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Hello and happy Sunday my friends. Hope spring has sprung wherever you might be. The first order of business is to announce the winner of the $250 Horchow gift card. Drum roll please, congratulations goes to-


Please contact so we can get your gift card on it’s way!


Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Spring finally seems to be making it’s way in, and I couldn’t be more excited! It’s a slow process but the signs are all here and we have had a nice springy weekend……. bring on the al fresco living!

I must mention that I was incredibly flattered to have been featured/interviewed over at a dear blogging fiends blog, Hello Lovely. Michele is a gem and wove a pretty awesome story/post about me, as only she can. She put a lot into this post so hope you will stop over and say hello.

It might be fun for you to read this interview also because she dug up a bunch of pictures from our building process and it was entertaining even for me:) Click here to be taken away to Michele’s loveliness over at Hello Lovely. 

Thank you Michele for such a wonderful and flattering feature:)


1 THE GIRL WITH 15 VOICES. I was blown away by this girl….she sings 15 different of the world’s best female voices nearly flawlessly. Really entertaining to watch, you can fast forward to get a quick glimpse of each of the superstar “voices”. I watched the entire thing pretty dumbfounded over how easily she can transition to another powerhouse voice. Talented girl!

Her Shakira, Britney, Celine Ellie Goulding are spot on…..pretty amazing!


2 BEAUTIFUL ART.  I love highlighting the work of various artists that cross my path. I have found so many through the wonderful world of blogging, Instagram and even Pinterest. I just adore the work of  Kate Drenckhahn.

I was the very lucky recipient of a beautiful blue and white ginger jar painting from uber stylish icon,  Bettie Pardee. This beautiful piece was painted by equally talented Kate Drenckhahn. I love her take on so many subjects and was really happy to discover her, click here to see more of her beautiful work.

Speaking of Bettie, love this picture she sent me of her Enchanted Home mug  being put to good use:)

And now a look at Kate’s gorgeous work… I love that she has turned all these beauties into the most darling notecards and stationery. Everything is so darn pretty! Click here to see more

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST SO  much beauty to share this week, makes me so happy to settle in with my iPad after a long day and to take in the beautiful and inspiring world of Instagram. Here are this weeks picks-

Here is this weeks fave…just way too cute for words!!!  I just want to pinch (ever so gently) those darling little thunder thighs:)


4. FUN SPRINGY/SUMMER TOPS. I love soft cottony tops, paired with white pants or capris, it is an instant winning combination for warm weather dressing.

Found all these under the brand Aqua at Bloomingdales, not a single one over $68 PLUS you get an extra whopping 25% off when you use the code FRIENDS. This incredible sale ends today, so don’t miss out! Bring on the warm weather! Click here  to see all of Aqua’s great tops and to get inspired for spring/summer dressing.

5 NEW FABRICS TO LUST OVER. I have been very immersed in the world of fabrics these last few months. Working on a few jobs that took me to all kids of wonderful fabric and trim shops and of course this always gets my creative juices flowing.

I have somewhat neglected to do a few spruce up in my own home. One thing that really needs to be done is my breakfast room chairs. Kudos to Lee Jofa which has made a fabric that still looks pretty darn good after 16 years!! That is crazy. these chairs have lasted so long As much as I love my little pugs and will miss them, their time has come. It’s time to bring in something new and fresh.

Funny that many of the fabrics I found and loved are ironically again from Lee Jofa. I want to go with a “Provence vibe” so florals and checks are totally appropriate. Here are some I came up with-

Just love the one above and the on below for a true Provence vibe, favorite color combination

This one above is very pretty too…so fresh and love the blues

Love playing with these and adding a buffalo check for an extra dose of charm

This velvet above is sooo gorgeous in person, I would love to see it on an ottoman or bench.


6 A VERY EXCITING DEVELOPMENT! So remember I broke the news to you that finally after almost looking for a good , CAPABLE, reliable source to develop the tulipieres, I found one? Well the first sample mold is back and might I say this has me quite excited. These beauties will be offered in two sizes, one about 22″ and the other will be a mini 14″.

Now I am waiting for the first painted sample. People,  this is really happening!! I am already planning out how I will use mine. It will be a tulip party everyday:) This has me wanting to run through the tulips with happiness……

We are going through the design process now and I am waiting on the first sample back. With luck I will have these in late May, stay tuned!

Now it’s onto the design details which are in the works as I speak it is a very interesting, labor intensive and time consuming process but will be worth it in the end!


7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY. OK today’s topic is movies. I looooove a good movie. I tend to like real movies though, something with a meaningful storyline that really makes me think and feel, a story I can relate to. I do not care for blood, gore, violence, nudity….that does nothing for me.

