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Hey everyone, it’s Teddy and before I begin, just wanted you to know Tina is taking a few days off from the blog to prepare for a party ( but her Seven on Sunday will appear so have no fear). You know her and details…don’t even ask! She thanks everyone for their support and patience as  the new site has launched, she is so relieved and loves it. There will be inevitable small things here and there to work on but she is “on it”. Be sure if you haven’t already to take a look around especially at the much improved shop site.

Now onto me, I think most of you know me well. I am also affectionately sometimes known as  Tina’s sidekick and basically the one who “keeps her in check”. Yes that is me, the one who wines and dines on my own blue and white china, gets to taste test everything she makes and the one who rolls my eyes every time she comes in the door carrying  more new things from her shop. That is called keeping it real and keeping her in check!

I mean, really- how much blue and white does one need? Maybe I am asking the wrong audience that:) Then again, who am I to judge because I cannot imagine NOT dining on my blue and white bowls. They make even plain old dog food feel like an epicurean delight! And I must admit living in a house with a lot of blue and white is awfully pretty.

Anyway though she occasionally features me leading my life of leisure, I thought it was way overdue for me to be front and center and get my well deserved 15 min of fame, what do you think? Want to see a day in the life of Teddy? Well if you don’t this post may not be for you but if you do, hope you enjoy this!

I will be the first to tell you, I am an old man, 12 and a half years young which is pretty darn old for a Golden so though I have slowed down, I still make a point to enjoy the good life when I can. Viva la dolce vita!!!!


Pool lounging:)

Sometimes you just want to get away from the cameras here I am hiding in the woods, can’t they take a hint!

Waiting for my next snack:)

Yes I even become a snowbunny in winter, I am a good sport!

And you bet I am patriotic, just check me out in my American flag bandanna

I take my lounging time and  quiet moments seriously:)

And this is my little corner that I call home, love it here because the windows are really low and allow me to scope things out without moving a muscle…and can you believe those blue and white dishes (given as a generous gift by Tina’s cusotmer/reader) ! Stay tuned, Tina has some in the works for delivery mid to late August

Sunbathing after a dip

And yes I do get into the holidays…..though not always by choice, but I am a good sport!

Enjoying a sunny day by the pool

My brother and I , isn’t he handsome and such a great friend to me:)

I give new meaning to splendor in the grass

Every now and then I confess I sneak into the family room and steal a nap on this comfy sofa, its so comfy!

This is my version of  a smile:)

Got this mega bone from my moms friend, known as the Preppy Empty Nester..who by the way is now my long distance girlfriend:)

Not to brag but someone thought I was so handsome she painted this unbelievable painting of yours truly! What a talent (but then again she has a great subject)

Always take my afternoon siesta….and really can you just stop with the cameras!

And  to show you that I am all about four seasons, check me out enjoying the great outdoors during the last snowstorm of 2017

Not to brag, but I must say I am quite a dapper looking old fella-

Should I stay or should I go?

Doing what I do best, chilling in the grass

Goodbye friends until next time, have people to see and places to go…

And that’s a wrap. This sure was fun, I just may need to come back here and fill you in on my life another time. This old dog still has some party animal left in him yet:) I plan on getting some rest over the next two days so I can be sure to enjoy a little bit of the party on Sat. Best part is always all the leftovers, I am practically salivating just thinking of it now!

Any way thank you for stopping by and hope you all have a great day and end to your week. Tina will be back in the saddle on Sunday with her Seven on Sunday post. Hope you enjoyed this little break from design, blue and white and all that jazz.

PS Two more days left to enter the contest for the porcelain giveaway vase, click here to throw your name in the hat!

Signed, Teddy









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What an adorable post! Teddy, I think Mama Tina should write a book about you and your antics. It would be a best seller!

You are about the sweetest “assistant” I have ever seen. Perfect sidekick…unconditional love, never disagrees, loves everything you do and supports you wholeheartedly! Wouldn’t we all love that! You are adorable and I love your little face and life!

What a lucky dog Teddy is to have such a loving family and wonderful home! He certainly seems to enjoy an enchanted life!

I have been following your blog for so long and therefore have watched Teddy develop into the beautiful puppy he is today! I loved this post! Thank you for all the great pictures from a fellow dog lover!

