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I hope you are having a great weekend! I am feeling somewhat better and after being housebound for 3 days am ready to finally out there and try and enjoy at least part of the weekend.  Here,  fall has arrived and I am loving every minute of it, fall is such a magical season.

I am so looking forward to a day today where I don’t have to do a single thing today, love days where there are no plans or commitments…maybe a movie, maybe not. Maybe I will go on a tweaking binge around the house , maybe I will just grab my iPad, a few magazines and a book and head outside and do nothing at all, then again it could be a great day to go to Central Park.  The beauty of a lazy Sunday! Moving along…


1 THE TEDDY BOWLS ARE DONE AND FINALLY ON THEIR WAY! The very long awaited Teddy bowls which by the way are “Teddy approved” are finally out of production and on their way. They will be here in about 4 weeks and will be up for a presale within the next week so stay tuned. Every pet deserves to dine on one of these beauties!

2. MY INCREDIBLY TALENTED CUSTOMERS/READERS. I so love getting my customer’s pictures of products they bought from me and seeing how they use them, they make me so happy. Don’t forget you can upload your customer pictures by clicking here to add to my online gallery. And this week I got in some that just had to be shared. Just check out how talented my readers are…..

3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. Love being able to share with my you my weekly faves, so many to choose from but alas here is this weeks roundup, does not disappoint!

My favorites this week are a tie….both such beautiful pictures featuring my products!!

4. HOW TO HELP PUERTO RICO The devastation in Puerto Rico is almost incomprehensible…truly heartbreaking. Some are calling it “apocalyptic”. It can feel frustrating to be here leading our normal lives, never giving thought to clean water whenever we need it  or a hot shower being a luxury.

Sometimes its daunting to figure out how to donate, where to go, which organizations will best use your donation towards the people who need it most. I have been doing a lot of reading on this as I cannot get what is going on out of my mind. Here are a few ways that all sources agree are the most reliable-

A Facebook page has been set up for victims and families if you or someone you know is affected (a type of safety check page) click here to view

Charity Navigator who I wrote about last week is an excellent resource to gauge which charity to donate to and find out more about where your funds go

Heart to Heart a new one to me but I impressed with what I have read, right way they were among the first to send medical care and supplies to victims in Texas, Haiti and the Florida Keys. They immediately , sent supplies and two teams to help the victims in Puerto Rico

Direct Relief is who I ended up making a donation to (after reading that they are consistently one of the most transparent and seem to always earn perfect marks

The Hispanic Foundation along with several elected officials from NY and Puerto Rico has put together their campaign which guarantees that 90 cents of every dollar will go to community services

There’s also a big list of campaigns on Go Fund Me

5. PARKER CLOTHING Really like this line of clothing, part of Rebecca  Parker, they are current feeling but still classy and so feminine. I found a few pieces recently that were hard to pass up. Great style indeed, click here to see more

6. A FEW GOOD MOVIES. Well being sick for a few days had me home with lots of downtime. Thank goodness for Amazon, Netflix and my ipad! Don’t know if you are like me, but I tend to watch movies I love over and over. Just to name a few- The English Patient, The Horse Whisperer, Somethings Gotta Give, It’s Complicated, Steel Magnolias,The Way,  I could go on.

One I watched that has been a long time favorite was Stepmom. Wow forgot how good it was. Funny, sad, beautiful, it’s all those things. The fall scenes take your breath away ans seriously that little boy is BRILLIANT. But truth is the entire cast is fantastic and this movie to me, was one of the best cast movies ever. Here’s a snippet-

I am sure nearly everyone has seen The Notebook, another one that is as good the 20th time as it was the first!

7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY This is  a hot button topic but I love to take the pulse of my readers and am always curious as to what you think. Even when we disagree we can respectfully agree to disagree.  This has to be do with the story of the NFL players kneeling during the anthem or just not going out on the field.

I read something that was presented from a well written and very poignant  angle  in that it paralleled an NFL player with his best friend in high school who went on to to join the military. It is a glaring example of two very different lives and how they react to what I think is one of our greatest privileges as Americans, showing respect to our flag and anthem.

I am personally as fiercely supportive of free speech as I am my own patriotism but do not thinking taking a knee is the way to express it mostly because it is an insult to  those who defend those very freedoms. That letter that is circulating is below. What do you think?


