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Hi friends….so happy to have finished putting together this post so I could share this special day with you. Last week I had such a great time hosting a wonderful blogger/author luncheon with some of my bff’s in the blogging world. We got together to also celebrate the very exciting debut of Kristy Harvey’s third novel,Slightly South of Simple and to me, it is her best yet. I am almost finished reading it and it simply MUST be made into a movie or series…I am sure it will be, it is that good!  I don’t want it to end! Click here to snag one for yourself.

As you, by now know, I get pretty obsessed with details when I entertain, sometimes being a bit too OCD. Maybe that’s why I don’t entertain as often lol. Nevertheless, details and all, I had loads of fun putting this together. I wanted a beautiful springy, cheery, colorful tablescape. Originally slated to be set up outdoors, the cooler weather with possible rain in the forecast brought that to a screeching halt.

So I set up in the dining groom which ended up being just fine. Just as well as it’s a room we rarely use, so it was nice to enjoy it. I started my prep a few days before and now that I am working full time, every minute counts. Of course it included a trip to my beloved flower market!! That is always a highlight of putting together any party, small or large. My only regret is not taking a video….next time for sure!

LOTS and LOTS of pictures here, so sit down and grab a cup of something good. I also included a few of the recipes as many of you ask. Hope you enjoy…..


Here is a look behind the scenes the morning of, as I got busy, cooking, preparing and flower arranging-




Always a huge part of planning any event, small or large and surely one of my most favorite excuses to go into the flower market! Here is the loot I came home with, was so excited that this happened to fall between peony, lilacs and cherry blossom season, my favorites!

As I bought them two days earlier, I stored them in the garage in buckets until the day of

Let the fun begin!



My signature cocktail was handed out upon arrival


One of my favorite appetizers, and these are so elegant and simple. I put a few tablespoons of a spring vegetable dip on the bottom of each mini mint julep and then put the elegant vegetables in it, everyone got their own, no plates or forks…easy peasy!

And can you believe all these gorgeous hostess gifts I got!


It is always a thrill when the table you saw in your head becomes reality:)

How fabulous are these mini tureens in which the soup was served? Soon to be added to the shop

The size of some of these peonies were amazing, and this is proof that all colors go with blue and white!

Here are few taken with my Nikon (before the battery died)


Here is what was served for lunch-

I started with tomato soup, and then moved onto baby arugula salad with grilled artichokes and Parmesan with a lemon/olive oil dressing, a kale/cabbage Asian salad with pears, a super delicious herbed chicken salad in bite size minis and individual spring green quiche-

I did not get to snap a pic of the big platter of the mini chicken salad sandwiches but did get the “leftovers” the next day, these are bite size and so cute

I am so upset I did not get a picture of my heavenly berry Napoleon dessert! But I served that along with a big tray of fresh fruit and coffee….


My easy Enchanted signature welcome drink- Fill half a champagne flute with pink champagne, add the remainder of the glass with raspberry sparkling water, throw in 3 or 4 fresh raspberries, and voila! You have yourself a wonderful drink to welcome your guests!

Tomato Soup- Click here to Pioneer Woman for the soup recipe, full disclosure- I cut the butter in half as well as the heavy cream, just seemed too rich to put that much in, and you would never have known the difference. I also put a lot more fresh basil and omitted the parsley. Either way it is very very tasty and a nostalgic invoking dish!

Baby Arugula, grilled artichoke and Parmesan- This is elegant, and easy peasy. Buy 2 large containers of baby arugula, either marinate artichokes in some kind of seasoned dressing or olive oil and herbs and then grill or cheat and buy them readily grilled, add a generous amount of Parmesan  flakes (or shredded). Mix together when ready to serve.

For dressing i get a Mason jar, put about 34 cup Olive oil and the juices of 2 soft lemons, shake and add a pinch of salt and pepper. Dress to your liking.

Kale,cabbage Asian salad with pear– I get prepacked bags of kale, and green and red cabbage already shredded, one bag of spinach cut up small, add slivered almonds and when ready to serve slice up 2 ripe pears thin and add on top. Recipe for dressing-

  • ½ small garlic clove, finely grated
  • 1 tablespoon reduced-sodium soy sauce
  • 2 teaspoons unseasoned rice vinegar
  • ½ cup olive oil
  • ½ teaspoon toasted sesame oil
  • Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper

    Whisk garlic, soy sauce, and vinegar in a small bowl. Gradually whisk in olive oil, then sesame oil (dressing will thicken slightly); season with salt and pepper.

     Dressing can be made 2 days ahead. Transfer to a jar; cover and chill.

