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Hi friends….I cannot get over that we are on Chapter 23! This is surely a sign that great progress is being made and in fact, it is! I just came back a few days ago from my happy place, Palmetto Bluff and was so thrilled to see the house really starting to take shape.

I have started to envision actually living there (part time) and imagining furniture, colors, lighting,etc….yes its fun to let your mind wander. So as I always do I first share with you recent progress and then a topic of discussion.

From here on in, to me is the exciting part. Really watching it come together with all the finishing details. So here you go-


Front entry-

Which opens to the big great room-

This is a front to back and here is the back wall which overlooks the lake-

And the big enclosed porch has really taken shape, which spans the entire width of the house-

And here is some of the progress in the bathrooms-

Husbands shower detail

My shower detail

One of the boys shower detail


Lots of tile sorting!

So today the topic is the process of staring to think about furniture. I am going very neutral and can always add colorful pieces here and there if I choose. For me, walking into a coastal/vacation home should make you exhale the minute you walk through the door. And a light airy interior really does it for me:) As the house is starting to really feel like a home, I am starting to think about furniture, colors and this is of course the fun part. Here are some of my ideas so far-

For sofas will go neutral and allow pillows to do the talking in terms of color and pattern. Love Lee Industries, they are affordable and these English arms beauties would work beautifully-

For rugs I love the look of a washed Oushak or a sisal, still debating-

Gorgeous Oushaks with their washed color palette are so stunning

But then again I do love a beautiful sisal and find this one really interesting-

Love the idea of a bench in a different fabric, along this line for one of the foyer walls

Also love these two rugs and they are so reasonable!

This is a good looking bench, would reupholster it in a different fabric but like the clean streamlined shape for the center of a room or in a foyer hallway

The idea of gourd lamps is always a good idea and these are priced to where I don’t need to think twice

Such a fan of anything tufted and this fabulous tufted ottoman is a serious contender-

Love this coffee table and will almost for sure use this, its a beauty-

This long wide console could fit in beautifully with the vibe I have in mind-

This is a pretty fixture from Currey and Co. I like the elegant understated appeal, it is casual but sophisticated

And this has always been a favorite, would also consider it for my bedroom

For the dining room prefer a lighter wood and all of these are fabulous

This is a beauty-

Always loved the idea of the hostess chairs on either end, not this fabric but this idea

And have been a longtime fan of these stunning chairs from Hickory Chair, can see them with a fresh blue/white trellis print on the seat

Know for my master I will be doing upholstered bed, any of these beauties from Vanguard would work beautifully-

And this beautiful bench at $150 is not even going to require a second though, would love it for the edge of my bed-

Isn’t this a pretty chest for a master or a foyer hallway (from Hickory Chair)

For the porch see lots of wicker with a soft cream and blue and white accents

Adore these chairs from Decor Market

And think they could work nicely with this gorgeous table from Decor Market

On the porch could see beautiful oversized Anduze planters like these with big palms

So for living room I see a lot of neutrals then working on the difficult task of figuring out what I want as the accents, softer blue/green or a stronger blue, hummmm…


FAVORITE SOURCES FOR FURNITURE (click on name to visit)-



Decor Market (they have generously extended their discount code to my readers, use code “enchanted” for an extra 10%)!

Hickory Chair

Currey and Co.

Lee Industries



As you can see lots and lots of ideas floating around my head….and this is just the start. We are working on a floor plan right now and will likely from the start just order the basics, beds, sofas, dining table,etc….then build from there. It’s a process that takes time and I recognize that so we will take it slow and do this one step at a time. I  have a big pile of fabrics and some wallpaper (for powder rooms) that I am mulling over, but even with those I won’t pull the trigger until I am 100% sure.

For the start I need a place to rest my head, a desk to work from and a dining table to eat on…..and I am good:) Thank you for following along on the Bluff Diaries and I look forward to sharing more as this journey revs up and races towards the finish line sometime in later Dec. Next time… details! Until next time…..


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Melissa on

Stay with the softer blue/green accents for this home. Bold is for up north. Very lovely thus far.

JoAnne Haynes on

Hi Tina,
As usual…all beautiful. There is a curved settee with open back on your “Enchanted Finds”. I cannot find it in the companies listed. Would you please let me know who makes that piece?

Thanks so much

Judy on

I agree stay with the softer blue /greys, more costal I think. All looks lovely Tina. Thanks for sharing.. Judy T.

Robbin on

It’s going to be gorgeous!! I agree to stay light and airy. I love all of the choices. Can’t WAIT to see what you do in the kitchen . . . my favorite room in any house! Blessings from Missouri!

Jayne on

So exciting to watch your creativity take flight! It will be the perfect coastal home away from home! Though blue and white is your middle name, I think the softer greens and blues will work just as well to satisfy the need for blue and will be more in touch with the Southern coastal vibe. Think Spanish moss, the marsh, and the soft green/clue of the coastal waters….


Soft blues and greens for this house!! Will be so gorgeous and restful

[email protected] on

It looks great so far! I love that you walk right into the great room! I cannot wait to see the way that you arrange the furniture.

Piper B on

I don’t know where you find the time, Tina! All you selections are spot on as far as I’m concerned. Butterflies, again! Love your taste and style. I bet you’re a dream to work with too! As always, thank you for listing your sources.

Nancy on

Everything looks beautiful! I was there last week too, what a restful place!

Lizabeth Cobb on

it is all so beautiful and I cant imagine picking out a whole house with all new items. Just wondered why you did not carry the transoms over the doors through out the interior of the house. That openness over the interior doors would go a long way to lighten up the interior walls and give the impression of ( if not actually providing a flow of air) to the basic breathing of the house?

Jeanne Holbrook on

Love it

Connie Stryk on

Tina the house is looking beautiful! Can’t wait to see it ALL finished. I am in love with the Marquesa Dining Table you showed in your post. Would you please let me know where you found the linen tufted chairs you have with it in the picture?
Thank you and I so enjoy you sharing your journey on your new home.

Joyjc on

Such wonderful progress being made. I do like the neutral color scheme with the idea of accent colors through pillows and accessories.

Joyjc on

Wonderful progress being made. I love the Idea of using a neutral color scheme and then bringing in texture and other colors as accents.

Peggy Thal on

Just gorgeous!

Desiree | Beautifully Seaside on

Tina! All I can say is… GORGEOUS!!!! I love the windows and all of the furniture you picked out! Thank you so much for sharing all the details! XOXO

Linda Plemons on

We should be watching your talent on TV. The Enchanted Home blog just amazes me.

Susan on

Beautiful! You’re smart to take your time on the finishing touches. Once you live in a home it’s so much easier to make decisions. Best of luck.

Suzanne on

Love your vision and selections thus far for furniture, lighting, soft color palette. Soooo lovely and calm.

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