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Hello my friends! Coming off the heels of a busy busy week and wonderful weekend.  My wine tasting birthday dinner for my husband was a complete success, we were so lucky to have been blessed with gorgeous weather and all the details came together like a well rehearsed orchestra. I will be doing a post on that within the week. To me, any good party starts with flowers. I love them as you probably know by now and flowers are a big, big part of my life, they just make me happy.

I am lucky to live near a flower district (25 geographical miles) but hours in driving…we are talking NYC here! Traffic is the worst its’ been but even that will often not thwart my plans for a day at the flower district. As a result of my occasional trips there, I  have started experimenting. making my own arrangements. In addition I discovered a much closer to home alternative when trips to the city are not possible, Whole Foods! Great floral dept, amazing prices and they allow me to order!

In the past when I needed an arrangement I normally called my local florists but I have taken on some flower arranging of my own and had such fun in the process. There are not hard and fast rules, just experimenting, looking at pictures and an occasional You Tube video for direction.  I am by no means a pro but consider myself to be an enthusiastic “hobbyist”. However wanted to share the few tips I do know and find to be successful as I think many of my readers are like minded and enjoy flowers as well.

Also a sidenote, Decor Market is giving away one of my gorgeous blue and white vases on Instagram only, if you want to win one and feeling lucky, then click here!

So here are a few recent pictures from various arrangements I have worked on plus a few of my amateur tips-


Arrangement 1

Was bringing this to someone who had just had an operation. Made a full arrangement in one of the glass cubes. Always start with soaking the oasis then cut to size to fit into your container

Arrangement 2

These are so pretty, one of my favorite color combos. Made two arrangements, one going out as a thank you and another for a friends belated bday. Used my beautiful silver containers for these, they make such elegant arrangements.

Arrangement 3

Love this one with the beautiful color combination and the play of bright flowers on the blue and white is so pretty. This was a larger arrangement so I started with a “base” of white hydrangeas which acts as my foundation and build from there

Arrangement 4

These I had bought in the flower district and went to town preparing various arrangements for my luncheon. Love the play of colors on the blue and white containers I used them in-



Use hydrangeas as part of every arrangements, they are large, well priced and add so much to any arrangement, is a great way to make an arrangement feel very full

When you start with hydrangea or any larger flower,  use them towards the bottom evenly around the base of the arrangement and build from there

Hydrangeas are one of the few flowers (to my knowledge) that can be resuscitated! The boiling water trick seems to work every time- if you have blooms that are wilted or not looking so fresh, give them a fresh cut, stick them in a cup of boiling water for about 45 seconds, remove put into room temp water and normally you will see them “perk” up fairly fast

Always cut fresh flowers immediately upon getting home on a 45 degree angle and put  in fresh water

I put my hydrangeas in very hot water (very) as the hot water travels up the stem faster to the flowers

Always have lots of little tulip/bud vases on hand, they make perfect accents for literally anywhere, and are as pretty alone as they are in clusters, also look fabulous on mantles!

Cut/change water daily or every other day, really makes a difference!

Keep your arrangements in a cool place, this too will prolong their life (especially overnight) often I move mine around to the coolest place in the house

Whole Foods (if you have one near you) is a great place to get beautiful flowers, always very fresh and amazing prices! I go there all the time and they will allow you to order what you want in advance unlike many market florists

Next time you visit your local market that has flowers or a florist ask them if they will give you a few of their floral buckets or you can ask if you can buy them, they normally will hand over a few (great to keep on hand for storing your flowers before you arrange them)

When the arrangement is towards the end, you can pluck out the dead/almost dead flowers and fill with a few faux! I do it all the time, works like a charm and gives the arrangement new life:)

So….how about you? Do you ever play florist? If you love flowers, my hunch is you have. I must say buying flowers is one of the greatest little joys in life. I always have them around, both real and faux. OK your turn to spill your floral secrets! Until next time….

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Rosemary Kirkwood on

Great tips!!

Nancy Kelley on

What gorgeous floral arrangements you have created, Tina! How lucky you are to be surrounded by so much beauty! Thanks for sharing your talents!

