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Good morning my friends, absolutely beautiful weather weekend here. Time to announce the winner of the beautiful blue and while ottoman from Decor Market. Congratulations goes to-


Please contact us at [email protected] so we can get your contact info and this beautiful piece can be on it’s way!


Hope you are having the same. Had a lovely weekend, celebrated a friends birthday at a beautiful party, saw  friends for dinner , caught up on errands and made my first stop of the season to a local farm stand, one of my  most favorite things to do!  Even had time to relax a little in the backyard:)

Here we go with my Seven on Sunday-

1 MY BACKYARD Thanks to my porcelain container arriving I was able to finish sprucing up my back patio. I was waiting on garden seats. I am always just like the shoemakers son and often there are none left for me, normally sold them all with nothing to take home:( So this time I ordered double to ensure there is plenty to go around!

They were the perfect finishing touch to the back patio. It was fun to bring out all my favorite pillows from Studio Tullia, take a look-

Loving my boxwoods white calibrochia in my beautiful Provence planters…they are thriving!

And these myrtles are over 2 feet tall, I take their care very seriously….they have been “with me” almost 2 years!

This is our his and her chair, we sit out here in the early evening so we each have out own little garden seat:)

Aerial view!

Love ginger jars outside

All my beautiful pillows are from Studio Tullia (click here)

Check out the collaboration we did together on all my favorite blue and white pillows, click here


2 A WONDERFULLY CHARMING HOME IN BUCKHEAD. This home excludes charm, elegance, grace and most of all is so welcoming. The own collaborated with William T Baker to create this wonderful home in Buckhead. I love everything about it but that greenhouse just sends me over!  Click here to see the full article over at Atlanta Home Magazine

3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST More beauty and inspiration to share this week, if anything it’s hard narrowing it down. There is so much to be inspired by-

4 A PARTY ON THE HORIZON. I am planning a party for my husbands birthday later this month let’s call it a VERY belated 50th:) It will be a sit down dinner (fingers crossed outside) for about 24 of our nearest and dearest and will be an intimate wine tasting dinner.

I am excited about it and starting to plan it all out, it came together just a few weeks ago. I envision all white and want lots of candles. Hopefully I can carry out that vision! I love the idea of some greenery mixed in with the white, eucalyptus can be gorgeous as can sprigs of boxwood. I have all kinds of ideas peculating.


5 THE TALE OF TWO LAMPS So I brought home one each of two new favorite chinoiserie tole lamps and cannot decide for the life of of me which to keep. They are both so pretty! The one on the right is blue/ivory and the left is a pale blue/gold. Both actually look great but I need to decide. Need your input and always value your opinion.




6 NEW MOVIE ALERT! We went to see Paris Can Wait, I cannot tell you how much I really wanted to love this movie but to me, it fell totally flat. There was no chemistry whatsoever and it was almost lifeless at times. The only thing that saved it was the food scenes and of course glimpses of the Parisian countryside. Alec Bladwin made a short cameo appearance and maybe if they kept him in longer, it might have had more spark.

I did see a few previews though for upcoming movies that look promising and do not feature anything with blood, gore, robots destroying our world or going back to the dark ages…hallelujah!

Three movies I am an very anxious to see…just when I was really starting to lose my faith in Hollywood!


7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY Summer is here, hard to believe. It will go by with the snap of a finger. I always try my hardest to get into a zen state of mind when summer rolls around and do my best to take as much time to revel in the beautiful weather and hit the beach when I can. This is harder than ever as I have a full plate (work wise) so that downtime means more than it ever has and when I get it, it’s heaven. What is your summer state of mind?

And there you have my seven on Sunday. Always appreciate you stopping in and including me in your Sunday routine. Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing Sunday. Sun is shine and the birds are chirping, so no complaints here! Until next time….







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Wonderful post as always. I can’t wait to see photos of the birthday party! It is sure to be as beautiful!

Also, would you be willing to share who made your bedding? It is so gorgeous!

I love all the pretty decor pics, Tina..Beautiful, inspiration as always. I’d love to know what color cream/ivory paint that was used on the walls in the Atlanta house.

