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Hello! Happy Tuesday, hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Here the fall weather is arriving and it is so so wonderful, my favorite season for sure. The last few weeks have  been crazy in the best way possible…we got in a bunch of new and super exciting new things and some of these were long long awaited.

I am simply in  love with my tulipieres and the idea to produce them was born out of not being able to finding them *affordable ones,  but loving them every time I saw a picture of them. I finally found a pair via 1st Dibs but they were the price of a small used car and in the end, I didn’t go for them. The idea to make them was a  long time in the making but boy was it ever worth the wait!

Then the pagoda melamine was another idea I had toyed with for so so long. I loved using melamine for everyday use and of course it’s great for outside too. I wanted something more sophisticated though than what I was finding and of course something blue and white. So though this too, took many months of lots of going back and forth, but  in the end my vision was realized and then some and I just cannot tell you how much I love this dinnerware!! Now working on a few other patterns:)

And finally the pagoda blue/white flatware was another idea that had been percolating for quite some time and to watch it happen was so thrilling. Just love the result and the first time we used them, everyone oohed and ahhed. It really is special and so unique!

So as soon as these things came in, I loaded up my car and went home and got to work to create my dream table, for absolutely no reason whatsoever:)  However this picture will be used in a future ad or two. I am totally smitten with this and this is by far my most favorite table I have ever created.

Later in the day, I added small candles and the table took on a new and beautiful light at dusk. Some of these might seem repetitive but you  know me and pictures…I can’t seem to control myself. If only I had been having a party…..



Then as the sun started to sleep, dusk crept in and I added candles to create a beautiful glow over this pretty table…..


To say I took  great joy in setting this table would be an understatement, I didn’t want to disassemble it, if there was such a thing as a “freeze spay”, I would have kept it this way permanently:)  I enjoyed every minute and only wish I had been having a party to celebrate it (but it surely gives me  some good ideas for something in the future).

The details-

Tulipeires- my shop, click here

Chargers- Juliska, click here

Pagoda melamine- click here

Mini foo dogs- click here

Glasses- Anthropologie, click here

Pagoda flatware- my shop click here

Pillows- Studio Tullia, click here

Monogrammed napkins- my shop, click here


Thanks for stopping in hope you enjoyed this post and maybe even got a few ideas. Wishing you a wonderful day and a great start to your week! Until next time…..

PS Second and last day today for the magnificent candles and cutest stockings in the world….yes, the holidays really are not so far away! Click here








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Good Morning Tina!
The napkins and flatware are on my list! Love them both!
Best, Marie

Speechless over how gorgeous this is! It is fit for royalty Tina. I got my melamine last week and love it, been using it almost every day, it’s so much easier than china, call me lazy!

I am in love with the tuliperes and “need” them now. Such a beautiful table, I can fully understand why you did not want to take it apart, too lovely to take down. Have a nice day.

Love your new melamine dinner wear! Does it work with your old melamine as complimentary? I ordered your old pattern for Florida house ,so waiting until I return ,to see if I could add pieces of the new pattern.

It is breath taking to see such a wonderful tablescape! Keep it coming,Tina. We need it ,when there is never enough great design work being shared. Thank you.

Tina, I agree. Not only the most beautiful you have ever done, the MOST beautiful I have ever seen. Didn’t you have a larger tuliperie? I am looking for one about six or so inches taller, even more would be okay. Please advise

You never cease to amaze me with all you do. Once again you have succeeded in creating another beautiful collection. Congratulations!

Bought the dinnerware as soon as you posted it. It was a birthday gift to myself. Thanks for the charm.

The last several photos with dusk and the votives were just amazing. Your joy and the fun you have shows through!

Not one of but THE most beautiful table. So inspiring- love the combination of yellow with the blue and white- love that the plates are melamine but look like china even more? I love mine!

Breathtaking! My favorite shot is the perspective from behind the bench. You make it all look so easy, Tina, and of course, I am aware there are a million details you attend to in between each fabulous blog post. The designs are brilliant, and it’s inspiring to watch you expand and stretch creatively. Well done, lovely! xox

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