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Hi friends, I wanted to say hello and say THANK YOU for the true outpouring of love and kindness that you have bestowed upon me in Teddy’s honor.  I also want to say a special HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY to  my youngest son! He has been such a bright spot in our lives and though he is also deeply mourning Teddy’s loss we are all trying to keep ourselves busy looking at old videos and pictures and laughing about Teddy’s funny antics and marveling at how popular he was!

Hearing from so many of you has humbling in a way that words cannot explain.  The last few days have been really difficult for me, much more than I expected. I wake up in tears and sometimes go to sleep in tears, each day I feel a little better but know there will always be a small tear in my heart from the loss of Teddy who I just loved so much.

Reading your hundreds and hundreds of comments on my blog, Instagram and emails has touched me so deeply. It has made me feel so comforted at a time where I felt alone and without my sweet boy. I am so grateful that you are helping me to get through a time that quite honestly, I did not know would be this difficult.

This was Teddy’s last picture, he had gotten to the animal hospital about 30 min before and was on an IV and had ice bags to cool his fever, despite all that, he still posed for my camera, just the absolute sweetest dog which is what made it so so hard to say goodbye.

It is so hard to see his little corner looking so bare without him being there. It is hard to walk into my breakfast room. It’s hard to throw a leftover away knowing how much he loved those. I soetimes think I hear him that crazy? I can barely look at special spots in our yard where he loved to lounge. When I would come home, I  drove around to the driveway near the kitchen to park, there is a large window that I always saw his little face anticipating my arrival. I cannot park there right now as it is too painful to see that empty barren window without his sweet eager face staring through it. So many things remind me of him and I am reconciling that this a process that will take time.

I cannot bring myself to move these. I feel they will always keep a little part of Teddy in this very room (beautiful dog bowls given by a most wonderful reader/customer)

I stayed in for 3 days then it was my nieces wedding. I wasn’t sure I was up to going but I did what Teddy did…..marched forward and made the best of things with the encouragement of my family. I was glad I went as I was happy to celebrate this important day with my niece and it was good to see happiness and joy and be reminded of how good life can be. Any one who said anything about Teddy said so with a big smile on their face….he just brought that out in people and being there to celebrate with her and being able to talk about various memories with Teddy was actually very cathartic.


But coming home made it all come back and walking into that empty house made me emotional and sad all over again:(

Our makeshift shrine in the kitchen which has grown, thanks to the kindness of so  many….it is really heartwarming!

I cannot tell you how touched and moved to tears (even more) I was by reading over your hundreds and hundreds of comments, emails and Instagram comments. Seriously, you have NO IDEA how much your words and many many stories comforted me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Wow….he sure was loved. Today I am  checking in to say hello. I will announce the winner of the blue and white vase on Wed. I will get back to normal within the next few days, it will be good for me.

This 3d incredible piece of art was done by Rosa Clifford and captures all I love, Teddy, flowers and blue and white. This was one of the sweetest gifts I ever received…’s large,  about  20 x 14 and just spectacular.

And then to have gotten this incredible very large oil painting done by Mary Casey a few years ago was just unbelievable. She is so talented and I have tried reaching out to her to get her contact info. If I hear from you I will share it.


So,  yes Teddy was really loved by not only us but so many others. We have received many wonderful things in Teddy’s honor, from flowers and cakes to entire meals and beautifully written cards. I  have set up a makeshift shrine for Teddy in the kitchen (his favorite room) and the center of it is this magnificent oil painting done years ago by esteemed artist Mary Casey. It is a treasure even more now than ever.

We light a candle every day in his memory which  will never ever be forgotten and he will forever be the official mascot of The Enchanted Home. As I said on Instagram, I am sure he’s doing a happy dance up in heaven knowing he was so popular! Miss you beautiful boy.



Thank you again…..will be back in a few days and start resuming normal posting with occasional mentions or pictures of Teddy of course:)




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Kimberly on

Dear Tina,
My heart aches for you. We lost our beautiful yellow Lab, Winston, in December. He was 14, and had the same decline as Teddy. It was the hardest thing we’ve ever done to ensure that he would not suffer anymore. I held him too, and our beautiful boys will always be in our hearts. Think of Teddy happily frolicking in rolling green fields in heaven, pain free and forever young.
xx, Kimberly

Vera Murphy on

Losing a fur baby is like losing a loved one. The deepens of love and devotion they give with no expectations is something we humans should practice. Every loving and faithful. We happen to love goldens and cocker spaniels. When we lost our first one to cancer I decided to get two so they would have a buddy and we’d have more to love. That grew into three cocker’s. When they pass the mourning never leaves for their little souls are here with us. You and your family were good keepers and cherish that.

