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Hello and happy Sunday to you. Have houseguests which has been very nice but had a rough weekend with Teddy whose arthritis has been hindering his ability  to enjoy life. So hard to see him grow old. Just trying to keep him really comfortable and pain free topped with lots of love. First order of business is to announce the winner of the Blue White Love Contest! It was close but after over 2000 votes in yesterdays rounds, we have a winner. Congratulations to-


Susan for her grand prize photo-

Please contact me at so we can arrange for your first of three blue and white lovelies to be on it’s way!



This lovely runner up submitted by The Grady’s  was a close second-



 I want to thank everyone for participating and to all who voted. In August I will announce a Summer Love contest, so get those summer pictures ready:)


Hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend.  Have house guests this weekend and it is one hot weekend, due to get rain today which hopefully will cool things off a bit. Summer is suddenly going by fast, anyone else feel that way? Hope you are taking full advantage of each and every summer day. I am craving a day at the beach topped off with a lobster roll..yum and have that on my schedule within the week! Anyway, here we go with my Seven on Sunday-



1 THE ICONIC HOTEL DE CRILLON HOTEL REOPENS. This amazing hotel, one of Paris’s finest has just reopened after a very long, very expensive facelift. This was the second hotel we ever stayed in and it is as opulent as it is luxurious and quintessentially Parisian. Take a look and click here if you want to learn more-

This courtyard is a dream!



2. IF YOU LIVE IN BIRMINGHAM AREA. There are two really wonderful upcoming events sponsored by  Dixie Design, stationers extraordinaire that  you won’t want to miss.  Both of these sounds so wonderful, and I just know this is going to be first rate all the way. If it was any closer I would drive down there in a heartbeat! The invitations are below……sounds like so much fun! Click here for more information.

3. LEMON CHICKEN. I actually love this dish and often order it in restaurants. Ever since discovering this recipe however I like mine better than anywhere I have had it! If served with vegetables and a salad, it is totally “diet friendly” but very satisfying. Thing is it calls for more cream than I would like, so I tried first without then with just 2-3 tablespoons and it really made the difference, just adding a tiny bit. This is really really tasty and I highly recommend it. Found over at  Little Spice Jar, click here for recipe.

4. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Never at a loss of beauty to share with you, this weeks roundup is surely  no exception. Enjoy this eye candy….

My absolute fave is this because I am madly in love with this stationery from Nico and Lala and must think of an excuse to use it!! Gorgeous-

5. INA GARTEN’S BEAUTIFUL HOME. I have been a long time fan of Ina, except when I heard about that incident with To Make A Wish, but as I do not know for sure if that is true, I am going to hold onto hope that it’s not. I watch her show and instantly want to be in my kitchen cooking with ingredients just picked from my teeny garden. Really like her aesthetic a lot, came across this video featuring areas of her home/converted barn most probably have not seen (including myself) and really enjoyed it, thought you might too. Something very calming and peaceful about it-

(you may want to turn down the volume , the music is an odd choice, sounds more appropriate for a surfing video and kind of a distraction)

6.PILLOW/OUTDOOR STORAGE Many of you have asked where/how I keep my outdoor pillows in inclement weather. I got this wonderful large storage box from Decor  Market and when I can pack them in, it holds all 24 of my pillows, plus its attractive and you can use it as a bench.  Perhaps the best part is that it is so affordable, $159 and if you use code (up to today) ENCHANTEDHOME you will get an extra 10% off! How’s that for a great weekend deal! Click here to see.

7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY. Today is about you getting my daily posts, this is a poll for anyone who subscribes to my blog. Many of you (about 30% were not getting my posts). We have been trouble shooting and trying hard to remedy this issue. I would really really appreciate your taking part in this poll so we know how pervasive this problem might still be (or hopefully not be). Thank you!


That’s a wrap for today! Thank you for stopping by, will enjoy the day of rest today as there is a busy busy week coming up.  The porcelain container is coming in and we will be holding the one day arrival sale as we always do soon so definitely check back. Until next time….

Neiman Marcus Last Call (Neiman Marcus)

Lord & Taylor







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Judt on

Good morning Tina, so sorry to here about Teddy’s arthritis. It’s one thing when we have it, but to see our pets in misery too with it is another. The link, video or pictures about Ina’s barn did not seem to come with the post. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and as always thank you for sharing with all of us. Hugs and kisses to Teddy. Judy.

Judy on

Good morning Tina, so sorry to here about Teddy’s arthritis. It’s one thing when we have it, but to see our pets in misery too with it is another. The link, video or pictures about Ina’s barn did not seem to come with the post. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and as always thank you for sharing with all of us. Hugs and kisses to Teddy. Judy.

Judy on

Thanks now it’s there!

Kerry on

My 12 year old Cavalier has arthritis too. Our vet prescribed Tramadol which is a pain pill for humans. It works great with no side effects–I only give it to her when she’s limping. I also bought some over the counter glucosamine at Petsmart that works well on a daily basis.
I hope Teddy is feeling better today. I know how tough it is to see our beloved dogs get older.

JK on

Perhaps it is just me, or my computer, but I fail to see a way to take part in the poll or even a way to have voted for the blue and white photo contest. There used to be a poll box but now I don’t see it.
Could someone “educate” me, perhaps…..
Always the high point of the day to see a new post. Always enjoyable and informative.
So sorry about Teddy. Hope he feels better soon. Our fur babies are so important in our lives.

