to feel like I am being bad, I must say there are several indulgent treats on the market that are low calorie, low sugar, some high protein and really tasty. They will make you feel Ike you are having “the real thing” but at 90-120 calories, you walk away with zero guilt.

Spoke of these the other day, they are good!! Very high in protein, low sugar.

YOGURT. I love yogurt and did a sort of taste test the last two weeks, I experimented with about 5 different yogurts, peach is my favorite flavor and Greek yogurt in my eyes is the best. After trying about 5 yogurts, here are my top two faves so far, still experimenting and open to suggestions but must say these are darn good-

The Oikos is very high in protein, lowest in sugar and super tasty

This one is also very tasty not as rich feeling but yummy

MY SECRET TO A LOW FAT PARFAIT.  I add some blueberries and then  add a few tablespoons of Grapenuts, YES Grapenuts and it is soo good! A low fat yogurt parfait that is every bit as good as any other. Trust me:)

Also have Grapenuts for breakfast, with no fat milk and berries or bananas, and it is actually quite good.

SALADS. OK this is the mainstay of what I eat. I have some variation of a salad almost without fail every day for lunch, and for dinner it’s often a piece of fish a big salad with protein and on occasion cereal with fruit.

We have a lot of places around here with every kind of salad you can imagine so it’s easy to pickup when I am work. The market now carries so many prepackaged salads too, many that are quite good and it’s so easy.

I always use about half the dressing and sometimes add nuts or a avocado, you can in other words embellish these, I like crunch and texture in my salads

This is so convenient to make a really quick stir fry with small pieces of cut up chicken or shrimp-

I will share with you next time some salads I am  making at home with low calorie dressings that you might like or want to try. We did not talk about exercise and obviously this is a key component here, one which I am not very good at but with spring around the corner I expect that to improve. We will talk about that next time, and I look forward to talking about that next time.

Every time I do these posts I will pose a question, so this weeks question is-

How do you handle watching your diet when out to eat in a restaurant?

For me, it’s of course skipping over the bared, I instantly think “shorts season” and it is a instant motivator to steer clear. I stick to salads, fish and chicken of some sort. A restaurant is a place to be able to enjoy something you might not take the time to make at home, and small things  like saying light or no salt, dressing on the side, sauce on the side, etc…it all adds up. OK your turn to talk and I cannot wait to hear what you have to say on the matter.


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When I’m a “good girl”, my husband and I will split a meal. This helps grately. I almost never order desserts, but when we do, it’s nice to order one for the whole table. Sometimes just a bite will satisfy the desire. Walking, walking, walking is my exercise. Today my goal is 6 miles. It’s hard to be consistent. ?

I stay away from low-fat cheeses. We need the amino acids in high fat cheese to help us keep off weight and avoid obesity. I stay away from anything low fat and artificial sweetners, even water flavorings. I do not diet. I eat everything, just less. French women eat everything decadent, just smaller portions, and stay slim. Here is an article on the benefits of high-fat cheese. Studies also show it is better to drink 2% milk over skim milk, because the amino acids help us to lose weight.

Great idea! I never had to watch my weight until I turned 45, then suddenly every pound became difficult to lose. We also have become a lot healthier as a family and with 2 kids still at home it’s benefiting them greatly.
Love all your ideas and agree water is so important. Love the salads on the go and look forward to your recipes.

My favorite “diet” book full of fantastic easy to prepare recipes is Skinny Taste by Gina Homolka, it is worth checking out. Every afternoon I have one Special K brownie and a small Cappuccino , that is my treat and goes a long way in satisfying my sweet tooth. Having prebagged cut up fruits and vegetables in the fridge at all times also makes it easier to reach for healthy choices. Great series! I voted for you, you are way ahead and deservedly so.

We all have our ways to stay at our favorite weight. I firmly believe in REAL food….fresh fruits and veggies, no packaged food. Stay away from them…too many preservatives which are the enemy! We share meals in restaurants or just have an appetizer for dinner. The key is moderation….taste foods, enjoy the flavors, slow down, chew each bite slowly and WALK EVERYWHERE YOU CAN!