Pat Darnall on

I love dogs! I am so sorry for your loss. Teddy looked like a wonderful family member and seems as though he had the best life!

Jan on

Through experience, this will take time to be able to not shed a tear morning, noon and night. Give yourself this gift of time. Know that our furry companions are grateful for humans who make the right decisions to love them for years while on earth, and then choose the time to send them to heaven where they will live comfortably forever. No words will take away the missing of our furry family member or the intense heartache. Only time lessens the scars – always remaining, so we can continue to smile and rejoice in the memories., these last forever:>) A new normal is being established. Keep the memories, the love and the heartfulness. Teddy lives in our hearts and wonderful, wonderful puppy heaven.

Tommye on

So so sorry for the loss of Teddy. The normal everyday routine is forever changed when we loose such a big part of our lives. Our beloved pets are like having a baby that never grow up but are dependent on us for their very survival for their whole lives. I know from loosing such a beloved pet that TIME is the one and only thing that helps. on

My recommendation is to talk to Teddy as kiften as you like. It is a great comfort.

Alexandra T on

What a sweet boy! When I lost my Golden Retriever Buddy, I was overwhelmed with grief. It really caught me off guard how deeply I mourned the loss. Take comfort in the love your family has for him and that he had for you! It is clear he had a wonderful life with you! Continued prayers for you all.

Marge on

Tina, so sorry about Teddy. My heart aches for you and your sadness. Pets are “family”. The hole they leave so real.

Martha on

So sorry. Pets become our family and most of us know that. Our Boykin Spaniel Lucy is family to us. I know you will grieve for quite some time, but you will also have joy with your lovely and sweet memories. God bless.

Donna on

Tina, i think we are all grieving with you over your loss of Teddy, who always seemed to have a smile on his face. I have always loved that you are such a dog lover and I felt connected to you because I feel the same way about our pets. We’ve had many very special dogs over our fifty years of marriage but we had one, Bentley a West Highland terrier for 17 years! I was like you sad for months after his death, just missed him so much and still do. BUT, we went to our local shelter and chose two of the cutest siblings, brother and sister Ollie and Lilly and they filled our hearts up again. They truly are the best dogs we’ve ever had and I thought we wouldn’t get another pet for a while. I made it all of six weeks before I couldn’t take coming into our home and it being so quiet.
I know you have a lot going on in your life with the completion of your PB property but I hope that you too will find a way to add a puppy back into your life. My two are finally getting a good “vocabulary” and know everything I’m saying just like Bentley did. It’s just amazing how they heal your heart, what a sweet thing for God to do for us when we’ve suffered such a loss. Nothing will ever erase the swee love you received from your Teddy.❤️❤️🐶

Ainslie on

Reading your messages about Teddy brings tears to my eyes. We too have golden retrievers and our last one made it to 18 and then we were faced we the sad decision to let her go and not have her suffer. It was heartbreaking and I started to find her fur on every item in our home (I think it was her way of letting us know she would still be there in spirit). These special dogs become a beloved member of our family and it’s so hard to say good-bye. Thinking of you and your family.

We hope to meet you in PB, we have 2 British Creme golden retrievers and eventually you will see us in the neighborhood.

Angie on

Enjoy all of your fun memories and share them often.

Andrea on

Tina – It’s never easy losing a member of the family. Thoughts and prayers are with you.

Peggy Thal on

Just so very sad for you all. My family has been there many times and 6 months ago lost our grand dog. It is very difficult they are your baby always. It is so hard to come home to any empty house and not see that beautiful face. My daughter and family had to evacuate Florida and she grabbed her dog’s urn because she said she could not leave him behind. Your dog Teddy was so lucky to be loved and cared for by you. He will love you forever.

Sharon Jones on

Dear Tina, Im so sorry to hear about Teddy’s passing. I just got to my computer today and was so shocked to find out . Your family loved Teddy so much and he too knew how much he was cared for and loved till the end. Take care. Bye Teddy.

elizabeth@pineconesandacornsblog on


Teddy was a sweet soul and his little face and smile brought smiles and happiness to many. Take all the time you need. It is so very hard to say goodbye to those we love so much.

