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With spring officially here though it doesn’t totally feel like it, I have flowers on my mind. Make no mistake I am a huge fan of some of my faux, as they are really really good but fresh flowers are just something I cannot live without. So every now and then as I did a few weeks ago, I take a trip into the city to play florist for the day and delve into the hustle and bustle of the NY flower district. I have a few favorite stops, Associated Cut Florals, Dutchline and a few others.

This time around I didn’t pick up a lot as I had no occasion other than to convince myself spring is here and that is reason enough to bring flowers into the house. What can I say…they just make me really happy. I do have a luncheon coming up in about a month so plan on heading back to pick up flowers for that special day…of course will be sharing it with you. In the meantime, here is a recap on my recent visit with an equally flower obsessed friend….

Here are some of the quick pics I took while surveying the offerings that morning (the district opens super early around 5am and closes by about 11-12). It’s a very early and very short day. So many beautiful things to choose from……

Wouldn’t these make a fabulous arrangement in  blue and white jar?

Tulips of every variety and color over at Associated Cut Florals, they are always my go to for tulips

You can always count on major creativity and inspiration in the flower district as seen above

Love the way Dutch Flower Line always displays their daily selections

Greenery galore

Loved this elegant triple boxwoods standing like little soldiers outside one shop

Orchids for miles…..

These stunning hydrangeas took my breath away

I must say these beautiful sprigs of greenery got me dreaming, love the eucalyptus and variegated variety below…could make one gorgeous centerpiece!


Getting home is always the icing on the cake. I love going over what I bought and gathering all my little vases and pieces in which I will display them. Since there was no special occasion this time around, I just made up smaller arrangement’s and played around. Best kind of play as far as I am concerned:)

Then I give them each stem a nice little trim and start filling my vases with water, let the fun begin!

Tulips are one of my faves and these babies wasted no time in showing their spunk and going in every direction, which to me is the beauty of tulips

The white rannuculus is a very long lasting flower with a beautiful layered petal effect, such a pretty and romantic flower…..


TRICK OF THE TRADE- Hardly that I am in the floral trade but I have a trick or two up my sleeve and have used this little trick always very successfully. When the cherry blossoms started to dry up, I kept the stems and added about 8-10 stems (these jars are very large)  of my really good faux cherry blossoms and voila! my beautiful arrangement has had a rebirth. I have done this with orchids, hydrangeas,etc…and in fact going to do a designated post on this very subject in the near future. Left jar is the one that has been added to-

So here is a picture of them on their last leg but still looking pretty sans lots of flowers-

Then to the left I added about 8-10 of my faux pink cherry blossoms and voila! Look at the difference from left to right, my two week arrangement suddenly has had a rebirth!

Enjoy this post? Do flowers excite you as much as they do me? I am lucky to have a flower market so close, the only downside are the  inevitable traffic jams I always hit going to and from, so a quick jaunt quickly becomes almost an all day affair. But, it’s worth it, especially if one is having an event or party…..

Thanks for stopping in. Wishing you a wonderful day and hope spring has sprung wherever you might be:) Until next time…..




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Flowers are beautiful but also………
What fabric are the gorgeous green ikat pillows on your counter? Where could I get them?
Thanks so much.

So beautiful, Tina. I’m a flower lover and memorialize them in my paintings. And I love all the beautiful vases. Waiting for my bulbs to bloom now and my peony plants are starting to get some leaves. So I share this passion with you! Thanks for the wonderful photos. Gotta find some cherry blossoms! Since I’m on West coast (Reno) I guess I need to take a trip to Seattle! Look forward to your blog on adding faux’ s to your arrangements! Thanks for sharing!!!

How pretty! I prefer to put a copper penny into the bottle of a vase so that the tulips remain more upright if I am placing it in a more compact space. Dear friends have been transferred to Holland and visiting the tulip fields is on my Bucket List.
Counting the days until our backyard landscape project begins, the area enclosed by a high fence so that I can plant tulips and they won’t become deer hors d’oeuvres! Do love seeing the deer sleeping on the front lawn (and the fawns under the peony bushes), but they do limit what you can plant.
Thanx for the hope of spring on such a damp, foggy day!

