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Hello, hope you had a great weekend…been really busy here the last few months working on all kinds of things, some very exciting things! You will understand when and if you get through this entire post:) This post might for me personally, be my most favorite and most exciting because it totally encompasses all I love and all I have been working on for months now.

Extra extra read all about it-

Consider this kind of an “annual report” of everything going on over there, there is A LOT to tell you about. The next container is due in this week including the gorgeous tulipieres so I am very excited about that. We will start shipping orders out immediately by end of this week.

I am just over the moon with how everything is  coming out. Make no mistake, this does not happen overnight. It starts with an idea popping into my head and trust me this happens a lot. Then I have to pick and choose carefully which ideas to actually develop.

Then the real work begins, executing all the details, finding a supplier than waiting (impatiently) for the first sample to come in. Sometimes it means having to wait for a few samples, if tweaks are necessary and that can often mean added weeks if not months. So suffice to say…. this is a real process indeed and one that cannot be rushed.

But…is it worth it?? Absolutely! Getting a sample back especially when it’s surpassed my expectations is truly fulfilling in more ways than I can count. And I have been very fortunate lately as several things in the works all more than passed muster, went right into production and several of these items are either en route or about to be.

It’s feast or famine, right now we are between shipments but within about a month there is going to be all kinds of things happening.  So today is a breakdown of all that is new and exciting over here at TEH and I included a couple of mini polls as well.

To thank you I am offering a giveaway (details at end) as I always very much appreciate your input and advice. And here we go…..




STAFFORDSHIRE DOGS! These beauties came out amazing, they were reproduced off of a pair of antique dogs and I must say having seen the samples in person I really love these. I will be offering them in three sizes- small, med and large.  I used to buy them from a manufacturer and did really well with them but they closed their doors a little over a year ago.

Four colors- black/ivory, blue/ivory, burnt orange/ivory and ivory/gold (not shown). They are en route  anddue here within about 2 weeks  so there will be a 1-2 arrival sale when they come before they hit the shop site.


ORNAMENTS! It might sound crazy but the first round of ornaments will also be here in about a month. I have learned fast that holiday planning starts really early, a fast lesson in retail.  This will be it until early fall when I will get another shipment in time for the rush of the holidays.

These too will be soon offered in a very special pricing presale in the coming weeks. A few new styles,  suddenly cannot wait to start decorating for the holidays!! These are not the high res pictures but you get the idea. Considering a few other designs, would love your take-




DOG BOWLS Just approved the samples so they have just gone into production. They will be ready in about 30 days then air shipped to my warehouse. So with luck they will be here between mid-late August. They will be offered in two sizes, small and large. Every pet needs one:) Right now they are being offered in blue and white, have contemplated other colors but think the blue the white is classic. Would appreciate your input.


WRAPPING PAPER As you know if you have been following along on my “gift wrapping journey”, this was a labor of love and a long time in the making but boy was it ever worth it. I got so excited doing this and watching it come to life. The idea that I will never have to go on a gift wrapping scavenger hunt again for beautiful paper makes me giddy.

This will be here in about 4 weeks. There will be wrapping paper, reams of paper, tissue and gift bags. I am selling the wrapping paper in rolls, not sheets because I personally do not like sheets as it limits what you can wrap. A presale will be offered fairly soon.

On top of the gorgeous super chic patterns below, a holiday line is almost done being tweaked and I am so very excited about it. You get a sneak peek here for the first time at the holiday papers. Suddenly I am really excited for Christmas!! These are pics taken with a phone but you get the idea.

What is coming in (presale will happen in few weeks)-

Tissue being offered in both of these patterns

Gift bags

Tissue getting wrapped up

Wine bags

Woo’s on it’s way!

A very fuzzy picture of all the breautiful patterns


I am awaiting the samples. Would love your input on this paper. I would love to add even more designs and may add one more however the minimum per design is tremendous so I can only do 5-6 patterns. May consider some reversible rolls as well. Would love your take-


This would be gold foil (not illustrated) and might be a reversible

These also would be gold foil and possibly a reversible


MELAMINE DINNERWARE So over the moon with how these turned out. It tooks months to get this done but was so worth this labor of love. This finally is out of production and should be here around Aug. 25th.  Like the other things, once on it’s way I will offer a presale. Pieces will include dinner plate, salad plate, cereal/soup bowl, long serving dish, round big bowl. Great for outdoors of course but I could also see using this for everyday…..very stylish and it being non breakable and dishwasher safe makes it extra appealing.


Dinner plate

Salad plate

Large salad bowl

Cereal/soup bowl

Large rectangular serving platter


Here are a few pictures of them out of production-

FLATWARE This is finally a reality!! I had thought of doing this for so long and though it took several months to come to fruition, it was so worth it.  So exciting, the final shipment is due here any day and these beautiful sets will very soon be up for sale. Four fabulous patterns, each one prettier than the other.

Then look whats coming in August! I always dreamed of this and now it’s happening, adore this  blue and white pagoda flatware and cannot wait to have it in my possession!

Each place setting will come in its own white Enchanted Home gift box-


PORCELAINS Have a container arriving within the next day or two (a one day arrival sale will be held when the container is here) then another in later August (presale in a few weeks). There are some exquisite new pieces coming a few I am especially excited about.

Loved this gorgeous vase spotted at Ralph Lauren in NYC so had them made in 2 sizes. They will be here this week-

Everyone remembers these gorgeous antique planters I own, well after several go grounds, we finally got the sample right and I couldn’t be happier with it. I toned down the blue and gold, made the finial a little smaller, softer looking and more delicate like the original and am so happy with the final result.


Here is the original-


This was the first sample, the finials were too large and too gold, the blue had to be toned down-


Then two more samples later, we finally got it right! (finials were made smaller, softer and less gold with a softer more delicate blue)-

The final result-

Then the extra large tulpiere is done as well! This beauty will measures about 34″ and 7.5″ at the widest. These items will be here sometime late August-early Sept. A presale will be offered in 2-3 weeks.

