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Hello friends! Hope you are well, and having a wonderful weekend. I first want to announce the winner of the porcelain giveaway planter. Congratulations goes to-


Please email me at [email protected] so we can get your lovely bowl on its way!


 Well after a pretty stressful week, it was nice to enjoy a busy but fun weekend. Went to a lovely party, dinner with friends and today is my much anticipated day of relaxation and just catching up on all the small things. I am just praying that spring weather starts to make it’s way in….. that gorgeous NYC day when it was 60 degrees seems like all but a distant memory. Just counting down the days. Here we go with my Seven on Sunday.-


1 A HEARTWARMING STORY DEPICTING THE AMERICAN DREAM My parents had recommended this, knowing first my insatiable love of horses and then secondly, that I appreciate a great human interest story.

This is worth seeing…and as I told me dad the kind of movie you would want your kids to be shown in school to teach so many lessons in life. What a wonderful and  heartwarming story…highly recommended.  As of a few days ago you can get this on Netflix-

2 PROVENCE ANYONE? Every summer we spend about a month in Montauk, we go back and forth which is a definite plus especially because I work full time now. However I have been dreaming of renting a home in Provence for a few weeks and being the dreamer I am started doing my “investigative research” 🙂

I would love nothing more than to spend a few weeks decompressing and fully immersing myself in the joie de vivre that is part of the unmistakable lifestyle of the French. Here are some of the magnificent homes I found from Only Provence (click here to visit) and get ready to dream a little)…..

And please do not blame me for a sudden case of “needing” to visit Provence,  only problem about going is you may never want to come back:) I can see myself now getting up early, making my French pressed coffee, walking in the garden, biking to town for fresh bread, ahh….I feel more relaxed just thinking of it.


3 NEW BAGS! I am so loving this raffia line of bags/totes and just got in some new styles. Sold out of the first shipment that was offered up in a flash sale. How pretty are they? They will soon be added to the site.

As you  know I am tweaking the site AGAIN and hope to have it go live AGAIN within a week to ten days. Once it does, the bags will be on the newly revised site. However if you are interested in any just contact me, at [email protected].

4 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. As always never short of incredible finds on Instagram. So much inspiration to love this week! Enjoy….

My favorite this week is this one below because….well, do you really need an explanation?

5 AN EXCITING NEW PROJECT! I am doing a sun room in a beautiful new home and so excited…of course I will share both the in progress pictures as well as the finished product with you as it happens.

Doing my trademark blue and white as I may use the professional photos for an ad down the road. Loving the mood board and how it’s all coming together….would love your take on which rug as I love them all and so torn.

Here is the raw space…of course will be sure to share the finished product with you.

Here is my concept board-

OK now your turn to help me pick the rug!! (some of these will be on my newly revised site)





6 NEW PERFUME OBSESSION. I just got this on Friday and am in love! I have been on the hunt for a great new fragrance and I have found it. It is also nice little perk that the packaging just happens to be in my favorite colors.

The newest, Mediterranean Honeysuckle from Aerin is AMAZING. Wore it yesterday and had 2 people stop to ask what I was wearing….it is my new favorite! Even my son said in his own words “it’s the best smelling perfume I have ever smelled”. If I got his endorsement, it’s good enough for me. Soooo good.  Click here to find out more.

7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY. If you are a parent, then this one’s for you. Here I am in my early 50’s with three grown young adult men and my worrying has not lessened, it’s actually gotten worse. THANKS MOM. I am convinced there is such a thing as the “worry gene” and I inherited all 100% of it!

I won’t even give you the more extreme examples of how bad it can be,  because you will think I am a crazy woman but I worry all the time. When they are getting on a plane. When they are driving. When they might want to break up with a girlfriend. When they are sick (that really does me in), when they have a headache, when they go to a concert. It is amazing that I do not take meds. A few friends who are like me do, swear by them but I am reluctant and really want to try and control this on my own.

On one hand I am proud of myself because I have learned that when I am reaching a near level of hysteria,  I am generally able to take a deep breath and repeat to myself all is well at this moment and there is no reason to panic…I then talk myself down. But man, this can be so debilitating…and exhausting.

