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Hello friends and happy Monday to you. Hope you had a great weekend. The weekend weather here was a “10”….. FINALLY. Busy days over here, and really enjoying the tiny taste of spring we are getting. All of my poor empty planters and pots are begging to be spruced up and I cannot wait until that time presents itself. Never thought I could tire of winter, but alas it’s happened. Guess that comes along with turning 50…cold weather is for the birds.

Getting to design my own line of tole has been a dream that I have been lucky enough to get to do several times and counting.. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy the process and getting to share these beautiful pieces with you and , putting them in my own home is the icing on the cake! This part of what I do is enormously gratifying beyond words.

With each shipment, I get more and more excited about what is coming in. I might say it every time, but they really do get better. And this shipment is brimming with so many gorgeous exquisite things…my heart skipped a beat when I got the pictures. They are already on their way and should be here around April 28-May 2nd. As I do every container, I offer them up in a presale.

One of the biggest benefits to you as the customer is that now that I directly import many of my items, the prices are unheard of. I  have people often asking me how I can sell them at what I do….these items are many hundreds more than what they are here, so the values are astounding as they are with my porcelains and silver.

Bringing back some sold out pieces (all the bathroom accessories and Provence planters) and introducing a few new gorgeous lamps, trays and much requested….obelisks.

Perfect timing especially for the very popular Provence planters, just in time for spring planting! Here is a look at the beautiful items being HAND PAINTED……


As I often do I have a presale/advance purchase where you get the opportunity to make an advance purchase on these items at special pricing (generally about 15-20% less than what they will be when they arrive).  Great buying opportunity and a sure way to guarantee that what you want is not sold out.

Just a few rules before we begin-

  • Email or call in your order 1-800-804-9565 or email [email protected]
  • Please refer to item number only (and size and color if applicable)
  • Subject to availability, limited numbers of each item
  • ALL orders must be paid for within 12 hours, otherwise please do not submit an order
  • Any order over $750 gets a 10% discount
  • This offer will end Wednesday night April 12th (no extensions)
  • This is a presale and these items are discounted 15-20% from what they will be when they arrive
  • Final sale
  • Shipping is extra
  •  International orders contact us for a rate
  • Questions? Call or email us

ITEM 1 The large and medium handpainted bamboo lanterns are back! Offered in four fabulous colorways, these are a  mere fraction of what they sell  for in another very high end NY company. These are really fabulous and highly decorative. Includes ceiling cap and they are electrified, ready to hang.

Medium 24″ x 16″ x 16″  offered in ivory/gold, black/gold and ivory/ blue $335.00

Large 30″ x 18″ x 18″ offered in navy/gold, ivory/gold, black/gold, ivory/blue $395.00

Ivory w/gold-

Black w/gold-

Navy w/gold-

Ivory w/blue-

ITEM 2. How stunning are these obelisks! I want one in every color. These make the most elegant instant vignette and are equally beautiful to stand on their own. Offered in four beautiful colorways. These beauties measures 22″ x 5″ at the widest point (base) $70.00 each or $130 for a pair, an amazing price!!

Specify color ivory/blue, pale blue/gold, black/gold or ivory/gold

2A Blue and white

2B. Black with gold

2C Pale blue with gold

2D Ivory with gold

ITEM 3. Fabulous new hexagon lamps that I just love, offered in three spectacular colorways. This beauty measures 17″ x 10.5″ (base only) and includes harp and finial. $165.00 where can you find a custom handpainted tole lamp for this price!!

3A Black with gold

3B Ivory with blue

3C Ivory with gold

ITEM 4. So excited about this lamp…..another new style of lamp, equally gorgeous. Includes harp and finial. Elegant hand painting on entire base of lamp. Offered in one of three beautiful colorways. These are a fraction of what they are sold for at a NYC company.  Base measures 16,5″ x 8.5″ x 10″ $ 170.00

4A Ivory w/blue

4B Pale blue w/gold

4C Black w/gold

ITEM 5. Lampshades available at a discounted price for lamps above. Generally most people use an 18″ shade for these lamps. Shades are available with the purchase of a lamp.


