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Hello! I am away and hope this posts on time…..hope you are having a wonderful week. In celebration of today’s post, all belljars in my shop for the first time ever are 20% off shop wide, this has never happened! I haven’t written about belljars in a long time but they are one of my favorite styles of lighting.

For a few reasons….they are beautiful, go with almost any style interior from very modern to the most formal. They give great lighting and are equally versatile in rooms from foyers to bathrooms to the outdoors. I have several in my own home and just find them so classically beautiful.

This particular line is very special, all hand blown had etched/cut glass with the most amazingly beautiful designs. And guess what? They even hang in the White House loggia, so if they are good enough for the White House they are certainly good enough for  me!  Click here to see my gorgeous belljars in my shop.

So today is all about ways to show you how they can be used and then there is a special discount on my belljars for one day only!




Belljars look stunning even in the most formal homes as shown in this beautiful foyer above, Douglas Newby

This stunning space has been a long time favorite, Barry Dixon

Really like them in a bathroom, it’s a very elegant look and can go more modern or traditional

Beautiful shape of these lovely belljars, Fuller Review

A pair is lovely in a kitchen, I am partial since I too have a pair above my own island:)

Isn’t this fabulous! Windsor Smith

This is one of mine and don’t they do beautiful justice to this elegant home!

Proof that even in a more casual space, they work as beautifully!

Never thought of adding them to a window seat but love this idea!

Here they are in my own kitchen, proof that I practice what I preach:)


So….what do you think of belljars? If you have been contemplating one, two or even three…it’s a great day to take advantage of a first time 20% off! Use code belljars20. Click here to see my beautiful belljars.

Thanks for stopping in, until next time….

PS The chinioiserie tole sale is now on the FLASH SALE page extended until Sat (since I was away) Click here to visit








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I love them too, Tina! They look beautiful in any space from the entry to the kitchen – adore them over your island. Happy Wednesday!

Hello! I read all your beautiful posts and just wanted to let you know I’m thinking of you and your sweet Teddy…I have been in the same situation and I know how difficult it is. God bless and enjoy your fabulous trip!

I like all these bell jars! Unfortunately, our ceiling in this little house are too low for hanging light fixtures other than over the dining table, although I could install one over the kitchen sink. Perhaps we will consider these for our new retirement condo for simple elegance in the traditional spaces we prefer.

I have a belljar in the stairwell of our beach house and I just love the light it casts in the well. It’s one of my favorite things here.

Love the look of bell jars in the kitchen. I would be interested in your comments about keeping them clean. I have 18 ft high ceilings in my kitchen. It they were hanging 9 feet from the ceiling, how often would they need to be cleaned? The cleaning question is my main reason for not installing them.

Tina, I love them, too. I have 8 in my home….but they are a bugger to keep clean!

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