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Hello friends,  lots of goodness to share today. Hope your week has been a good one, here busy busy but mostly all good things so no complaints. Every now and then when there is a lot to share I do a post on happenings with my shop/blog. Speaking of blog, we are finally almost here with the newly revised blog!! You will love it, the pin it option will be back and all subscription issues resolved plus so much more.

One of my most favorite aspects of having a shop/blog is getting to develop/create new things. I love the creative process and though its a BIG undertaking, when I really believe in something, few things can stop me.I feel like I have gotten a massive crash course in manufacturing the last two years but it’s immensely gratifying to see something you dream up become a reality. I know what I like and rarely waiver…plus in my eyes classic interiors will always and forever be in style:)

Today I have a bunch of really exciting developments to share with you…it’s hard for me to keep things under wraps! And a few mini polls thrown in so if you don’t mind adding your two cents, your opinions are always so valuable and really help me as I go forward. Thank you in advance!

GIFT WRAP A few weeks ago I shared this project in the works, I have thought for a while that with all the beauty  in our world out there, it is shocking to me that there is not a really fabulous line of  super sophisticated gift wrap (that I know of). So…..out of a need is often born a good idea!

I am really excited that these beauties are now in production and with what luck, I will have them here sometime late May/early June. I am having made, single rolls, reversible rolls, three sizes of gift bags, matching tissue and have a limited number of reams coming in (extra jumbo rolls perfect for small businesses or someone who loves to wrap presents lol).

If this goes as well as I am hoping, I plan to introduce some holiday designs later summer/early fall, so stay tuned! As with all my new products I will do a presale on these probably within a few weeks. Right now will have single rolls in three of the prints, reversible rolls featuring six of the prints, assorted gift bag sizes and tissue. This will either be a huge success or I will have giftwrap to pass onto my great great grand kids, lol.

These hopefully will be arrive here sometime in June. I would love to get your take on how the rolls will be packaged so if you don’t mind-

TULIPERES!! Was chomping at the bit to share this with you!! Just beside myself with how fabulous these have come out.  They will be offered in a small and large. Small will be 14″ and large will be 23″. I will also consider doing a larger version of about 32″ down the road.

Also getting these in a crackled white finish, shown below as well.  I have a feeling these are going to be very very popular as for a few years now I have gotten many requests for them. I have done some minor tweaking to the design which is not shown here but they are officially being made as we speak and I hope to have them here by mid June.

I had fun and did a little playing around, showing what they will look like when all dressed up with tulips…!! Makes me want to plan.a party around these:) I may just need to have a tulipiere party!

Be on the lookout for a “pre-presale” in next Monday/Tuesday.  First, your opinion please on these as I am having to make a quick decision on how many to be made this first go around (already in production)


Here is the slightly revised final version of what they will look like-


And another spectacular colorway (one of my boys needs to start planning a wedding)!!!

And then started thinking of how pretty they could be for a bridal shower!

PORCELAINS This is the foundation of my ecommerce shop, where it all began:) Hard to  believe I have imported manycontainers of porcelains, my goal is to continue to build on my curated collection and continue to offer more and more at prices you will not find elsewhere.

On top of what I already offer I have some other exclusive pieces in the works, not quite ready to show you yet until I get the samples back but I can promise you will be over the moon when you see them! Here is a sneak peek of the May presale coming up next Monday/Tuesday (this container is due here in around 3 weeks).

FLATWARE!! So I shared with you what I came up with a few months ago and its just about out of production soon to be shipping my way to be here around beginning/mid June. To start there will be three styles, bamboo, pagoda and equestrian.

However in later June/July stay tuned for a fabulous new style you will just love.

I will offer a presale on these quite soon, as the response has been amazing, many of you very excited over this as am I . I think the world needs more beautiful flatware!! Here is a picture of the first batch I just got featuring the stunning pagoda design. Not only are they so beautiful bur the design is featured on both sides, they are heavy weight and stainless so dishwasher safe!! Salad sets will be offered for each style as well.


CUSTOM FLORALS- Also expanding on these, as we have done well with them and combined with my gorgeous containers, these are a winning combination. The best part is the flowers are so lifelike, they fool everyone, I promise!