Wanda on

So sad, but I have lost many fur babies. You never get over missing them, but press on.

Jennifer on

I put off reading the blog when another reader told me about Teddy. I knew a huge crying session was going to follow and it just did. What a beautiful tribute to your sweet boy❤️. I understand exactly how you feel. I’m so sorry. It is so hard to lose such an important part of
our lives, everything will feel off for quite awhile. Remember, he will always be with you and trust me, there will be times when you can just feel it. Picture him smiling and feeling loved, because that is how he will always be❤️

Dianne Kropp on

Tears are streaming down my cheeks in sympathy. He was such a sweet boy and he is still with you, always and forever in your heart. Once the pain and tears pass, his love will take its place and you’ll smile again.

Vicki on

I am so sorry about Teddy. It just leaves a hole in your heart and life to lose your best friend. You have such great memories made with him, I hope they will help you thru. He was such a beautiful guy. ♥️

Bonnie G. on

Tina, I am very sorry to here about Teddy’s departure. It is easy to understand and relate to your sadness as our family have also lost a pet and know that empty feeling when they are not in their “spot”, or when you imagine that you hear them or see them next to you. You made the right decision for Teddy so now just cherish those beautiful memories. Prayers to you and your family!

Kim on

Condolences on the loss of your lovely pup. Words can’t begin to ease your sadness. Only time can take care of that. Wanted to respond to your post, even if the words are inadequate. Remember Teddy with a smile and all the beautiful memories you created together over the years. As for hearing him bark? Will share a story. Three days after my lovely Kona passed, I was lying in bed and crying. Again. Couldn’t sleep. We also had to make that most difficult decision as our sweet girl was suffering. Had to set our emotions aside and let her go because the alternative was unkind. I heard a sound and felt her jumping onto her spot at the foot of the bed. Was wide awake. Nothing that I could see and no plausible explanation, but it was a tremendous comfort.

Karen Aamodt on

We lost my darling Sebastian four years ago. He was my first Siamese cat and we loved him so much. I started to look for a breeder because the house was empty and quiet but everyone I contacted had a long wait list. One of the breeders had a tab on her website for Siamese Rescue and I clicked on that and was taken to the most amazing website for a rescue organization. It is now four years later and we have adopted four (yes, 4!) cats from them and we volunteer as intake evaluators and transport cats to and from foster homes and adoptive homes. These cats are amazing and it is as if they know they have been given a second or third chance because they all have wonderful temperaments and take joy with them to their new homes. Our four even love our two Cocker spaniels! I tell you this to show that sometimes a little ray of sun can peek through the cloud of our sadness and take us on another journey in which we honor the memory of the beloved pet we’ve lost. Sebastian will forever be my Darling; but I love Baxter; Cosima; Percy and Mademoiselle LuLu just as much. if anyone is interested. Here’s a big hug for you, XXX. Karen in Cincinnati

Angela Coulson on

Dear Tina
My heart goes out to you. What you are going through is normal although I know it may not feel like it. When we lose our animals it is so tough the are so special and I can see that Teddy was such a special family member. It is testimony to Teddy and what you had with him that makes the grief so strong. You will get through this gradually and learn to live with the loss because I know from experience we always carry them in our hearts and retrievers are such a wonderful breed. The sun will shine again ! Love and blessing Angela

Constance Windham on

Whispering prayers for you and your family.

lisa narozanick on

Something that my family and I do every year in honor of our little Boston Terrier, Springer Spaniel and Boxers is donate to our local No-Kill animal shelter any of the needs on their wish list. I feel like I am honoring my babies’ life and memory by helping abandoned and needy animals every time I do this.
Someday I will be able to adopt another animal, but only one who truly needs me. For now, I just like helping.

Weezie on

It was always obvious how much you loved your sweet Teddy. I understand your overwhelming grief as we had 3 beloved pets, two of whom lived 15 years and one 16 years. There are no words to describe the sadness and heartbreak. Pets are family members. They give us such joy with their unconditional love. Teddy always had the sweetest, happy expression on his face. I know he will be close in your heart forever. Below is a short poem which may comfort you:

Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears,
But laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you.
I loved you so.
‘Twas heaven here with you.