Give me a good movie that will make me laugh like a hyena or cry like a baby and I am happy as can be. Sadly there seems to be less and less of those. I often find myself watching a favorite movie over and over and have a list of about 20 that I love and could watch monthly (and often do).  But I know there has to be more out there…and that is where you come in!

Would love your take and if you want to include ONE favorite movie that you think you should share with all of us in hopes that maybe it’s something I haven’t seen. Here is a punctuated list of some of my faves in no particular order that I have seen over and over-

    • A Good Year
    • Dr. Zhivago
    • Something’s Gotta Give
    • The English Patient
    • Jane Eyre
    • Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
    • Under The Tuscan Sun
    • Its complicated
    • Bottleshock
    • The Namesake
    • Midnight in Paris
    • Pride and Prejudice
    • The Horse Whisperer
    • Steel Magnolias
    • Love Story
    • Great Expectations
    • A Beautiful Mind
    • The Notebook
    • Well Diggers Daughter
    • Good Will Hunting
    • The Way
    • Devil wears Prada

Where it says “other” you can put one movie you love (if it’s not on my list above) that you think all of us movie buffs should know about!


Hope you enjoyed my Seven on Sunday and hope you enjoy this day of rest. Funny, I drove past a field yesterday with a bunch of pint sized lacrosse players “warming up” for their game and got so teary eyed. I was instantly brought back to memories of my own little lacrosse warrior and just couldn’t help but feel incredibly nostalgic over “the good ol days”.

Spring always takes me back to the spring sports season which I must admit I miss more than I ever thought possible. I would trade my lazy Sundays in a heartbeat for a day packed with games cheering my son on. OK,  I am snapping out of it…back to reality!! Hope you have a wonderful end to your weekend. Until next time….

And tomorrow is a big day….the 2 day presale begins on the most gorgeous chinoiserie tole coming in about 3 weeks. This includes a huge shipment of bamboo lanterns, Provence planters, fabulous new lamps, the sold out bathroom accessories and more. So be sure to check back tomorrow:)
















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Ann on

Chocolat and Love Actually

Christine on

“Out of Africa”
“Cinema Paradiso”
“Return to Me”

Bj on

Another good movie: The Garden of the Finzi-Continis. Hope you have some of the tulipieres glazed plain white – I Have a pair and would love another white pair.

Lisa on

What a great Sunday post. Filled with so much beauty and happiness, a nice break from the sad news that is everywhere.
I cannot wait for the tulipieres and can see your hard work and dedication in recreating these beautiful pieces will pay off. I will be eagerly awaiting word of their availability. Love the tops, thanks for giving me a good excuse to go do a little spring shopping.
Movies today are horrible, I do not remember the last time I saw a really really good movie in the theater. Like you I often resort to movies from the past that I have seen and many you included are my favorites too. Possibly my all time favorite is Gone With The Wind or Dances With Wolves. Two great classics. Hope you have a nice Sunday Tina.

diane on

Love The Holiday and The Intern too

diane alexander on

Love The Holiday and The Intern too.

Vicki on


DD on

Looking at the votes, you might think Hollywood would get a clue. We are tired of gratuitous sex as if we have no imagination of what goes on behind closed doors, the indulgent political point of view, social message, vulgar language and grunge behavior that influences society for the worse. It’s so off-putting and is even in children’s animated movies to some degree. It only appeals to some because there is nothing else that my generation has been exposed to unless we watch TCM which many of us do. Besides TCM, we watch the Hallmark Channel and the Golf Channel at home and haven’t been to the movies in ages.

Carol M on

Love all the movies you have listed. “Sense and Sensibility” is one I can’t walk away from if it is on!

Weezie on

Miss Potter!

Jody on

Thanks so much for your dedication in the process of having the tulipieres made–I’m sure the quality will be evident in the final product! I, too, would appreciate having the option of an all white color choice. Thanks for considering!

Diane on

What a wonderful post! I am with you on all of your choices of movies….
Another one I enjoy is Duets

Joan on

Sleepless in Seattle, when Harry Met Sally, French Kiss – love Meg Ryan’s old romantic comedies!

Mary Bogart on

Citizen Kane is one of my favorites. The cimentogrophy is amazing!

Becky on

Oh my goodness- I love nearly all the films mentioned above. But here are two sensational and very powerful films that you’d have to order from a while ago: Cry the Beloved Country ( on South Africa, novel by Alan Patan) and The Chosen ( based on novel by Chaim Potak with Rod Steiger that is so moving!)

Blair on

Love The Holiday and Forrest Gump.

Sylvia on

Father of the Bride and Father of the Bride Part II
My Best Friend Wedding are happy movies..
Tina love this Sunday’s post. Can’t wait for the tulipieres!!! They are going to stunning!!! Have a wonderful and relaxing Sunday!!!

franki on

4 Weddings and a Funeral…watched over and over. 🙂 franki

Joanna on

Out of Africa and On Golden Pond are two of my favourites. They make me cry and laugh.

