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Hello and happy Friday! We have had one busy busy week over here at TEH so I am happy the weekend is here, have plans with friends on tap and of course plan on some much needed rest and relaxation on Sunday.

I never ever tire of writing about blue and white but then again you probably know that. Is it me or is it everywhere? I feel like lately I am seeing more and more events, parties and weddings with a blue and white theme. What took them so long to catch on how fabulous it is for events! I know one thing, one of my boys must (bride willing) have a blue and white themed wedding so they can make my lifelong dreams come true:)

I have had many luncheons and other small things that have allowed blue and white to be up front and center. I have always loved the look and this fresh combination looks amazing with  literally any color flowers. In my “investigative research”  found many other gorgeous events featuring this time honored color combination and this just had to become a post. Too pretty to not share! Feast your eyes on the beauty and don’t blame me if this ignites a sudden urge to throw a party! I  hope you enjoy……



Isn’t this to die for! I love it! Bella Grace Studios

Incredible! Revelry Event Design


Gorgeous tablesetting, Jordan’s Journal

Lucky lucky bride:)

How fabulous is the combination of magnolia and blue and white? Heavenly, House of Elliot

I would never ever want to leave this party MOD Wedding

A party I hosted two years ago featuring plenty of blue and white:)

Are these the cutest flowergirls and those dresses!! Ashely Seawell

Dreamy wedding space, Bella Grace Studios

So fabulous! Melissa Schollaert

Bella Grace Studios

Adore this color combination,  Ashely Seawell

It’s all in the details and these details are sublime:) Melissa Schoolaert

Classic blue and white nails it everytime, French Wedding Style

What a beautiful vibe! MOD Events

Gorgeous in every way, those fall arrangements on either side are incredible.

Classically gorgeous, Bella Grace (above and below)

Pink is so beautiful in blue and white, Junebug Weddings

The subtle touch of green is just beyond gorgeous

What a way to greet your guests! Ashley Seawell

Now that is what I call a marriage off to a great start!

So so pretty, French Wedding Style

Weddings Unveiled

Love the added touch of a rustic frame for the table names, French Wedding Style

Darling placecards, Martha Weddings

Isn’t it beautiful how furniture is starting to be added to wedding spaces? I love this look

YES to everything about this picture!

This is dreamy, Martha Weddings


I am officially in blue and party heaven and it’s easy to get lost in this gorgeous post daydreaming about creating a special blue and white themed party of my very own.

So very beautiful, don’t you agree! This so inspired me to think ahead to a possible future party featuring blue and white, and most certainly for my Christmas party this year I plan to use plenty of it so stay tuned! Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day and end to your week. Until next time…..

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Neiman Marcus Last Call (Neiman Marcus)

Neiman Marcus

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Suzanne Moss on

Hi Tina,
I’m like you, these wedding scenes took my breath away. Especially love the pink in the blue and white. Just stunning! And a love love the gravel outside, the old door and wreath. I hope your future daughter-in-law someday will take your advice and do hers that way.
Much love,

Eileen on

You have confirmed what I’ve been thinking lately….I’m spotting lots more blue and white lately and didn’t know if my consciousness is being raised by your love of blue and white or I’m just seeing more blue and white. Maybe your influence is spreading and creating this “buzz” about your favorite color combo.

Eve on

My favorite post by far. I was at the Designer Showcase in Southampton yesterday and thought of you. An outdoor side patio was done in blue and white with blue and white ginger jars. It was beautiful. Met three lovely ladies who just loved it as well. I mentioned your website and they were thrilled to learn about it. Who doesn’t love blue and white?!!!

Ccchintz on

I have noticed that blue is back in full force. And of course, blue and white accents. Just look st the cover of Ballard Design! I ordered a sofa in royal blue velvet. It was will my spring board
How do those party decorators /event planners keep reinvent the wheel? Serious wow factor going on in those photos !

Katherine Bennett on

These blue/white weddings are just FANTASTIC! Thanks for sharing all these ideas….I’m in heaven!

franki on

Just…WOW!!! franki

[email protected] on

Beautiful weddings! I love the table with the blue/white and the magnolia! IT is stunning. Have a fabulous and relaxing weekend Tina.

Celia Becker @ on

All of them are gorgeous and yes, it does make me feel like having a blue and white dinner party. It’s all your fault;)

Deanna on

I was just thinking ahead to the weddings in your future and how I hope those girls love blue and white too! My daughter had her heart set on purple (purple?!?) and we managed to sell her on blue with little bits of gold thrown in (her last name is now Golden.). So any beauty your boys bring home will just have to have brunch with you and I know they will be dreaming in blue and white after that!

Sandy on

Loved it all!

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