Large tulipiere (34″)-


Had to share with you how I used my only medium sample of the tulipiere when I set a table this weekend for my houseguests…I am going to have so much fun with these!

TOLE So enjoy working on and developing my line of chinoiserie tole. There is not a single piece I just do not love and my own home is testament to that! Have a bunch of planters coming in along with more of the wastepaper baskets and tissue holders. There are also some gorgeous new things coming in, like these beautiful lanterns (already have a place for two of them)!


The bathroom accessories are all coming back in stock within 4 weeks-

This one is a new one too and in production, will be offered in a few colors-

Would love your opinion on this planer, this would heavily discounted be approx $440.00. It can be painted in any color or unpainted and just sealed as is shown below. Thoughts?

So as you can see, lots going on over here….this is what truly makes me happy.  Getting to dream, design and create! Now onto that giveaway-


One winner will win a beautiful blue and white porcelain vase, all you need to do is leave a comment on this post telling me what your most favorite new incoming item is. That is it, I will announce a winner on Wednesday.

Yes,  I know LOTS to take in, and lots to be excited over. I am always and I do mean always dreaming and scheming and have to contain myself sometimes with what I can and cannot develop:) Will be sure to keep you posted! Thanks for stopping in and wising everyone a wonderful day. Until next time…

PS A brand new feature is “deal of the day”- when you click on the shop you will see the deal of the day pop up. Normally its a selected item about 20% off the normally selling price for one day only! One just sent up, click here to see.















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Deborah on

I really like the black and gold footed planter you have coming in. It’s classic but also very distinctive. On the rare occasions that I have seen them, I have always admired them and would love to have one.

Mary on

I absolutely love your tissue and wrapping paper! I am already picturing how beautiful my Christmas gifts will look wrapped in them!

Jane on

All the new items are wonderful, but I am most looking forward to the melamine dinnerware. Perfect for when grandkids come to visit!!

Michelle liset on

My favorite is the copy of your antique blue and white planter?

Hunter on

SO many great things Tina but I do love your wrapping paper. For some reason, I really love your tissue papers. They just struck a chord with me this morning:)

Mary Baker on

Wow so much to look at and love today on your post. I really do love the design of the wrapping paper with red ribbon for Holiday packages. Each and every design is simply beautiful. Another favorite is the blue and white ginger jars with green ribbon. I can hardly wait to order them and start wrapping presents. I have begun my Holiday shopping and my head is spinning with possible gift wrapping creations. Your designs are so very pretty and chic. Thanks for sharing.

Natalie Parm on

So excited to gift my fur babies, RBI and Grayson, with your blue and white dog bowls!! Chic and practical

marlis on

I’m so torn between the tulipiere and the melamine plates oh wait and then the dog and cat bowls. One item.. the tulipiere. Cannot wait to see the presale on these items. Thanks for the gracious giveaway!

Beverly Zimmerman on

I love all your new items, it’s so hard to pick just one! My favorite would be your new flatware with the bamboo design.

Mary deBeaubien on

Love the gift wrap!

Mary on

I think the wrapping paper/tissue/gift bag idea is brilliant and your samples are beautiful. I will definitely buy.

Leslie A. on

Oh my Tina you HAVE been busy!!! I cannot believe how gorgeous everything is, so my taste. It is going to fly out the door, hope you ordered a lot of everything! I most love the dogs, melamine, flatware and new planter, mostly because these are all things I need. Your eye has taken elegant design to a new level, bravo!

Lucy on

So excited. Christmas in July!!

Leslie A. on

PS Had to add the BEAUTIFUL TUIPEIRE! Those are spectacular, and love how you showed how to use them, cannot wait to order.

Dianalynn on

LOVE the flatware!

Traditions Lyd. on

Loving all the new products!!! Can not wait until the holiday wrapping paper is available! ?

Lee on

The blue and white pagoda flatware in gift box – a winner!

Cathy on

The wrapping papers are beautiful and will become my signature gift wrapping.
Thank you, Tina, for all the hard work and love you put into creating these items. You inspire all of us to try harder to make life a little more beautiful.

Karenann on

I love the gold and blue planters. They are elegant and beautiful, and they would look stunning on either side of my fireplace.

Joy on

Love the wrapping paper! Just beautiful!

Debbie on

Truly love your new flatware line. The bamboo pattern really speaks to me, as does the blue and white porcelain choice. Hard to decide which I like more! Congratulations!

Jo Dame Shafer on

Those handsome DOG BOWLS! As soon as they are offered on your site, I’m ordering a pair for Charlie (Cocker Spaniel). I also really like the special deal Hexagonal Garden Seat which would be perfect for INSIDE my house; I’d be hesitant to put it on the courtyard with active grandchildren visiting. Definitely I plan to order rolls of blue and white patterned wrapping papers and tissues. No one else has these designs.

Samantha Schmid on

I love everything but the ornaments are really sweet. My mom and I share a love of interior decorating and she is doing tons of blue and white in her home. -additionally, she loves doing her Christmas trees- she does at least 4 every year in her home. I can’t wait to get her the ornaments for Christmas! Great job!

Sue on

I love it all- so so beautiful The flatware, wrapping paper and tulipiere has me most excited today!

Jo Dame Shafer on

Oh, I forgot to mention the new porcelain handle flatware. I LOVE these and have been searching, so I’ll certainly order a set as soon as they come out.

Nanette Forth on

I am so looking forward to the Staffordshire dogs and the Ralph Lauren look a like vase! Love your beautiful table settings and wonder if you have ever considered selling beautiful table cloths like you use!

Linda Miller on

Hi Tina
Love your gorgeous wrapping paper!
And love the vases you made from the RL collection.

linda b on

love everything, but can’t wait for the melamine to be offered!!!

[email protected] on

Tina, when do you find time to sleep! Between all of your great new items, your house, family, travel and pup you must flop into bed exhausted!

Love the new products!

Megan Bobbitt on

Love the blue and white flatware!
So many wonderful treasures! Would be delighted to own any one of the items in this post!