What a fun post, Tina and I love seeing Teddy having so much fun in every image! Adore him riding in the convertible! Enjoy your party and happy weekend ~

What I love so far in your new format is that the print is easier to read and darker it seems, thank you and I know there’s a lot more about your new site that I’m going to love, but just had to say! I love Teddy and his sophisticated personality in the land of enchantment!!

Dear Teddy,
I enjoyed your blog so much so does my Mommy. I also dine with blue and white China. I do believe it looks just like yours. By the way I’m an English Cream looking for my soul mate. I’m 11 and look very beautiful. At least that’s what everyone says. Wish we lived closer so we could meet. I’d love to go swimming with you❤️❤️ Lyra

Teddy for President! He’s adorable and love his personality! Gotta get those blue and white food bowls for my three doggies. Tres chic! Looking forward to more Teddy posts!

Great post ~ we sure love our dogs!!! Enjoy your party. I know every detail will be perfect! Can’t wait to see the pictures ?

I am in love with anything blue and white! Your items are all so lovely and the prices are amazing considering the great quality. I have seen blue and white ceramic items at some of the discount department stores but they are obviously not the real deal! Thank you for bringing us so many wonderful choices.

WOW! Didn’t realize you had so much talent, Teddy! Enjoyed your post immensely. I believe you could fill in for Tina anytime!

I gotta love ❤️ you teddy!!! You with your unconditional love ❤️… a women s Best Friend!!! You are one ☝️ “handsome Dude “…I have a beautiful yellow lab.., her name is Sandy…too bad we live in California.. I’d get you too together!!!!

Loved this post by Teddy–and seeing more pictures of the home he shares with you.

What a wonderful post. I really needed something like this today. Teddy should be featured much more often. He is such a fine looking dog. Teddy is very lucky to live in such lovely surroundings and with such a loving family.
Thanks for your fun post!!!

My goldens, Lexi and Millie, loved reading your post, Teddy! Please pass it along that your mom needs to add golden doggie items (decor) to her shop. 😉

My Lexi has a sweet sugar face like yours. Nothing better than golden love!

Teddy, You’re so very handsome! I have a very special place in my heart for older gentlemen like you:).

Omg…the best post ever, Teddy.
I will be sure to share with my Golden, Brady.
You boys are about the same age, I live by the beach and have never experienced snow…looks like fun!

Teddy, you’re adorable!!! Wish you could meet my 12-year-old Airedale Terrier, Ruby. She just loves handsome Goldens like you!!!

#beautifulluckyTeddy…loved the post on Teddy today! So fun to read and see the pictures! I trust you will share the party with your readers after the fact…

This was the greatest! Love hearing about your love, Teddy.. the pics are such fun and I know Teddy loves his mom! I have a hairless chinese crested named Prancer. These boys put smiles on our faces all through each day.
Thanks for sharing your boy with us.
Best to you with your party.
Always blue,

Looking forward to Teddy’s next post!!! Love Goldens…I’m an auntie to my brother’s golden. ?

Oh I love Teddy!! We had a female golden when our boys were growing up, she was with us for 13 Fun Years! She loved to roll in the snow, go for a swim , and just “hang out” looking Beautiful at all times. She is still in our hearts. Would love to see more posts of what Teddy is up to!!

Aw, Teddy! Are you trying to steal my heart? Charlie, my buff Cocker Spaniel, won’t like it if he finds out. Let’s keep that a secret, shall we? Atta boy.

Teddy you are one lucky dog living among all that blue and white. Love your personal dishes. You have excellent taste old boy.

Dearest Teddy –
Your photos and blog made my day and that of Beatrix Potter, our ‘doodle mini. Beatrix also NEEDS the blue & white dishes to match Blue Onion, Blue Willow, Canton, and Tina’s Chinoiserie. Mwah!!

YOU are the CUTEST! I love seeing you here and can see that you keep yourself busy and fit. I hope that you rest the next few days and then come back and tell us all about the party.

I know I ask this every time there is a site update but can you please direct me to the “blog that you follow”? I love scrolling through and seeing the posts of your favorite reads.

What an adorable post! Teddy, you are the “cats pajamas”…..oops, I mean a really “hot dog”!!!!!!!! I love that dog dish. I hope Tina has some in a small size. My yorkie, Dixie, would love it…or at least her mama would. Love hearing from you.

I love your post and dog. So photogenic. I would love to see more pictures of the blue and white too.

I love Teddy! He reminds me of our Bear that we miss so much. It brought tears to my eyes.