5A- $60.00

5B $65.00


5D $65.00

5E $60.00

ITEM 6. Another round of stunning trays! Measures 24′ x 17.5″ x 2. These are incredible for display but also make an amazing tray to serve with.The delicate scalloped edging piped in gold is so beautiful with the timeless chinoiserie scenery hand painted on face of tray.

I have used mine to serve a round of drinks on and it makes quite a statement. Offered in ivory/blue and black/gold. $110.00

6A Ivory/blue

6B Pale blue/gold

ITEM 7. The amazing bathroom accessories are coming back, they sold out so fast….I am happy to be offering them again!

Wastepaper basket 10.5″ x 9″ x 9″  $75.00

Scalloped tissue holder 6.5″ x 2.25″ x 2.25″ $50.00

Buy both for $120.00

Offered in black/gold, ivory/blue and ivory/gold

7A Tissue holder

7B Wastepaper basket

ITEM 8. Just in time for spring!  Super excited to be welcoming a big batch of Provence planters back. These sold out right away and with good reason. They are not only incredibly beautiful but a mere fraction of what they are sold for in the few exclusives places that carry them. These are the picture of timeless elegance and are amazing indoors and out.

They have four small drainage holes and are treated with a weather resistant paint. Here thy are just after being dried and getting ready for the final stage, the acorn finials-

These are simply exquisite with boxwoods or any kind of topiary…cannot wait to use mine!

All four sizes are coming back-

Small 21″ x 18″ x 18″ (the 21″ H includes the 3″ finial) available in pale blue, ivory and black $335.00

Medium 23″ x 20″ x 20″ (the 23″ H includes the 3″ finial) available in pale blue, ivory and black $355.00

Large 25″ x 22″ x 22″ (the 25″ height includes the 3″ finial) available in pale blue, ivory and black $395.00

Extra Large 27″ x 24″ x 24″ (the 27″ height includes the 3″ finial) available in black and ivory $435.00




Feeling a case of tole fever coming on? You are not alone….I am so excited to soon start planting my Provence planters, switching out a bunch of lamps and adding the obelisks to a few spots.


I am offering a giveaway of this gorgeous tray  to one lucky winner. Winner can select their choice of color.  Just leave a comment here telling us your favorite item and how you would use it. I will announce a winner on Saturday morning so do check back!

So you know the drill, if you see something you simply must have just email or call us-


[email protected]

Thank you for stopping in. Wishing you a wonderful day and a great start to your week! Hope the birds are chirping wherever you might be…..






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I adore the bamboo lanterns – so trying to think of a perfect place for the ivory and gold…stunning! Happy Monday, Tina!

I am in love with the black lantern. Just stunning! Great job on the entire line Tina!

Oh those bamboo lanterns are so much fun. I keep walking around my house trying to find the perfect spot!

The tissue holder and waste basket would be perfect in my powder room.
Linda Owens

Love it all and especially love the tissue cover – great way to add a touch of elegance to the mundane

I love the ivory and gold large bamboo lantern! I would use it in my sunroom! I have been looking for something like this and it would fit perfectly

Everything is beautiful! I really love the new lamp shape, I have purchased a lamp from you and can say the quality and beauty is exceptional. I too am amazed at the prices you offer, and have recommended your site to other lovers of blue and white. You make it possible for those of us who can’t afford to purchase one piece for thousands, but long for a beautiful home. Thank you so much for all your hard work, I truly appreciate what you offer and the positive feeling of your blog. I am not sure I could pick a favorite, but love the bathroom accessories and the trays and lanterns; as I said love them all!

I love the Provence small planters. Would love a pair of black ones for my front porch!
Have a great day!

The little tissue box holders and waste paper baskets are so precious…..they would make perfect wedding shower gifts ! Love everything.

The Obelisks, without a doubt. They bring back many happy memories. I remember so well when my husband and I went to Obelisk in Washington D C. It had just opened and they had a whole huge round of parmesan cheese on an antique butcher block in the entrance. With out drinks we nibbled on that fabulous cheese. You didn’t see whole wheels of parmesan back in those days like you do now. What a treat that was those many years ago.

The Provence planters are my favorite I love the soft blue. It reminds me of my recent visit to France

I would use the bath accessories, waste basket and tissue holder in the guest bath. We are downsizing and moving soon so timing is perfect! The giveaway would be icing on the cake !