Good for you, Tina! I lost 50 lbs two years ago by not having any processed carbs or any sugar and definitely no artificial sweeteners. I ate all of the fish, chicken, veggies, fruits,olives (love olives!) I wanted. But, no white potatoes, white rice, white flour…well, you get the idea. I had no more cravings (what a relief!) and felt better than I had in years. I fell off the wagon a bit last year with my daughter’s wedding but now back on track. I am 63 and look and feel better than I did that in my 50’s. NOTHING tastes as good as thin feels. Much success and good health to us all!

Start your day off with a jigger of fresh squeezed lemon juice in 8-10 ounces of water. Drink it down before anything else. It’s detoxifying and gets your body going. Get OFF gluten. And the yolk is the most important part of the egg. I’m going to mail you a CD to learn about that. Pop it in on your next drive to the Hamptons! If you watched Mutua of Omaha wild kingdom as a kid you’ll recognize the Dr speaking about eggs, Alzheimer’s and dementia. Fascinating stuff!

Loved your ideas! It sounds like we eat very similarly, however I fall off the wagon when I’m busy running kids here and there and end up in a drive through, lol. Summer will be here soon! Also voted!

I like like Fage and Siggis yogurt–I eat a yogurt and a banana every day for breakfast. When I go out to eat, I eat anything I want, especially the bread. What is the point of eating at a great place if you don’t enjoy it? I don’t keep sliced bread in the house–if I have bread it will be a great Italian or French bread. I generally use wraps for sandwiches.

Love this conversation and trying hard to lose about 10 lbs for my stepsons wedding in June. I also love the Think Thin bars and Kolona yogurt, the peach is so good, almost better than ice cream!

I firmly believe in lots of water, and keeping a diet low calorie. When trying to lose weight I stick to under 1300 calories a day and exercise 3 times a week. I went to a nutritionist for almost a year about 6 years ago, she got me off Diet Soda but said everyone obviously responds differently as to how they lose the weight. I could not be on a carb free diet, it just does not work for me. But now I eat healthy carbs and stay away from white bread, potatoes, I have a lot of legumes, seeds and nuts in my diet which are good for you carbs. The key is finding what your body responds to and doing it. Good luck to you, sounds like you are on your way- we all pretty much are in the same boat so the sharing of information is a great idea!

PS Got my mirror, it is so beautiful! I hope I can get it hung to make the contest.

Love your blog! I’m on the same food journey! Love the Oikos yogurt-make a smoothie every morning. I hate breakfast, but it has definitely made a difference. I add protein powder, fruit, and flaxseed.

A low glycemic diet works best for me- actually it’s so easy to follow, I don’t even realize it’s a diet. You just make good choices – like filet vs ribeye, baked sweet potato vs white, wheat bread vs white, etc.- but all real food. I also don’t use diet foods per se, just have less of something.
My best friend & I started cooking & eating this way a few years ago, not only did we lose weight but our husbands did as well- and they didn’t even know they were on a diet!

I have had to become gluten free. What I thought was arthritis was inflammation. When all gluten was removed I no longer have any pain in my joints. And interesting aside to that is that I have lost 11 pounds. I also do not eat processed foods and have learned the lesson that fat is not my enemy. Also that protein is the answer to not being hungry all the time. There are so many chemicals in our foods when we eat processed foods that we are dieing of all kinds of diseases. Young people age 16 are being diagnosed with colon cancer. Science today have said that young people today will not live to be as old as our elderly today because of their diets and lack of exercise. I walk 2 to 3 miles a day outside of the house and am 75 years young.

Yes, water, water, water. I never drink enough. Trying to eliminate dairy and wheat from diet. So gave up coffee because of the cream I drink with it. I have always believed in fresh foods- vegetables, fruit, nuts, fish, chicken,
Little red meat. Never was a soda drinking person. Sweets have been a downfall. Trying to eliminate sugar. Walk
Every day. I heard the words natural flavors on packaging can mean msg so have been watching for that. All challenging as we age.

Great conversation! My food choices are just okay, I know I could do better. My big problem is staying motivated and I don’t stick to any exercise routine for too long either. I’m 63 and losing weight is very hard but it seems that I can add weight overnight! When I’m being very good I try to limit my food choices so that I don’t have to be constantly thinking about food as a reward or deprivation. I make healthy fruit smoothies for breakfast and healthy green smoothies for lunch. I eat a simple “clean” dinner of chicken or fish and I’ll eat fruit with a handful of walnuts for a snack during the day if I’m hungry. Like I said, my eating is pretty good, I could do better with drinking lots of water and getting my butt out the door to at least walk. We can do this…Thanks for the group motivation, that’s why I voted for you!