Mini leek/asparagus/gruyere quiche- These are so flavorful and not heavy, truly delicious!  Click here to get recipe from Martha Stewart

Best herbed Chicken salad– This, I could eat every day. So tasty! Click here and scroll to item #5. I added these to cut up square of puff pastry for a light easy bitesize “sandwich” but this is amazing on any kind of bread or even in a lettuce leaf


The party may be over but there is still a festive feeling in my home, when I have flowers all over the place, they just make me so happy! I often keep them outside at night for their “beauty sleep” as the cooler weather does them good and prolongs their life…it is always so sad to see them go.

All my hostess gifts looked so pretty on my center hall table, I  kept them just like this for a few days,! Tempting as it was to open them up…just looked so pretty:)

I finally caved in though and just had to open all of them, and what goodies i got!!! Now I have this magnificent arrangement of huge cherry blossoms still going pretty strong with my official new favorite item of mine, my mid sized pagodas (sold out but coming in again in 3 weeks stay tuned for new presale next week)!

Phew….if you made it through this entire post and are reading this, kudos to you…you are definitely a devoted reader:) It was a truly wonderful day and afternoon and was a testament to the wonderful perks of the blogging world, considering this is what brought us all together in the first place.

It is pretty remarkable when you think of it and I feel fortunate to have met such a lovely group of talented women, each so accomplished in their own right. Thank you for stopping by and making me a part of your day. Until next time…..

PS The monogram tole tray flash sale started yesterday, ends tomorrow morning. Click here for details








Ralph Lauren

Neiman Marcus Last Call (Neiman Marcus)

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What a lovely luncheon. You truly have an enchanted home. Thank you so much for sharing the recipes.

WOW! Fun! What a wonderful tablescape , the flowers, the food, the place settings…I can believe the company was just as awed.. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you Tina for a fabulous party! We all enjoyed every detail & loved each beautiful photograh & your yummy recipes too! Flowers, Food & Fun!❤️????Well Done!??????????

Everything is beautiful! I had a party this weekend for my daughter’s first communion – blue and white with flowers everywhere!!
I can’t wait for my peonies to bloom in my own garden so I can start arranging them indoors!
I am curious about your monogrammed table linens… do you use your full monogram, or your married monogram? I cannot decide whether it is better to use just my initials or mine plus hubby’s??

Stunning set up!! I’m excited to make your chicken salad recipe!! I spotted a Glassy Baby with your gifts. Is this your first one? They are one of my little addictions. My collection started with Regal (perfect blue to go with my blue and whites). I also love Forever, Little Roy Blue, and Fortitude to name a few. I can’t get enough and love to use them on my window sill over my sink changing them each month. Perfect little size for some fresh cut flowers out of my yard.
Blessings, C

Everything is gorgeous! Peonies are my favorite flowers and I only wish they had a longer blooming season. I’ve been thinking of you as I’m at PB this week celebrating my 35th anniversary and trying to decide if this should be my second home. Rainy yesterday but today is beautiful! Dinner at Canoe Club was top notch! With relaxation here and your new recipes, I’m beginning to plan my own luncheon. Thanks for sharing!

Lovely is the word. Never can have too many flowers or assortment of yummy food. For sure will try the recipes and loved how all of the blue and white worked in all spots.
Thanks for sharing. Leslie

Tina, Your dining room table settings and arrangements always are beautiful , but I have a question. How do you keep all of the items from scratching your table, since you don’t use a tablecloth? Are there felt stickers on the bottoms of everything? I love the look of just using placemats under the table settings as well,(but I chicken out and always put a table cloth on the table), because I fear that somehow, the flat wear, glasses, and dishes will not “stay” on the placemats. What is your trick? Thanks, Sherri

What a lovely post to wake up to. I just finished reading Slightly South of Simple and loved every page of Kristy’s latest book. I too can’t wait for the next chapter and also think it would make a great movie. Now that you are a part time Southern Belle I’m sure Peachtree Bluff reminded you of Palmetto Bluff;) So wonderful of you to host a gathering to honor Kristy. My Book Club read her previous book and I hosted everyone in my Log Cabin. Kristy joined us via Facetime and we had such fun. Your table setting, flowers and food all looked amazing. GOOD WORK! And it was such fun living it all vicariously through your blog.

Kristy’s blog raved about the luncheon, too!! The details, oh, the details!!! Very interested in the “mini soup tureen.”

Simply amazing!Thank you for inviting us your readers into this feast for the eyes, your guests must have been in awe to be surrounded by so much beauty. I am saving so many of these pictures.

How do you keep the life of your peonies? When I have bought them, they last 1-2 days max, I love them but find they just don’t last. If you can share any secrets, would really appreciate it.