Linda brown on

Chocolat & the holiday!

Judy on

All time favorite is The Four Seasons w Alan Alda. Watched it since it came out in early 80s. Also love Julie and Julia, Becoming Jane, and an oldie but Great War movie…. sergeant York w Gary Cooper

Sherry on

I love oldies with Rock Hudson ,Doris Day, Cary Grant and Sandra Dee . There are two that I find really good and they are Secretariat and Camelot with Franco Nero . I have not been to the movies in ages nothing good out there to waste my money on, The Remarkable Mr Pennypacker was cute and Cheaper by the Dozen with Clifton Webb are really old but cute.

Pamm on

One of my all time favorites is “The King and I”. Sniff sniff….

Lucy on

The Thornbirds and Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner are suggested adds to your great list!

Susan Kayden on

“The Black Stallion” is one of my all time favorites, so gorgeous, inspiring and exciting! For something really thought-provoking try “The Lives of Others” – won the best foreign film Oscar. It’s in German with English subtitles. I love foreign films! Another gem: “Eat Drink Man Woman” from Japan. Enjoy!

Mary on

What a great post, Tina! For movies, I love all of your favs, but I also love the new Beauty and the Beast as well as Chocolat and You’ve Got Mail. On television, try Miss Fisher and always, always Poldark.

Kimberly on

Notorious – ( Alfred Hitchcock )
starring Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman.

Rebecca starring Joan Fontaine and Lawrence Olivier.

Maria Palmieri on

Love “Green Fried Tomato “

Niki on

Rear Window

Katie Clooney on

My Best Friend’s Wedding and The Way We Were are two of my all-time faves. Hope you have a wonderful week, Tina!

Donna on

Just saw The Zookeepers Wife with Jessica Chastain, very good WW2 movie.

Deanna on

Lovely post today! Try The Long Hot Summer with Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. Also Cat on a Hot Tin Roof with Elizabeth Taylor is a favorite. (Paul Newman isn’t bad either!) Oh, Rear Window with Grace Kelly. Sublime…. Happy Sunday to you, Tina!

Patrice on

Shining Through…. Great WW2 love story….Sleeper at box office but a terrific three hours.

Michael Douglas and Melanie Griffith……….

Jane on

Bridesmaids! Makes me laugh every time I watch it!

Ellen H. on

An oldie I love is An Affair to Remember. A newer one is Silver Linings Playbook…

cathy on

Love all yours and others movies. “The Wedding Date” is another fav.

michele@hellolovely on

Mmmmm, CHOCOLAT and IT’S COMPLICATED. Those tulipieres! How gratifying is it that you are creating something so beautiful that will bring joy into homes and daily life? Thanks for the mention, and I’m so so happy you liked the story on Hello Lovely–piece of cake with inspiration from TEH. xox

Shawna Burnett on

Young Goethe in Love, 2011. Germany 1772, based on a true story. If you learn a little about Johann W. Goethe’s life before you watch it, you’ll be glad you did. In fact, Tina, if you dig a little, you’ll find that Goethe (pronounced GER-ta, hard G sound) was a pioneer of Color Theory, through the study of prisms. This movie is based on Goethe’s breakthrough writing of “The Sorrows of Young Werther” the book which opened literary Romanticism, and inspired many works including Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein.” It was so powerful that the German government, back in the 1770’s, issued a public warning to young people, exercising caution in reading it. It will make you laugh and cry, and think, and wish you would have watched it with your best girl friend.

Suzy on

Since we all love horses, one of my favorites is Seabicuit. True grit (the original with John Wayne) comes to mind.

Jacqueline Corso on

I love the old movies of the 1930s even though “they are before my time.” “The Bitter Tea of General Yen” is one of my favorites. It stars Barbara Stanwyck. I also enjoy “Jezebel” with Bette Davis and almost any film that has William Powell or Irene Dunne in it. Give me the oldies every time!

Joanne Shea on

The Help
Hidden Figures
The Book Thief
The Notebook

Cynthia on

Great post as always. I loved that video of the woman singing, what a voice!
Tina, the tulipieres are going to be incredible. I will be first in line I always wanted a pair and when we were in Holland about 5 years ago I found such a beautiful pair but they were in USD over $7,000. My sweet husband offered to get them saying he would make it an early birthday/Christmas gift but I just couldn’t see spending that kind of money and then having to pray they would make the voyage shipping home. But I will not lie have dreamed about them many times since then, so very excited over these.
Love the darling tops. And all the movies you listed I adore but must say Love Story gets me every time, wish they would do a remake of that!