Due to a recent thyroid issue and having to take medicine that can lead to weight gain, I am following a “whole food” diet and restricting calories to 1200-1300/day, (determined NOT to gain weight with this issue) and NO processed foods. My first week and a half in, I’m down 4 lbs. ! I bought a bread machine and a great book “100 Days of Real Food” by Lisa Leake. She also has a blog with great recipes! My only cheat is one chocolate covered pecan or a mini peanut butter cookie (recipe in book and on blog) a few times a week. I’m not feeling deprived. When dining out, I’ll stick to basics, grilled chicken breast, filet mignon, and a veggie side (plain) or salad.

I feel best when I don’t eat any bread, grains or starches. I also rarely eat fruit and don’t eat sugar. Once you drop the sugar, you really lose the taste for sweets. I used to be a huge sugar fiend, and now one bite of something sweet satisfies me – I have to say, that I don’t like cake or cookies anymore – I really only like deserts like flourless chocolate cake or cheesecake. Any chocolate other than super dark chocolate tastes too sweet to me now!

Great discussion. When I faced the big Six-0 I decided to up my healthy habits, including adjusting my diet and exercise routine. I cut out all processed foods, looked closely at labels for added sugars and salt, and eliminated all artificial sweeteners and preservatives. Now for breakfast I enjoy plain Oikos Greek Yogurt with cinnamon and cloves mixed in and topped with a big handful of fresh blueberries; I recently added a slice of extra grainy whole wheat bread with a dab of unsalted butter. It’s quick and satisfying. For a treat I enjoy a small piece of extra dark chocolate with a cup of herbal tea. I invested in a Peloton bike, elliptical trainer and weight set for my home gym and made the commitment to treat myself to at least 45 minutes of “me time” 5-6 times a week. I crank up the music or listen to podcasts. I feel so much better now than I did when I was 50; turning 61 was a breeze!

The best way for me to lose weight and keep it off is to use the My Fitness app. (They’re many other calorie/exercise apps out there.) I set my calorie goal at 1200 calories to lose weight. The app has thousands of foods in their data base with calorie and nutrition information. I eat what I like, but keep it within the 1200 calories. Also tracks my exercise and reminds me of nutritional needs. It’s free and
user friendly

When we are out to eat, and I’m watching it, I have chicken or fish with a salad, or a bowl of healthy soup.
Tip for your parfait. Kashi Go Lean cereal/ berry crumble is my favorite. So yummy and good for you!

Hi Tina,
I have been dieting myself the last few weeks and loved seeing this post this morning, You are a great motivator and I really enjoyed seeing what products you have found helpful for getting healthier.
I cannot wait to see the recipes you use. I desperately need ideas for good healthy cooking when losing weight.
I know that drinking a ton of water and tracking every thing I eat has been a huge help to me.
I just now voted for you as I always love your posts !
Thank you again for this great new topic……. I love it !

My husband & I either skip or split dessert when we eat out. We enjoy sea food, so we splurge on dishes I don’t prepare at home, such as butterflied shrimp with coconut on rice pilaf and a Caesar salad. Now that spring is around the next corner (how many corners are there?), we’ll cut down on the starches and concentrate on more fresh vegetables. Our favorite sea food restaurant regularly serves either broccoli or asparagus with the entree.

Since you are not a “breakfast” gal (neither am I), what I do is to empty a small carton of your preferred low calorie yogurt into a small bowl, add two small scoops of grape nuts, and a handful of blueberries. The secret is to not eat this until after 10am. This will carry you through until mid-afternoon, when any of your “snacks” will do.
You can enjoy a glass of wine with your dinner, but keep the portion size of everything on your plate smaller than what you were accustomed to in the past.

No dessert! Save those calories for something modest in the evening. One Graham cracker never hurt anyone.

Hi Tina!
Since you are not a “breakfast” gal (neither am I), what I do is to empty a small carton of your preferred low calorie yogurt into a small bowl, add two small scoops of grape nuts, and a handful of blueberries. The secret is to not eat this until after 10am. This will carry you through until mid-afternoon, when any of your “snacks” will do.
You can enjoy a glass of wine with your dinner, but keep the portion size of everything on your plate smaller than what you were accustomed to in the past.