I loved the doggy bowls. Do you have them in stock?

Thank you for sharing him.

Hello dearest Teddy
You are an absolute sweetheart,such a favourite doogie dog I love this special post devoted just to you.
Did you know that you have fans in the UK? Yes, it is true, and we love to see your adorable face every time your Mom Tina shows us pictures of you and your adventures. So I send you a big hug across the pond, dear Teddy
Please also send my best love to Tina, I am so happy for her new blog style it was so worth all the hard wirk and I hope the birthday party will be wonderful tomorrow evening. I will look forward so much to the pictures.
The most important thing is to be together and enjoy yourselves

Much love
Sally xx

Teddy is the bomb!! And I’m a major dog lover, (we have 5, 4 black labs and a terrier). Such a cute post!

Love your beautiful Teddy! I also have a Teddy but a little guy. Such cute photos of a sweet big boy.

My Dear Teddy… At Last!!! You have your day in the sun and you certainly shined through!! You give a whole new meaning to the term “lucky dog.” Not to worry… I didn’t tell a soul that you are the actual picker of names for all your Mom’s fabulous giveaways. Otherwise, your Mom would be inundated with packages addressed to you from all parts of the world in attempts to bribe you. Only you and I know it worked like a charm for me!! Speaking of which, I am having a small dinner party tonight and guess what I am using as a centerpiece! That gorgeous silver pitcher that I won (thanks to you)!! I’ve gotten more use out of that than my Spanx. And believe me, I wear a lot of Spanx! Enough about me…. Hope you have a good time at your Mom’s party. And as I always say… in my next life I want to come back as you!! xxoo

Teddy is such a sweetheart! Goldens have such wonderful personalities. One of my neighbors has four Goldens……, dad and two girls. Every morning they walk the neighborhood together. And just before dusk you can see them out again, single file, taking their walk. So enjoyed seeing Teddy’s pictures. Thank you for sharing.

So enjoyed this beautiful post!! There is nothing greater than the love of a dog!! Have fun at the party sweetheart!! Love you Teddy!! XXX

So enjoyed this beautiful post!! There is nothing greater than the love a dog!! Have fun at the party sweetheart!! Love you Teddy!! XXX

Thank you for filling in for Tina, Mr. Teddy!, You did a “woof”-derfull job!! Enjoy your rest and party time ?❤️?

Good Morning Teddy, what a wonderful way to start my Sunday morning. You certainly brought a smile to my face. Do you think Tina will mind, if I tell you that you are adorable. I don’t think she will because she already knows how gorgeous you are.
With warmest wishes from England and a fellow lover of blue and white…… I do hope you enjoyed your scrumptious after Saturday’s party.

what a lovely pleasure it has been to watch Teddy grow up all these years of friendship online, Tina! oh to live such a life against a backdrop of blue and white! and the smells in the kitchen…that alone must be heavenly. peace and love to you as you make your preparations, friend. xox

My Darling Teddy (aka “Baby Cakes”) –
We love you to the moon and back and enjoyed your ingenue blog post – you are certainly in your element. Thank you for sharing your adorable “selfies” as we continue to treasure our cyber-pet-ownership by proxy. We hope you will continue your fun posts and telling is all about your days in the pool, carpool, and wherever life takes you. My Aussie husband Roger and I have a daily conversation about you, as we absolutely are enthralled with your cute-fur-self. You bring us much contentment (pretending you are right here with us, and sharing hot dogs with us on the barbie). We look at your sweet pix to say goodnight to you, and of course, all our love from afar. [We lost our Chester kitty, a rescue, after 13 lovey years about 2 years ago and we miss him so much. So, we have found comfort to our great delight when your Mamma Tina shares your pix on her delightful blog – and we love her for doing so.]

Stay your adorable cute self forever and keep on “blogging” to your heart’s desire. Tina has great company, n’est-ce pas…

Your BFFs in Sarasota, Florida – Meg & Roger McDonough

Hi, we live in Colorado and enjoy our Golden, Abby, as much as you do Teddy. We are headed to the mountains in a few days. I will send you and Teddy photos of Abby on her boat, playing frizbee on the beach, and hiding in the trees, waiting for the frisbee to be thrown by one of her humans. Loved your blog…actually, Teddy and Abby look like twins. Abby is 10 1/2 years old. Genie Waters

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