I always have such a hard time picking a favorite but I do love the lanterns, especially the blue and white! But then I love the lamps….;)

I love everything toile! But, the trays are beautiful and useful! I would love to have one on my back patio for soft drinks this summer! Thank you for the opportunity!!!

The Provence planters are beautiful and the obelisk are really pretty, so it is hard to pick just one.

Simply adore the hand painted chinoiserie lanterns ! They are striking and classic. Love all your offerings and price points !

I would love to have the ivory tissue holder and waste can for my guestroom ! Beautiful design.

Happy Monday!! Love your inspiring posts.
1). The Provence planters are my faves….I love to create beautiful planters for my home’s entries and the choice of colors are fab; 2). these serving trays are pretty to display or use while entertaining as you suggested. I see a garden party in my future.

The Provence planters are gorgeous! I love them with boxwood in them. So traditional and I never get tired of that look. I have found that black trays are beautiful hung on the hallway between the entrance and the breakfast room and I hang them on the wall as high as possible and as low as possible. I get many comments from guest who love the look. So should I win a tray I would add another black one to my treasures.

I would plant the soft blue Provence planters with white hydrangeas and ivy around pool.

Absolutely loving the oblisques! Quite a statement, and they would be fabulous on the alter table behind a sofa, coupled with ginger jars and other blue and white porcelains. Stunning!

The Provence planters are gorgeous, as well as all your products, but I would love to use them around my swimming pool filled with boxwoods and flowers! They would be stunning! You did a beautiful job with the design!

Love the obelisks but also the new lamp shape! My 96-year old mother lives with us and she could use new lamps on her bedside tables. I think those would be perfect!

In the mood for spring planting and those Provence planters in blues would look perfect on the deck. You have so many beautiful items, Tina!

Ugh – gave up online shopping for Lent or I would buy everything! Four more days to go – but I think all the goodies will be sold out by then 🙁

I would love to add this beautiful tray to my collection of trays on my kitchen wall. I love the look of tole. I also love to use trays such as this on a small table by a comfy chair or foot stool . They make a handsome background for a Sunday night supper by the fire.

The Provence planters are still a favorite of mine. Would use them flanking the upper patio ? Love the black!

The Provence planters are still a favorite of mine. Would use them to flank the entrance of the upper patio.

I love the black and gold lamps. They would look great on a John Richard chinoiserie table I have.

Love which one??? If I had to choose just one, I guess because of Spring, oooh Spring, I love the little tips of tulips peeking up from the ground right now thou I do still have snow on my lawn, it would have to be the Provence planters…..planted with none other than beautiful English boxwoods and ivy!

I am in love with the bamboo lanterns. So glad to see them back. Everything is just beautiful as always!!!

I continue to love your black trays. I purchased one from you several years ago and it is stunning. I would love some other pieces to pair with it! Additionally, I love your lamp shades. Lamp shades are hard to dome by – the good ones – and yours are exquisite. Thanks Tina!

I love the pale blue and gold tray! I can totally see tea and a biscuit in the morning with fresh blueberry preserves right next to my bed! Maybe a little bell on it so I can ring for more! I must be dreaming! ?

Love all the blue and white. My favorite would be one of the lamps. Perfect for my new office.

Everything is truly lovely. I would love the lamps, so unique. I may do some accessory arranging to accommodate one.

Thanks for your generous offer.

All the items are gorgeous, but I especially love the hexagonal lamp in ivory and gold. Would be stunning in my master bedroom!

I would love to have the hexagonal lamp in black and gold! I have your 4 stem orchid plant in that same color, beautiful and perfect in my dining room. The lamp would be wonderful in my Great Room!

Thank you!

I would love to have the hexagonal lamp in black and gold! I have your 4 stem orchid plant in that same color, beautiful and perfect in my dining room. The lamp would be wonderful in my Great Room!

Thank you!

I was admiring the trays for my bathrooms and then see that one is a giveaway gift, how
Wonderful. All items are lovely.

I love the planters and the blue and white lamps… pretty! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. Your blog always gives me great pleasure!