No dessert! Save those calories for something modest in the evening. One Graham cracker never hurt anyone.

I, too, have started eating healthier. For breakfast, I eat a piece of Nature’s Own Whole Wheat No Sugar toast (my only “bad” carb during the day) with avocado on top. Yum!! And with that a soft boiled egg with a little shaved Parmesan on top. For lunch, I have a Halos orange, carrots, and with nuts or a little peanut butter. I can’t do too many salads due to stomach issues. Dinner is a small piece of protein, a vegetable, very small salad, and a piece of fruit.

My only problem so far is cravings for a few cookies before I go to bed. Have not been able to knock that habit yet, but have reduced the number recently. Even with the cookies, I have lost 9 pounds since mid January. Yay!

I have also cut out most processed dinners but admid to having one or maybe two a week sometimes when I do not have the energy to cook. I have fibromyalgia and it is a struggle to prepare dinner sometimes. I did get a nice leather seated stool to help make meal prep easier.

This is a great topic. Hope you do keep it going. With fibromyalgia, eating healthy foods makes a lot of difference.

Oh, a great benifit I have gotten from eating like this, especially the daily oranges, is that for the first time in 2 years I have not caught the monthly sinus infections that I kept picking up when I saw my young grandchildren. The parents and both kids visited, with all of then somewhere along the line with a sinus infection, and I did not get it!! Yay!!! Hoping for success with our next visit, too. My immune system is very poor with having fibromyalgia, but this better way of eating seems to be helping


White baked potatoes are not bad for you: the butter & sour cream is. I use lowfat greek yogurt instead of sour cream and love it! Have rediscovered pineapple with cottage cheese; and baby carrots with hummus is the perfect snack. At cocktail time I like white wine spritzers ( with club soda) . I am trying to lose 10+ lbs. and at 61 this is not easy. I haven’t told anyone, not even my husband, because I don’t want people asking how I am doing or have to explain my choices. I am just being very aware of what goes in my mouth.

I’m sorry but the best way to lose weight and keep it off ( no yo yo dieting ) is to ear natural. Reach for fresh fruits, veggies or almonds for a snack. Eat full fat foods just in moderation. Lite or diet foods are making an obese nation.
Eat protein with each meal. Stay away from sugar, sweeteners, processed foods and fast food, empty caloric potatoes and breads, and you will be healthier and slim for life.

I try to avoid eating anything processed with preservatives. I eat only fresh vegetables and fruits and make all my own salads. When I want something sweet to eat, I have 0% Fage greek yogurt with blueberries or organic honey. The downside to this is that I have to go grocery shopping every day…..but I do prefer that over eating processed foods. Not sure it is any less fattening but it is certainly healthier.

Hello dear Tina… I love Grape Nuts! My mother used to make us sundaes of caramel butternut ice cream, grape nuts, and honey! Yum! I can’t talk about diets because I’m on vacation. I’ll pay for it on Mon. I voted for you. Enjoy you Sunday!!

Love Bear Naked maple pecan granola in greek yogurt with fresh strawberries for breakfast, the Starkist Tuna Creations sweet & spicy is good thrown into a salad as a quick and flavorful lunch. We try to walk 3 miles per day at least 3 times per week and keeping up with my one year old granddaughter is good for burning off a few calories! The older you get, the more of a challenge it is for sure. My daughter used to get Blue Apron 3x per week and liked the food. Has anyone tried the meal home delivery and do you like it?

Hi Tina: thanks for your diet tips! For me the best way to start the day is with protein. Makes the day go better for my food choices. I usually have protein shake with Sunwarrior brand raw protein powder in chocolate. ( from Amazon) Add tad Stevia, 1/2 frozen or fresh banana ( can do other fruit just small amount) 5 ice cubes and 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Learned this from a nutritionist I worked with. Holds me till lunch. I eat almost whatever I want throughout day but it has to fit on a small salad plate. That makes for small portions. I try to stay away from sugar. No food after dinner. I cannot eat only salads every day. I would rather have a little of something than only ” diet food”. Seems to work for me. Thanks for getting our input. Learned from other commenters too! Julie L, GA

