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Hi and happy Sunday! Well by the time you are reading this I will be in my other happy place, Palmetto Bluff to do some “house biz”.  I will be sure to return back with a full report and of course plenty of pics. I made sure to bring a few hats because it is the height of summer over there and you know what that means for hair:) Here we go with my Seven on Sunday….

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1 ONE GORGEOUS LAKE HOUSE. This beautiful lake house is a stunner, love the soft neutral palette and toned down limed oak woods throughout….just gorgeous. There is something so peaceful about a lake house. Click here to see all the pictures and read more about this fabulous home over at Traditional Home.


2. MY CHICKEN SALAD When I mentioned my chicken salad the other day on Diet Diaries, many of you asked for the recipe which I have shared before. But since some of you don’t have it, it is most certainly worth sharing again! This stuff is GOOD. Not to mention by substituting the mayo for yogurt, it is very healthy and low in calories. I put it on a low cal wrap and it makes a delicious and very satisfying lunch. Bon Appetit!


  • 3 – 4 lbs of chicken parts (bone-in, skin-on thighs and breasts work well) (you’ll need about 3 to 4 cups of cooked chicken) I cut mine super small I use chicken boneless chicken breasts
  • 2 tablespoons quality olive oil
  • 1 cup of seedless grapes, sliced in half (red and green varieties are great)
  • 1 cup almonds, thinly sliced (optional) This is a must add, gives great texture
  • 2 celery ribs, chopped thinly
  • 3 scallions, thinly sliced, white and green parts
  • 2 tablespoons fresh dill, chopped ( I about doubled this as I love dill and it adds a lot to this)
  • 1 tablespoon fresh parsley, chopped
  • 1 cup mayonnaise (I USE 1/2 cup and 1/2 greek plain yogurt)
  • Juice of 1 lemon or more
  • 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
  • 1 teaspoon Kosher salt (start with ½ teaspoon, then add more, to taste)
  • Freshly ground pepper
  1. Pre-heat oven to 350 F.
  2. Rub oil all over the chicken pieces and sprinkle with salt and pepper.
  3. Bake for 35 to 45 minutes (internal temp should reach 165 F). .
  4. Remove the chicken, let cool, then pull the meat from the bones and roughly chop.
  5. In a large bowl, mix together the chicken, grapes, almonds, celery, scallions, dill & parsley
  6. In a small bowl, mix together the mayonnaise, lemon, mustard, salt and pepper.
  7. Add the mayonnaise mixture to the chicken mixture, and gently stir until will mixed.
  8. Refrigerate for at least an hour.
  9. Serve on a bed of green leaves with sliced tomatoes and avocado. Or, serve on bread with green leaf lettuce. Add more toppings to your taste!

3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST More incredible beauty to share this week, this just never gets old!

And my favorite is this one because well…this makes me want to plan another party:)

4. ULTIMATE VALIDATION! I cannot wait to share more with you on my recent trip down to the “Big Easy”, we had such a great great time. What a fabulous city! One night we went to Brennan’s a wonderful well established restaurant long known to be one of the cities best.

So I walk into the ladies room and guess what I see holding their carefully rolled up towels…my tole containers! I nearly did a happy dance right hen and there. Then I send my son into the men’s room (investigative research) and lo an behold there is the black one! This just might have been one of the major highlights of my trip!

5 . GORGEOUS NECKLACES I do love a beautiful necklace, and statement necklaces are all the rage. They can make even a super simple outfit really fabulous and elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary. Kind of fell in love with this curated collection from someone I follow, Mai Tai’s Picture Book.  Her envy provoking collection of all things Hermes rivals your local Hermes shop! Here are some of the beauties she has and they are all really well priced to boot. I also love how she shows all the different looks which really helps in visualizing how they might look on, fabulous! Click here to see entire collection.