The new style tole lamps (the non-hexagonal ones) are gorgeous! Love the variety of shades offered, too… I recently shopped for a couple of shades and was stunned at how high the prices were. Your shade prices are about half what I found. Thanks again for offering such great deals (and fun give-aways) to us, your faithful followers. 🙂

Love the blue and white lanterns. I would use the tray as a side table possibly. So beautiful!

All of the items are stunning, you’ve curated a beautiful collection! That said, one of the beautiful trays would be my pick. It would move from room to room depending on the season. Used in the spring and summer to serve drinks and snacks, and in the fall and winter I can see it piled with apples, or oranges or lemons with a few fresh leaves!

So much to love! The tissue holder and waste basket would be a nice addition to my powder room..also love the trays to display and to use for entertaining!

I adore the navy with gold lantern! We are in the middle of renovating our living room and it would look great in there with all the blue and white. So many beautiful things to choose from!
Thank you!

Actually, after seeing the pretty lampshade shapes, I’m rethinking the shades on several of my antique lamp bases
(chinese porcelains). Hope the dimensions will work!

The gorgeous hand painted trays! I would use them year round, indoors and out. They would make a perfect wedding gift!

I do love your tole collection and have bought tissue holders previously. What I’m looking for and hope you’ll consider adding are tole desk accessories! I would buy them in a heartbeat!!

Oh my. I would love the Provence Planters…. A pair flanking the glossy black front door of my creamy white home. I love a formal entry so would most likely use topiaries in them. But what color?? Oh my. I’m leaning toward the light blue! But black might be the most classic. Love love the trays. And the tissue/trash can combo. Tina…thank you so much. This is my favorite blog.

I would use the tray on an ottoman. It is a gorgeous piece that adds elegance and can also be used to place drinks. I love items that are practical as well as decorative.

The trays take my breath away! I love entertaining with beautiful dishes and serving pieces – these would add to my parties!

I just love the gorgeous obelisks and have been waiting for you to get them in. I will be putting one in my office I’m redecorating and I also bought one to give to my sister for her birthday gift. She will love it too!!! Thank you Tina for all the wonderful products you offer!!!

All items are gorgeous. My favorite piece is the black tray. Stunning! I use trays in every room and this one is the best I have seen.

Every single item is gorgeous! The bamboo lanterns are my favorite! Can’t decide if I want one to put in a bedroom or one in my laundry room. Decisions, decisions!

I would love a navy and white medium lantern.
The size is 24″ 16×16
I think the amount is $335.00
Can you tell me how to purchase this Latern?
Kelly Mahoney

What is not to love about all of these items?!!
Love the lanterns and would love one in my bedroom!

But wait! The oblisks are fabulous!
I’m running out of house to outvthings in!

The beautiful Provence planter, of course!!!! I need a pair so badly in my backyard to put my woven truck ficus trees in!! Thank you!

Hi Tina
Love all your beautiful pieces,
Your lantern stand out !
I’m needing sometimes in the pale blue.
Best Wishes

I love the bamboo lantern in white/blue! It would be perfect for my kitchen nook that I am re-wallpapering with a blue floral design!

I love the Provence planters. I don’t have room at my current home for them, but I can dream!

I love the obelisks! I would use a pair of them on our living room mantel, next to crystal lamps that flank a gold-framed oil painting from coastal France.

I join the many who love the Provence planters, and would love a pair in my courtyard. But, ….. the light blue tray is just beautiful and looks so much like spring. It would be a very hard choice. MM

Choose a favorite? Impossible. But I will say I love the new lamp styles and obelisks and already own the Provence planters and love them, they are so stylish and elegant on my front porch. Well done, I literally want one of everything! Have a great Monday Tina.

All the items are beautiful as always! I really love the lanterns. Would use in a sitting room off my guest room for a point of interest. Julie L

The navy lantern would look fabulous hanging in my breakfast nook or over the island in my blue and white kitchen! I’ve been eyeing them for some time.

I love ❤️ the blue and white scalloped waste baskets. Very pretty for something so practical!

I love, love. love the toile lantern – I would use it my foyer/hallway!

Love the tissue holder and waste basket! Also love the lamps and gorgeous shades!