With sincere sympathy,
Jean L.

Donna D on

When our Golden died I remember days later going about my day, having tears on my face not even realizing I was crying. I would look over at my husband and it was the same for him. In a way, I’m comforted that we haven’t gotten so toughened by life that we forgot how to grieve. That experience also brought a window of insight and heightened level of sympathy for others who have lost a loved one. Thank you for sharing your loss with us. Reading the comments, it’s touching to know that others feel deeply for their pets. They are so innocent and depend on us totally for the life they will have. I’m so glad Teddy lived his life with you and your family.

Charlotte on

So sorry to hear your sweet Teddy has crossed the rainbow bridge. Our beloved pets are a part of our families, and will always be remembered. Enjoy your memories. Teddy was a very lucky pupper to have lived a loved, safe, and happy life.

Susan Kayden on

Teddy is indeed a most beautiful and special mascot! Sending hugs and comfort to you.

Karen Tortorella on

You MUST, as much as it hurts, get a new baby right away. I have been through this several times and the pain is staggering. A baby to take care of and help grow leaves less time to cry.

Gretchen Johnson on

Blessings to you Tina, my heart is heavy with yours. I know how sweet goldens are, we’ve had two. May you
cherish sweet memories of Teddy, and know we are all thankful you shared his life with all of us. Take care…..

kathy bunge on

Oh, Tina, I am sending you & your family a big hug & lots of love. I believe that love is such a strong & powerful emotion that it never dies. We also have often heard a bark or sniff from our departed furry family members or saw a little shadow & knew they are there checking in with us. When one of our beloved Cavaliers passed several years ago, a dear friend sent me a photo of a Victorian card, I believe it was titled “Spirit Dog,” showing a little girl grieving the loss of her dog & the spirit of her dog is sitting close beside her, nestled into her. I framed it & often look at it as it embodies all I believe: that they never really leave us but are always with us in some way, shape or form. My heart is sharing your deep loss. Please take care.

Rosalind Laird on

Oh Tina my heart breaks for you all over again. Those of us who have walked that road know the void this loss leaves in your heart and your home
How wonderful for you to have so many sweet memories and beautiful reminders of Teddy on

I am so sorry, Tina. You feel so helpless when something like this happens, but you have such wonderful “Teddy memories”. Comfort yourself with them.

Michele Davidson on

Hi Tina, so sorry about Teddy, a good friend sent me this………
Dogs come into our lives to teach us about love,
They depart to teach us about loss.
A new dog never replaces and old dog, it merely expands the heart.
If you have loved many dogs your heart is very big.

Betty Crow on

I said good bye to my beautiful collies several years ago and will always remember how loving and beautiful they were. I lost them one at a time over several years and now I don’t have a dog. My love for each of them is still so strong. They brought such happiness to our family and enriched our lives. They still live in my heart. I have such sweet memories of of their devotion. Teddy brought back so many happy memories. He was a beautiful boy. I will miss him. God bless you and thank you for the joy your messages each day bring to me.

Katie Clooney on

It just goes to show you, Tina, that you and Teddy are truly loved by many, many people. You two managed to touch the hearts of people from all over the world. Don’t fret over the leftovers – rumor has it that there is an all you can eat leftover bar in doggie heaven. xx

Kathy on

Teddy looked happy, well loved, cared for and devoted to you! Dogs truly are mans and ladies best friend. Some say they don’t believe they go to heaven, but I do! I know my precious Aggie isn’t in my past, but in my future!

Tracey Williams on

Dear, Tina. I am an avid follower of your posts but hadn’t checked in in the last few days. I am seeing the very sad news about Teddy just now and my eyes are filled with tears. There is almost nothing as difficult as losing a beloved pet and I know just how you feel. On top of that my dear Dad was named Teddy and I would smile every time you mentioned your Teddy in a post. My warmest wishes that you feel better with every passing day.

Angela Middleton on

Brought to tears from your posts about Teddy. My heart goes out to you as you mourn his loss.

Beth Christoff on

These furry family members share so much in our lives. I know when our boy goes (he’s a big 10 yr old lab), that will be the complete end of childhood here in our house. My youngest is 13, and can’t remember a “before Scotchie”. Growing up is hard- for moms. Prayers to you.

jennifer smith on

I’m so sad for you. I love my golden almost as much as my four children. The passing of time will help…
Take care of yourself during this sad time.

