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Hello friends! I prepared this ahead of time, hope it behaves and posts on Sunday morning as it is supposed to. By the time you are reading this I will have been in one my most favorite places, Palmetto Bluff,  then onto to see friends elsewhere for a birthday celebration.

Hope you are enjoying a great and hopefully springy like weekend. Though it was not a very harsh winter, it felt like a loooooong winter. I am so ready to welcome that warm spring air and fresh cut green grass! Here we go with my Seven on Sunday-

1 NEW PRODUCTS I AM EXCITED ABOUT! I had bought a flatware service similar to this below years ago and so love the set and regretting that I did not but more, was disappointed when I could not find them again. I cannot tell you how many people have emailed me on where to find them.

So……an idea was born, I would recreate them! And I did! Love this pattern and these along with the others I featured not long ago will all be in production by next week. With luck I will have them in early to mid May. Stay tuned as I will be doing an early presale to help me gauge my numbers…..

In addition to the other flatware styles I showed you, this one above will be offered as a five piece place setting along with salad servers and serving spoons/forks.

GORGEOUS new tole pieces coming in late April, can I say they are just getting better and better, and seeing how each piece is handpainted…..makes them really special:) Already plotting where I can use a few of these:)

Fabulous new blue/white lamps

More stunning bamboo lanterns coming this way soon!

2. AMAL CLOONEY…….ONE IMPRESSIVE LADY The more I read about her the more I like and respect her. You may have seen her making the rounds lately on her latest cause…she is a complete breath of fresh air in the sometimes ridiculous world of Hollywood, a wonderful humanitarian and an inspiration to all women.

She has taken on what many see as an epidemic, the genocide being inflicted upon countless innocent civilians on The Yazidis. It is unimaginable and reading this story gave me chills… is hard to imagine that just a plane ride away, lives such brutality, such evil.

I really respect the attention she is giving this plight and of course also love that as a women with tremendous reach and power, she is highlighting a dire situation beyond comprehension that simply should not be. Read the entire article here.


3. FUN EARRINGS FOR THE SUMMER . I love wearing fun earrings in the summer, they go with the easy breeze lighter clothes, and fun summery styles. The bon bon earrings have become such a huge hit, and the best part is they are as light as a feather. Found these at Bitz of Glitz…very very cute! Click here to see more


4. CHICKEN THAT IS FINGER LICKING GOOD I made Ina Garten’s Tuscan Lemon Chicken and can attest to the fact that it’s one of the best chicken dishes I have ever eaten AND its diet friendly so big points for that.

I grilled vegetables on the side, had a big salad and the chicken…it was a very satisfying dinner with leftovers! This is honestly as good cold as it is off the grill and is a summer staple in my home. Click here for the recipe


5. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Everything today is so pretty….very springy. And why not, we have waited a long long time to celebrate the arrival of spring.

These pictures make me want to go and open my windows and let the sunshine in, but then I look outside and still see dark, crusted, icy snow. A reminder that winter is still kinda here so these pictures will have to suffice for now:)


6. A VERY EXCITING PROJECT. I have a few really exciting projects going on…..makes me happy:) But this one in particular really makes is getting my creative party juices flowing.

I was hired to help someone with  a large scaled June rehearsal dinner in sunny Florida at a private club…and she chose wisely because she is doing an all blue and white theme!! Here is one of the concept boards we are came up with…going to be F A B U L O U S!!! We just finalized all the pieces for the tables and bar area (some are below) and now working on flowers. Silver lining here- she is going to have one stunning blue and white collection after this party!

Will be sure to share with you some of the “after” pictures when the party takes place in June!


7 SUNDAYS SURVEY I have a friend who is selling her home and buying a new one. She is considering going with a totally new look and I mean totally starting from scratch. Her old home was a bit old fashioned traditional, many beautiful things but some of it appeared dated. She is thinking she wants to go with a clean/crisp transitional aesthetic that is so big right now. Her husband is not so sure but is allowing her to make this decision. The thing is she wants to have a tag sale and get rid of everything and I mean everything. She wants to only leave with her personal possessions and start anew.

We have been talking a lot about this big change and it got me thinking….if you could would you totally redo everything you have? Can you imagine leaving every item you own (furniture wise) behind? I personally am very attached to a number of my things and many have a story that makes them extra sentimental.  I get it…these are just things however they are things that I love and have meaning to me. I know I could not leave it all behind but apparently many can and do.

So, could you and would you? Curious as to what you think…..

That wraps up my Seven on Sunday this week. How about you? Anything exciting happening on your end? I always love hearing from you, so feel free to chime into the conversation. Hope you are enjoying a fabulous weekend. Until next time…







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Becky on

The flatware is exquisite, beautiful beyond words! So glad you created this for us.

Anita Rivera on

Hello Tina! Congratulations on your new commission; I know you will do a wonderful job, for you love what you do! And your Sunday shares here are inspiring. Enjoy your Sunday! OH! I had a dream last night that I met you! Happy day, Anita

DramaDiva on

Such an interesting concept to consider…leaving it all. I could for the right price, maybe. Shall consider this today. Enjoy your last moments of the weekend!

Piper B. on

The Economist article was sobering. We sometimes forget all the human suffering in the world. As a mother of a happy, healthy, free young woman, it broke my heart. Amal Clooney should be a role model to all young women. I know we shouldn’t put too much emphasis on her looks and her intellect should be enough, but if her beauty is a part of her arsenal so be it… God bless you, Amal!