They never wilt or  die, no water required!! I am a total convert as I used to have real orchids all over the place but now have crossed over, the less maintenance the better!  These are all in stock and will be added to site soon. Here are some new styles which I so love soon to be added and please another mini poll, thank you!

STAFFORDSHIRE DOGS. After a very long time getting these in the works, I have  finally signed off on these to go into production in three great sizes and four colorways. They are well underway and they can’t arrive a minute too soon. Hope to have them here in late June/early July.

These pictures will show you a little “behind the scenes production”, something you don’t always get to see-

The approved molds after a few go arounds

A sample of the blue painted

This looks pink but when it is fired, it will be a burnt orange, however I may add pink down the road as it’s a great color…what don’t these look good in!

Three sizes above, the orange looks neon its the picture, in reality is a true burnt orange

Sample handpainting before being fired/glazed

MELAMINE DISHES. Big news! I was waiting to share this with you until I got the samples back but alas this is a go. I am so excited about this. To start this beautiful pattern will be offered in blue and white. I will possibly add a mossy green very soon and potentially other colors down the road.

I would love to offer this in several colors but you have to remember when you develop a product, any product, there are big quantities involved. So its best to start slow and build. I am already rubbing my hands together in anticipation of dining al fresco with these beauties!

Will have a dinner plate, a soup plate, a salad plate, large salad bowl and rectangular platter. First a quick poll-


Dinner plate


Large serving bowl

Rectangular serving platter

Salad plate

My final poll….I promise!!

So……what do you think? I am always inspired to create/manufacture things that I see a void of in the market. I know when I am looking for something I become rather hellbent on finding it, and sometimes that might mean having to make it myself!! Now a little giveaway for taking your time to help me out today-


One lucky winner will win this fabulous silver water pitcher! All you need to do is leave a comment here on the thing you love most in this post…that’s it. I will announce a winner on Sunday so be sure to check back then.

Every one of these items is something that I truly  feel is not underrepresented  out there and for anyone who favors traditional design, you might just agree. Your opinion is important and I feel lucky to have a sounding board, so thank you for helping out.

There are a few other things  also in the works but its a little early to share the news quite yet. So thank you in advance for stopping in and participating. Always greatly value your take on things…..until next time!

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Everything is beautiful!!! I am slowly adding blue and white to my decor and can’t wait for the melamine dishes!

Your exquisite taste, in everything you carry and post, just fabulous!,
I look forward every morning, because I know it will all be beautiful!,,

There are so many things I like ,it’s hard to choose! I love the faux orchids! Although I have mostly real ones, I love the faux for dining table, foyer, or other areas that you want to make a statement and not wait for blooms. I keep my orchids for years so I get lots of re-blooms. Love all the blue and white! The melamine plates are something I have wanted for several years and look forward to those. Thanks, Tina, for the inspiration every day!

Well of course I love everything! Can’t wait for the wrapping paper and the dinnerware!

Tina, I am so excited about all your upcoming projects. Everything you touch is PERFECTION…

I’m so excited to see your gift wrap line. I totally agree that it’s difficult to find beautiful wrap; can’t wait to have yours as an option.

Love your blog! I love that you show how you decorate and serve your parties and so many decorating ideas from the jobs you do and the Instagram pictures too..never old, and unlike other blogs, yours is always read all the way through….and your shop is amazing…Thank you.

Enchanted Home is my “go to” for accessories! The blue and white porcelains and faux flowers are amazing!

The Staffirdshire dogs are adorable. Can see these in my living room. I also love the dishes…..want these, too!

Good luck with all your new offerings. I really am excited for the beautiful wrapping papers.

Totally enjoy your blog everyday. Inspiration in an instant. Melamine is a great idea for outdoor entertaining. Carry on!!!!

I can’t wait to order the gift wrap! I have always felt that a beautifully wrapped package is just as important as the gift inside. I love to collect beautiful ribbon as well. Maybe that’s an idea for one of your next ventures!

The faux orchids would be great when my real orchids are resting between blooming periods. Yours look very realistic, often with faux, the leaf style is incorrect, good job.

Blue is just such a fabulous color to decorate around. I am really loving the various shades of blue and especially love blue and white!

I have been anxiously awaiting the tulipieres, and will be snagging some during the presale!!!
I’ve been so happy with all the accessories I have purchased, so I am sure the tulipieres will not disappoint!!