Love love love flowers! They can add color and change the feel of a room! Looking forward to planting in the next month or so .

What plants, flowers, etc CANbe planted when’d e e r CANne in your yard?!?
Relatives just built a home in hill country of Texas and have no fence!

Thanks, [email protected]

What plants and flowers will live DEER not eat in the yard?
House is in hill country of Texas!

Gorgeous flowers at the market! I also use the trick of adding faux flowers to spent ones. Especially for orchids when the stop blooming.

Thank you for sharing! I would absolutely blow circuits if I were to visit that flower market. I love to take the vicarious visits through your camera.

Pinks are my very favorites in my blue & white. Especially in the spring. For the summer months
I trade off to all white with a tad of yellow. BEAUTIFUL POST!!!!! Wish I could make a trip with you!!

How beautiful!! The last time I was in New York City, I visited the flower markets because of one of your posts.
Pure heaven!!! I couldn’t resist buying a bouquet of peonies to decorate our hotel room even though we were only staying two more days.
I wish I could take an armload back home on the plane. If only they would let me!!

You are so fortunate to have the market near you. Nothing brightens a day like flowers in blue and white containers!

Love love love what you’ve done with your header. Now, topiary, orchids, hydrangea…you had me at HELLO.
I’m always over my flower budget, Tina. Cannot live without fresh flowers & dogs.

Love fresh flowers, especially tulips! Nothing makes a home feel more cheerful. Your arrangements are lovely. You’re lucky to have such a wonderful flower market nearby. Happy spring!

Just gorgeous! I am one who NEEDS to have fresh flowers in my home, too! Do you have a resource for the faux cherry blossoms if so please share

Tina: what a blessing to be able to drive in traffic down to the flower market and back home, in traffic (of course) and THEN, still have the energy to cut and arrange all those beautiful flowers. That has to be a full day’s work. By the time dinner comes around, I’d have only enough energy to order pizza delivery, LOL!!

Finally, , we have a sunny day here in Wisconsin! Wish me luck as we hope to sell our house here on Oconomowoc Lake. Need to buy some of your cherry blossoms for showings. Thank you for sharing your talents with us. Much love, Maria Elena

I was lucky enough to go to the Dutch flower market just out side Amsterdam It’s like a stock market for flowers. They start very early there and auctioning is over by 10-10:30. They orders are whisked off to airport to planes going all over the world. NY city Miami , Paris and London etc. Everything and more. Mostly men dominated field. So if the very demanding bride wants exotic purple roses and tulips and all out of season the Dutch flower market is where her dreams are put into action . Flower Budget ? If you have to ask… ???

Thanks for sharing. The flowers are stunning !!
I would be at that market every day if I could!!
I made a beautiful Easter Tree with fresh Cherry blossoms and my hand painted Easter Eggs
Now I just need some fake branches

I didn’t realize some people have flower budgets. How exciting! I think it’s time for me to have one too. And I just went to the florist and they didn’t have a single tulip. Thanks for the flower excitement, it’s catching!

Love the flowers!!! The tulips are incredible. I had some last week. Really enjoy your blog.

Tina, your lovely floral displays are such a delight! Flowers are my passion, too, so it is a treat for me to see your artful arrangements. Thank you for sharing the beauty!

Beautiful flowers from a stunning market! How wonderful to have it so close.

i love this post!!! you know what captured my heart more than the blooms? that eucalyptus! gorgeous. i need it in my life. and i love seeing these glimpses of your kitchen and home–the more the better. xox

Flowers are beautiful! Tulips and carnations are my faves. Carnations last forever, I usually buy them every week and place them throughout the house including my bathroom. I love fresh flowers in the bathroom!

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