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****This post was done last week but this week, I have a very sad announcement, it is with a heavy heart that to tell you that our builder, Nathan Cameron, a talented and passionate visionary and  all around wonderful person passed away this week. We are all still reeling from the shock. His team has been outstanding in reaching out to us and this is a testament to the person he was and how he treated them.

We loved his passion and that was precisely what drew us to him to begin with, it was contagious. I am very sad he didn’t get to see our home done, as we were just getting to the fun part and had fun sharing Pinterest pictures. . He was so excited to work with us on all the details and it’s hard to believe he won’t be around to see it completed. But behind every great builder is a talented and equally able team and his is among the best we have seen so we are completely confident they will carry out his vision to the last detail.

This house will forever be a tribute to Nathan Cameron doing what he did and loved best, building beautiful homes. Palmetto Bluff has lost a great one, but his legacy will continue and his company will continue to work hard to continue to create beautiful and elegant homes just like he would have wanted them to.

This post is dedicated to his memory and to his family (both immediate and his “company family”) who are mourning his loss. They lost a family member and we lost not only our builder but someone we considered a friend. Rest in peace, Nathan

Good morning friends….so here I am with Chapter 19 if you can believe it. Things are really starting to chug along and I must say its really exciting to watch it turn into a home, slowly but surely. Words cannot express how exciting it was to be there about 2 weeks ago and see it in person. It’s a real home! We just love it and love the facade and roof has a great feel and layout. Here is the latest-

Pretty pretty!

Big deck overlooking water

Front roof going on

Our future bedroom

Walking down the front stairs, love this big window

Great room


Love the pierced chimney detail, it’s all in the details

So this is where to me, the fun begins. I have just completed all my selections for the baths which was a lot of fun with a few hiccups along the way. I knew what I wanted and knew that if I kept looking I would find it. Some things required a huge lead time which we did not have and others were prohibitively expensive. All that said, most marble mosaics and water jets have come down dramatically in price since I did this almost 8 years ago, can’t believe it’s been that long.

For me I wanted marble/natural stone in every bath. We have it here in our NY home and I never have for one second regretted that decision. It is beautiful and so timeless, really stands the test of time and is virtually no maintenance. I never quite understood people who fret over wondering if it will hold up. Go to Europe, go to restaurants, church steps, 300 year old buildings and that will probably answer any doubts you might have. Truly there is nothing in my eyes, as beautiful as marble.

Lucky for you I have scoured the country to find the best selections, most reputable suppliers at the best prices.

Powder room- This is the flooring above, a lantern. mosaic in honed white carerra

And above is the vanity we are doing in the powder room

Back powder room- Big fan of herringbone and how classic it is, so did a honed carerra herringbone floor with a white pedastal sink

My bath- looked and looked and looked. I knew it when I finally found “the one”. I want it to feel very spa like and think I am on my way

And here it is!

And here is what I chose, love this pattern, feminine, light and airy

Husbands bath- This is such a pretty slightly masculine stone, next to mahogany cabinetry it will be a timeless masculine bath.

Upstairs ((kids baths) Wanted them to all feel light and airy,  like the rest of the house so did classic designs, nothing trendy

This bathroom above  will get a navy vanity

This one above  will get a pale gray vanity-

This one above  gets a white vanity

Guest bath–  Did a Calcutta 1 x 8 herringbone floor with a pretty white vanity

My favorite stone resources-(click on link to visit their sites)

In case you are in the market for bathroom/kitchen flooring, here are my amazing resources for mosaic/floor tiles, I have bought from these two sources for years and cannot say enough about their beautiful quality, dependability, honesty, integrity an prices!! I have scoured the planet for the best sources with best prices and can assure you these are top notch, the quality is fantastic!  Mention you found them through me, and you just may get a special little savings:)

BASKETWEAVE MOSAICS (ask for Eric and tell them Tina from TEH sent you)

TILE BAR- (ask for Jacob and tell them Tina from TEH sent you)

AGM stone (slabs in the south)

Other resources- (click on links names to visit their sites)




We found beautiful slabs for the kitchen and counter tops so crossing my fingers and waiting for the quote. Marble can cost the size of a good car so hoping we can make it work. My next chapter will be on marble countertops and slab picking, so stay tuned!