My favorite……seeing how creative you are! It is inspiring and fun to see all the beautiful items you create! Can’t get enough blue and white!
Always look forward to your blog!

I love the flowers and containers. Each blue and white container is unique and gorgeous and the silver container is beyond elegant. The flowers are truly life-like dispelling a distaste for non-living arrangements. Winning on every level.

Everything i Beautiful! However, chomping at the bit for a Tulipiere or two 🙂
Linda B.

Everything you have created is done so well. The gift wrap is beautiful and fun!! Would love to see you create ribbon!

Again, always so hard to choose one, honestly, everything is exquisite! It’s so nice to have a “place” to shop where you know anything you choose will be beautiful, go well with my other décor, and be great quality and value, that is rare, thank you Tina, for providing that, along with some fun and laughs. If I had to choose just one item today, it would be that amazing blue and white porcelain bowl…divine.

It is so refreshing to see the development of such beautiful products. It is fun to see what you come up with next.

I love your reproduction staffordshire dogs in this post! Much like your beautiful faux orchids no one will be able to tell the difference. All of your items in this survey are beautiful and I’m sure of the best quality ( like you, Tina!). Looks like a TEH box will soon be on my door step:)

I cannot choose one! I am very excited about both the flatware and the papers.
I am inspired by “something” everyday when I read your blog.

I cannot wait for the new flatware. Just not enough to choose from with good styling and weight. Also, the orchids are beautiful. Makes a great gift for a special friend. And the classy wrapping paper, especially in the blue and white themes, will be a joy to use. Congratulations on the many new products.

I love the melamine dishes….Of course, blue is my favorite but other colors will be lovely too….They are great to use outside or in!

If I want the best quality and the most tasteful decor at reasonable prices I visit!

As I was reading the blog today, I got more excited as I scrolled through each new product you will be carrying. If I had to choose my favorite, it would be the flatware. I desperately need a new set and all 3 of the ones you will be selling are just beautiful. Can’t wait for the new items to become available!

all is beautiful, excited for the gift wrap. I think its hard to find thoughtful hostess gifts /birthday gifts that women my age would be excited about. Seems we all have so much stuff and I hate giving just a token gift.

most excited about the gift wrap. you are right, pretty paper is hard to find. also love the silk orchids. would like to see these available without containers. many of us have existing pots that we continue to put live orchids and ivy in only to toss when they die. i have never seen them in plastic containers like the real ones. just my input.

Looking forward to your paper. Would also like to see ribbon and gift cards if possible. Love your blog! That is how I start most my mornings by reading your blog and having my coffee. My favorite lately was on the Kentucky Derby.

What a fun post today to see all you are doing! Can’t wait for the wrappping paper. You mentioned you might be carrying the soup bowls you used at your luncheon. I am interested in those too!
Keep doing what you do…….

It’s all great! I’m looking forward to seeing the gift wrap products. The water putcher is lovely.

One of each is that asking too much? TULIPIERES for sure, the orchids, giftwrap, flatware, dogs love it all. I have so many great things from you and the quality is fantastic with best prices, how can you beat that!
The tulipieres will fly off the shelves, very very hard to find unless you go to Holland and they are very pricey or on 1st Dibs for many thousands. Excited too Tina!

It is exciting to see the new lines progressing. Melamine! Can’t wait for it along with the seasonal weather to utilize it!

So many great things in the pipeline! But I love those melamine dishes! I always wonder if your new stainless is going to be 18/10 or 18/8…….I have never been happy with the quality, long-term, of 18/8, so have my fingers crossed for the good stuff @ 18/10. It is all so beautiful!

I’m so excited about all these possible new additions to your shop! Your blog has definitely been a great inspiration to my decor these past few years. Excellent choice of accessories this time. Bring them on!

Love it all Tina. You have such a fabulous gift!! I have a set of tulipieries from my mother in law. I recently used them after seeing your blog write up on them. Can’t wait for the stainless silver as I’ve been looking for new for years. I’m down to just a few spoons…yikes. Where do they disappear to? Melamine….ahhhhh Love it.

So difficult to pick just one…maybe the tuliperies. Bring on spring and a reason to beautifully display its flowres!!!