Susie on

Love the new tole lanterns, and they should be offered as candle lanterns for outdoors too!

M C on

Wow! So many beautiful additions! I am most excited about the new Christmas ornaments and the Christmas wrapping paper. I often think of how beautiful our tree was last year, filled with the Enchanted Home ornaments. The wrapping paper will add the finishing touch to complete the look.

Mary Ann Frasher on

Absolutely love your line of wrapping paper. Every Christmas I take a lot of time finding the right paper and ribbon. I’m sure my search has ended. I can’t get over how lovely it is. I will have a coronary if people tear that paper off the Christmas gifts! LOL

Carol on

Hard to choose just one! But I love the melamine dinnerware!

Talia M. on

Where do I start?! The wrapping paper and tissues are divine and I can’t wait to set the outdoor table with the gorgeous melamine dinnerware.

Chandra on

Tulipiere. I’ve ordered four!

Lisa M on

I simply cannot wait until your new flatware line is available. Now, my challenge will be to narrow down which one I love the most and want to invest in! Thanks for making it happen.

Anastasia on

I love your blue and white themes, but not the strong Asian incorporation since it does not incorporate well into my home decor. Would you ever want to creates vases or other decorative items without this theme? I would be more interested in a simpler design such as flowers, stripes, etc. Thank you.

Susan N. on

There are so many favorites coming in but I’m so excited about the blue and white topiary Christmas wrapping paper, I love it! Everything you are designing is beautiful and unique. Thanks Tina.

kathleen on

I’m really excited about the gift wrap ! There is not a lot on the market that is pretty and sophisticated as your designs are. It’s so nice to have a stash of wrap in the closet for those special occasions when you need a small gift and want it to look good. Thanks.

Peggy in Kentucky on

I LOVE, LOVE the wrapping paper you will be receiving. I will be stalking my emails to be sure I know when to order. Thank you for sharing your ideas.

Celene Miller on

The Tulipieres are my very favorite!
I also love the Melamine! Will you have any other colors?
Thank you-

Marilyn on

Everything is beautiful, but I am crazy in love with the wrapping paper! The Ctmas paper is exquisite and I can picture a pile of presents already. FABULOUS!!!

Connie Windham on

I have been waiting on the flatware to come in. Absolutely nothing like it out there and I want it!

Dana Munoz on

Love love love all your new items! They are all so beautiful…just cannot decide on one! The tall blue & white vases are spectacular! Would love to have these!

Deri Terry on

My favorite item is the extra large tulipiere. I can’t wait to receive the medium Ones! All of the new items look Great!

Cindy Weis on

Hi Tina, so much going on in the shop, I am excited about so many of the items (the melamine, the planters and the wrapping paper), but what has me the most excited is the flatware, I CAN’T wait to have that in the shop, I am in need of a new set and yours is just beautiful! great job, and your attention to detail is what makes you one of my favorite “go to” shops.

Saryn on

Love the tulipiere!!!

Vicki on

Love the ornaments

Donna Scully on

I’m in love with your new medium tulipiere! Just so precious………and stunning.

Ginger on

I absolutely love the papers and tissues. So unique! There are several I’m certain I can’t live without.

Carol on

Oh my, difficult to choose one item, but I think I will need a set of b/w melamine dishes ? I am also looking forward to ordering some of your beautiful paper.

judy on

I like the wrapping paper.

judy on

I like the wrapping paper the most.

Jill on

Wow! I am excited about everything and will have to start saving up so that I can buy it all!

Judy Toline on

The flatware is to die for?????

Marcia moorhead on

Love the blue lantern and the melamine plates great for summer outdoor space.

Shawna B. on

I love the tissue paper and can imagine never wanting to use anything else in gift giving. Congrats to all your success in getting these new items on the market. Very impressive!

Deborah on

For me personally, I love the wrapping papers, all of them. It is one stop shopping for me for all reasons and all seasons. Just made my life a lot easier. In all honesty, I like everything you are doing. Best wishes for your endeavors, you are going to be a force to be reasoned with!!

Joan MacDowell on

I think all your designs are just gorgeous and applaud your attention to detail! As a designer and buyer, I have certainly seen my share of “close but not right”! I especially love your line of tissues and papers, looking forward to ordering!

Trudi on

I really love the wrapping paper- so many designs to choose from. I also love the new vase that comes in two sizes.

Vickie H. on

OMG! That Christmas paper is TO DIE FOR!!!

Maggie on

Wow- you’ve been a busy bee! So many lovely choices but the new planter is stunning!

Grace Williams on

Can’t wait for the flatware!

Carolyn McFeely on

Love all of it! Especially the bamboo flatware! So excited to order!

Marjorie Collins on

Love the melamine dishes-especially the rectangular serving piece. What a terrific look!

June Duke on

Wow!!! I love everything, but super excited about the dog bowls, the ornaments, wrapping paper, and melamine dishes. I’ve been wanting melamine dishes forever, but just couldn’t find any blue and white that I liked. But this, I love!! Can’t wait!!!

Sara on

The planters are so handsome, and the finish on them is elegant. Think they would work well with any color scheme, too.

Joan on

The new blue & white dog bowls are the perfect hostess gift for a dear friend and her pair of miniature doxies!
Also love the Pagoda flatware!
The new planter is fabulous, love the fish scale pattern!

Valerie on

While you have some really beautiful new merchandise, the Provence Planter made me swoon!! Wow! You are amazing

Carissa Blue on

Oh Tina! So many pretty things… I’m most excited about the bamboo flatware because that’s what my grandmother had. Love the tall vases after Ralph Lauren’s too. Stunning!

Lin on

My favorite is more blue & white ornaments!

Jon on

Tina, I love the wrapping paper. Especially the holiday paper. With everything coordinating it makes wrapping beautiful gifts so easy. I can’t wait to order some and see it in person.

Dana on

Love the new tole pieces. Everything is beautiful and I look forward to ordering!

Beth Zima on

The new holiday wrapping paper is lovely. Would love some under our blue Christmas tree!

