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Hi, everyone….TGIF. Hope your week was a good one,  isn’t it crazy that we are just days away from the unofficial close to summer, Labor Day! Where did this summer go!

Summer to me, has flown by way way too fast. There are still so many things I want to do, only had 2 lobster rolls all summer and not nearly enough time at the beach!  Normally we are out in Montauk for about a month and this year it’s only been a few days here and there. If there is one place that is my “zen” zone it is most definitely the beach. Nothing on earth can relax me like being at the beach can.  It’s been a good but very fast summer, and it’s hard to believe that back to school and pre fall sales are in full force, a sure sign that summer’s end is not far away.

One big perk of summer is dining outside under the stars, isn’t it the best? That too, I did not get to do nearly enough of but the few times we did, it was most enjoyable and had me wondering why we are not outside every night.  I had  a few people over for dinner a few weeks ago and we lucked out with the most beautiful night imaginable….a picture perfect summer night. I also don’t nearly the way I used to so it was  kind of fun preparing dinner and appetizers.  So first a few pictures that I captured on that pretty summer evening….


This is my most favorite salad which is so easy (well maybe it’s tied with my Caesar salad but this is much lighter)

I make my brushetta in the morning and refrigerate it, use ripe tomatoes, basil, a little red onion, mozzarella, olive oil, sea salt and vinegar then spoon onto lightly toatted baguette slices when I ready to serve

I did brushetta and the yummiest prosciutto with fresh mozzarella and basil…so good!

Everything getting “assembled”

Every dinner with us ends with fruit and one of summer’s best gifts is no doubt, the abundance of it!

Isn’t this wine cooler/planter so incredibly beautiful! I just love it and have found so many great uses for it, this is from Sasha Nicols


A few recipes-


Baby Arugula Salad-

Baby arugula, Parmesan flakes, cherry tomatoes, juice of 2 lemons and light olive oil plus a dash of salt and pepper

This is so easy but so delicious and fresh, coat salad with lemon and olive oil right before ready to serve, yum!


Chicken Scarpiello- click here


Eggplant Parmesan-

6 baby eggplant (sliced thin), fresh marinara sauce, 1/2 lb provolone, 1 cup Parmesan, garlic, fresh basil, olive oil (to me the key here is the provolone instead of the usual mozzarella it really gives it a most delicious tang)

Add olive oil to sautee pan, and cook 6 cloves of garlic with a liberal amount of fresh basil leaves, once cooked add marinara sauce and set aside

Slice thin the eggplant, dip in breadcrumbs then egg and fry (drain with paper towel and put aside)

In a baking dish (or individuals like I did) layer first eggplant with provolone and a generous amount of parm and repeat, end with a few spoons of marinara and a basil leaf, bake at 350 for about 35 minutes covered then 5 minutes uncovered, sooo good!


Pesto pasta with peas– recipe being shared on Seven on Sunday post (tomorrow)


If I could dine outside every night I would….there is nothing quite like dining under the stars. And I must say dining outside in the fall is quite nice too, especially early fall so I look forward to carrying on with these al fresco evenings until the cold weather forces us. inside. How about you? Do you also enjoy eating outdoors? Thanks for stopping by, hope you have a wonderful day and fabulous weekend. Until next time…..




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Thank you for sharing the recipes! Everything looks so yummy and beautiful!

Our invitation must have gotten lost in the mail!! My husband was looking over my shoulder while I was reading this post and he was drooling! YUMM!!!!!

In a word – delicious. Dining under the stars is always the best, perhaps we need winters to make it so special, that first meal outside, I think I prefer to stick to the ancient calendar and think of summer not ending until 21st September!!

Your table looked beautiful and the food looked delicious! Will have to try a few of the recipes while the last bit of summer is still upon us.

Great ideas–what a beautiful evening! I’m going to serve the salad for our dinner with friends this evening. Your posts are inspiring~

Everything looks so nice. The food looks great and the table setting is so nice. I love the blue and white with the green. I too enjoy eating alfresco any time when the weather permits.?

Looks like the perfect evening! Love the salad and the pasta! Have a fabulous day Tina.

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