6 THOSE COVETED MICHELIN STARS. Not sure if you saw this but I did and found it totally fascinating! There is a undeniable mystique about those coveted Michelin stars. It is also mysterious how the whole system even works. It can catapult an ordinary chef to superstar status overnight. This documentary is a must watch if this kind of thing interests you at all-

7  SUNDAY’S SURVEY Today is all about wine, I was talking to a friend who knows a lot about it, her husband was in the business for a long time. I do not think of myself by any stretch as an expert but I sure know what I like:) I do not like white wine, never really have, I love red wine (but have to be careful as it can trigger a migraine though knock wood, have had them. less and less) and do love my Rose in the summer. And you?

Hope you are having a wonderful and relaxing Sunday. Thank you as always for stopping by and making TEH part of your morning routine. Cheers to a happy weekend! Until next time…..

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MariaE on

Thank you so much for sharing this great recepie!!
It’s so nice to see the many uses and great imagination on how one can use the Toile based!!!! They are a great and elegant piece, wherever you put them.

Deanna on

It had to be amazing to walk into Brennan’s and see your items! And they fit the decor so very well too. Enjoy the Lowcountry and I’ll be sipping my gin and tonic tonight before a certain HBO show returns. Happy Sunday and loved your post, as always!

LC on

Thanks for a fabulous Seven on Sunday. Its raining here and I am in week three of recovery from a torn tendon. With major boredom setting in I really needed this eye candy today. Thank you!

How exciting for you to see your tole containers put to such pretty (and very visible) use! Your enthusiasm is always contagious; I can’t wait to see what you share from your SC trip. (Hail the humidity!)

Barbara on

Hi Tina,

Another great Sunday post. Thanks for the recipe.

Would love it if you could discuss designing bars someday, especially those that are not in the kitchen but rather in the living areas. I’m looking for something functional yet not too kitcheny looking. Thanks!

Joanie on

Tina…Isn’t “Mai Tai ” something!!!!!! I have never seen such good taste!!!!!

Beth H on

Congratulations on seeing your beautiful Toile containers used in one of the most iconic restaurants in the country!!! That’s great! Looking forward to seeing PB posts!

Marie Taylor on

Thank you for the Chicken Salad recipe once again! This time I shan’t lose it.

Jayne Zabala on

Mayonnaise is actually better for you than yogurt (especially low-fat yogurt which has a lot of sugar and consequently carbs – while mayo is eggs and oil – no carbs)!!!

You might want to check out the July/August issue of House Beautiful. They feature a house in Palmetto Bluff owned and built by Paul and Sonni Springman. The designer is Suzanne Kassler and they used blue white and a little red! IN case you you haven’t seen it I think it will be right up your alley? Might be fun to meet the Springmans who live there half of the year.

Deb on

The Michelin Star documentary is fascinating! Can’t wait to try your chicken salad (and I love the idea of using greek yogurt to lighten it.)

Suzy on

I don’t drink much, but when I do, my new go to white is Pinot Blanc. First found this on Vancouver Island, and its a bit difficult to come by – but well worth the effort. Anxiously awaiting the next installment of PB Diaries!

Desiree | Beautifully Seaside on

Tina! You had me at chicken salad! Oh my! I’m definitely going to save that recipe and make it ASAP! By the way, you shared a refreshing drink once on Instagram and I was wondering if you could share it again? It was kind of like a wine spritzer? Thanks! XO

[email protected] on

I hope that you are having a great trip! Looking forward to more on PB.

Love Mai Tai, she does indeed have a fabulous Hermes collection! Her necklaces are fabulous as well.

That house is beautiful!

As for wine, I rarely drink it. I am a champagne girl.

Tavel safe.

classic • casual • home on

Thanks for the chicken salad recipe!!! So cool about your containers at Brennan’s!
Mary Ann

MaiTai on

A belated but heartfelt thank you for showing my necklaces on your blog! I feel very honored and am so happy you like them. Hope you are enjoying a beautiful and happy summer! Thank you again, and warmest greetings from France, MaiTai

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