Linda Owens on

I think the blue and white pagoda flatware is my favorite. It is so beautiful and I just love it. But I also love the melamine dinnerware and the wrapping paper. So many beautiful things!

Victoria Taylert on

Whew! You are one busy lady. But your selections are so well thought out, it’s difficult choose a favorite. I’ve been collecting since I was a teen, (I’m now in my 70’s), and my home reflects my obsession. The one item that immediately attracted my attention was the lantern – such a beautiful shape and color, and I think it would be very versatile.

Sherry B on

Every single item is so beautiful. It is hard to choose just one but the tall vases look stunning with branches on the mantel.

Diane on

Love the Ralph Lauren vases,and since I am a paper fairy love the wrapping paper,especially the Christmas designs.

Regina on

I love the new tole lanterns, especially the blue! Also the wrapping paper and bags.

Joanne Nickoloff on

Out of all, I think the planter is my favourite.

Rosalie on

Looking forward to the wrapping paper and tissue.

Arell on

So many beautiful items! I am thrilled for you that your ideas are actually coming to fruition! I think my favorites today are the dogs and also the wrapping paper and tissue. Quite fabulous! Congratulations.

Katherine on

Love your rendition for Ralph Lauren’s vase….thanks!

Karen W. on

The solid cobalt lantern is exquisite! Already imagining it in my home…

Debbie on

I love it all there is nothing like this Canada

Nancy on

Looking forward to ordering the wrapping paper and gift bags!

Barbara Abbott on

So hard to pick, but the reproduction planters with the gold knobs and the
tulipieres are particularly special.

[email protected] on

The blue and white melamine dinnerware. I just love everything about it! Perfect for in and out of door use. How many should I buy?!

Sue on

I am anxiously awaiting the new flat ware! Now torn between the pagoda style and the new blue and white !!

Tammy U on

I love the Staffordshire dogs and plan to buy a pair. I really like the classic orange. I also really like the dog bowls. I have a large blue and white plate collection hanging on my kitchen wall and my dog bowls set on the floor by that wall. They are small stainless steel bowls which I would love to replace with the beautiful blue and white bowls. My little dog may just think that he is eating off of our plates!

Danielle on

I love all of your new items – it’s hard to choose. My top two favorites are the Bamboo flatware and the RL porcelain vases. But, love everything!

Kerry on

Gifts wrapped with the blue and white ginger jar paper with the green bows will absolutely be the perfect accent under my blue and white Christmas tree!

Linda Beth on

So much to love! The wrapping papers are beautiful and the dog bowls are must haves for me!

Barbara on

Love the Ralph Lauren vases and the blue and white dog bowls Wonderful additions

Mia Davis on

So excited about the new melamine dinnerare and can’t wait to order!!!

dale sullivan on

I love the blue pagoda flatware. Great for a summer party

Melissa Baginski on

Love it all but especially the wrapping paper. Some of my gifts this year will be wrapped with the topiarys with the red bows in the blue and white fishbowl.

Julia on

I’m excited about several of the items you have coming in. I can see the wrapping paper in my new home this Christmas, which goes perfectly with my ginger jars. Love the melamine. Really can’t choose between them!

Sara Ledoux on

The Holiday wrapping paper is darling! I love the pop the red bow gives.

Debbie G on

When do you have time to sleep! This post of upcoming merchandise is absolutely breathtaking. I definitely have my eyes on a few of your new pieces. I too, am excited about Christmas and the exciting items that you have selected for us. Christmas is my favorite time of the year and I love to decorate every inch of my home with unique treasures, thank you for helping me achieve this.

Nancy Pharr on

Ralph Lauren tall bases.

Eve on

Can’t wait till they are available, especially the gift wrapping. . Love the Christmas wrapping.
Your designs are beautiful–you have quite a gift!

Amy from Boston on

Nearly fainted from the beauty. So many beautifulthings in one place. Where to begin? The dogs are beautiful the flatware and melamine must make it into my home, the tulipere and small blue and white planters are spectacular! I love all the tole and the R.Lauren vases, what can I say I want it ALL. Christmas cannot come soon enough, when I discovered you last year all your blue and white ornaments were sold out, but I will be sure to be an early bird this year! You have done an outstanding with your most beautiful collection, congratulations.

Amy Cline on

My favorite item coming is the Melamine dinnerware. Love it!!! Cant wait to place my order. 🙂

Sharon on

I love the Christmas topiary paper. Also, excited to see the bathroom wastebasket and tissue holder.

Diana Deal on

I love all of your designs! I can’t believe the breadth of your designs- from wrapping paper to planter boxes. I am particularly drawn to the blue & white flatware. Are the handles ceramic? I ask because we purchased beautiful Rosenthal steak knives when we lived in Germany, but all were broken when a friend helped me clean up after dinner & tossed them all in the sink!

Betty Coco on

I love the flatware, just beautiful.

Patty on

WOW! Seriously beautiful things coming our way! You have perfectly tapped into what we readers love for sure! As a self proclaimed gift wrap fanatic, I’ve been watching closely for the updates. They are LOVELY! And I am thrilled to see the tissue and bag options also. Count me in. ……Oh, and I will be buying a dog bowl!

Rachael H on

The wrapping paper & tissue paper is a must! love it

Deborah on

Love dog bowls but mine would be a water bowl for my two cats!

Katherine on

Love the new planters and I would certainly order them. Also, would order the dishes. They would be wonderful for my cottage. Tina, you have such a beautiful shop, so please keep your ideas coming!

Susan on

Love the Staffordshire dogs and the tulipiere. So classic and usable

Ann on

Your wrapping paper is my favorite because they are beautiful designs, unique and offer a chance for anyone to share a little chinoiserie joy!

Ellen on

I love the new metal planters! They’re sooooo unusual and I think I’d buy a pair and just apply a clear finish so they’d stay the way they are.

Cathi on

Tina, it’s all beautiful, but I LOVE the black and gold footed toile planter!