Tina it was so much fun to see a picture of you, you are so beautiful! You should share more of yourself but I do understand your desire to be private too. For branding, having a “face” behind the brand however is a huge asset just something to think about (been in marketing for over 20 years). Your level of attention to detail is inspiring and I cannot tell you how much I have learned just reading your blog, love it and have recommended it many times to friends and colleagues. Thank you.

Dear Tina:

Your post inspires. Thank you for blessing your readers by sharing your artistry. So much beauty and great food. You even took the time to share the recipes!

Affectionately and Gratefully,

Janice Strong

Your buffet looked absolutely lovely! Every detail was attended too beautifully! Absolutely gorgeous luncheon!

Simply gorgeous! From the food to the flowers to the dishes, everything was beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

It was a truly enchanted lunch! Thank you for the recipes you are a most gracious hostess my dear!!

What a beautiful looking luncheon. You are just the best Tina. Loved every picture and you have given myself and everyone reading the blog today such wonderful ideas for entertaining. Thank you so much!!!!!!!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh……………….I am swooning! I wish I could print out this entire post for a handbook on home entertaining I could make for myself, and to share with my daughter gifted with the hospitality gene, like me.
Thank you for all these beautiful photographs and the recipes. It’s really the season for spring luncheons and teas during the merry month of May, isn’t it?

Hello Tina, Thankyou sooooo much for sharing this with us your home is simply stunning , your flowers and table setting look like a magazine cover. Not only am I sooo jealous but I can’t imagine the smell of your home with all of those stunning flowers. You have given me some great ideas please think about writing a home decore and entertaining book. PLEASE

Amazing!!! The flowers were just divine as I am sure the food was as well!!! You could be a caterer as well as a designer, business owner etc etc. Thank you for sharing. I am doing a baby shower at the end of the month and the flower arrangements were such a lovely inspiration! A long time fan— Julie L

No question about it, the lunch was the highlight of my 2017! It was perfection. Thank you again, dear Tina, for the beautiful afternoon and your warm hospitality.

Truly exquisite! Beautiful beyond words, actually. Thank you for sharing this special event with your readers. We are privileged.

So glad you could have Kristy for lunch. I live in Kinston and have know her husband since his birth, both of your blogs are my favorites! I just painted my shutters Seastone thanks to you .

It was an enchanted day, indeed!!! Thank you for having all of us and sharing it here so I can re-live the beauty of the moment! The food was delicious, the flowers were stunning, and the company topped it all off! xoxo

This is probably the most beautiful luncheon I have ever seen and I have been to many. I am actually hosting a baby shower in July for my niece and got so many great ideas here, wast a fantastic menu!
The flowers belong in a book as does your table, hope that is one of you many projects on the horizon. You really need to come out with one Tina, it would be an instant best seller. Thank you for sharing this incredible day with all your readers.

LOVELY! Must have been a delightful afternoon with your blogger friends! I love how you welcomed your guests with such a simple, but elegant champagne drink. Your menu looked delicious and your table and flowers were so pretty!

Love your blog! This is the third time I’m subscribing as I keep getting bounced off the list.

Keeping fingers crossed……


Hi Tina,
Lovely post. Thank you for sharing. I am excited about the soup tureens and am wondering if you used a salad plate as the under plate for them. Your Tobacco Leaf is gorgeous.
Thanks again,

I love this post! Thank you for sharing. I love your countertops. I’m redoing my kitchen and these are exactly what I would like!

It was MORE than enchanted, Tina. Thank you so much for such an unbelievable day! Meeting you and other blog friends was almost as delicious as the gorgeous lunch! Much, much love!! xo Kristy

Beautiful Tina! I wasn’t hungry until I viewed the food that you so lovingly prepared. All your flower arrangements are just gorgeous, and your rooms are stunning!

Those mini soup tureeens were to die for. Where did you ever find them? Your receipts were great and I will be tyring them soon. You have a lovely home and reminds alot of my own. Kudos to the lovliest table I have seen in a long time

Absolutely love, love, love! everything in this blog post. So beautiful, so coordinated abd cohesive and I can almost say tasty just from looking and admiring. I’ve alwsys loved fresh flowers since stationed in Germany during my military career in th 80s. Blue just became a fav entertaining and decor color. I lookfirward to following you.

My mom and I loved your post. We realize it is from 2017… we are wondering do you still have a shop? If yes where is it and what is it called. We love your mini tureens which you mentioned were soon to be added to the shop. I would love an email from you because your style and colors are very similiar to my own.
Kind regards,
Joy Roussel

Email: [email protected]

Omg!!! Your decorations and talents are to die for!!!
Just started following you and just loving the blogs!!!! 💖

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