What impresses me is…”you always consider your readers first” not only in your marketing but photos, articles, recipes, etc. – that so express enjoyment of life, beauty, etc.” It’s why we keep coming back.. 🙂 franki

My favorites are the gift wrap and the melamine. But I also love the flatware. Please think of doing gift boxes in some of your paper designs. Pretty boxes get saved and sometimes reused. If one can bear to let them go!

It is so hard to find first quality faux orchids. Yours are exquisite. The topary paper is beautiful. My friends always say the wrapping is as exciting as the gift.

Love it all but can’t wait for the melamine and flatware. I look forward to your blog and your exquisite design with attention to details. Thank you!

Redecorating patio in blue and white this summer, only thing missing is the blue and white melamine.

Always fun to check email in the morning and find your post. I love the silver orchid arrangements in white. You offer some many incredible ideas and I dream of having everything. Thanks for what you do!

Tina, You always have the best! Love your shop. I think the gift wrap is a fabulous idea to add. Can’t wait!

I have a spot for the blue and white container and orchid. The problem is ……… it is so hard to choose just one!

Everything is so fabulous, I’m a detail kind of gal. Can’t wait for the wrapping paper and Christmas wrap. Love to have something that no one else has. Thank You

Love Love Love, the flatware and supper excited about the wrapping paper.. I Hope you do carry them in that supper long roll it would be great to have a paper that I could use for everything ” a signature” print

Everything is wonderful, you put such thought into each item but keep your style consistent with every product you introduce. I love it all, but I really like your gift wrap and look forward to ordering some. I don’t wrap as many gifts as I used to, but when I do am always disappointed in the paper choices. I would love to have a stash of signature paper and ribbon and know every gift would look really pretty.

TEH is one of my favorite morning rituals, along with that important first cup of coffee!
LOVE the wrapping paper…thanks for doing them in gift bags!!!
And the dinnerware…beautiful!!!

I always look forward to your blog postings! They are so interesting and fun to read. I especially love the idea of your selling the flowers. I love putting flowers all over my home, and I’m already eyeing a few I see here today! Thank you for such a lovely giveaway opportunity as well!

What don’t I like?? I love the wrapping paper, melamine dishes, and the orchids. All of them, are on my “need” to get list 🙂 I am really excited about the gift bags- everything Tina does is beautiful!!

I always look forward to your blogs,so happy you won,without a doubt it was well deserved. As a now retired 45 years as a antique importer,I understand what it takes and you definitely have it..I have always been a purist and collector of many things,Chinese export,masons ironstone,English staffordshire,silver,etc,etc…I have been adding some of your larger blue and white to my new screen porch,and just love them. The quality is wonderful and mixes with antique canton so well. Keep up the good work…love your new items. Also so happy that you are traditional with a edge,our tastes are very similar. Keep up the hunt. That might be the best of the best!!

I’m happy you’re cooking up new products. Would like to see more solid color porcelain for those who appreciate the beauty of the Orient and blue and white Chinese porcelain but it’s not their thing. I really love the new gray ginger jar and could appreciate it in another classic shape as well. Thanks so much for all you do.

You have inspired me to decorate a table using tulipieres! I can’t wait to see them in my home! I also love the pink/green flower combination in the blue vases…Stunning!

Love your great ideas and beautiful designs. I am very excited to see the beautiful gift wrap roll out.

I too believe that one can never go wrong with traditional anything!
I am excited about the Tuliperes!!!

Love it all, as always. I lespecially love the flatware and the intricate yet simple designs. They are perfect for use everyday, yet special enough to pull out and use on special occasions and events.

I agree with you on how difficult it is to find good wrapping paper at reasonable prices. I’m longing to reduce the clutter and choose one single super jumbo roll to do all my wrapping. I’m thinking Tiffany Blue would work for masculine or feminine gifts, young or old, and just changing up the ribbon, accordingly.

Hats off to you, Tina, for making things happen where you see a void!!

Always a happy moment when I see your post in my email box. Look forward to reading your blog and perusing your online shop. Thanks so much!

I admit I had never heard of Foo dogs until I saw them on your blog. I love them! They’re nestled on my table with your gorgeous orchid!
Can’t wait for the new stuff!

So many gorgeous things but the melamine dishes are a huge WOW!!! Love the practical mixed with beautiful, perfect for summer outdoor entertaining!

The gift wrap is my absolute favorite. Who couldn’t use some more gift wrap, and yours is beautiful and unique. Love it!!