Having been diagnosed with osteopenia (pre-osteoporosis), I wish the diet soda companies had warned those of us who have been consuming them for decades that our drink of choice has been quietly leaching calcium from our bones! So – no more Caff Free Diet Coke and have switched to lemon and/or cucumber-infused pitchers of water and home made ice tea.
Have a similar shake in the am, Julie, only difference is that I add a 1/2 c frozen berries and 1 tsp milled flax seed.
Has anyone else substituted spaghetti squash in place of pasta? Cut in half, scoop out seeds, place cut side down in a casserole dish, add 1/2″ water, cook/steam in microwave for 15 min. Let cool a bit, run fork down interior to scoop out. I make a low-fat meat sauce with ground turkey and add my home made tomato sauce, pour a ladleful over the spaghetti squash and enjoy! At under 50 cal per cup for the squash it’s totally guilt-free and quite filling.
Stay toasty this week all!

I came across the and it made sense to me so I tried it and lost the weight thAt I wanted to but more importantly feel so much better, along with great blood pressure and cholesterol results. Basically it’s low carb, high fat, intermittent fasting. No breakfast 5 days each week, no rice, no vegetables that grow blow ground, only certain fruits since they are basically sugar. Eggs, avocados, nuts, cheese, chicken with skin on it etc. The hardest part is unlearning all the bad advice we’ve teen taught the last 30 years and all the added sugar and corn syrup in “low or non-fat food” even in milk. Better to use cream! My friends asked what I was doungy- told them and they have tried it and have also had great results. Check it out.

The “D” word is never ending…..don’t know if you’ve tried it but if you Saute a few onions and the Asian Salad mix it is delicious! Like stir fry…. Add some grilled chic breast, rotisserie chicken, or shrimp for instant dinner! It’s is also great in a quick chicken soup! Stay Warm Up There!!!!!

I’m learning a lot from a nutritionist and a trainer. Muscle burns fat. Women entering their 50s must lift weights to build muscle and burn fat. My goal was to get healthy and fit. I’m not losing weight as fast as I usually do by dieting alone but my body is changing. I’m stronger and getting more defined. My clothes fit differently. I’m replacing the fat with muscle I haven’t had for years. I stay around 1,200 calories a day to lose weight, (track everything with myfitnesspal app. I eat protein and a little fat in the morning before I work out and protein and carbs following a workout. (I use to skip breakfast but found this was part of my problem) I eat 2 – 3 eggs every morning or a protein shake and a spoonful of peanut butter. I stay away from bad carbs (bread, white potatoes) but eat fruit, tons of veggies and an occasional sweet potato. I eat a lot of protein throughout the day. (I stopped having so many nuts because of the high fat) I snack on hummus and fresh veggies if I’m hungry after a workout day. I’m staying away from sugar and dairy as best I can. I do love siggis yogurt. I eat non fat greek yogurt only now with warmed up prefrozen fruit or fresh fruit or in a protein shake. I have a sweet tooth and I do love chocolate. When I’m NOT allowing myself to cheat, I’ll eat an RX chocolate Seasalt bar (all natural no BS) and this does the trick. I occasionally fall off the wagon and share a sweet or have a few bites but this usually only happens if I’m out to dinner. I try not to let this happen more than twice a month. I am only a water drinker (barely drink alcohol) so all water was not a challenge. I am more conscious of my water intake now. Seriously, Myfitnesspal app tracks it all!! I do tabata twice a week and lift with a trainer (plus a little crossfit) twice a week. I try to walk a few times a week too. Doesn’t always happen. I turn 50 in 6 months and I’m fighting it hard. I just want to feel good and not uncomfortable in my clothes. It’s all about making good healthy choices. There’s my two cents!

For the past year I have been incorporating more fresh and organic foods in my diet. Two years ago my husband gave me a Bullet for Christmas so every morning before I leave for work I make green smoothies. I usually grab several handfuls of spinach and kale, frozen banana, handful of blueberries, Greek yogurt, and flaxseed oil. Lately we have also been adding oatmeal to the smoothies. Spinach is known to ease constipation and protects the mucus lining of the stomach, so that you stay free of ulcers. It also flushes out toxins from the colon. We have decided to buy only organic – the leaf tends to be sprayed heavily with pesticides that don’t come off with normal washing. I drink my smoothie on the way to work which keeps me feeling full until lunch. My weakness are sweets, cannot control myself! It’s a constant battle however I’ve stepped up the exercise with eating healthier which has had a positive impact on lowering my cholesterol.