I am not an anxious person in general, other than my severe claustrophobia then I would win a gold medal for that:) Just wondering if you have older kids (young adults on their own), do you worry like this too? Does it ever end?? Please tell me if does:) So your turn to weigh in….I will be waiting eagerly to see how you handle (or not) being a worried parent.


So there you have my Seven on Sunday this week. Hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend.Thank you as always for stopping in. Until next time…..













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Tina, I am in my very early 60’s, and have 3 adult sons also (no one is married). Oldest lives in NYC, (6 hours away), middle in Los Angeles, and youngest about to move to Philadelphia area for grad school. Do I worry? Constantly, but mostly about the middle son, because he has a chronic illness, and has been very ill in the past. He is so far away, that at one point, I told my husband when he retires (in a few years), we need to move to California just in case he needs us! He also is constantly traveling for his job, at least every 3 weeks; so yes, I am basically in a constant state of worry. I go to bed every night and just say a prayer. It never ends!

My overwhelming favorite rug is #3! Please let me know when you think the new website will be up and running with rugs…

Oh Tina, dear, I thought I was the only mother with extreme anxiety! My boys are forty and forty three and my fears for them grow exponentially- DAILY! There is no relief for maternal love, not even maturity for them or…us. (Sigh)

It was with great delight that when reading your post this morning I got to see the lovely luxurious bastide in Provence you shared with your readers.

We had the great privilege to stay there a few years ago with our children as we took in Provence. The Inn owners we some of the most gracious interesting people we have met while traveling in our lifetime! You could not have selected a more perfect place to experience Provence and the south of France. Thank you for bringing joy to my morning by reliving this beautiful place on earth.

Princeton NJ

Hi Tina,
When you have the travel bug, especially for a specific place, it’s hard not to dream about going. It was that exact feeling that inspired me to begin my business called “The Villa People” ( We have magnificent properties in Provence as well as the rest of the Mediterranean ( not all are on our website as we do have “private collections”as well) As an interior designer myself, I felt compelled to rep only villas that would be tasteful and exciting. Hope you will have a look………
Love reading the blog, especially Seven on Sunday…you are one busy lady!!

Well Now I have to go to Provence too!!! Looking for somewhere to go with about seven couples for a trip we’ve talked about for 35 or more years and this just fits the bill!!! I may have to stay for a month and they can come and go;)! Love your raffia bags and might just have to snag one for myself….the only problem is which one?

When you love, you never stop worrying. Be it a spouse, children, grandchildren, friends or relatives, you always worry about their health and safety. I put my trust in God and hope for the best.

Sheri D. , I can relate and sympathize as my youngest son who is 18 suffers from ulcerative colitis. My husband and I just passed on a trip to Iceland because it is way too stressful to be too far away. We went to visit our daughter this summer in Charleston SC. and came home to him having a severe flare which resulted in a week in the hospital. Thankfully he is now doing well on Remicade infusions every eight weeks and is finishing his freshman year in college , which is only 2 hours from home. Worry and prayers are a daily constant. Judy T.

Tina, Can’t wait to see how the sun room turns out! Also will be eagerly anticipating the next chapter this week in the Bluff diaries. Enjoy your day. Judy T.

So much to comment on. Provence, love it there we were there last year for our 24th wedding anniversary and didn’t want to go home. A really magical place.
LOVE the sunroom, it is beautiful and your concept is just so magnificent, can’t wait to see it all enchanted up! Thank you for the movie and perfume tip.
With two kids each on opposite coasts (one in Santa Barbara and the other in Atlanta) and us in Chicago I worry all the time! I don’t think you ever stop. That’s a parents love for you. Enjoy your Sunday, fantastic post!

I once took a Bible study that was led by the most insightful woman. One of the lessons focused on worry. What she said has stuck with me for years…To worry is not to trust in God. Of course as mothers we cannot help but worry about our children, but remembering that God knows all and all that will be gives me comfort.
Have a great Sunday Tina 🙂

Great post and I love the bags, I have been thinking to myself that this summer I want to change things around and go for a straw bag to freshen things up a little and to feel a little more light hearted. I adore Provence, just as I adore the coast of the Charente Maritime in France where we live, both have their unique charm and both are full of lavender and stunning properties and beautiful beaches! There are just so many wonderful things about this country, I feel very privileged to live here!