Thank you for stopping in and sharing this journey with me. The best and most fun parts are yet to come! Have a wonderful day, until next time….

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Can you please tell me the name of the fabric you used in your bathroom? It is a cream or white background with blue vines and small blue flowers. Very delicate and clean. I emailed you once before and didn’t get a reply.
Thank you for your time.
Barbara Liguori

Tina, so terrible about your builder. I am very sorry.

On a bright note, the house is looking so beautiful, I love the style and colors. Looks like a great layout too. All of tour bathroom selections are SPOT ON. Love each one, which will stand the test of time. Thanks for sharing sources.

So sorry for the loss of your talented builder and friend. Your new home speaks volumes about his dedicated work as a builder, it is beautiful.
I love all of your bathroom selections, especially the floor you chose for your bathroom.

What a fun project. Lots of work and decisions. That’s right up your alley. Super selections. So fun to see it all.
Thanks for sharing.

Tina, this is so sad. But what a nice tribute to your builder. Your home will be quite lovely.
Best, Marie

So very sorry to hear about your builder and what a beautiful tribute you gave him. Your house will always be a great reminder of his talent. It is all looking great and completely agree with you on the tenets of natural stone! Looks amazing.

I am sorry for the loss of your builder and friend. You were blessed to have found him and are doubly blessed that his talented crew can continue his legacy. We have learned the hard way that a good builder makes all the difference between a dream and a nightmare. We are 1 year into construction and I am now working full time managing the builder, supervising his subcontractors as well as doing all the design work. I can’t imagine what kind of a disaster it would be if I didn’t do this. We are hopeful that we can move into it before the summer is over…

Sincere condolences on your loss and to to the family and colleagues of Mr. Nathan Cameron. I hope the fact that his spirit lives on in his stunning artistry is a comfort to all. Beautiful home – thank you for sharing it.

I am so sorry to read about the loss of your friend and builder. Life is so very unpredictable. How fortunate you are to have his legacy built into your lovely home to be.

My condolences, Tina, on the loss of your builder and friend. “The Bluffs” will, indeed, be a testament to his work as well as his team.

Thanks for the updates! And did I spy the makings of a future garden in one of the outdoor shots? Love those pines! I miss them from my old home place in the Florida panhandle. Nothing like these in the Northwest.

So very sorry for the loss of your builder. My thoughts are with his family.

Love all of your choices.

Terrible news about Nathan Cameron. He was a young man with young children. So sad for his wife and family. Was this an accident?
Sincere condolences.

How wonderful to see your inspiration come to life and how sad that you lost such a vital member of your building team. We’re sure he will be missed; your house stands in tribute to his talent.
C + C

Very sad to hear about Nathan Cameron. His Low Country homes are so beautiful. He will be greatly missed in the architecture and design communities.

My condolences to your builder and the family. I always love your style and the marbles are fantastic. One question I have is if it is honed do you find the marble stains or does it simply age into the surface? I am starting another bathroom and I am considering using marble flooring, thanks Beth

Tina this is very sad news. I know that must have hit the community very hard. We had friends who k new him casually through other friends and had nothing but the nicest things to say about him and his talent.

Your beautiful new home is living proof of his talent and passions and how lovely your message was. I love that you will see forever as a special keepsake of the time you all spent together dreaming up this lovely home. Best to you.


I am so sorry to hear about the news of Nathan – so terribly sad! The house is coming along beautifully – the bathroom choices are stunning. xoxo

Tina: Long time since I’ve commented, but was getting caught up on some of my blog reading this evening and ran across this post. What a small world it is. I met Nathan several times over the past few years, got to tour many of the homes he built (his personal house was one of my all-time favorites.) Not only a creative and talented builder, but truly a nice guy.

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