I start my morning with a mix using unsweetened Almond milk and Welle Co. alkalizing green mix. I have been drinking for almost 2 years now. It has made a huge difference with condition of my skin, nails and hair, and also with digestion. No more taking digestive enzymes, etc. for me. I will make a smoothie using their protein mix which is made of rice & pea. There are no additives, etc. of any king in their products. Check out their My husband is diabetic, so there is no rice, pasta, potatoes or bread. You don’t miss it and will be surprised how much better you feel. Sweet potatoes are allowed-lots of fiber. We eat a lot of chicken, ground turkey, fish, lots of fresh vegetables and fruits. There are certain fruits that my husband cannot eat due to the high sugar in them. I will use lettuce leaves to make a wrap.Very little red meat. Bob’s Red Mill Steel cut oats, gluten free, is the best topped with fruit Greek yogurt & walnuts or with Almond milk. I also like to use a coconut milk yogurt. Dairy products upset me. Drink nothing but water & occasional green tea. Here’s to much success with your healthy eating!

Good morning dear Tina

I think your new series may bring a lot of good advice on healthy eating and dieting, I try to be on pretty much a full time diet, with as many vegetables, protein, fruit as possible. If you can do it, my best tip is don’t drink at home just enjoy it when you are eating out.
I reaIly struggle with the excercise! I am only 52and keep looking at more ideas, pilates is next…weights are great for the arms. I am reading your recommendations and the comments with interest, and taking notes. I love the remark’ nothing tastes as good as thin feels’ :))
Enjoy your Sunday
much love
Sally xx

This is so great and I do hope you will post on this on a regular basis. Obviously a well received conversations many are eager to have,, including me.
I am 45, my metabolism slowed down after later 30’s. I ate whatever I wanted and never gained an ounce. Was always able to maintain 135 lbs then I go t about 160. I decided for my 45th bday to adopt a healthier lifestyle, and in addition to wanting to lose weight wanted to be be as healthy as possible. Started walking 4-5 days a week. Immediately started to see the weight come up.

Went to a nutritionist who helped me make healthy choices. I have egg whites with veges, turkey bacon on occasion, Greek low fat yogurt with berries and organic non sweetened granola, the spice of life is variety, so everyday its something different and I was advised to never ever skip breakfast. Gave up soda which was hard for me but now I drink only water, sometimes flavored water and now the taste of soda tastes way too sweet, I can’t even if I wanted to.

Other meals its a lot of salads, vegetables, and protein. Almost no bad carbs, some healthy carbs (nuts, beans, sweet potato) are allowed in moderation. The thing is when you eat lots of protein it really does fill you up, so I am pretty much never hungry. If I am I grab a small bag of unsalted nuts, half a banana, vegetables with humus and it really does the trick in addition to drinking 8 glasses of water. The thing is healthy eating is a deliberate and thought out choice. When you commit to it- you think about every bite you put in your mouth. However you need not starve yourself or deprive. It is amazing how much is “allowed”.

To answer your question about eating out- Never have bread, I do allow myself a glass or two of wine but always make it a spritzer (half the calories this way). I almost always order seafood or chicken. If there are rich sauces I ask they be put on the side. It’s about moderation. I always start with a salad which lets me enjoy a complete meal but does not take away from me eating healthy. And of course as you mentioned always dressing on the side. One last thing, before I leave the house for a dinner or party, I always have a handful of nuts or a small bowl of dried cereal and yogurt, it fills me up enough to not arrive ravished. It is a lifestyle, and once you commit it is amazing how much better you feel. My husband just bought me the Peloton, getting delivered on Thurs! I am excited. Thanks for this post.

Hi Tina,
I joined Weight Watchers 12 weeks ago & continue to work toward my target daily. For me, attending the meetings is an important key. I learn something every time I go. Here’s a little interesting tidbit I picked up last week.
Sumo wrestlers in training don’t eat breakfast. They gain weight 20% faster by eating their calories after 12 o’clock. They also have a life expectancy of 60 years old….

Wow, Laurie. I knew it was important to eat breakfast, making sure you have some protein, but not the fact that you gain weight 20% faster. Thank you for sharing.