Kristin on

She sure was special with a fitting tribute to her!

jean on

Nothing like the love of a dog. I lost our Teddy 5 years ago. His ashes rest on our fireplace. Felt exactly the way you feel – it’s tough. Time heals. Amazing how a dog can be so loved…

Debbie on

I’m in tears all over again. You write so beautifully and express what Teddy was all about with perfection.Thank you my friend. As always, Love to Teddy.


Teresa Bishop on

Tina, so sorry about Teddy, he had the sweetest face and was just a beautiful dog. Tears streaming down my face as I know what you are going through, I have been there several times. It will take time, let yourself grieve, leave those bowls for a time, and yes I agree with you about hearing him. It is hard to explain, Same thing here when I lost my yellow lab, Taffi. I swore I would hear her walking around the house at night right after she died. Take it one day at a time and in your heart will always be a special place you hold dear for Teddy.
Peace be with you and your family,

Lori W. on

I saw your initial post and was just so overwhelmed. To see your sweet Teddy made a trip to see Jesus was almost too much. I hope you are holding up and know that we all miss him too. He was absolutely your mascot and sidekick.

Regards and Condolences,


June Steadman on

Tina you were truly Blessed. Junie

LeAnn Nabors on

Tina, I am so very sorry for your heartbreaking loss. Teddy brought so many blessings to you and your family and he was so loved. It warmed my heart to hear about him and see his pictures in your blog posts. I know you all will miss him dearly. He will always have a special place in your hearts.

Marsha on

Happy Birthday to Tina’s baby. xxxxx’s

Gina on

Still crying tears as you talk about sweet Teddy, Got so used to seeing his photos on your beautiful blog. Definetely feel like we got to know him a bit.

Fran W. on

Happy birthday to you son! I have a feeling Teddy would want you to celebrate this special day with joy. And, when the time is right, to open your heart and home to a new puppy. In the meantime, may your sweet memories of Teddy bring you comfort.

RosanneHodgens on

Someone told me when I lost my beloved pet, that God has promised to give us the desires of our hearts. That helped so much, as I just know all pets will be waiting for us in that heavenly resting place called heaven. Take comfort in that. We need to be ready to meet our savior one day.

Eve on

I came across your website while looking through a catalog. Your logo was so enchanting. I loved the wagon with the blue and white ginger jars and especially Teddy wearing a blue and white bandanna. I knew that it would become my favorite–how could it not be with Teddy by your side. Thank you for sharing him with us.

Mary on

My heart breaks for you, we have had that moment with our Husky’s over the years and it never, ever, is easy…

Becky on

I know how difficult this time is for you. We lost our beloved Maggie, in April. She was our 13 1/2 year old, yellow lab. That was one the hardest things we’ve ever had to go through. We miss her dearly, but the renal failure, and hip dysplasia made her last few weeks unbearable. And we had to ultimately make the hard decision to let her go. I imagine that she is running, and enjoying her new body, over the rainbow bridge…and that we will see her again, someday.
Hugs to you!

Janet Cole on

I love that he was smiling in his last photo; and I am so glad you were able to be there with him…although it was one of the most painful days of your life, you were there to comfort him and spend the last precious moments with your sweet Teddy. I have been in the same situation, and I often think it would have been so much more difficult if I had not been able to be there or have that last goodbye. Much love from Texas

Tina on

Hi Tina,
I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Teddy. I was crying reading when you shared the news. We have a golden-lab mix and I can’t even imagine her gone. The only thing I can say is how Blessed you and your family are to have been able to experience the love of Teddy as many people walk this earth never experiancing giving or receiving love from a furry member of the family. I was never able to have a dog growing up and always saw the special “bond” people who had dogs had with their pooches. I always said once I was able I wanted to feel that type of love. So as sad and difficult this must be think of the pain as another way of loving Teddy. Love always, Tina

Charlotte Warner on

Tina, being a faithful reader of your blog, I remember so many photos of your Teddy. I know you are hurting and how painful it is to lose one of your favorite friends since our pets are our best friends at times. We lost our Cocker Spaniel, Spike, who was 15 years old and I had no idea how painful this was going to be. I rocked him when he was so fragile and the connection between us was so palpable. Being very old and in pain, Spike could not take much more so at the Vet”s office I rocked him for the last time telling him of all the joy he brought to our lives. It is so hard to say goodbye. Being left with this vacant feeling was incredibly difficult but the sweet memories of my sweet Spike NOW will lift my spirits every time. Sweet memories of Teddy will do the same for you.