That’s a wrap. Thanks for stopping by, wishing you a great day and weekend! Until next time…..

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Setting a table with tulipieres and pagoda melamine

Bluff Diaries Chapter 25

Which would you choose


Neiman Marcus Last Call (Neiman Marcus)



















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L.P. on

Good morning Tina, great Sunday post as always to get my day started before I head to the soccer fields all day long! I love the dog bowls, we have two labs, Daisy and Duke and I will most certainly be ordering those for them, also great holiday gifts!

Thanks for the tips on donating to Puerto Rico, I feel the same way, I just cannot get those images out of my mind. I am shocked they are still in such despair now 11 days later.

As far as the football saga, though it is in our constitution to be able to express yourself peacefully, I am appalled at these players. More appalled at the management/owners yet I get their position, if they take a stand, some of their teammates will walk and their goes their season. Read an interesting article in the Washington Post a few days ago where the NFL is being pressured to impose sanctions or fees or some kind of penalty as fans are speaking in large numbers and ticket sales are down.

As my husband always says “only in America”….haha. Hope you have a relaxing Sunday, glad you are feeling better.

L.P. on

PS That letter was amazing, going to share it with my friends and family. Whoever wrote it was incredible.

cheryl on

Thank you for posting how to donate to Puerto Rico. My son was one of the first responders, Los Angeles County Urban Search and Rescue team that went to help. I just had to say how proud I am of him and his team (and those that went to Mexico).They are an incredible group of men, woman, and search/rescue dogs.

Patrice on

I always loved the movie Stepmom too. Julia Roberts was brilliant in the role.
As for the NFL players…who do you know who has the right or owners permission to protest at work? Sunday game day is a work days and players are paid when they are in the game. If the players want to protest…have them hire and pay their own camera crew and peacefully protest after practice in the town they live. I wonder how many fans would remain in that town. People of color are from from oppressed in this country.

Katie Clooney on

Oh my goodness, such wonderful eye candy, this week, dear Tina. My favorite though is the golden in the fridge. Have a great week.

Celia Becker @ on

Good Sunday morning to you Tina. Your 7 on Sunday is such a great way to start my day. Today on my own Sundays With Celia I gave you a little shoutout, sharing that amazing Italian wedding you attended. Because my son just got engaged I’m all about getting wedding inspiration, and that one on Lake Como was simply amazing. How lucky you were to be a guest. Hope you are feeling much better today!

Alice Genzlinger on

I read this comment somewhere that fully explains my opinion. “I take a knee for my lord, I stand for my flag”.

Donna on

Standing for the American flag and the national anthem is honoring the great freedoms that have been fought for over the decades and the people that have sacrificed their lives for ours. This is. NOT a place to express political ideas but a place of respect and manners. If one doesn’t honor the meaning of this, One has to question why are they in America or a person love for America. If they are not happy with the freedoms and oportunity for their wealth this nation provides try living in a less fortunate area under the rule of evil dictators. If political positions are the issue, do not express it during the national anthem.

Teresa on

So much eye candy! Your customers are a talented bunch, I need to send you pictures of my set table from last weekend with my beautiful melamine, threw a surprise 30th bday for my sister and everyone flipped over the plates!

Good thing I am not an NFL coach or owner, those players would find themselves served a leave of absence for their outrageous disrespect for our country. Shame on them.

Love the instagrams today, and of course those Teddy bowls are to borrow a word from my 15 year old daughter “the bomb” 🙂

elizabeth@pineconesandacornsblog on

Tina, Another great 7 on sunday! I too love the little pup in the fridge, a little levity for the day.

I love this letter/article about taking the knee. As the family member of many people who have served in the military I think taking the knee is wrong. I have nothing against these players speaking out for the injustices they see in the world. The “work place is not the place to air your grievances” I feel the same about actors/actresses, musicians, etc. I do not care about your politics and frankly I do not want to hear your rants or issues if I am paying to see you entertain me and everyone else there. I think the NFL has to take a stand end of story. It is a business and should be run as one.

Have a relaxing day, happy you are feeling better.