Tina, Stunning photos. Makes me want to travel to France for my big 50th trip. Loved it when we did it for my 40th.
Can’t wait to read Bluff Diaries this week too. OHHH and that sun room.

Worry…why yes! My 8th grader is flying to DC for her class trip in May (from ATL). I’m already stressing about her getting on a plane without us. I pray a lot. I worry about my niece and nephew in college. I pray a lot. I worry about my girls for when they become young adults. I can talk myself down usually. I just have to believe God’s got this. I’m not medicated but I’m not against it for anxiety. I think worry is mostly a normal Mama thing to do.

Tina, I love your blog and look forward to seven on Sundays each week. I’m 59 years old and have three grown daughters, all married and one who recently moved overseas in the mission field. So, yes, I understand worry! Much of what we worry about, we cannot control, but I find great comfort in scripture and an understanding that God is in control and I have to build my faith on trusting Him to watch over my children and grandchildren. Luke 22:12 is one of my favorites. A mothers love for the safety & security of her children runs deep& wide. Blessings to you—-

Oh my goodness Tina, I completely relate to your post re worrying. My two children are in their early teens and I kiss them even that much harder as they head off to school further to what they have lived over the past few years. We live in Paris, where my children were born and raised, and I will never forget the most horrific day when the schools told us we were not allowed to show up on the premises as the attacks were taking place. I have never been more anxious and relieved to see my children as they headed out of school. I did my best to hide my fear and swallow the tears that wanted to pour out the minute I saw their little faces. My daughter told me that she was not really aware of what was going on as she and her friend were “so busy” finishing their school presentation on the American Revolution at their French school; I remember thinking, “Thank you American Revolution!” Our neighbour’s two son and his cousin were killed in the concert at the Bataclan and I still feel like melting in tears when I see their parents and go and hug them and shake their hands. There are no words. Even before this all happened here, I was most definitely a you, especially when they were sick; I still am that way and get so inwardly upset when they face colds and coughs and anything hurting their bodies. I never considered myself an anxious person and I try so hard to hide it; but I am convinced that our children’s woes and worries will forever be a part of us. I remember once reading that Sophia Loren said, “When you have children, you are never alone in your thoughts.” I find that to be very very true. I think your worrying and concerning comes from the enormous heart, which you clearly give. You seem such a good person and are always trying to brighten up everyone’s lives around you. Your sons are SO blessed to have you as their mama. I hope they tell you that each and every day. 🙂 On a side note, I remember when I was off to college and phoned my mother with a big worry I had at the time. I remember hearing my mother on the other end of the line saying, “But what can I do? What can I do?” And I told her, “Mom, you are so sweet..but nothing, because you are not near me now. But you can pray please.” And that is something I know she does each and every day for her four daughters and 13 grandchildren! For all of us mothers, who pray or like to spend time reflecting…lets all include one another in our thoughts near and far..just asking that peace come over us and wisdom as those “worry” thoughts start creeping in our hearts and minds..

You are not alone, for certain. With four children, ages 31 to 37, scattered from Nashville, to Zurich, Atlanta to Philadelphia, someone is either always on the move, changing jobs, having the flu dealing with some drama or other…you get the drift. I am a worrier to the point where I worry if I am not worrying about something! That being said, one of my dearest friends said something to me not long ago that is really sticking with me. She has actually been through the worst that life has to offer in having lost her middle child 18 years ago at age 17. She and her husband have been profiles

in courage for many others so I listen to her advice intently. She suggested that at some point, you just have to stop “mothering”! This is not to imply that your love or caring is any less deep or that you are not there when called upon, but to Alice’s point above, you just have to stop worrying about what you cannot control and give the worry up to God. I am working very hard on learning to do this and I will have to say that is very uplifting and unties a lot of mental energy that is better spent on more productive things.
Have a happy day!

Hi Tina,
I’m a 65 year-old Mom of an only-child son. I’ve worried about/over him since he was little (he used to call his cell phone his ‘electronic leash’). He lives in China now and I often think it’s because it’s as far away as you can get (opposite side of the earth), LOL! No…the worrying never stops! But I pray daily for his protection and wisdom. It definitely helps…no meds so far!