JK on

The poll box just popped up!!!

Christine on

Hello Tina …
I am in the minority – still not receiving your posts ! ☹️
I keep hoping …
It is heartbreaking to see our pets age and have the problems aging brings . Shower Teddy with love each and every day . Treasure each moment with him .
As always , thank you for the beauty in your various themed posts !



Ccchintz on

Regarding Ina Garder’s house-finest of everything from cookware , furniture and applicances, no question there. But, wouldn’t you all Iove to sneak some blue and white bases or planters in?😉

Darcy on

I look forward each week to Seven on Sunday. I always head to my inbox after I read the Sunday NYT. Thank you for your lovely posts. We have a flat coat retriever who was recently diagnosed with arthritis. Our vet put her on Rimadyl daily and we’ve noticed quite an improvement in her affect. She’s such a joy and my constant companion, we call my SUV “Carly’s” car because it rarely leaves the garage without her in it. Hugs to Teddy…..

Piper B on

Thank you again for your Seven on Sunday, Tina!! It always inspires me and just makes me happy!

Marie Taylor on

Happy Sunday! Ina’s house is a bit to stark and colorless for me but I did love the outdoor spaces. It’s a beautiful day here in northeast Florida and we are heading to the beach. Have a lovely day!

Katie Clooney on

Good morning, Tina. So sorry to hear that sweet Teddy’s arthritis is acting up. You are right – it’s so hard to watch our fur babies age – wish they could be young and vibrant forever. Actually, I wish the same for myself, too. Your contestants are more talented than ever. It was a hard choice this time. As always, great Instagram posts. If I can’t live your life, I want to live tantawanbloom’s. Now I’m off to google Ina and To Make a Wish. Shame on me – I’m usually up on things like this. Hope you get some rest in after those lucky houseguests leave. And I haven’t been having any trouble getting your new posts through email. Love to Teddy.

Celia Becker @ on

Another great Seven On Sunday. I too adore Ina, she’s such an inspiration! Thanks for sharing the video.

Jo Shafer on

My outdoor pillows and cushions are covered now in an almost weatherproof Sunbrella fabric. Even the sprinkler does no harm, and drink spills wipe clean right away. Moreover, the settee seat cushions heat up in very early morning and remain hot just long enough for me to plunk down my painful arthritic bones. My Charlie enjoys the heat, too, although he’s still young enough not to suffer arthritis. I’m so sorry to hear that Teddy is getting painfully old. Poor baby!

I enjoy Ina Garten’s “Barefoot Contessa” show, too, but wasn’t really impressed with the video of her cooking studio. What really got raves from me was the Parisian hotel courtyard. Wow! Thank you for your version of the chicken recipe as it’s more our way of eating–cream, yes, but not so heavy.

Lisa on

Your Seven on Sunday is one of my favorite things! Always enjoy reading about your round-up. Can’t wait to try the recipe, was just asking my family what they would like this week and now I have a new one to make! Sure hope Teddy is feeling better. Found the cutest golden pups on IG, @ourgoldenpups, if you are not already following!

Jane on

Costco sells a good selection of good quality deck/outdoor storage as well. We have the very large 124 gallon one and we can get cushions from our long loungers in there as well as chair cushions/pillows. Online only I believe.

Melinda on

Tina I so enjoy your posts. Unfortunately I am one of the ones that subscribed many times but have not gotten any response. I figured you were still working out the issues. Have a great week!

Scarlett on

Tina, so sorry to hear about Teddy. You might ask your vet about a drug that did wonders for our Great Dane; it’s called Adequan.
It is administered via injection using a schedule that gradually reduces the load of the drug until you are down to one monthly injection. It made a huge difference for our dog.
Regards, Scarlett

Sandy on

I had read the report about the Make A Wish incident, but subsequently read it was a misunderstanding and some false reporting. Being supporters of the Make A Wish Foundation and of huge fan of Ina Garten, I was concerned and then happy to learn that it was much ado about nothing. Although I had seen photos, I had never seen this video of Ina’s home. Thanks. Have a wonderful start to your week.

Ann Marie on

Love your Seven on Sunday. As for the pup, there are so many meds out there; my Malamute was on Rimadyl. It helped him a lot. However, do you know there are vets out there who specialize in acupuncture for animals? I hear it does help with some of the pain and is preferred by people who don’t want to give their pets too many medications.
Teddy is such a love! I enjoy seeing pictures of him…

Sarah on

Hi Tina, Thank you for another great update.Congratulations to Susan on her photograph.I have to say it was my first choice,just beautiful.The runner up has given me some great inspiration for when summer arrives where I live..

Jennifer on

Hi Tina! I have a lot of experience with senior dogs and have a quick, easy (although not so pretty) tip. Our 16 year old Black lab had problems walking on hardwood floors, she’d slide, etc while slowly making her way. So, I laid down yoga mats! You could use area rugs of course too, our house worked better w the mats. She only walked on those- her little trail from kitchen to our bedroom:) I believe it added months to her life as it made her safe and comfortable!! And as other reader suggested- Tramadol is great along with Previcox. When I forgot to give her these, you could see the difference in her steps, they worked great.

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