Maritza on

Hello Tina, what a great post! I just love the fur baby bowls so beautiful……
My dear dad lives in Puerto Rico and I have not heard from him since Maria, I’m worried and anxious hoping and praying he is well and that things will improve soon, I’m heart broken for the people of my heritage it really is so devastating to see my once beautiful island destroyed, please continue to pray for them all…..
Thank you for this post and the information on how to donate….greatly appreciate it…..

Wishing you a beautiful day~

Dianne Dudney on

Tina….I so look forward to your Sunday posts & love your compassion for everything & everyone!!!
I cannot wait for the Teddy bowls to arrive 🐶!!! Have great Sunday !

Suzy on

Thank you for the rich variety that 7 on Sunday brings. Today was no exception. I remember watching old movies with my Mom. Movies were so different then: Anything with Cary Grant, Katheryn Hepburn, Fred and Ginger, all the grand old musicals. We have enough angst – just give me a feel-good movie to escape into once in a while. Still love them to this day. May I make a personal, well-researched and strong recommendation for your charitable dollars? I support the work of Samaritan’s Purse in all their efforts around the world. Please check them out on Charity Navigator, and their full financials are available on their website. When you donate to SP, your dollars go to support the projects that you, the donor, have specified, and nothing else. And finally, thank you for the wonderfully written letter which I hope touches the conscience of many. It seemed the writer may have had first hand knowledge of one of the roles he so vividly described.

Mirna on

Hi Tina, I fully support a peaceful protest. This wonderful country is made up of different races, traditions, religions, etc. If we dare say to anyone that they cannot do something because we don’t believe in it or support it, then how much more progressive are we as a people? I know it doesn’t seem like it, but we are still America… we welcome ALL as long as they don’t infringe on someone else’s freedom or way of life; a peaceful protest allows this and is rightly defended in our 2nd amendment. Even though I live in a furiously red state, I put God first… a lot of these red states call themselves christians; being a true Christian is loving thy neighbor and that includes tolerance. When 45 called these football players SOB’s, it gave them no choice but to tell 45 that they are together on and off the field. And if they choose to do that… I support them. We should be together as a country, despite the devisive words that come from 45.

LindaBee on

I am tired of the dog whistle of Donald Trump and his supporters. He brought this to a whole new level with his comments in front of a white Alabama audience. Trump is the guy who spread the lie that our president was a Muslim (which is ok by the way) and was born in Kenya. Now he has brought more divisiveness into our conversations.
I would urge people to try to understand the motive of these players, owners, managers and trainers who have put their careers on the line to make a statement about racial and social injustice in this country. This is what Democracy looks like!!
Dig a little deeper people and have some empathy.

LindaBee on

The more I think about this, the more I am surprised Tina, that you even brought this divisive topic up. Until every person that reads this blog and starts their work day with the National Anthem and they stand up with their hand over their heart……or have been subjected to racism and police brutality, keep their mouths shut.
People have fought and died for the right for these players to stand in protest.

Lisa on

Hey Tina, hope you are feeling better. We had a stomach bug running through our home about 2 weeks ago and it was not fun.

Love seeing Teddy’s sweet face at the end of your posts. Great post and adore those dog bowls, and will be ordering a few for favorite family pets:)

Love Stepmom, what a wonderful movie, as you said it really touches every emotion.

I have been torn about these players, for the most part I hate what they are doing but at the same time, do understand this is their right. I however do have a issue with them doing this in front of a paying stadium of fans as that is not what they paid for. My husband holds season tickets to the Cowboys and so far they have not taken a knee. He is against them doing that and said if they start he will not attend. It is a very personal decision certainly their right, but I am more against it than for it.

I am glad you are not afraid to open up the dialog Tina about important and relevant subjects, thank you and love your blog.

Eileen on

That letter is absolutely perfect and I’m going to print it out and save it. Wonderful explanation! Thanks.

Melissa on

Happy Sunday, Tina! Always enjoy the Seven. Regarding protests, no one (including our President) is questioning the right of Americans to protest. What some people don’t understand is the NFL is a corporation with a profit/loss structure. Their business is entertainment. As with any business, the company has rules, regulations and guidelines for employees. Employees who do not adhere to those policies are subject to reprimands and even termination. The NFL rules clearly state personnel protocol for the flag and national anthem prior to game time. So employees’ rights are superseded. Those who don’t wish to abide by the policies outlined prior to signing-on are free to seek employment elsewhere. This is what a corporation looks like!