Tina – we rented a home last summer for a month in Provence. Highly recommend the village of Eygalieres! Cute village, well located, great restaurants, bakery, fromagerie, etc., etc.!! Wonderful market day every Friday! We loved it!

Judy T- You must be a mind reader; my son has Crohns. Was diagnosed at age 10. Was on Remicade, then Humira. Now off everything (his doing, not mine), so I sit and wait for disaster. He has a good doc out in LA, has colonoscopies often, and so far , all good. But you are a kindred spirit. Having a child with a chronic illness puts all other worrying in perspective!!!

Bless your heart, we worry about those we love more as they grow and leave to experience the world. You are a caring loving person. As the one lady expressed I put these worries in Gods hands. It helps me easy my overwhelming thoughts of what if , you can not be all things to everyone and be there to prevent all possibilities to protect our loved ones. Our children are always going to be our children no matter their age. Our sons are 44 and 38. One is a fireman the other in the corporate world. You would think due to the jobs they have you would worry more about the one who is a fireman but that’s not true , due to the crazy world we live in. Enjoy every day to the fullest it is a gift!

As a mom I try to always reflect on the fact that my three kids have been well educated, well loved & have strong values. I pray for each of them everyday & have told them I do. I have found that being a mom is a physical challenge when your kids are young & then around age 13 it becomes & remains a mental challenge. As with any relationship I think communication is key & being able to send a quick text is a godsend!

Oh how I can relate! Two children, one 32 and 28 and as I tell them all the time…..I earned the right as your mother to worry. Just let me do it and know how much I love you!

What a rich and lovely post this Sunday. I sprayed on my Jo Malone as I ordered the Aerin; I will reserve this afternoon to go online to further examine Provence (or even Tuscany); and my husband will not be surprised (he knows me well) when I show up with swatches and samples to re-do our sunroom! And I have my eye on one of the new raffia bags.
One thing they never tell you when you’re about to be a parent is that the moment you give birth a part of you will always be afraid. Because this is true, I remember every family member in prayer each day, and give the rest to God. I remind myself frequently that my kids are grown now and are independent, resourceful and productive adults equipped to manage their own lives, cope with disappointments and share their joys with their old Mom. And I especially do not want them to withhold the stuff of their lives because they worry about worrying me.

I have two sons in their 30’s and worry every day. The difference now is that I try to remember that old “serenity prayer” to change the things I can, accept the things I can’t, and the wisdom to know the difference.
Beyond that, have faith that you have done a good job parenting and that your children will learn and grow just as you did (your mother’s worry not withstanding). They WILL make mistakes and hopefully learn from them, they will have disappointments and sorrows, and they will get sick from time to time. That is life. If they know that you will always provide a safe place to fall (when they truly need your help) that is about all you can do. Every time they experience a difficulty in life and are able to overcome it, it builds confidence that they know they can handle what may come next in life. Let them know that you are proud of them when they overcome hardships without interfering in the process. Don’t rush in to solve all of their problems… they will have no confidence in their own abilities to manage their own life.

If worrying and anxiety interfere with your normal activities such as eating, sleeping, work and enjoyment with your spouse and friends, you might want to seek medical advice. Even a good counselor can give you strategies for handling anxiety and seeing things in a new light, one in which you feel empowered rather than anxious.
All the best… we are all on the same journey!

I am a worrier, but try to keep things in perspective. I trust that we have raised our one and only with a good head on his shoulders, and going to college in NY has given him (some) street smarts. Mind you, it took being mugged/ threatened with a dirty needle by a guy who had just gotten out of prison in the fall of his Freshman year (thankfully neither he nor the girl he was walking home were hurt) for him to appreciate that Mom really does know a thing or two. Now when I make a gentle suggestion, he actually listens (or pretends to…). And even then, now that he’s a young adult, I try to keep those few and far between, otherwise it comes across as “nagging”. Mothers can’t win. Ever.
It’s not easy to allow our sons to face the bumps in the road but it’s better than doing everything for them, solving every problem because otherwise what skills will they have if we (God forbid) are suddenly out of the picture?
My heart goes out to those mothers who sons (and daughters) have chosen to enter the military, and have voluntarily put themselves (potentially) in harm’s way. Any worries or concerns I may have about our son’s career choices are First World Problems compared that. That doesn’t mean that I don’t realize that the world is a much more dangerous place for our children that it was for us when we were growing up. Maybe the best thing we can do for them (and ourselves) is to try and keep our worrying to those things we (and they) can control, trust that we’ve given them the life skills they need to be productive citizens and happy adults, and cut ourselves a break. If our sons decide to become organic farmers instead of titans of Wall Street (which seems to be the only plan in this part of the world) is that really so bad?