Jane on

My favorite are the tall vases like the ones you saw at the Ralph Lauren store in NYC. Love them! ❤️

Tommye on

Absolutely love the blue and white dog bowl but my Scottie, Maggie, loves everything pink!

Todd on

I love the new wrapping papers. Would love to see more gift bags in the various designs -the green trellis, the blue floral vine, and especially the planter with tree (but glad this one is in tissue!).

Pam on

So much to choose from…I love the wrapping paper, and the tissue is fabulous!! Can’t wait for it to arrive!!

Donna R on

I love the wrapping paper and it really steps up the gift of giving. I’ve not seen anything like this in stores so it will be special. Thank you for the gracious gift offer!

Colleen on

Love the copy of your blue and white planter.

Barbara N. on

So hard to choose! Everything is so beautiful. I’d have to pick the large RL vase first and then the tulipieres. Just a great selection!

Grace on

So hard to pick a favorite ? The new dark blue ornaments have my ? skipping a beat! Just LOVE them!!

Also, so happy to see a masculine version of the tole lamp. Thinking about using them in my son’s room ??

Mary on

I love the blue and white pagoda flatware!

Alice H on

So many things to love! My favorite has to be the bamboo flatware. It would compliment any table setting 🙂

Ann Bailey on

Tina my heart crystal out for so many of your beautiful things. Especially the tulipiere and the melamine dishes. But my kitties say get the food bowls Mommy.

Karen H on

Love the wrapping paper! So cute!

mariae on

I am in love with the Christmas wrap, the blue and white with a red Bow, is my favorite!!!!
The dog bowls, the jars you had made, the melamine dinnerware are just fabulous pieces to own.

Claudia McCauley on

A great big WOW! Simply a feast for the eyes…
Love the antique planter… cannot wait to order!
So much thanks for all your hard work,

Elissa C on

Wow!!! So many wonderful things to be excited about! Just love the large tulipieries they are so grand and look magnificent on your table!! Also love the new tole lanterns , just beautiful and I have just he spot for a pair. You have really got me thinking. Love the wine bags too!!

Daryl on

Love the blue white dog bowls and cannot wait to get a couple for my two buddies!

Loretta Turner on

I love everything but what I am coveting the most are the tuliperies! I hope to own one or more very soon. ???????????????

Jennifer S on

Everything is fabulous!! I am very excited about the melamine tableware!!!! Wonderful!

Beverly Barna on

Love the tall vases!

As always, your porcelain pieces are beautiful.


Barbara Kellyb on

Hi Tina,
Am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new “china”
Would love to have the same use for your alfresco dining. Was this a custom table cloth?
Would appreciate information.
Thank you
Barbara KELLY

Catharine on

I am thrilled with the wrapping paper! So different and it will be a beautiful addition to packages at birthday parties and showers….and under all those pretty trees at Christmas!

Bj Malgari on

i think the line you are developing is tasteful and well curated. I love the tulipiere – I think they are fun and architectural! Well done.

nancy lynch on

What to choose!!! Love it all. Melamine dishes and blue and white flatware!!! Gotta have it. !!

Jayne C on

It’s always hard to choose a favorite, but the paper and bags are so lovely! I was just thinking about ribbons for the different designs. Who doesn’t love a beautifully wrapped gift, and what a lovely way to present a gift to family and friends.

Vickie on

The solid blue and blue and white lanterns..close second is the flatware.
Third green foil wrap

Donna on

I enjoyed seeing all the new items and will be watching for the pre-sales ( love that you do that for us)! My favorite thing at this moment is the wrapping paper.

Sharon Larmore on

send the tulipiere my way! I can’t wait !

Jackie Walls on

I love your new wrapping paper!!

Mary Crozier on

I love the Melamine Dinnerware. It’s difficult to find good quality, elegant, sophisticated dishes that can be used in a casual or outdoor setting. I would buy these in a heart beat. . Plus, unlike paper plates and forks, they are also environmentally friendly!

Helen on

I can’t wait to use your beautiful wrapping paper.

Karin on

I think the dog bowls are beautiful! I can’t wait to order a couple. I have been looking for something like this for a long time.

Marion on

Love the vases that come in 2 sizes- like at RL. Would use in a grouping-would look great!

Patti on

I wish your gorgeous wrapping papers patterns came in a wallpaper.

Kristin on

Christmas wrap!

Doris Kristmann on

Can’t wait for the bathroom accessories ?

Su Zann Bumpers on

Deal of the Day is a great idea! One more reason to check emails! I’m excited about the wrapping paper and Staffordshire dogs. Gearing up for the fall and holiday season, so I’m in the mood for appropriate products. Thanks again!

Janet Cole on

FLATWARE – I have been stalking your site waiting for it to be available!

Karen N on

Love the christmas wrapping paper.

kathy bunge on

I have been collecting antique & vintage Staffordshire English mantle dogs for many years so, of course, I love your new ones! For copies, they look very good! You did a great job on these!

Marie Taylor on

Hi Tina,
The blue and white porcelain flatware is GORGEOUS!!!!!!! I can’t wait to buy some place settings. Just the thing when using white place setting for every day. Thank you for sharing your creativity with all of us.

Perfect offering on

The doggie bowls would bring smiles to the whole household!!!!

Myrna on

I would not turn down anything, but I loved the flatware best. Not sure I like the tulipiere. It would take a specific flower and color to make them outstanding when filled.

Ann on

Hi Tina,
Enjoy your posts. Do you ship to Australia? Many thanks.

Judy on

I love the lanterns and the RL look alike vases but I am especially excited to order the ornaments. I have decided to put up a small blue and white Christmas tree in my dining room this year. Cannot wait!!!

Linda Cashman on

My favorite is the blue and white pagoda flatware. I have some serving pieces in blue and white and these would work nicely with them.

Lee Johnson on

I love everything!!! Especially pleased with the with your holiday line!!! Would consider adding gift tags with the holiday wrap? Keep up the good work, everything looks fantastic!