Tina, congratulations on the mention of your website by designer Gerald Pomeroy in the April issue of House Beautiful ( pg. 54)!

katerina stepovikov on

I love ,LOVE your blog so much. BUT, it is heart wrenching for moi,as i’m in Sydney Australia !!!!

Celia Becker @ on

Thanks for bringing to our attention the good work that Amal Clooney is doing. It’s great that a person who has it all is willing to give so much when she doesn’t have to. And like you say, it’s hard to imagine that “only a plane ride away” the world is so cruel. As someone who travels a great deal I keep thinking how small the world is, yet places like Iraq can seems worlds away.

Have fun at Palmetto Bluff!

Roxanne on

Love your upcoming flatware. Is it stainless, silver plate or Sterling? I know that rehearsal dinner is going to be fabulous!

Maritza on

Loving your new hardware, simply beautiful……
Wonderful post today Tina….
Congrats on your new commission….

Michelle on

My sister in law’s friend just did that! She said it was very enlightening and it was just “stuff” that was her direction years ago but the new begining gave her a new birth and excitement. With Her boys out of the nest, she and her husband moved to gorgeous Montecito Ca where she is reinventing/updating herself and loving it!

Susan Logan on

The Economist article made me appreciate just how much we have as Americans and what a living hell many parts of the world are. I feel thankful and grateful! Amal Clooney is a bright spot and I admire her work and her tenacity to bring evil to the forefront! Thank you for sharing. As far as the person that hired you to do their rehearsal dinner, what lucky people they are! I know it will be fabulous and beautiful. I would expect nothing less! I hope you will share pictures when the time comes! Thank you for your Seven on Sunday! They make my Sunday complete!

Jo Dame Shafer on

Tina, I am most impressed with the story from THE ECONOMIST: Two Women, One Cause. Thank you for posting it. I’ve shared it on my Facebook page and printed out a copy for my husband and I both to read together and discuss.

Deanna on

What a wonderfully eclectic collection you have today! The article on the genocide occurring on another continent is painful and made me want to scream. I don’t understand cruelty. It is a must read…so thank you. I would love to attend a rehearsal dinner like the one you are working on. All that beauty! And finally, I hope spring arrives in NY soon (my sister lives upstate and needs spring also). Everything is blooming here now and my windows are open and it feels so wonderful. May you have spring in your heart always. Happy Sunday!

Gloria on

Hi Tina., your flatware is fantastic and I’m ready to order ! If you have a list please add me. You are such an inspiration!

Elizabeth on

The flatware!!! I am beyond thrilled you have recreated it. I was one of the many that have asked you where you bought the set. CAN’T WAIT for the service to be available!

michele@hellolovely on

Wonderful, eclectic lovely post today, Tina. Your flatware is absolutely gorgeous. I may have to spring for it. I have been obsessing about cherry blossoms, and if you missed them on my IG, omg, check out what was done at Chateau de Saint Cloud in a dressing room. I sort of did part with my belongings to start fresh…only instead of buying new, I got rid of half and lived with the half I liked most. I don’t miss the old things, but I do miss the spaciousness and ability to change it up. In a smaller space now, there have been many sacrifices so I don’t recommend a dramatic downsize all at once. Better to ease into it and give yourself time to let go. I am always thinking about the next place to move…moving is in my blood and creative spirit. I think the next home will be brand spankin new.

Your kitchen and one of your porcelains are lookin’ lovely in my latest post (Blue and White Kitchens)!

Deborah on

I always look forward to your posts! Love The Enchanted Home!!!

Antoinette de Janasz Baxter on

I have long admired your flatware and am looking forward to buying your new design!

Carol on

Tina, I love the flatware pattern you are showing on this post. It reminds me of one that I have admired in your place settings. It would be absolutely fabulous if it were heavy silverplate for everyday use! I would definitely want it!

Love the party idea boards…can’t go wrong with your beautiful blue and white pieces and those lovely flowers!

Donna on

Recently moved cross country and left a large traditional Virginia home and only took a few special pieces of furniture. Wanted a more modern contemporary feel in an open indoor outdoor living style. Traditional furniture would not work here but just a few accent pieces give it a perfect mix. So happy to give away the pieces so others could enjoy it as we did.


Hello and Good Morning,
You are a very busy lady and I love you Instagram site. You are Blue …….. it is the color of the sky and sea. It is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven. Blue is considered beneficial to the mind and body. It slows human metabolism and produces a calming effect……this Lady is you….. enjoy your day??????

Doreen on

Count me in for the flatware! I am one of those who had requested your source. Can’t wait.

elizabeth@pineconesandacornsblog on

Love your Sunday posts! I cannot wait to see more of the wedding flowers and decor!Have a great week.

Judy A Lee on

Most of the pieces in my home have a one to two page family history that goes back for generations. Getting rid of them would feel like abandoning my heritage. My children and grandchildren know many of the stories and love to share them. I’ve lived in 4 houses in my 66 plus years and can’t imagine not having a sense of place if I moving so often. Our home is built on my in-laws farm. We built it 29 yrs ago. Every time I pull in the drive I feel secure and blessed.

Have bought many of your beautiful things and can’t imagine parting with any of them. Judy

Jennifer on

Hello Tina!
I have actually sold a house with everything in but our clothes and a few antique pieces from family. I love to decorate so I saw it as a blank canvas for our new home. Granted it took a few years to replace everything, but we had a great time hunting for new treasures. Love your blog and your home!

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