How can I choose just one item?! I need a pair of the tulipieres! And it is time for me to upgrade my old bamboo stainless with your bamboo or pagoda flatware (or both?)

I really enjoyed seeing everything you have in the works ! I am looking forward to purchasing the flatware!

I just am amazed at all of our creativity. What fun to have such a talent. I simply love everything you are doing. The florals and flatware (bamboo) are definitely some items I will get.

Finally, Staffordshire dogs coming into your shop! I’m excited for a pair to flank one of my large rectangular blue/white containers featuring tall sprigs of faux springs flowers.

Love the orchids, my favorite!!! Very excited for the dinnerware, and the tuliperes!!
Thank You!

Think the melamine style is so beautiful. What a grand idea. How about several lines/styles of non-breakable drink ware to go with them? 🙂

I am really taken with the bamboo flatware. So classic yet casual, can see using it year round. Looks like high quality and bonus it’s so well priced!

I love all of your products, so it’s hard to pick just one! Love the melamine to use outdoors and also indoors for the grandkids! Also, a tulipire would look very unique in my house.

As a true blue and white lover, TEH is my first shop/blog for adding new pieces to my collection, decorating ideas (especially Christmas) and delicious recipes (the Brie, oh my). I love the beautiful gift wrap idea and looking forward to the inspired selections. The gift wrap is an untouched market I feel since it is hard to find pretty paper that makes a statement.

I think you hit another JACK POT with this post!

Hope you have a backup list of elves to help you with the “Incoming” merchandise. Sounds like a lot of wonderful products are coming to TEH.

Can hardly wait for the pricing……….is there a special deal for “I want it all?” ………….lol

Hugs, Donna

I love how you are constantly on the search for new things as well as what readers are asking for! Am excited about the beautiful wrapping paper. So much on the market is too cutesy or too trendy. These are classic and classy!

LOVE the giftwrap. I have long thought that the market was missing in this regard. Good for YOU for doing something about it. I love all the designs. Can’t wait !!!

Dear Tina,

My favorite item is the faux floral. They look real and no watering!


Trudi R.

The wrapping paper is a must have. The melamine plates are right up there too. You are going to need a lot of help, and I get the feeling that you like to do a lot of it yourself. Don’t take too much on by yourself–that’s a good way to get run down, and then where would we be without TEH?

How talented you are, Tina! The wrapping paper is a great idea and truly beautiful. Thank you for thinking of things that we need! 🙂

I love that you never lose sight of your roots, and seek feedback from your readers to improve your blog/site! Resting on your laurels isn’t your thing, and enhances your success!

Well, THIS was fun this morning! Loved touring through all the new items. I was in the “do not ‘need’ a tulipere” category until I saw your beautiful mood board with flowers and your Mottahedah. Now I “need” tulipieres and Tobacco Leaf china as well! And wrapping paper and melamine. TEH is the perfect place for gifts of all types, and usually go no further than your shop.

The thing I like most on the post is that you want input from your subscribers! All of the items are beautiful. I’m trying to figure out where to put a tulipiere and I know exactly where a small pair of Staffordshire orange dogs would fit perfectly.

Love what you have in the works! Keep up the great work. Pagodas and tulipieres are my faves.

Great post! I enjoy taking your surveys and I am very excited about all the wonderful things you have in the works! I love your ideas for the bridal shower with your Tulipieres! I swooned! And I love the blue and white containers to hold flowers or Orchids. I really need to start my blue and white collection soon!

Anything blue and white is my favorite. But I love the gift wrap. I’m looking forward to a beautiful blue and white paper I can use all year.

I love checking your blog on a daily basis and have referred it to several of my friends here on the Big Island of Hawaii. Believe it or not – my own home has blue and white and I love to decorate tables for fund raising events and incorporate the blue and white into our tablescaping. The blue and white blends with a Hawaiian/Asian/Traditional theme in my home. I am currently obsessing about your flatware set and can’t yet decide I like the bamboo or traditional set! Either way, I will be ordering.

I am like you – ready for one of my girls to get married so can plan a fabulous blue and white reception! (I know – it will be what she wants…but if I can influence her…!) I really love the flatware! Thinking Happy Mother’s Day to me!!