Hi Tina So may great suggestions from your friends
Some of my rules I follow are:
Water yup good for you !
Excersise is soo important ! Hot yoga bar method Pilates walking
Was starting to turn prediabetic changed diet and no longer prediabetic
Use fresh ginger and Tumeric can prepare and freeze and make tea more beneficial
Decaf green tea good for you
Careful some teas I found out raise liver enzymes
No processed foods or pre packaged
No artificial sweeteners
Follow a Mediterranean diet
Little meat ok grilled
Sauce and dressing always on the side
I prefer lemon and love oil
Parmigiano cheese best. I know all so yummy. But moderation

Sweet vs white potato
Whole grains quinoa black rice . Buckwheat all colorful Love Bobs products. All natural
Mary’s marvelous crackers all grains and great tasting
Look at packages read all the ingredients all those preservatives will make you put it back on shelf!
Prepare. A green drink every morning ! Start the day off with veggies and berries I prepare the night before in a vitamin mix so ready to go go go
Kale spinach green Apple blueberries carrot cucumber Swiss chard parsley water and ice
yum and fills you up take inci Rainer to go sip all morning
Raw nuts good too. Walnuts almonds cashews pistachios pumpkin. All yum
Limit salt !
Careful of those protein bars !
2/3 of every meal should be color foods. 1/3 protein
Moderation key
And my treat is dark chocolate covered almonds from jansel farms
We all try to stay healthy
Love my red wine. Gotta have one vice lol

Love your blog! Whenever eating out, I go online to read the menu ahead of time. This gives me plenty of time to “enjoy” all the possibilities . Then I make my selection ahead of time and stick to my choice in the restaurant. If desserts look very inviting, I “budget” for it ahead of time, by cutting some calories here and there, so dessert can be enjoyed guilt free!

Yes! I too avoid low cal/low fat and have switched from skim to 2% milk. I also try to eat foods that have 5 or fewer ingredients and all recognizable (no yucky chemicals). I also try to record what I eat on the MyFitnessPal app. It is hard hard hard to lose weight, but I do feel healthier.

I’ve found, especially when it’s colder, that soup is my go to! Cream based soups can be made with Almond Milk and made richer with just a little cream, yogurt or goat cheese. My favorite, Cream of Cauliflower, is sooo much better when the cauliflower is roasted and I think this is also true of asparagus, broccoli, tomato and many other vegetables. I use full fat, not low fat as we eat so little. And speaking of “little”…a little garnish of pancetta, olive oil or country ham takes something simple and ordinary to different and delicious!

Hello Tina!

You’re not dieting,
You are not living to eat, you, are eating to live…

My doctor advised me several years ago, when you get out of bed in the morning, use the restroom, take off what you wore to bed, hop on the scales and record your weight on your calendar. By doing this each and every day, you have your weight in mind as you set out to seize the day.

I also put on my Apple Watch and it records my steps and workouts. At the end of the day, you can see the progress you made or not.

Greek yogurt and egg whites are my staple before I spin each and every morning.
3+ bottles of 24 ounces of water is a must, even though it’s hard to swallow some days.
Lots of chicken, salmon and jumbo shrimp are my friends on a daily basis.
Cottage cheese and or, a piece of whole wheat toast with an avocado smear or peanut butter is a nice afternoon snack.
A martini is better than 1,2,3 glasses of wine when we go out to dinner (and we do go out a lot).

I do indulge, however, I get right back on the wagon after doing so.
Your skin looks better, your body feels better and the energy you receive, from clean eating will flow through your body and your brain giving you more energy than you thought possible.

Sleeping enough hours every day is important too.

I, too, worried about eating out and vacationing, however, after applying the above rules to myself, I have found we can travel to any restaurant and any where in the world and still eat healthy and stay true to the scales.

Your body will thank you, and your reflection in the mirror will smile back at you.

It’s simply a life style change…

Wow what a great post and all the wonderful information that has been posted. Insightful ideas indeed! I too am on the journey to eating good for me and trying to lose the unwanted weight. I have been having an Isagenix shake in the morning and one in the afternoon with a light salad. I also have found the fitnessblender exercises amazing . Drinking a lot of water too, keeping the loo busy 🙂
Looking forward to up coming post on this subject. 🙂

It’s been mentioned by previous commenters but the change that has had the biggest impact on me was to eliminate sugar. I’ve always been a pretty healthy eater but when I eliminated sugar (and therefore all processed foods) I dropped weight that I wasn’t even trying to lose.

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