Lucy Porter on

You have so many new and wonderful items to offer us blue and white lovers. I can not wait for the wrapping paper! I have my eye on the Christmas topiary wrap! I just love wrapping all my presents in the same paper, and this one really excites me!

Denise on

My favorite is the vase that you had made to copy yours. It is beautiful.

Suzanne Moss on

Stirup utensils!! For my Fall table setting

Polly on

Love the blue and green wrapping paper!

Michael John on

My fav – is the outdoor picnic plate collections is fabulous. I can’t wait to order.

Blair on

I love the Ralph Lauren vases!!

Cay MIller on

I am amazed! Your creative talent is fabulous. How can I choose one or two? Yes, Yes to everything I saw. Just lovely. I do especially love the Melamine Dinnerware and the Blue and Gold Antique Planter, well, then there is the Pagoda Flatware among everything else. Looking forward to taking advantage of your generous sale coming very soon.

Mary S. on

Tina, I love everything! It’s hard to choose. I guess I would have to say the tulipiere as I do lots of tablescaping. I recently purchased two ginger jars from you and I am very pleased. Glad I found your site.

Martha McC on

Very excited for the flatware!

Darcy on

Love the blue and white handled flatware….. oh, and the dog bowls…… and the gift wrap! It’s too hard to choose just one. Beautiful!

April on

RL small bird vases. But also like the papers, tulipieres, blue porcelain handle serving pieces. Such fun.
Thank you Tina team.

Laurie on

Love your ornaments! So cute!

Debbie H. on

I love the melamine dishes. Would be great for my outdoor area or in our motorhome!

Carol on

Hi Tina! Will you ever sell your pagoda wall sconces again? Really need a pair!!!

jill on

love the blue and white and gold planter!

Mary Bogart on

Its so hard to choose what I love most, but I guess I would have to say the silverware is stunning! I love the heavy, thick look of them. Very grand! I am also excited about the dogs. My mother has wanted a pair for years. They will make a great Christmas present for her! So excited for you, Tina! You have some beautiful items coming up. I am even more excited for us who get to enjoy them in our homes

Patricia on

The Ralph Lauren look-a-like vase is my favorite but running close is the blue and white pagoda flatwear. So beautiful. It is difficult to chose. Everything is just georgeous.

Ellen R. on

Tina I am in love with every single thing on this page. I love your creative energy, you are filling a much needed void in the market. I could close my eyes and point and be happy with what I choose, love your site and your style.

Today the tuliperes, flatware, dogs and melamine are what have my heart racing. I want it all though:-) Would love to have the tulipieres and pagoda flatware for my daughters bridal shower in Sept!

Barb on

I am excited to see the blue/white Melanie dinnerware with matching silverware.

Diane M. on

What a beautiful table setting! The melamine dinnerware and the unpainted metal planter have my votes. Wouldn’t a topiary look so lovely in this planter!!!!Thanks,Tina

Lee Ann on

Hands down the melamine! Beautiful and practical; have seen nothing like it!

Bonnie G. on

So many lovely items. I like the tole lamps and the outdoor melamine.
Tina, what a bright and beautiful table you set!

M J Webster on

I am loving and am very excited about your new items due in soon!

Patti on

love all the flatware, especially with the blue/white porcelain handles

Deb Harris on

Can’t Wait for the wrapping paper.

Chris Mccomb on

Tina, You have simply outdone yourself! All of the new items are gorgeous! I truly love the tulipieres! I can’t wait to fill them with flowers!

Irene on

Love the Melamine Dinnerware and their versatility – outdoor dining, picnics and even everyday use. Who wouldn’t enjoy these?

Gina M on

Love it all! If I have to pick just one, it would be the flatware. Can’t wait for it to arrive!

Susan on

Love everything.. can’t wait for wrapping paper and flatware

Vicki C. on

Love the dogs! Love the blue and white!

Aimee L on

Tina, I especially love all the beautiful wrapping paper and tissue paper! So excited to have these for the holidays ahead

Ann Marie on

Looking forward to the new wrapping paper.. Beautiful designs. And I ‘m going to have to take a serious look at that new blue and gold planter..

Stephanie on

My favorite of all the new items is the blue & white melamine dinnerware. I’ve not seen this pattern anywhere before. Great for summer, even year round casual entertaining!

Susan Kayden on

The flatware is gorgeous! I also love the Holiday wrapping papers – the blue and white wreaths with their bows and the festive topiary are adorable!

leigh on

The blue and white flatware is lovely but love the ornaments too….difficult choice!

Elizabeth Toler on

Love love the blue and white flatware & melamine dishes!

scarlet m. on

Adore the blue and white silverware. Versatile to dress up or down ; a very clean, simple look. Never will be out of date. Really, really , excited about these and hope to purchase asap.

robin on

My favorite right now are the blue and white dog bowls. I have been looking forward to
purchasing them for our son as a wedding gift. He has wanted blue and white dog bowels for
his soon to be wife’s english bulldog puppy.They will both be excited to get them.

Vivian walker on

My favorite is the silverware

Vivian walker on

My favorite is the silverware and the paper

Katie Corrigan on

Love the Ralph Lauren vases and the Staffodshire dogs, Can’t wait until they are available.

Jeanne on

Looking forward to the gift wrap and I love the flatware!!!

Leanne Turner on

Love the ornaments and wrapping paper!

Joni on

All of the new items have me so excited however if I had to pick today, it would be the tulipiere. I dearly love them and would LOVE to have a pair on my holiday table! The wrapping paper is an awesome item too, to carry in your shop. What can I say, I love everything in your shop!

Shery G. on

I absolutely love the staffordshire dogs! They are beautiful in all three colors.

Erin Nantais on

Absolutely love the wrapping paper and assortment of tissues…even the wine bags! How nice these items will look for holiday gifts or anytime of the year gifts!

Jean Tucker on

I love the Ralph Lauren vase and the blue and white flatwear!

Lynn Tinker Toye on

Loving the dog bowls for a friends upcoming Birthday and lots of wrapping paper in my ordering plans!

