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Hello! Hope your week is off to a good start. You know it’s going to be a great day when it starts with a porcelain container sale! Excited to be getting in our second to last container of the year…..crazy as that might sound. This container is due here Nov. 2nd. so all items will ship the week they come in.

If you know the prices of good quality porcelain you will recognize the incredible values here today. On for 3 days only, this is a chance to get these stunning porcelains at a lower price before they arrive and go on the shop site. Some of these are uniquely ours and some which can be found in a few other high end shops are sometimes double what we sell them for!

Some of the most anticipated pieces are in this container the newest planter, the tulipieres, the Ralph vases and a bunch of new arrivals. Not a minute to soon to start thinking about your home for the holidays and maybe even a gift or two for those blue and white loving people in your life:)

As always there are a few rules to go through so please read over these, especially if you are new to this-


  • Call in or email your order 800-804-9565 (9:30-5:30 EST)  or email
  • If you are emailing your order- you MUST include your name, address and phone number in your email
  • Please refer only item number and quantity
  • Limited numbers of items, subject to availability (some things sell out before they get here)
  • This sale will end Friday night at 10pm
  • Please do not submit an order unless you are able to pay your invoice within 12 hours
  • This is a presale for the container arriving on or around Nov 2nd
  • All orders will be processed and shipped in the order they were paid for
  • Wholesale orders- please contact us
  • All orders over $500 receive an extra 10% off the order
  • Referring someone new? If you refer someone to the sale and they make a purchase over $50.00,  you receive a $20.00 credit off of any purchase! Email or call us with the name of the person (must be a new customer).
  • International orders must contact us via email or phone
  • Any questions- feel free to give us a call



Mary Smith

2 Oak Lane

Pleasantville, NY 00001

Ph- 800-804-9565

2 of number 1

1 of number 8




ITEM 1 A best selling village scene extra large bowl is making a return. This is as beautiful with nothing as it is filled with lemons, apples or a big orchid plant.  17″ by about 7″ tall. Truly stunning $135.00.

ITEM 2. The versatile flat tops are such a practical jar and work literally anywhere, perfect as a pair or solo. Three styles, all measure 8″ x 8.5″ $80.00 any style




ITEM 3. NEW! The beautiful chinoiserie garden seats are coming back, available in ivory or a beautiful new color, green. Either color $115.00 (specify color when ordering)

The pictures above and below are the two sides of the green garden seat

ITEM 4. NEW! Stunning solid colored planters, such an elegant addition to my line, this beautiful planter with lion rings is available in a pale celadon green or white. Measures 15.5″ x 15″, perfect for indoors or out! $135.00

ITEM 5. TULIPIERES! Possibly my single most favorite item is now available in extra large…talk about a grand dame, this is it! Phenomenally priced if you know the prices of what tuliperes go for (thousands) . ALL THREE SIZES COMING IN– get them while they are available!

Extra large- $285.00    33″ x 7.5″

Medium- $ 180.00    22″ x 6″

Small- $110.00     14.5″ x 5″

Here is a recent vignette I created featuring the large and medium

ITEM 6. NEW! The much anticipated planter is coming excited to receive these! These beauties measure 7″w x 8″ h $135.00 each

ITEM 7. Our popular dragon ginger jar is such a stunning jar, I have two and love them, a really classic looking jar. Features a beautiful antiqued finish and darling foo dog top. $140.00 OR a pair for $270.00

ITEM 8. Wonderful pencil/brush/utensil holder. Either style $30.00 (specify figurine or lotus)

ITEM 9. Wonderful mini fishbowl. These are so great for a small boxwood ball, small plant, a candy dish or just a pretty little catchall, measures about 4″ x 6″  $35.00

ITEM 10. NEW! This fabulous Ralph vase is so majestic and sold out almost right away.  Available in a large and small…simply beautiful floral/trellis vase, pretty enough with nothing in it or filled with a big spray of flowers, this is one stunning vase!

Large $150.00 20″ x 5″ (at it’s widest)

Small $70.00 11″ x 5″ (at it’s widest)

ITEM 11. Our best selling straight fishbowl is coming back in, these always sell out and with good reason…they are stunning!  The beautiful figurine design is painted on the entire body of the jar. 16″ x 16.5″ $170.00

ITEM 12. NEW! Gorgeous paneled hexagon planter features a beautiful floral pattern painted on all sides…just love this for orchids, a holiday plant or a topiary. This is a stunningly beautiful planter with a lot of detail, planters like these sell for four times this price! $170.00

Measures 14.5″ x 9″

ITEM 13. Wonderful double happiness flat top jar in the iconic double happiness design. New size! 8″ x 8.5″ $80.00

ITEM 14. One of our best selling bowls, this floral/trellis jar is such a beautiful practical bowl, perfect for a coffee table or center island. Love mine filled with apples and lemons. Measures 13.5″ x 6″ tall $85.00

ITEM 15. The popular Phoenix jar is coming back, this beautiful chunky jar is a beauty! Measures 17.5″ x 11″ at it’s widest.  $140.00 OR a pair for $270.00

ITEM 16. Wonderful elegant dragon garden seat, measures 18″ tall $135.00

ITEM 17. Very grand beautiful majestic figurine playing flute ginger jar, this is such an elegant and graceful jar. Stands 24.5″ tall $170 OR pair for $330.00!

ITEM 18. Fabulous grand temple jar is coming back so love this jar and own a pair. Measures 22″  x 11″ $175.00 OR pair for $330.00


One lucky winner is going to win this beautiful decorative plate/display dish. All you need to do to be eligible is to leave a comment on this post. Easy peasy…I will announce a winner on Friday so be sure to check back.