Sandra Saddler on

So sorry for your loss. Pets are family..

Buggie on

My Bessie died two years ago. I still miss her every day sometimes I can hear her bark . I think that she is telling me that she is O. k. Be brave Tina

Michelle on

My heart aches for you and your family! I used to think I saw my Cavalier, Kensington, walking to his dog bowls! Each day gets better and even though it has been 8 years since he has been gone, I remember him daily. Please continue posting about Teddy and we love seeing his pictures. Take care and know that people are thinking of you.

Nancy Lynch on

I am so very sorry for you. What a loss. Being a dog lover is truly a gift and those of us who are understand completely your pain and sadness. Having lost my sweet dog almost 2 years ago, I still feel her absence and miss her terribly! There is nothing like their total unconditional love and adoration. You are blessed to have Teddy for so long and for her to have had such an incredibly loving life with you and your family.

Deena on

Dear Tina, It broke my heart to read your blog today. With tears in my eyes I can honestly say, like so many others, that I’ve been where you are and I know your pain. Our black lab, Ringo, left us very suddenly 11 years ago this Friday (9/15). I know you will understand the huge hole he left in my heart. He was my best friend and constant companion. 11 years later his leash still hangs by our back door. I still weep at the thought of him and have dreamt about him at times. I always awake with a sadness I can’t shake. We haven’t gotten another dog. I don’t think I can survive loosing another. They become the children that never leave. He was actually my son’s dog, his 10th b’day present. My son is married now and has a wonderful rescue that we love dearly. I know I will never stop missing our Ringo and I know someday we will be reunited and we will run and play just like he never left. Hang in there and let yourself feel what you need to feel. I cried for weeks and still do. Thankfully in time, your heart will heal. God bless, Deena

Jenny on

Hi Tina,
I have really enjoyed reading your postings over the years and learning about your creative ideas and stunning recommendations. I have loved seeing Teddy’s photos and hear about his adventures. I was really said to learn about Teddy.’s passing. They bring such joy and happiness to our lives. I have two goldens – Lucy and Lily and will be facing the same fate soon as one of the goldens was recently diagnosed with melanoma. Prayers to all.

Melissa Hebbard on

Their loss hits you in every one of your senses. Seeing the vacant spots that they once loved to be in. The little rituals of greetings that are now silence. Those tasty tidbits that used to be handed as treats. Cooking is a constant reminder of the loss as the meat scraps when prepping and cleaning up are now thrown away. The feel of silky fur and in my case the deep vibrations of a purring cat. Burying your face in their fur and breathing in their smell. Going for a walk without their presence by your side. I have always had another furbaby in the house to help comfort me but this was my last pet, we won’t be getting another for a long time, and I know that emptiness, and it sits heavily still. For me, I found it best to remove everything related to my little friend and rearrange the furniture so that I didn’t keep looking for him. Otherwise, it was like picking at a scab and the pain and tears would flow. I still can’t bring myself to buy a cooked chicken as that was my cat’s favourite treat and last meal! I was never home alone before as I always had my little mate beside me, but now it feels profoundly empty and alone and that is so hard to get over too. Teddy filled your life so completely and there is a huge Teddy size hole. Thinking of you and sending my love.

Diane Myers on

It is very hard to lose a pet. Your shrine is beautiful. Your dog was very lucky to have you as his family and you were lucky to have him. I know you will never forget the wonderful memories you have of him.

Patti on

You truly appreciate those little things in life… and Teddy…

Mary Jo Miller on

Hi Tina
I just checked my email and learned of your very very sad news. Teddy was such a wonderful presence on your blog and it brought tears to my eyes when I learned of his passing. Our pets are part of our families and their loss is so overwhelming.
I am so sorry for you and your family’s overwhelming loss.