Julie on

All so wonderful! I especially like all the gift wrap and the tole! Lovely ideas you have brought to life! You should be thrilled! Julie L, GA

Dianne Estes on

Sooo many choices. Love the re do of the square cachpot. Much prettier. Also gift wrap. Can’t wait!!!!

Kelly underwood on

So much to get excited about.
I am ready for the new fantastic flatware!

Sherry M on

I am in love with the new items. I love the porcelains, and lamps, but I am extremely happy about the wrapping paper, tissue paper, and gift bags. It is about time someone got smart and created something classic with which to wrap a heartfelt gift or token of love!! Thank you, Tina and Enchanted Home!!!

Laura I Marec on

Thank you, Tina, for all of the great upcoming features and products!
Wow! Decisions decisions! I love the Deal of the Day and the Dogs porcelains and the Wrapping Paper, and as always, the Ornaments!
Will you be having a sale on the medium size blue and white porcelain Pagodas again?

Jill on

I LOVE all the wrapping and tissue paper!! Really beautiful and different!!

Jacquelynn O'Boyle on

I must have the blue and white flatware WONDERFUL

Sarah R on

I am most excited about your flatware! Each pattern is beautiful!

Nancy on

I must say I’m still a big fan of the Christmas ornaments, and looking forward to adding to my collection…love the ginger jar and vase ornaments!
The wrapping paper is beautiful, and I love that both the gift bags and papers could be used for other occasions. I especially like the ginger jars with the red bows…mimics the ginger jars I have on my holiday mantel with ivy and holly berries!

Katherine W Pitts on

Tina, I love anything you have at The Enchanted Home!
My boy, Prancer, will adore your blue and white dog bowl X two.
I adore the Ralph Lauren vase! ???

Larie Hensley on

Love Love…the Ralph Lauren Vases…….already ordered mine!! Love the Melmine dishes!!!!! And finally the Planter w topiary wrapping paper! Can’t wait!!!!!

Brenda M on

So many favorites to come. The tall tulipieres are my top pick in my wish list with many close seconds.

Congrats on the development of so many amazing products!

Donna Dowd on

I absolutely love the new wrapping papers and bags! Divine!

Katie on

The large tulipier is my favorite, although it’s incredibly hard to pick just one thing. Everything is simply stunning.

Joan on

The blue and white flatware is so beautiful – I just want to pick them up and hold them. Another reason to eat!

Marlene on

Tina, I am so excited about your wrapping paper and tissue paper. I so enjoy giving a beautifully wrapped package. Love what you have designed.

Susan M. on

I love the Christmas ornaments! Perfect for blue and white and Christmas ornament collectors/lovers – so excited about all the new offerings!

Linda on

Love the flatware! Time to replace the worn set in my kitchen…..

Jan on

Omigosh – love the Christmas gift wrap!!!!

Karen McLeod on

So excited about all the new items. The tole, wrapping paper and tuliperes I have been waiting anxiously for. Love everything so much!

Janet on

So much to love!! I will definitely be ordering some of the beautiful paper and tissue!

Becky on

I love the reproduction of the antique blue and white planter! A must have❤️

Martha on

I really love the antique planters. So pretty and the two king made them perfect

Sonya O. on

I love the Staffordshire dogs!

Aelish on

I can imagine so many ways to use the tulipiere! It is just lovely!

Maureen Basse Bauchman on

I love the RL style vases. Although I normally always go for “More is More”, I think I love the smaller size as on a table once it is filled with flowers guests can talk over the height. Great find!

Taken Smith on

I absolutely love the tulipiere. As a gardener I see it as useful and gorgeous. What a wonderful way to enjoy our garden flowers AND my love of blue and white in a unique way.

Therese Jones on

All the items are absolutely fabulous…I loved the wrapping paper.

Edwina Anderson on

I particularly love the wrapping paper.. sooo pretty

Karen Markovich on

I can’t wait until you receive the Melamine dishes. I just love the pagoda design. So original but very practical. The other items
look great and I will also be ordering the blue and white pagoda flatware. Great job!!!

Patty on

I love the dog bowls Tina! I’ve been looking for something just like that for our puppy and can’t wait to order them from you!

Tera on

Absolutely in love with the French blue tole lantern! I know the perfect place for two of these. Also can’t wait for the topiary gift wrap and tissue, and the blue and white gift wrap! Exceptionally pretty gift wrap is very hard to find. Your items make me happy!

Nancy McKee on

I am most excited about the Christmas wrapping paper with topiaries and wreaths. It will help make the tree with blue and white ornaments even better!

Bev Freiley on

Tina, please be sure to offer some of the tole lanterns which aren’t wired. They would be lovely on the patio with outdoor candles in them.
Also, you at one time told us the name and maker of the fabric you used as your outdoor table cloth. Could you remind us, please?

Patti Olsen on

The new antique planters, the new porcelain vases and the Christmas wrapping paper. Actually I think all the new products are spectacular! Will have to be sure to look at my e-mail first thing in the morning for the near future, to be sure I can take advantage of your 1-2 day sales.

Ann Bryan on

I really like the blue and white porcelain handled flatware. It is the compliment to the perfect blue and white table scape.

Fran W. on

Everything is beautiful, but I’m most excited about the new wrapping papers!

Suzanne Ferrer on

The tulipierres have my name on them. Love!

Karen Phillips on

Wow, you have such gorgeous things, it’s so hard to pick! I love, love, love the Ralph Lauren style vase, the new flatware, the melamine service, and the newest planter! You rock, Tina!!

Peggy Mae on

I love the wrapping paper. I am looking forward to using it for Christmas and other holidays.

Karen on

I am in love with the wrapping papers. Those designs are amazing!

Noelle M Harralson on

The melamine dinnerware!

Deb A. on

AMAZING, Tina!!! Bravo!! Your creativity is shining through. I LOVED the wrapping papers, especially the Christmas papers. I also loved the Ralph Lauren large vases and the blue and white pagoda flatware. Usually melamine does not appeal to me, but I might have to make an exception for yours as it is so well executed and so beautifully designed. Just lovely. You really have an amazing eye for creativity and the drive and energy to go along with it. Congratulations on such a wonderful job and thank you.