Katherine Bennett on

Your floral arrangements are beautiful, Tina. I also love Whole Foods’ flowers….good prices and very nice varieties! When I joined my garden club 11 years ago, I was highly encouraged to learn flowers design…I was intimidated by the pros but have gradually learned lots of tricks of the trade. It’s so fun and, like you, has given me immense pleasure. Flowers, whether in the garden or in a vase, make me happy.

Eve on

Beautiful posts! Thank you for starting my day so beautifully!

Martha Dickerson on

Love your directions for making flower arrangements. It is really interesting to me to venture into my
yard during winter (non growing season) to find things that can be brought into the house for color. In the fall
there are bright, multicolored leaves and at Christmas always the holly. No cost.

Martha Vera on

Great flower arranging tips! I use flowers all the time, as well. I loved your post! Thank you for sharing!

Theresa on

Hydrangeas need to have their cut stems (always at as much of an angle as you can manage!) dipped in alum (from the spice aisle) to keep the stems from clogging. Where we live, Whole Foods used to have great flowers. Now Trader Joe’s is much better.

Gretchen Johnson on

Hi Tina!!
Your flower arrangements are always so pretty!! I just wanted to share another great source that I have found for flowers. Trader Joe’s!!! If you have one near you, their selection, quality, and prices are fantastic!!
I always love reading and looking at your beautiful pictures! I am so often inspired creatively to fluff my own home! Thank you for adding such loveliness to my daily life!!

Eileen on

This was delightful and so, so pretty. I’m running out to my garden to browse and pick!!

Lucy Porter on

Love the hot water tip! I’ve probably tossed a few unnecessarily!

Jayne Zabala on

Love the colors and choice of flowers — peonies are one of my favorites. Many years ago I took a flower arranging class and they had a rule that the flowers should be 1-1/2 and no more than 2 times as tall as the vase or pot. In Dallas most of the florists are now grouping the flowers together — roses basically together, hydrangeas together rather than spreading them out in the arrangement. It tends to have more impact. As you said there is no fast rule — I like both types of arrangement and it just depends on my mood.

Marvin Bouchon on

Beautiful. You have managed to simplify making an arrangement that can be displayed in any size container. Thanks Tina. I will give it a try.

Laura H on

Thank you for sharing your hydrangea trick!! Once again, I’ve learned something new! 🙂

Ellen H. on

Tina, FYI, Costco has gorgeous flowers, too. You can also pre-order there. Thanks for the Whole Foods tip. Did not know that!

Peggy Thal on

Beautiful. My go to flower place is Costco, Fresh Market, and Kröger. Costco is great for me since I am a rose girl. Our flower market is an hour away ad traffic so these are my go to places. Wal Mart isn’t bad either.

Joan on

Thanx for the tips! I grew up with a mother who was an avid gardener and who always had a cutting garden. Hydrangeas are my ‘go to’ flowers as well, am hoping to plant a whole bank of them as have heard they are ‘deer resistant’. Peonies as well. Anyone who lives with deer knows that this definition can fluctuate depending on the number of deer in your yard and how much more tempting your neighbor’s garden offering are!
Trader Joe is my first choice for flowers and orchids. Found the prettiest smaller orchid with brown/wine petals with gold ‘spots’ for my bathroom. Color not too ‘girly’, hubby actually liked it!
Happen to love the white/lime color combinations as well. Will use a square container, line it with leaves and use only one type of flower, or stick to one color palette. White carnations w/ lime-tipped petals are surprisingly pretty arranged in a tight cluster, and vases this size are perfect as an arrangement on a bedside table (especially for anyone confined to a hospital room).

Celia Becker @ on

Beautiful arrangements and terrific tips. I can’t wait to try the boiling water trick with wilted hydrangeas. Wish I had a Whole Foods near me! I’m looking forward to your birthday party post. I’m in the process of planning a birthday party for my husband and need some inspiration, which you are always good for. Have a great 4th of July weekend!

Lori W. on

I always play florist as expense is a consideration for me. I am fortunate that I enjoy gardening, so I use what I have (hydrangeas, roses, dahlias, shasta daisies, jasmine, peonies, iris, and lilies to name a few), but I also have a friend who is a florist and owns his own shop. He does 50% off all of his stems on Saturdays, so I always use him, Sprouts, or our local farmers’ market instead of Whole Foods. I am so thankful that we have other options here besides Whole Foods as I refuse to do business with them.