Joanie Grier on

Tina..Dogs bring with them a touch of the Divine and the loss of them is a unique and deep moment…I will say a prayer for you and also for his Soul…Joanie Grier

Maria Palmieri on

I am so deeply sorry for your loss, I totally know how you feel. I lost my bichon baby 12 years ago, still miss him, but I no longer cry when I see his photos around the house. We can laugh now at some funny stories that come to mind. One thing that helped me through when Kramer passed away was my husband’s words. They really penetrated through the pain. He said: You gave Kramer the best life, he was loved and cared for like a baby. While he was here with us, he was loved.”
Please know that with time you will only remember your little man with joy in your heart, you will be glad he was such a big part of you.
May God comfort you during this time and also may he help you find peace.
God Bless you.

Deanna on

It just hurts so much, doesn’t it? When we lose our furry buddy and can’t stop thinking they are still there, waiting for us with so much excitement. But they’re not anymore. I still have my dog’s leash and we lost him over 5 years ago. I think Teddy’s bowls are in the perfect spot. They should be there. I hope you feel comforted. Sending hugs your way…

Nadine Middendorf on

Tina: I send my love and heartfelt condolences on the loss of your beloved Teddy! What a special boy he was! I have two golden…..Riley and Teddy!!! Yes, Teddy!!!!! And he looks just like your Teddy! He will be 8 years old next week, (Riley just turned 9) and there is not a day that goes by that they don’t bring me the greatest joy! I have been single for many years and your words about Teddy touched my heart deeply. Know that we share your grief and hope that it won’t be long before you are feeling better. Teddy is so grateful to you for the love you gave him.❤️

Michelle C Bell on

Dear Teddy’s Mommy,
Even though you know it’s coming and you think you’ll be prepared when the time comes when you lose your best friend, you’re really NOT! I’m so sorry for your loss. I had 14 years with my white lab Tess and she’s been gone now for 2 years and seeing your
Teddy brings the waterworks back. I got a kitten 6 months before I lost Tess (they were best buds) and having another animal that needs my attention has helped some, but it still hurts and I suspect it always will.

Take Care, Michelle

Mari Harter on

One of the reasons I first started reading your blog was because of your lovely logo with the golden retriever. Of course I was hooked with all of your beautiful designs, products and flowers but pictures of Teddy in his wonderful settings were always my favorites. I lost my last two goldens six months apart a year after my husband died and it was one of the hardest things I have ever been through. But now I have a two year old English Creme Golden who is still all puppy and the light of my life. She is a very stylish girl since she is named after Coco Chanel and she loves helping me garden and decorate at our homes in Vermont and Hilton Head, South Carolina. I know Teddy will always be in your heart, as all of my goldens live on in mine. Emily Dickensen said ” For each ecstatic instance, we must an anguish pay, in keen and quivering ratio to the ecstasy.” Here’s to healing thoughts for you and much love. Mari

bettye jane klinger on

I recently started following your blog and love your taste. I am so heartbroken for you and your family and reading all wonderful sentiments about your beautiful Teddy brought me to tears. I too have lost several pets in old age and it is truely devasating. Your Teddy had a beautiful life and he was so fortunate for that. Sending love and prayers to you Tina.

jill Stevens on

Tina, I feel your pain. He was so lucky to have had you as his mom. Losing a pet is one of the hardest things that we go through in life. I cried when I read your first post that Teddy had passed. I felt like I knew him.

Gabrielle on

Teddy had a spirit which could be felt all over the world Tina. He was a beautiful boy. He always made me smile. Sending you love from Australia. 💙💙💙💙💙

Christine on

Sweet memories of Teddy will be cherished forever and always . And those memories are such a blessing . Grief is profound and real when we no longer have our pet physically near us .Our pets enrich our lives and we are better people because of the time they have given and spent with us .
Your Teddy was a beautiful,beautiful boy . I thank you sharing for all the photos and stories these past years . His smile always made me smile . Teddy was a gift to your family and many others .
My sympathy to you during this difficult time . I can understand the tears and pain . Teddy may not physically be with you , but his joyful spirit lives on forever .

Mary F. on

So sorry to read that Teddy has passed. I love Goldens, and I could tell he was so lovable and sweet. I so enjoyed seeing pictures of him. I understand your grief as my family and I have lost two beloved dog. Our pets are family. I sympathize with you and your family, and know you’ll all cherish the beautiful times you had with Teddy.