Mary Jane on

two food movies I love “Babette’s Feast” and “Haute Cuisine” also love all the British period dramas, Jane Eyre(2011 version) being my favourite. Love North and South (Elizabeth Gaskell version) and Wives and Daughters. I recently watched Leap Year. The story is light and the scenery is fabulous.

Weezie on

High Society with Grace Kelly!

Mary on

You’ve Got Mail
My Best Friend’s Wedding

Donna on

Love both Father of the Bride movies, Something’s Gotta Give, Baby Boom, The Way We Were-movies now cannot compare to these! Happy Sunday!

AFN on

movies: Possession
Calendar Girls. Thank you Tina for 7 on Sunday
Mostly Martha ( food + )
Nights in Rodanthe
Shakespeare in Love
To Kill A Mockingbird
French lieutenants Woman
Dead poets society on

Atonement & Gosford Park

Linda on

Sabrina (newer version with Harrison Ford). All time favorite. That Touch of Mink with Doris Day. Move Over Darling.

Susan Kotapish on

The Intouchables is a wonderful French film. Don’t be put off by the subtitles, it is easy to read and I am certain that you will love this movie. It is based on a true story.

Larie on

Cinema Paradisio…….simply wonderful……Happy Sunday Y’all !

Mary on

Oh, Tina, because you are a great mom your memories are precious. Every age in a child’s journey is a joy. Your boys are older but so much is ahead for you as their lives develop. I admire your busy, can do, creative spirit. You have been a huge inspiration in my own home decorating and I think many others feel the same. Keep the memories that tug at a mother’s heart, but always move forward with joy as a role model for your boys as they scope out the field for their future wives! You are awesome, and they know that….more than you even realize. Well, maybe you know…

Movies? Anything Cary Grant or Gregory Peck. Love Notorius with Cary and Ingrid; my all time fav, The Philadelphia Story with Cary, Katherine Hepburn and the darling Jimmy Stewart (you will love this one, too). Roman Holiday with Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn, and of course, To Kill a Mockingbird. Sigh….Had the great pleasure to meet Gregory Peck in San Diego one evening. He was a perfect gentleman, charming and witty as he accommodated our rather rowdy group as we celebrated a bachelorette party at a La Jolla restaurant. Will always love him, Jimmy Stewart, and Cary Grant. That was the REAL Hollywood. Love movies and movie history too, but current Hollywood got a little lost along the way, although some flicks are worthy. Fun post. Thanks for so much.

Grace on

Something’s Gotta Give
Hope Floats
Sweet Home Alabama

Joan on

Would love to be able to have a house built similar to the one used as Karen Blixen’s in “Out of Africa”. Can watch anything by Merchant Ivory over an over again, and of course anything with Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe. If you ever get a chance to see “Lawrence of Arabia” in IMAX, complete with intermission (remember those?), do – you will not regret it! Hubby works in DC during the week, so when he’s home on the weekend, we only go out to see a movie if it’s been nominated for an Academy Award. It’s sad how anything of quality only lasts a minute-and-a-half at the theaters, but if it’s 120 min of blood, guts and explosions…
Love that sweet Instagram with the girl and her miniature pony. Have to pass a local farm when I run errands and seeing their miniature ponies and donkey grazing always makes me smile.
Feel nostalgic as well whenever I see college crew teams out on the water, but do not miss standing under a tent, the 40 degree rain blowing sideways off of Oyster Bay, and the kids huddled in sleeping bags while they wait for the next race!

Diane Myers on

I have watched “The Natural” over and over again with Robert Redford and Glenn Close. It is an old movie, but what a story.

Nancy on

Would also like a white color choice. Love your fabric selections!

Dinah Bland on

Leave Her To Heaven with the beautiful Gene Tierney

Shelly Mathes on

I love so many old movies on TCM. One day was Lucille Ball movies. She and her husband Desi Arnaz made a movie called The Long, Long Trailer. Oh my gosh, I loved that movie. Waiting for them to show it again.

Angela W on

Enchanted April
Remains of the Day
Alice Adams (1935 movie with Katherine Hepburn and my all time favorite movie)
The Sandpiper
I still love the 1931 Dracula

Charlotte G. on

Out of Africa, Gone With The Wind, Giant All fabulous and classic.

Amanda on

Sense and Sensibility is my all time favorite. I agree that it is RARE to see a beautiful film these days. Have you indulged in any series on TV? Call the Midwife is a favorite as is Downton Abbey. I am also enjoying The Queen on Netflix.
All my faves are British but I’m a simple West Texas girl! Ha!

Julie Littman on

What a great post! I like “Fried Green Tomatoes” and recently watched a sweet movie called “Mr Church”. I loved ” The Queen” and the series on now “The Crown”.

Just saw “Beauty and the Beast” at the movies and it was quite good.

Sharon Ellis on

Sleepers is a good movie to add to all of the above!

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