LC on

Lovely arrangements; great tips. My mother and grandmother were gardeners extraordinaire and both their pantry shelves were filled with “frogs” for using in arrangements., These were plate-shaped glass or porcelain items with holes for flower stems, as well as scary metal spike filled ones, for the bottom of a vase or container. These were used as we use iaisis today.. They were not as convenient as oasis but completely sustainable andvfirvsonevreadon ahqays gave me an old-world feel. I just wondered if you have experimented with them as well?

Joy on

I have found that Kroger has beautiful roses in many gorgeous colors. Here in NC I can buy a dozen for $10 and they last 1-2 weeks. Be sure and remove the outside flower petals that are usually slightly damaged from shipping and they will open up beautifully. Makes a great gift!

Susan Kayden on

Thanks for the great flower arranging tips, Tina! I buy flowers at Trader Joe’s – peonies, hydrangea, tulips, roses and more at amazing prices. I also like Whole Foods, and in my area Vons and Gelsons.

Deb on

Tina, thank you! I love fresh flowers, whether from my own garden, a gift from my sweet husband, or a local store. Didn’t know what to do with them–I’ve been stuck with cutting them and putting them in glass vases. You’ve shown me how to try other containers, and which flowers to use. I may even try arrangements in some of my flow blue china. Beautiful arrangements, great ideas.

J. Michele on

Hi Tina, Beautiful flowers!! I, too, think Whole Foods is a GREAT source for flowers. I go there quite frequently and actually prefer them over our wholesalers in town (Birmingham, AL). I also think Publix is another GREAT source for flowers-year round!! In spring and summer, I use purchased flowers in combination with flowers/greens from my yard. During the fall and winter months purchased blooms are invaluable!!! Got to have them!! ???

Jo Shafer on

Great tips for refreshing floral arrangements, especially the hot water “treatment” that I didn’t know about. Thanks! Also, recognized the Williams-Sonoma kitchen towel on the counter! just like mine.

Linda Miller on

Love flower arranging!
Your flower choices and taste match mine!
Love hydrangeas so much!

mariae on

Thanks for the tips, beautiful arrangements!!!!

Katie Clooney on

This is such a great post, Tina. I forwarded it on to Sista and several of my friends. You have such a flair and you did such a wonderful job categorizing all the valuable tips into a simple list. I have bookmarked this post so I won’t forget anything. It’s not easy getting old. Have a great week, dear friend.

Sherry on

One question, how do you do it ?? I think they picked the wrong woman to star in Wonder Woman. You run a business ,write a blog ,arrange flowers, give many, many parties , then cook fabulous dinners, on top of all that you are a mother and wife , I’m tired just writing your accomplishments . Keep up your unbelievable work . Totally in awe of your beautiful blog.

Goldie stetten on

Love your style! My favorite combination is hydrageas, peonies and roses. I’ve never used the hot water trick but I’m going to. Thanks!

Marlene on

Tina, Your arrangements are just beautiful. I too love arranging flowers and use fresh flowers in my home that I often purchase from a grocery store or florist. Flowers make a room come alive. I have found that flowers I myself arrange are more relaxed than those coming from a florist. I guess they don’t look so stiff. The container is very important too.

Cathy Kordsmeier on

Hydrangeas in arrangements will last 2 weeks of you put a pinch or 2 of alum in the water. Alum can be found in the spice section of the grocery store.

joyjc on

Absolutely beautiful! I have fresh flowers each week in my house; rather have them now when I can see and appreciate them.

Patti Olsen on

A florist I know, told me that when you buy hydrangeas you need to put them, tops down, in buckets of water for 30 minutes. This will prolong the life of the flowers. It really works!!!

Marilyn Cole on

Thank you for this information, I just might try my hand at flower arranging!

Pratik Waghdhare on

Very great ideas for flower arrangements which are explained step by step which easily understand to anyone and that are easy too. And the tips are too good to use. If anyone looking for flower arrangements then visit here:

Aliya on

Thanks for sharing such nice tips.

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