Your latest post is filled with so many new items, I found myself reading it twice; thank you Tina for the happiness you bring to our lives.

I enjoy your blog and have been following and purchasing over the last two years. This is a difficult challenge as there are a number of items that I really like that were included in the poll. But since I’m limited to one, it would be the new wrapping paper, which is absolutely inspired! That would be quickly followed by the new blue and white melamine, and the gorgeous orchids (I might give up the real ones I normally purchase, as yours look great).

The more I see the flatware the more I am thinking I have to have it. Very unique and beautiful!

You have done extremely with your on-line shop. Fun to watch you expand and think of new pieces to add to the shop. Very well done.
Have always liked blue and white so right up my alley. Like most things in the shop.

Love the idea of me having a signature gift wrap In large rolls. Also that it’s printed on both sides in different designs,. You are amazing ! I have yearned to find someone willing to address the kind of things I look for and you have done that by adding an area for us to say what we would like that you don’t already offer. (There isn’t much!!)
Hope you will look into offering the Lady Slipper orchid. They grew wild in my grandmothers woods.

My favorite are the orchids in the blue and white planters. Would also love a pair of the tulipieres.

Can’t wait for the entire wrapping paper line. It is stunning! And the dishes are beautiful!

The wrapping paper is AMAZING!! You knocked it out of the park…can’t wait to purchase.

Your product offerings are wonderful! I confess that I am partial to all the blue and white porcelain–especially the pagodas.

Your idea about the gift wrap was brilliant! Just when you think there is nothing new on the market.

I love the wrapping paper. And I could see beautiful blue and white journals someday too. I didn’t think I would like the Staffordshire dogs but I really do. I will buy a pair. Can’t wait until your sale next week. I’m ready for more porcelains.

I’m looking forward to the lovely gift wrap. The patterns are stunning. And of course, I cannot resist the beautiful flatware.

If I have to pick one favorite from your new designs, I would pick your gift wrap. I love to wrap gifts in beautiful paper and I usually have a theme. In addition, I’m loving your melamine plates and your bamboo flatware. Excited to see what else you’ve come up with!
A future idea for you that I search for every spring, but don’t have much luck, are live herb topiaries. I love to have these in pots sprinkled around my patio.

I love so many things, but the orchids in planters are really gorgeous!!! Look so real.

Like the porcelain and the three selection of wrapping with the birds. Think the dark paper is so striking.
Fascinated with the tulipieres. Thank you Tina. Must say you never cease to amaze. Do you ever sleep?

Tina I rarely comment but had to today. I am astounded at all these developments and so excited. I love it ALL but must say am most in love with the tulipieres and dogs. I have always wanted to own a pair of tulipieres and bought Juliska’s last year, and though they are pretty I like these much m ore so I will be one of your first customers and the dogs are just darling. Very hard to find so think you will do well. The paper, flatware and melamine is all equally beautiful. Great job, you are very talented.

Everything is so beautiful!!! I am most excited about the tuliperes and the melamine dishes. Can’t wait!!!

The orchids in the planters are wonderful and I love them. I have never had luck growing them, but love the idea that I can buy these. So many beautiful things………so hard to choose!! You have such exquisite taste and I love the blog, even down to the recipes to try for special occasions. Wow, with a full time job how do you do it all!!

I agree with everyone. You really have expanded into everything and they beautiful. Each and everyone is so beautiful and well done. Congratulations Tina, job well done!

I’m fairly new to your fabulous blog. Not only am I enjoying your content immensely, but I’ve been introduced to your wonderful store. What can I say about your incredible store, other than I wish that I could afford one of everything that you sell. You have incredible taste and it fits into my style very nicely. I appreciate that you continue to offer new ideas for us to choose from and look forward to seeing what your going to come up with next. Have a great weekend!

I love the melamine dishes, the porcelains and the wrapping paper. What fun to develop a vision and see it to fruition. Congrats to you!!!

I have been following your blog for years and love seeing how much it has developed into a business. I have similar taste as yours and really like your products. The wrapping paper is exciting for me as I just love presenting my gifts elegantly wrapped. Its nice to know there are others out there like me! Thanks Tina for your always interesting blog.

I keep telling myself, I LOVE LIVING IN CANADA, I LOVE LIVING IN CANADA, I LOVE LIVING IN CANADA, then I come to your blog and see all the fabulous items you have and realize you don’t ship internationally. *headdesk* At least I can dream.
Trish Boyko, Victoria, BC.