Lindsbee on

Last comment…..Melissa, unless you are an owner of a NFL team, I suspect you should not be speaking for them. If the owners/corporations want to fire these players, they can, for sure. Up to them. Players who protest are really taking a risk by protesting. They must feel strongly about their positions, don’t you think??

Melissa Hebbard on

One of the best and safest ways to donate is to Rotary International. There are Rotary clubs in most communities and countries around the World, and as soon as a disaster happens, Rotary is there providing Shelter boxes for emergency accommodation, they are there prioritising the relief needs of the community and they make sure that the funds go to the community and are not diverted away along the charity line such as to corrupt officials and all of the Admin people. Dollars to Rotary will be used in Texas, and Mexico, in the Carribean Islands and Peurto Rico, and wherever else disaster strikes.

Diana D on

Thank you CG for the link. I hope everyone watches it. This was a peaceful protest, unlike some others. Black athletes have the right to to bend the knee just as white supremacists have the right to wear swastikas, carry torches and wave the confederate flag. The issue is the right to protest, not the subject of the protest. As Voltaire said, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

Susan on

I agree 100% with the letter. I’m totally disgusted and will not be watching the NFL.

michele@hellolovelystudio on

Thanks for the IG shoutout, Tina! I hope you have recovered fully. I long for healing and reconciliation in our country. Believe it or not, I’m listening to the national anthem this very moment. The singer is singing it like a prayer, and it sort of sounds like weeping. Peace to you right where you are.

Ellen on

Tina as someone who is incredibly support of our right to free speech and believing this is one of the things that makes this country so great, I think the NFL players doing this are wrong and should be penalized.
I can assure you I am not attendant a sporting event that I paid good money to attend to have them express their political beliefs to me and that would apply to anything- whether it be my local news reporter, a musician at a concert, a lecturer etc……I am there to watch them play football. Let them take an ad out or do that on their own dime!! It is ridiculous and insulting to every single American especially those who serve.

On a happier note, the Teddy bowls are amazing and I cannot wait to order them. I love every single thing I have ever ordered from you- keep up the good work.

Susan on

That letter speaks volumes… I will pass that along to everyone I know. Wonderful Sunday post as always.

Sandra on

I really enjoyed your letter on the NFL. This good old boys club called NFL makes me sick! The disrespect the players displayed is unforgivable. Football games are family entertainment and these over paid over rated clowns throwing a ball should have no one show up when they display disrespect for our flag. America should be paying their teachers who take care of everyone’s children everyday and teach our most valuable possessions the big bucks —-not these unappreciative greedy players and their pitiful owners who only see dollar signs! I hope we can all see a big change coming when more and more people stop going to the games. Hopefully sooner than later! No one is worth the money they are being paid to run and catch a football. What a joke and like your husband said—-“only in America”

Vicky on

I love seeing that the huge majority of your readers are, like me, fiercely patriotic and feel that there is a proper time and place to exercise one’s right to free speech.

DF on

Instead of kneeling in front of the whole world in protest during the national anthem, wouldn’t it have been beautiful if all these players had kneeled in prayer on the field in praise and thanksgiving for the beautiful country in which they live; and for all the people who fought for their freedom and for their very right to protest. Their kneeling could have been directed to all the hurt and suffering in the United States and in the world instead of whining before their games in this trendy little movement.

M on

If any of those NFL players had ever met a flag draped coffin at the airport they would be ashamed of themselves.

Whitney Blake on

Honestly, it makes me sad that women would be so disparaging to a group that are indeed oppressed in our great country. To see the comments of so many here complaining about the NFL players and what they are standing up for, when we have the leisure time to sit around and read blogs about pretty things, is sad. The actions of these players is about coming together and bringing attention to an issue our country has suffered from since its inception – racial injustice and those with wealth controlling those without. I happen to hail from a wealthy southern family and more or less raised a racist (much to my huge embarrassment), however I somehow managed to learn that the color of my skin and total in my accounts do not make me better than any other human on this planet. Try putting yourself in someone else’s shoes for a change – that is my philosophy and it has made me a better (far from perfect), but better, person

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