Thank you for including the movie trailers.. The Glass Castle was a heartbreaking book. I may have to pass on the movie fearing it will not do the book justice. Victoria and Abdul brought tears to my eyes. I think Victoria has not been given the respect she so richly deserves. She was much more than the poor mourning wife as she is so often remembered. Quite a history lesson too! This one is a must for me! PS. Kudos to Judi Dench. Two new movies! With the exception of Meryl Streep – Hollywood actresses can learn from her and stop complaining about age discrimination. True talent is ageless.

I always look forward to Seven on Sunday! Thanks! Good luck with the 50th birthday! I am sure it will be beautiful!!

The ginger jars on your outdoor end tables are fabulous. Love the darker blue background and their scale in the large patio area. Perfection.

Having grown up in the Midwest I learned to love all the seasonal changes. Living in the Arizona desert in the
summer is different than some other parts of our country. June is particularly nice because the nights cool off,
the quail and their babies are, starting with twelve, romping around, the cardinals are singing prettily, the cactus
wren scolding all who come near. The spring plants still have some green, the roses producing the last good
blooms until later in the Fall. Loved the Atlanta house and the movie trailers. Dame Judith Dench,such a talent.
Thank you, Tina

Happy to see some good movies coming out, Hollywood has let me down the last few years. I haven’t been to see a movie in at least a good year.
Love your patio, it is perfection. Such a great idea to bring ginger jars outside, do you keep them out even when it rains? Also your bedroom is so pretty both lamps look beautiful but the blue/white is my vote.
Always so enjoy these Sunday posts, actually I enjoy every post!

Summer in Florida is either hot! and humid, or rainy. We endure it, but long for the cooler days of “fall” and “winter” which is why we relocated here. For the months of July and August we go from our air-conditioned homes to our air-conditioned cars to air-conditioned malls and restaurants. Activities are limited to any environment that sports an interior temperature of seventy degrees or lower! I’m not whining or complaining, merely stating a fact of Florida living. For ten months of the year it is glorious here, just like summer in the northern climes.

Am looking forward to Tulip Fever and Victoria & Abdul……….agree Hollywood has been lacking.

Also, anxious to see how your husbands birthday party materializes…’s hard to keep it masculine feeling and not use a lot of flowers.

Love this blog! You bring so many inspiring ideas to us. Your outdoor area is beautiful! Blue and white is so peaceful.
It was hard to choose on the lamps . Have a fun summer!

After watching the trailer for Victoria and Abdul, I went to You Tube and watched a fascinating documentary on their relationship produced by British TV. If you are planning to see the movie you will certainly want to watch this by the same title, about 45 minutes long. So very interesting!

I agree with you 100% about the movie “Paris Can Wait.” I so wanted to love it.
” Midnight in Paris” is one of my all-time favorite movies.
But I thought this was one of the most boring movies I’d ever seen!!! Not a bit of chemistry between them. Horribly bland dialogue.

Can you please give my your paint colors on these walls they are all beautiful and I am having a really tough time choosing colors for my home. thank you very much, jeanette

I cannot get enough of this post. I have been through it at least five times and saved many of the pictures. Your terrace makes my mouth water. It is very lovely. I am anxiously awaiting my first shipment of blue and white from you. Wishing you a wonderful week.

I just love those little green kitchen chairs in the instagram picture. Your backyard is gorgeous with all the blue and white!

Everything looks fabulous on your veranda! Loving the blue and white garden stools. I am going over to check out the the blue and white pillow collaboration!

Cannot wait to check out your Instagram picks. Always so many fun people on Instagram.

Thanks for sharing your picks!

I just love your patio and long to do something like it in blue and white but l’m so afraid it will get so dirty. l live in New Jersey and the tree pollen, rain, sun and even the air seem to dirty everything. So l’m curious to know if you keep yours covered except when in use or do you just enjoy it and replace each year?

Again..all this beauty and not a pin button to be found! I hope it’s close because I’m picking that there will be plenty in the “belated 50th” that will tempt me?. Gorgeous post as always.

Could u pls tell me the brand and name of ur lovely aluminum patio furniture shown up near the top? Would love to know where i can purchase that for my patio.

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