Deb A. on

Tina, would you consider creating some tablecloths, similar to the one that you show on your table in the picture above? I realize that is someone else’s design, but I think you have the talent to create some beautiful fabrics and could do some great tablecloths and napkins (and monogramming!!).

Janet on

Tina — Your creativity is overwhelming (not to mention your energy in developing all these products!). I like so much here, but the new vases inspired by Ralph Lauren are my absolute favorites. They are such a graceful shape to use with blooms or branches or empty and I think they would look great mixed with your larger ginger jars (of which I have two!). Anyway, that’s my vote!
Have a great day!

Vicky on

I love your new lanterns! The blue is divine!

Judy Clark on

I’m on overload! The wrapping paper makes me anxious for the holidays to come. Can’t wait!

Lexi on

I am obsessed with your new tulipieres!! They are stunning!!!

Chris on

Love the holiday wrapping paper! The paper with the blue and green wreaths is my favorite! I will be ordering that paper for sure!

Susanne C on

I truly love the blue and white Staffordshire dogs; but given the chance would like the dog dishes too.

Mary26 on

copy of your antique blue and white planter

Linda Wishart on

Must have the tulipiere

Ellen V on

Love the dishes! Where did you get your lovely outdoor tablecloths? Custom or do you sell them?

Amanda R. on

I love the wrapping paper and the ornaments!!

Karen on

Love the wrapping paper and tissue. Can’t wait until it is available!

cheryl on

I really like the dog bowls that will be coming in.

Tricia on

I love all of the holiday wrapping paper.

Arlene on

I really adore the new melamine dishes. We carry some where I work at Williams Sonoma and certainly can’t compare to your styles. These are timeless

Tritina Roberson on

I love the tall Porcelain Vases that are flanking the top of the fire mantel.
They are terrific, unique and conversational statement pieces.

Jessica G on

All great new items, but my favorite is the wrapping paper! I especially love the Christmas designs!

Charlotte Coleman on

My favorite is the wrapping papers!!!

Teresa Rossiter Harvey on

I’m a big fan of the planter as I have many decorating my porch and patio. Having it off the ground is a big plus, the finials are perfect and give it personality and the option of having it painted is also a plus. It’s very non discript so I feel it will fit in with any decor. You have a winner.

Cathy on

Hi Tina,
My favorite item would have to be the dog bowls!!!! I love them and will definitely be purchasing them!!

Adrienne on

Love the Staffordshire Dogs in all colors! Who doesn’t love Chinoiserie combined with (wo)man’s best friend? Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us. I look forward to reading your posts every day.

Barbara on

The tulipiere-just love it.!

Jackie Shel on

My mini doxie needs that dog bowl!!! Love it!!

Michele on

Love the vibrant green of the gift wrap! I don’t care for somber pine green, and I’m not a chartreuse person… your green is Just Right!

Dianne Kropp on

Maybe your question should be what DON’T I love!! Each item is fabulous but if I have to pick one it would be the antique planter reproduction which I have always admired it in your home and now perhaps I can enjoy it in mine!

Eileen on

Wow! So many gorgeous items. I love the dog bowls. What a fabulous idea

Michelle on

There really is so much to love but I am most thrilled about the melamine collection. I think you did an amazingly great job on it

Anne on

Love the dog bowls – would also love green & white!

Martha on

If I have to just choose one, I love the tulipiere!! Would love to have blue and white phone case for Android and iPhone.

Kathy on

I am so excited about your line of wrapping paper! I can’t wait to use it and especially looking forward to the Christmas paper! It is always so difficult to find the right paper ~ the search is over! Thank you for offering such gorgeousness for our homes with all your products.

Peggy Thal on

Love so many items but really fancy your tall Tulipiere. I think it is so fun for placing cut flowers. It is so unique. Also, like your plates and dog dishes. Thank you for bringing so many great items.

June Steadman on

Just beautiful! I feel like a kid in a candy store. Love it all!

nancy on

So many beautiful new items …but the MELAMINE DINNERWARE is fantastic! I can just see it in a wicker picnic basket with a beautiful table cloth!

Donna Levi on

Looking forward to the wrapping paper coming. I love the details.

Virginia L Bennett on

Love love love the new flatware and melamine!! Cannot wait to set a table with the melamine and the bamboo. Yay!

Angela Middleton on

Tina, I absolutely adore the wrapping paper! Gorgeous!

Moy on

Thrilled at the prospect of your Christmas wrapping & ornaments. Hope to wrap each holiday gift & atttach one of your ornament as a. Decorative feature on the package. Exquisite!


Kara on

Favorite new item is, ABSOLUTELY, the blue and white Pagoda flatware. ALL of the wrapping papers come a close second! Love your site, your shop.


Cindy Campbell on

I love the new flatware, especially the blue and white pagoda!!

Meg A on

Love the tuliperies! Looking forward to the cachepot with the gold finials–second version much more on point.

Nadine Middendorf on

Love the wrapping paper, the black tole lanterns and the Christmas ornaments! I think I’ll do a small tree in them!

kathy on

Tulipiere is gorgeous!!

Temple martin on

Excited about the wrapping paper. I love the lamps and lanterns.

Holly on

I love the tulipiere! It will look great year round with seasonal flowers. I love the height and that it only take a few flowers to make an impact for the dining table.

Mary on

Loved your new line of gift wrap, well done!

Helen on

So excited about the Melamine dinnerware. Will we be able to order just the dinner and salad plates??

Sue Nisenfeld on

Your items are fabulous ! So many goodies in one place!

Lisa D on

Delicious flatware – so excited- and I just love the tulipiere! You set such a lovely table. Thanks for your beautiful work. Oh and the ornaments! Yum!

Ann on

I’m torn. I love the tulipiere. Tied with the vases as shown at Ralph Lauren for my faves.

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