Oh the sun room! Be still my beating heart……..that shows the combination of new and aged! Darling light fixture that makes this room so 2017 beautiful! Amazing how just one piece can break up the monotony of themed rooms. Like the #3 rug, but know your choice will be perfect.

I always told my children…….. I have invested 20+ years of my life into you…….. I have the right to protect my investment by worrying!……..that is the light hearted version of mother love. When you have invested 20+ years into any one individual……..then we can talk on a level playing field. When children get a taste of parenting, then and only then will they realize what its all about.

Love the French blue and white………love French stuff! Would like to see more of it, please.

Every good mother worries about her children, no matter how old they are (mine are 30 and 32!) but it does get better. They both live far from home so I have no control over their everyday lives. If I do worry about a situation, I remind myself that worry is the most useless of emotions. It won’t change a thing. It’s an exercise in frustration! That thought usually calms me down. As they’ve gotten older, I remember that they had a good upbringing and are wise enough to make good decisions. I worry a lot less!

I can’t believe I just read about this – worry/anxiety on your site. I typically just scan through the photos and some of the captions but seems this message is something I needed to read. Just as of this morning I was thinking about how I’m always worrying about one of my grown (girl – 27 and son – 24) kids. In the past, up until about age 17, I never worried about my son. He was an over achiever, goals galore, valedictorian, scholarships and so on. I did, at the time worry about my daughter who seemed to not have much direction, always fighting her weight, average student. Lo and behold, she’s now the one who I don’t worry about near as much. My high achieving son started having panic attacks, anxiety, depression and all that comes with the meds he was put on. He’s now struggling in terms of what to do with his life since it doesn’t seem that being in any high stress situations will work. He’s been told to take a leave from job for a month. Guess I’m trying to say that I’m always worrying as well but not always about the right child. Maybe I should have noticed the extreme way he pushed himself. Anyway, interesting that this popped up because these are questions always going through my head. As we parents do!

I worry about everything so much so about three yrs ago I suffered a mini stroke also called a T I A….
I have severe nerves and anxiety disorder, so I’m always nervous…..ha…..and I have four children….the youngest 20…
Who I worry about all the time,…..but que serra, se serra!
I adore rug #3…..what a total beauty for the space.

Dear Tina,
Thank you so much for your vulnerability with all of us. I have struggled with anxiety and depression and the best antidote to all of my struggles is a personal faith in Christ. Because I am in dialogue with the One who loves me most and died for me, I give responsibility for my life and children back to him daily. And I pray a lot during each day. My son is married and going through a divorce which is one of the most painful challenges I’ve ever had. I have much I could worry about, especially my 23 month old grandson. Broken home was not what I had in mind for him. No one asked me my opinion. My son has needed lots of TLC and help but doesn’t want a lot of advice. Note taken.

A counselor I know said it this way, “Our adult children often hear our helpful advice as criticism of how they are doing things.” wow.

When I don’t know where to turn, I journal as well. You’d be surprised how helpful it is to write out my worries.

I find much peace as I remind myself (when worry crashes in) that the Lord is in control of everyone and everything. It will all be ok in the end. I am 100% sure of it. I don’t know how I or my family will fare in this life but I know He is God and I am not. Everything He allows has great purpose in it even when it is uncomfortable.

When your sons marry, your role will change from mom to consultant. It is uncomfortable for those of us devoted to our family. Yet, in laws bring a new richness to the family, in your case, estrogen! I have no regrets that I loved my daughter in law like a daughter even though the marriage is ending. I love big and I love well and sometimes I will get stung by those who don’t. That’s OK. I am loved unconditionally by my Creator. I am certain of it and that certainty allows me to frame my life within the breadth of His sovereign hands.

