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Hello and happy Saturday. Woke up to no snow, that’s always a good thing.  I really hope that winter is finally done and spring can usher it’s way in once and for all. With a lot of snow presently on the ground it just doesn’t feel like spring is going to really be here on Monday. The daffodils a week ago when it was 60 started coming up and now are covered in frozen snow:(

Today is the last day of the porcelain presale so be sure to stop by and check it out if you haven’t already. Its been so well received and the response has been phenomenal, always so great to know there are so many fellow blue and white addicts:)  Plus there is a great giveaway and today is the last day to enter! Click here to view

As I periodically do,  I share with you snippets of my life from the last week or so..of course the good, pretty and inspiring only! So without further ado here we go…..

Went to one of my happy places aka “New York flower district” and came home with some beauties…..

Enjoyed a wonderful meal with a great friend at Le Coucou in NYC, fabulous!!

These black beauties are heading to a rooftop apartment in Boston where they are going to plant them with large boxwood balls, so classic

It might feel still very much like winter outside, but indoors it’s all about spring and flowers!!

Upstairs hall got a little sprcueup

A pretty corner in my bedroom….the soft colors are so soothing, it’s my private little sanctuary

So loving these beautiful trims and fabrics we just decided on for a clients family room…cannot wait to see it done!

Awwwh….Teddy got a special little friend as a gift and loves his new furry friend

LOVE working on gorgeous trims and for this client, her new pillows are going to be out of this world!

This is how we do St. Patty’s day in our office….green gorgeouness overload! How amazing are the pillows above that I had made for a client, is that ginger jar tape not the greatest thing ever!

So there you have it, all the good stuff from this past week. Hope you enjoyed, thank you as always for stopping in. Wishing you a wonderful Saturday and an enjoyable weekend! Until next time…..




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Kristen on

Wow, those pillows!!! Can I get a pair,too? 😀

S Roche on

Hi Tina, I’m dying over the wood flooring at Le Cou Cou….I tried to google and find out about them but no luck….If anyone could find out about them, it would be you! Any chance you could find out the details?

Donna A. on

There’s something about tulips in blue & white vases that stills my heart. A real-time Dutch Master still life – Beautiful!

Eve B on

Your post is a breath of fresh air! Spring can not come soon enough! Our daffodils are also under frozen snow as are our Lenten roses.

Vicky G on

Beautiful post! Where can I get the trim on those gorgeous pillows?

Ruth on

A request for a blog – share your tips on how you manage to do it all – keep a beautiful home, run a successful business, maintain an active social life with friends & family plus keep sundays free for relaxation. Please share your time management strategies!!!

Katherine Bennett on

Those Pillows!!!!! Any chance of getting more of them….I’d be a buyer!!

Maritza on

Such yummy images, oh but how breathtaking is that pillow with the blue and white tape….

Lucía on

Hi Tina, I follow you from Spain. I need to know if You Send items to my country.
Thanks a lot And congratulations for your wonderful page.

leigh on

Your posts always make me smile, and are so refreshingly beautiful. I love the pillow in your bedroom….I am also in love with the solid blue swatch for one of your clients….have been looking for something like that for a chair…Any chance you could give the link to it at the company you are using? Would be much appreciated!

Linda M on

The pillows…that trim….wow…got to have one….please!

Elizabeth on

Those flowers! Those vases! Those pillows! Be still my heart!

Katie Clooney on

Awww… love Teddy and his new bud. That fringe in the pics is stunning. BTW that’s my new word because my girls tell me I use the word “beautiful” too much. Nothing like a little constructive criticism from the kids. Your flowers are magnificent!! (another new word). I always love your arrangements. We are due for 3 inches of you-know-what tomorrow. Ugh. Hope you are having a great weekend. See you tomorrow for Seven on Sunday, dear Tina.

Deanna on

So those green velvet pillows you made with the stripe of blue and white on the edges? Do you or can you make them for your store? I love them! Wow! I stopped in the middle of reading your blog to say…they are gorgeous! Ok, back to reading :).

Sylvia on

Absolutely amazing pictures of your home Tina!!! Love the flowers, love those gorgeous pillows with the blue and white trim.. Would love to have them in my home!!!

Lea Kagel on

Hi Tina,
loved the beautiful “musings”. Where may I purchase the ginger jar trim on the pillows? I am doing my master bath over and would love to use that trim on my white towels.

Thank you for taking the time to respond. Happy Spring amid the snow!

Tera on

Adore the Ginger Jar tape on those green pillows!! To die for!

Diane Myers on


Jennifer on

Came. Y to shop the presage. I’m searching for a pair of ginger jars for my dining room table but my home’s scale is a fraction of yours. I will need to check measurements. Love ❤️ your offerings and wonderful selection!

Peggy Thal on

Beautiful Spring flowers!

Leanne Turner on

Blue was my favorite color but I may start thinking “green”!

Susan Gentry on


The flowers from the market are fabulous and especially in your blue and white porcelains! Absolutely striking! Rounding out all that beauty, though, is the handsome green velvet pillow with the blue and white vases trim!!! I just LOVE it!!! Thank you–your eye candy is gorgeous today!!!

Susan Gentry

Bev F on

I would love to know your source for all those beautiful trims! Any chance you could tell us?

Mo on

Those beautiful flowers make me believe that spring truly is right around the corner!

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