Barbara on

Tina, I so feel your pain in losing Teddy! Three years ago, I had to put my two precious pups to sleep, on the same day!!! They were 15 & 16 yrs. old and both had health problems. I did everything possible to help them and keep them alive, but the time finally came when I knew they were suffering too much. Losing both was devastating, but I had no choice. Three years later, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t miss them. And I’m sure that you will feel that way about Teddy many years from now!
My only suggestion is that when you are ready, get a new puppy. You will never be able to replace Teddy, but a new bundle of joy will help. Unfortunately, I have moved to a new place that doesn’t allow dogs, so I don’t have that option. I have their ashes, and when I’m feeling blue, I take them out and talk to them (crazy but it helps). Just remember all the fun times and kisses from him.

Carool de Groot on

Dear Tina,
We lost our cat ‘Lola’ we have been crying for two days, me my husband and our two daughters……its unbelievable how much you love them……💞.

Lea Kagel on

Dearest Tina,
I promised to send you a miraculous story in my comments to you yesterday regarding the passing of your precious Teddy.
When I lost my beloved black cat of sixteen years to cancer my spirit felt crushed. I had my Pepper cat since he was six weeks old. He bravely battled cancer for 18long months. I remember early on saying to him, “never leave me. You are my best friend.” Little did I know that he wouldn’t despite his pain and emaciated state until I realized my gift to him wasletting him go. My sister asked if I’d ever get another cat and I firmly said no! Before saying goodbye to her I said however, the only cat I’d ever want would be a Russian Blue, which aren’t very common. I hung had a good cry and went on with my day.
The very next day a lady from church that I didn’t know well called. She expressed her sorrow for my loss. She asked if I could help her find a home for her five year old cat when I went to work as I told her I didn’t want another cat. I said I would ask my work mates and asked her to describe her cat
She said she had a Russian Blue!
I rushed right over and took her home naming her Cat-iana. She has been the love of my life for the past 16years! I know my Pepper cat kept his promise never to leave me by putting Cat-iana in my life and that God truly knows our pain and comforts us.
May you feel Hisl ove and Teddy’s too in the days ahead.
I wish I could go e you a big hug dear one. Hang in there a d know you are loved 💖

Melissa on

I understand about Teddy’s dog bowls. I couldn’t put Mister’s bowls (my dog) away for awhile. It does take time to heal. Prayers for you and your family.

Susan Haidon on

Tina, I’m so very sorry for your loss. Your precious closest unconditional friend Teddy. I know and understand the emptiness you’re feeling in your. My heart ❤️ aches for you. Teddy’s Feeling No more pain Tina, He is in a better place; chasing birds and squirrels and meeting new friends. Until you meet again; my friend; Teddy is at Peace. 💔💝🌹🌹🐶

margaret cummings on

thanks for sharing your love for teddy –my heart hurts for you. thanks for all you share.

Rachelle Breaux O'Shaughnessy on

I am so sorry for the loss of Teddy. My heart is broken for you and your family. I understand fully the joy, comfort and unconditional love our pet companions bring to us. Your photos of Teddy captures a story and just looking at them, I can see how loved he was by you. His eyes and smile was his way of communicating with you and showing his adoration for you and your pictures captured those moments. Take time to grieve and know that all of your followers, friends and family will be here when you’re ready to resume. Love, Rachelle ( your cousin)
P.S. Have I ever told you how proud I am of you and your accomplishments? You’re extremely talented and I love getting lost in your blogs and pictures. Keep up the great work! Your passion definitely shines through 😊

Lori Michaelson on

Speechless!!! Us Golden Retriever lovers can’t even begin to describe everything about them but this is one of the most beautiful stories I just came upon by chance. I am out of family and my 11-year-old Golden is now all I have. She is doing great except for getting more lame. Unfortunately, that was exacerbated by a groomer but keeping her on Cosequin or Desaquin is helping her greatly and, right now I am trying what offers. Thank you for an extraordinary story and many {{{Golden Hugs}}} to you!

Judy K Stevenson on

Oh Tina, I have not stopped crying since I started reading this post. Teddy was your joy, and that is hard to replace. I am so sorry that you no longer have Teddy to wake up to, and to greet you at the end of the day. Teddy was so blessed to have a family that loved him, as much as he loved you all.

Ann withrow on

I’m so sorry for your loss. Seeing his pictures makes me sad. Such a sweet dog you all were fortunate to have.

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