I hope you or your readers aren’t offended by my candor. God bless.

Hi Tina,
I’m definitely interested in one of those bags. If you have time with your busy schedule, please shoot me an email with the details and I can place my order, if not I can wait until the release.
I can really relate to your story about how much you worry about your children. I feel as a mother, we have invested so much time, energy and unconditional love over the years that we can’t possibly let go of that even once they leave home. As a parent, we help mold this child to the man or woman that they have become today and if they succeed, it’s our joy too, but if things aren’t going well for them, or they are having relationship issues, it seems like we are worried about the same things they are and are hoping for the best resolution. I wish I could say it gets easier, but unfortunately it hadn’t yet. I’ve been truly blessed with a beautiful granddaughter, she is the love of my life, and I worry about her just like I did my own kids. I’m beginning to think that if we’re born with this gene, then it’s here to stay. I will say that, I do put my trust in God and pray daily for my families safety and wellbeing, I feel comfort knowing that I’m not alone and that God is always watching over them.
Thanks so much for everything that you bring to us on your blog, it’s greatly appreciated.

My dear Tina… why do I have a strong urge to change my name to Susan Osborne Sanders? Anyway, I bet my worry gene is stronger than your worry gene! I worried about my girls driving when they were six. My worry gene creeps up on me in the evenings when the Mister is snoring. It is then that I pull out my bag of worries and reach for Tylenol PM and hope to fall asleep. Thanks for the movie recommendation. I will definitely look for it. Have a wonderful week. Hopefully, Spring weather is on its way!!

I have a place to suggest to you and anyone else here considering a trip to Provence. We went last Fall with two other couples. We stayed at a private home that is leased out at certain times of the year. The family also comes and goes as they please. Some areas are private for the family but the main areas are open to the vacationers. The rooms are impeccably decorated and the gathering rooms are incredibly decorated with French antiques and modern art! Everything is up to date, clean and well-kept even though it is a 7th century Villa. It is a magnificent place with an excellent staff, its own vineyards and winery, and acres of gorgeous landscape to enjoy. They have spa services, breakfasts, poolside lounging, picnics, bike riding and ground tours. The villa is featured in a beautiful coffee table book titled “Romantic French Homes” by Lanie Goodman.

The place is Villa Baulieu and I’ll put the link here….I would go back in a heartbeat! The manager used to be the head chef at La Mirande and he took care of us down to the last detail. It’s also an easy drive to Pont du Gard, Avignon, Aix, Abbay de Senanque, Gordes, etc…. Enjoy their website:

Dear Tina,
You will always worry. Several years ago when my one son was almost killed by a drunk driver, my other son lost his girlfriend to cancer, and my one of my best friends died two weeks before another son’s wedding, I realized just how powerless I am and that I needed to strengthen my faith. I, too, have the “worry gene” but have made peace with the fact that I will always worry and that is ok, albeit painful at times.

Thanks for sharing your moment of anxiety with others. That helps also to know you are not along.

Tina, my Mom worried contantly. She often told me that worrying was very necessary, because everything she worried about NEVER HAPPENED!

I worry about my daughters, now 34 and 35, and always will. And now I have a son – in – law and two grandchildren to worry about! It never ends!

Wait till you have grandchildren! Whole new group to worry about!! I just try to pray about the kids when I want to worry!!

Can’t wait to see what you do with that porch! Julie L, GA

i love this post! especially that part where you ask me to join you in provence? Mais oui, name the place and time. i still worry about the boys but not like i used to (have you ever googled me and read my parenting articles in magazines…? ample evidence of excessive worry!). a meditation practice has really helped me change those patterns. but to be a parent is to be vulnerable. for life. so excited for your porch project, tina–your plans look promising!xox

I love Provence and have been there many times, but now I will have to put these beautiful places on the list to visit upon my return.

Love the beach/summer totes, so cute and fun.

Looking forward to seeing the sunroom!

As for wording, I do not have kids but I worry about my husband, parents, nieces and nephew, and sibling all of the time.

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