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Hello friends, before I begin want to announce the winner of the mid sized tulip vase. Congratulations goes to-




Please email us at [email protected] with your contact info so your vase can be on it’s way!


I prepared this post in advance as I am hosting a party Sat night and this is part of the reason Teddy “took over” the blog. With the reaction he had, looks like this may have to become a more regular gig:)

Oh boy, what a week! Besides it being super busy with things to do morning, noon and night, it was a serious case of being overly committed and frankly I am really glad it’s over. Add to that lots of stress over the website which I am happy to say is now officially behind me. I AM SO HAPPY with the new site.

So  thrilled the newly improved site launched, there are still little things here and there but overall it’s done. I hope you have had a chance to check out the shop, so greatly improved, the quality of the pictures, zoom in capabilities, clear concise descriptions, the monogram napkins, belljars and tole monogrammed trays are all fixed….it’s so great to have it all working after months and months of stress! Still combing through things but rest assured we are on top of it. I have so loved hearing from you and your positive feedback, we are working on subscription issues then it should be smooth sailing!

  1.  PROGRESS ON NEW ITEMS So excited to see the progress on a bunch of very exciting new things coming this way very soon. Lots in store for the second half of 2017 so be ready! The wrapping paper and gift bags are just about out of production. The handpainted Staffordshire dogs are soon going to be on their way:) The flatware will be up for sale in about 1-2 weeks. Dog bowls are being developed, the melamine line is in productions and should ship within about 3 weeks…..lots going on. This is my most favorite part of what I do, the creative/development part of the process. Dreaming up something and watching it come to life. And yes those are Christmas ornaments you see.  Here is a peek-

First batch of ornaments almost done,crazy to be talking about it in June but that’s retail!

The beautiful Staffordshire dogs getting handpainted

Pretty new wine bag in one of the chinoiserie prints in production!

And the beautiful tole is almost done-


2. A WONDERFUL NEW PARTY PLANNER. Came across this company, Lavender and Rose and spent a good 45 min taking in all the beauty. I so loved going through each of the weddings and the videos were equally beautiful. I love discovering new to me, talent because I find it very inspiring and I always try to take something away. Here is a sample of their gorgeous work, click here to visit their website.



3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST So much beauty today, how did I ever live without this in my life! I love showing you my weekly faves….

My ave this week is this one, because well this might be the cutest thing I have seen all week long-


4. FISH AND SHRIMP TACOS  (A LOW CAL RECIPE) I love a good fish taco. And I  must say mine are really really good. I have come up with my own variation of a lower cal fish taco, so this is super tasty guilt free eating and let me tell you…..these are GOOD!

Here is what you need-

Get  3-4 med-large flounder or sole fillets

About half a dozen shrimp (cleaned with tail off)

Panko crumbs (about 1/4 cup)

McCormicks Lemon dill sauce (always have this on hand)

About 1/2 cup of guacamole (I buy Whole Food’s organic guacamole, so good)

2 tomatoes (diced small)

Lime *use juice of fresh limes and for garnish

Salt and pepper to taste

Fiber one 75 calorie wraps

And here is how to make them-

I dredge the cleaned shrimp in a very light coating of panko (very little)  add about 1/4 cup of the dill/lemon sauce on the bottom of a pyrex or baking sheet and bake the shrimp for maybe 12-15 min. For fish I do not use panko just a tiny bit of salt and pepper and either sautee in the lemon/dill or bake same way for about 20 min.

Meanwhile get your coleslaw aside, in a Cuisinart mix about half a bunch of cilantro with 2 TBSP plain yogurt, a dash of salt and pepper and lots of fresh lime juice. Pulse until smooth. I then add finely chopped tomatoes (about 2 med or 1 large) to this mix.

I spray a saute pan with a spray oil lightly then quickly cook both sides of the wrap until almost golden brown (less than a minute) put aside and put first your shrimp or fish, then the slaw mix with tomato and a dollop or two of guacamole. So good!


5. HILARIOUS 4 YEAR OLD. This went viral and with good reason, this kid is a riot. Have you seen this? This four year old pip squeak stole the show with her “very dramatic” on stage persona….not an ounce of shyness in that kid!


6 A NEW REASON TO VISIT NAPA. Not that I ever need a reason to visit Napa, its quite possibly one of my favorite places, amazing I don’t go more often! This gorgeous new property, Los Alcobas looks dreamy. On the horizon, is planning a girls trip to Napa with a group of girlfriends, hoping it will happen!! We have talked about it for awhile and are determined to make it happen fall of 2017 or spring of 2018 and we may just have to stay here, it looks like my kind of place.  Take a look at this fabulous new Napa property,  click here to find out more.


7  SUNDAY’S SURVEY Today is all about your opinion on a few new items. I love getting your take as you really help guide me and I so appreciate it. This tole lighting (something very similar) is offered by only one or two exclusive vendors and the wholesale is over $1300.

I have come up with my own variation and I love the way they came out. They are also mid sized so I feel could work in a wide range of homes. So here they both are with an ivory primer on. When finished they will be painted with subtle accents gold accents. My selling price will be between $380-475. So based upon this info please answer these two short polls and thank you in advance for taking the time to give your two cents-





And there friends, is my Seven on Sunday. Thank you for stopping in and making me a part of your Sunday mornings. Hope  that the sun is shining and the birds are chirping. I love that summer is here and plan to spend a good part of today outdoors enjoying the sun and warm air:) Until next time…..


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Linda Cashman on

A chinoiserie tole floor lamp would be great, using a dark blue like on the porcelains on ivory.


Wow a lot to comment on here, first of all your party look AMAZING. I follow you on Instagram and cannot wait to see more. Love all the new products coming in and the second chandelier is a winner to me. All the new things are so unique and beautiful, not things you find everywhere which is what I love most about your shop. The video of the little girl is darling.

Thank you for bringing beauty into my every day life, you are a truly talented person.

Ellen H. on

I want to be Tina when I grow up. 🙂

Karen Cole-Sung on

Tina, I am sorry to be off topic, but you recommended Aerin perfume … which one? I looked for that blog, but can’t find it. I have come to trust your “taste” completely! Thanks, Karen

Bond Moore on

Tina, very few pictures on your post today and very slow coming up. Don’t think the new site is working very well! Boo Hoo!

Susan in Georgia on

I am so sorry others may have had a problem with the website today, but I wanted to let you know that it loaded very quickly for me, and all pics were there (though I am only now reading it at 5am Monday and have yet to go to sleep). I’m loving the new site and appreciate all of your and your staff’s hard work getting it up and running. Can’t wait for all the new products. Have a great week!

Mary C. on

Hi Tina, just loved this post as I love all the posts. The new site is fantastic, so so. much better in every way. Love how clear the product pictures are and of course being able to pin it, thank you from all your readers!
The new items are so lovely, enjoy watching your creativity at work. Hope you have a wonderful party and loved that Teddy post!

Mary Ann on

Hi TIna, Love your blog. One question what happened to the old blogs and recipes?

Phyllis on

Love your website but….where are the measurements for the listed items?

Kathy Scheibel on

Unfortunately, I’m not receiving emails. Is this perhaps due to the new website?

Desiree | Beautifully Seaside on

That girls trip sounds like so much fun!!! I’ve never been to Napa and have it on my list of places to visit! XO Love your new site!

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