The gift wrapping is such a great idea. Like the melamine dishes, especially if offered in more colors.

You opened my eyes as to the beauty of blue and white porcelain. I had sort of lost the desire to decorate our home. However, after studying what you have done in your home it dawned on me that “why don’t I refresh our mantle and side board with blue and white porcelain!” We live in a traditional styled home on Cape Cod. Have been married to my soul mate for fifty plus years. He agrees that we should spiff up the house. So I am trying to learn as much as I can about the history behind blue and white. I love your blog and am looking forward to the new shipment of porcelain.

Love absolutely everything here as always! My favorites are the gift wrap and the melamine plates! 🙂

Pick one? Impossible I really love it all- you have been awfully busy!
I love the tulipiere s, always wanted a pair so now hopefully will e my chance. The dogs are wonderful especially love the big size. Paper dishes and flowers heck all it is so pretty! Can’t wait.

The Staffordshire dogs were my favorite in this post. However, all your pieces inspire me to do more with blue and white and flowers and beautiful things in our home.

Love everything! If I had to choose one item, I would pick the pagoda flatware. Lusting for it already!

I can not wait for your wrapping paper and your Staffordshire dogs! The silverware, dishes the list goes on and on. Yippie for me!

I love the Pagoda flatware and the all the wrapping papers! I also love taking polls!

I love the design and, of course, blue and white color of the melamine line! So beautiful and practical without sacrificing an iota of Style. I would use them every day in the summer as we have lunch and dinner poolside!

Wrapping paper is gorgeous! Love the tulipiere. I saw one at the Royal Delft factory and have been kicking myself for not purchasing! Love the melamine and flatware!

I’m excited about the tulipers. I bought one years ago on eBay and have never seen another. I also love the orchids. I am watching for both when they are offered. Thanks for all of the lovely inspiration.
Loved your luncheon photos and descriptions. Already made the chicken salad and took lots of mental notes on the rest of the recipes and ideas. Thanks.

I love, love, love your flatware options! Please don’t add any more designs- how could I choose? 🙂

Dying over the tulipieres! And the dogs and melamine and paper and flatware, ha….what can I say? You are speaking my language here and I think I would have to give in and have one of everything. Imagine that without ever having to leave my home, isn’t the internet grand! Your ideas are just fantastic and so sorely needed. Thanks Tina.

I really look so forward to opening up my emails to see your post. I enjoy that you have shown the production of some of things as a sneak peek to they hand work involved in producing your items. I can’t wait for the paper products and after I finished the survey I thought of something I’d love to see is pretty storage boxes with the same patterns of your paper. I would love to have those in various sizes with those little magnetic clips on the front to close. To be able to have those on a shelf in an office to put things away out of view but still be blue & white and lovely. I’m waiting for those staffodshire dogs also, love the various sizes coming our way. I’m excited about it all!

So much beauty in one post, dear Tina. I am smitten with the darling wrapping paper. I think it would make great wallpaper too. Enjoy your weekend. Looks like a wet one.

I loved everything. Can’t wait for the wrapping paper, the melamine plates and the tuliperes.

I love your latest design for the tulipieres, and the sizes are very good. The simpler design is gorgeous.
Also, I would love to purchase gift wrapping designed to complement The Enchanted Home Christmas ornaments. I can picture it now!

Love all you’re offering, and happy to see you expanding into new areas, such as the gift wrap and flatware!!

It is really hard to choose because everything is fabulous but i LOVE the pagoda flatware! And I really love the Tulip vases as well.

Loving everything. But my favorite on this post would have to be the melamine dishes. I think I will need those!

Yes to the whole loot. I love each and every item which is why I love your blog so much, we are soul sisters in what we love and I admire your passion and drive to get the job done so all of us can enjoy your creations.

The tulipieres are on my wish list, just above the plates, flatware orchids, doggies and giftwrap I don’t have to think about. We own a home in Palm Beach and I found a pair last year for $5500 and passed them up and so glad I did because I like yours even better. Such genius ideas! Cannot wait till they come in. Have a lovely weekend dear Tina.