I love the planters with acorn finials but also the lanterns. Would love to add one under our pergola. Would be perfect during the summer months.

I love it all! But really like the black and gold lanterns. So sophisticated! Thank you, Tina.

The Provence planters are exquisite! They would be the perfect addition to our front entry!

I would love the tissue box cover. One of my golden retrievers keeps tearing apart the cardboard box they come in!

Provence planters are my favorite ! Love the pale blue as a set to display tree topiaries at the front entrance door. Superlative!

What a lovely assortment of decorating accessories! How can anyone pick just one?
That being said, I have a faux bamboo (wood) base that I found at a flea market that will turn one of your tole trays into the perfect coffee table for my sun room. I just need to decide which colorway to go with and then paint the base accordingly.

All are beautiful but my favorites are the trays. One would be beautiful on my sideboard for drinks.

I love them all but would love the new shape lamp right on my bedside table in the soft blue!

I love the lamps/shades. Perfect for the desk in my dining room in front of my bay window. It is all lovely!

I love the new lamp shape . I could use a pair of the white and blue in my bedroom. Beautiful items so hard to decide.

I really enjoy the the tissue container. With my family having a recent bout with colds, all we see are ugly tissues boxes in every room. It will be great to put them in something pretty

I love the waste basket. I already own the tissue box, the waste basket would be a perfect finishing touch for my powder room! Your offerings are all so pretty!

Like many others, I really want to re-decorate my home and fill it with all the items here, they are all truly stunning, but if I have to pick just one, I would choose the blue planters. I would put one on each side of my front door filled with boxwood topiaries….the blue looks like the same color of my door….dreamy!!!

Tina, of all your beautiful objects, I would choose the one that best suits me with its form and functionality- the black and gold tray. I can see it displayed beautifully on my wood range hood while it’s not in service, serving guests for cocktails and dinner. Absolutely love it!

So many beautiful items it’s so hard to pick.
I would have to say the gorgeous black background tissue box with those whimsical birds.
It would be such an added feature in the bathroom with all the white I have around.
Each time I reach for a tissue I’d have a smile of delight to see such a pretty addition to the room.

Hi. I love all the items you showcased. I think my favorite is the planter. A pair would look great on either side of my front door. If I won the tray, I would use it as a coffee table in my living room with a metal tray stand my mother gave me.

HI! I truly love it all… I think the look of the new obelisks are wonderful. They can be used on top of a stack of books for a great look, or just stand alone.. Very beautiful and unique, the scenes on them are also so elegant and classy..

I adore the trays. Always come in hand whether keeping it on display or holding a collection of treasures. Very decorative and functional.

HI! I truly love it all… I think the look of the new obelisks are wonderful. They can be used on top of a stack of books for a great look, or just stand alone.. Very beautiful and unique, the scenes on them are also so elegant and classy.

Like many others here have stated, the obelisks are pretty and versatile for a mantle, on a bedside table, cocktail table, etc. The trays really beautiful to on an ottoman, or a sideboard.

Tina, I just adore it all but my favorite is the waste paper and tissue holder in the ivory and blue. We recently renovated our master bath and we had installed two blue and ivory vessel sinks in an antique white dresser for the vanity. I just love all things blue and white. I think those would be the finishing touches to bring in a little more blue and white since the floors are also white carrera marble so there is a lot of white and needs some little touches of the blue to compliment the vessel sinks. Thanks so much for giving us this sneak peek into these gorgeous pieces.

The Provence planters really made my heart happy! I admire this design very much. I love French inspired decor. I have been fortunate to visit Paris 3 times….my next wish is to visit Provence! In the meantime, these planters filled with topiaries and flowers, would be that special touch to give that feeling at my home. Thank you for offering such beautiful items.

The Provence planters really made my heart happy! French design is a passion of mine. I have been fortunate to visit Paris, France and aspire to one day visit Provence. The rustic charm and lifestyle of that region is inspiring. These planters filled with topiaries atop beautiful flowers is just the touch to bring this feeling to my home! Thank you!

I adore everything but the Provence Planter is a real find!! Love it!!
With trees or boxwood inside or out…

Love the waste baskets, I really could use one in our bedroom! Love all of the beautiful pieces

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