I love, love, love flowers and am very enamored by the tuliperes. I am seeing how many I can fit in my house.. I also enjoy beautifully wrapping presents and am looking forward to the wrapping papers

Visiting The Enchanted Home is my best eye candy opportunity of the week and a true delight. I am very excited about the giftwrap – it is gorgeous, and I can imagine a spin off into paper mats… paper napkins… cocktail napkins… coasters… guest towels… shelf paper… notepaper,,. drawer scented liners… wall paper… maybe fabric in all the above also. Truly lovely. So fresh and bespoke. Please keep the delights coming!

Love the tuliperes and the gift wrap! You have an amazing eye and extremely creative. Thanks for giving us a preview of what’s to come and soliciting feedback. Happy weekend!

Since I don’t have a green thumb, I must get one of the amazingly life-like orchids! Don’t think I can kill it, but it will probably be touch and go! The blue and white pots look so pretty with them, and would go beautifully in my blue and white family room.

Love the faux florals! Especially the first one in that gorgeous blue and wait container!

I’m going to be checking daily for your flatware presale! Flatware (that isn’t “flat” at a nice price point is almost impossible to find – a set of the bamboo pattern will have a nice home in my kitchen drawer!

I always love everything I see and read about in your posts. The melamine is going to be awesome especially for outdoor entertaining season! The wrapping paper is fabulous too! Love it all!!

I am slowly embracing the warmer weather. With that in mind I love the melamine dishes and tuliperes. They would make a beautiful outdoor summer table setting.

I just love the faux orchids-all the beauty, none of the worry! Maybe I should ask for one of those for Mother’s Day! That’s an idea!!!

The passion & enthusiasm in which you promote your products is contagious. I love your new , fresh , & innovative ideas which are easy & practical . The new gift wrap is a wonderful new ” old ” idea of making someone feel special, in addition to beautifying a gift . Love the silver ; never can have enough . The melamine idea is perfect for this time of year . Continue being innovative & charming !

Love everything new here it is so hard to decide-I especially love that you have so many options of one design, like the Staffordshire dogs-they are probably my favorite, esp. all of the color choices and sizes! You are on pointe with your eye for traditional design and I love everything I have purchased from you!! Thank you for creative genius and tireless effort to bring these to us!!!

Such a gorgeous silver pitcher! The planters are perfect for summertime and the faux flowers are perfect year round:)

Love everything on this blog today. Wrapping paper, have a daughter in law who wraps the most beautiful presents and she will be the first person I will order your paper for. Love the silver pitcher, would love to win it.
Orchids are my weakness!!!!

The orchids are just gorgeous, have one and plan to add more. They are especially beautiful in the silver pots. And the wrapping paper is a must!

Did someone say silver pitcher?
Snack on radishes….a silver pitcher of iced tea could wash them down!

I love everything. I’ve been following you for a long time now and love purchasing items. It always feels like Christmas when they arrive !

Like you I love it all. Waiting for the dogs!!!!
Love the silver pitcher. Would put it to good use.

First of all – You are an inspiration Tina. It’s wonderful to get all the beauty you send everyday in the form of an blog.

Naturally I LOVE all the blue and white – they are all winners, but the incredible wrapping paper and unique flatware are both filling voids in the marketplace. I am looking forward to their arrival!

Thank you for sharing your brilliant taste!

Tina , I look forward each day to see what you post, congratulations on your big win, Do I have to pick a favorite? I love everything, I have a blue and white decor, and can’t wait for the tulipieries, . Someone suggested that you write a cook book, I agree, Ruth

I am very excited with all of your new upcoming offerings! My favorite is the gift wrap. I hope to see even more styles and choices.

Hi Tina
I actually won a few of your things maybe 4 years ago. You didn’t have the following you have now!
Love this Pitcher a lot!
I would love to buy a pair of the pink dogs for my “girl’s” bedroom.

Good repros of Staffordshire dogs are hard to find so nice to see this product.
Love the melamine dinnerware, makes one want to find an excuse to eat outdoors!
The gift wrap is a great addition to your line!

All of the items in your shop are beautiful! Currently I am loving the pillows. I have always been a fan of Staffordshire and you cant have too many of them. The gift wrap is a wonderful idea and makes me want to give gifts rather than gift cards.
I’m giving myself the tulipieres..cant wait

I really enjoy outdoor entertaining so the melamine dishes would be a wonderful addition!

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