This just never gets old! I so love blue and white and with every container comes a new desire to do a little tweaking in my own home:) See something you cannot live without? Give us a call or email your order-



Enjoy your day and thanks for stopping in!






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Susan M. on

I am currently preparing to display a collection of blue and white on my dining room wall and this would be a beautiful addition! As always, your blog (and you) are a true inspiration!

Beth H on

HI Tina,
A while ago, you spoke about the Glo Pro. Are you still using? Are you happy with the results? I am thinking of purchasing and was curious. Thank you, Beth

Karen Tortorella on

Dear Tina,

With you, the beauty just keeps on coming! Glad you are here.
Please get another dog. It will NEVER replace Teddy, but loving him and training him will take you mind away from the constant ache in your heart!! Plus, he will love you back.

Jane on

I have purchased quite a bit of your lovely blue and white porcelain. It is so beautiful and of the highest quality.

Janis on

I love anything blue and white! I am hosting a shower using my blue and white. I would love to have this plate/dish!

Courtney R. Vollmer on

Loving all these new (and old) pieces!

Becky on

I love all your B & W and have so many of your pieces. This time would love the large Ralph Lauren vase. But redo the size on the blog- I think it is taller than listed!

Lucy Porter on

I’ve scrolled up and down all morning! I want it all!

Ann on

Love all! Have a small collection and always ck your eminent good taste for items carefully curated.

Lynne OBrien on

Such beautiful things!! I always feel like I am treating myself to something extra special when I purchase from The Enchanted home! Thank you for providing such lovely items!

Joan on

Tina, you have the best job in the world to be surrounded by such blue and white beauties (and to dream of what could be.) Thank you for bringing these into our homes.

Starr Sears on

That platter looks like antique canton! Fingers crossed! Large bowl is tempting me as well!

Judy Toline on

Love everything blue and white, beautiful!

MissLindy on

Need to have the sizes on the three Tulipieres. Need to have three sizes please. Also, both the Ralph vases have the same size and I do believe the larger is different from the smaller. Need to have both sizes, please.
Thanks for great blue and white at very reasonable prices.

Karen T. on

Wow ! Such beauties! I want it all! Lol!

Liz B on

Oh the new planters ( number 4) are gorgeous!!

Peggy on

I love love love all the blue and white… reminds me of my newlywed days volunteering at the Chosun Gift Shop in Seoul, South Korea:)

Dianne Dudney on

Love this beautiful piece….I’m slowly increasing my blue & white collection & this dish would be a much welcomed piece ?

Kathy M on

Your blog is a lovely way to start your day, your inspiring ideas are always beautiful. One can never have to much blue and white. It would be hard to choose a favorite!

Linda Owens on

It is all so beautiful!! I love the Ralph vases and the garden seat. It is a difficult decision.

Cindi T on

What a delightful way to start the day as there are always wonderful treasures to be found on “”

Gail Sellers on

I am brand new to your blog.
Love all that you post here!
Your blue and white porcelain is exquisite. Look forward to your next post.

Carol on

I have purchased several pieces and I am with you…can’t get enough! I love everything!

Leslie on

Please review item 10 you have both the large and small pieces with the same measurements.
Large $150.00 11″ x 5″ (at it’s widest)
Small $70.00 11″ x 5″ (at it’s widest)
I am interested, but need to know actual sizes of each

Kathy on

I would love to have the garden seat ~ perfect on my patio! Looking now and thinking about Christmas gifts. So much gorgeousness!!!!

Pam McVety on

What a great thing to do in addition to the wonderful selection of pottery. Thanks. Pam

Angela Culbertson on

As always you curate a fabulous collection of Blue and White which makes my heart sing.

Karen Simpson on

Love this tray. I’d leave out to catch my mail!

DRTVrMoi on

I’m just starting my B&W collection and the decorative plate would look lovely in my kitchen. Thank you for the contest

Tempie on

I so want the display dish! Would be a lovely addition to my blue and white collection. I cannot tell you how I love everything you post.

Gayle on

L love the give away plate… I am waiting on my fishbowl and 2 planters… needless to say… I have many of your porcelains already!!! Thanks Tina

Candy L on

Fabulous blue and white porcelain options! So hard to choose!

Judith Phillips on

I love all your collections!! I have purchased several things!! I ordered some Provence planters for my self and my daughter in law!! I can not wait till they arrive.

Nancy on

Lovely selection as always! I particularly like the solid planters and the extra large bowl that could have so many uses!

Martha Q on

Tulipieres filled with greens, roses, and berries for holiday!!!!

Megan Bobbitt on

Tina… many lovely blue and white items! Time to start thinking about Christmas….yikes!

Karenann on

I am so in love with Item No. 3, the ivory chinoiserie garden seat. It is so elegant and beautiful.

Elaine McCarty on

I would love a pair of #6! Hint,hint to my girls for Christmas. ?

Beverly Ozburn on

Such beautiful items! I am a lover of blue and white and just discovered your blog. Thanks for providing inspiration!

Vivian walker on

This would go perfect with the collection I’ve started , didn’t pay any attention to all the porclin till I found you and went wow

Beverly Ozburn on

Such beautiful items! I am a lover of blue and white and just discovered your blog. Thanks for providing inspiration! xoxo

Vivian walker on

This is perfect for my house

Suzanne Ferrer on

Another great sale of our beloved blue and white. Your pricing remains at the attainable range for me and my clients. Keep up the good work, Tina!

Jennifer on

I love ❤️ everything!!!!!!

Carrie on

Every year my daughter sends me the most beautiful orchids for Mother’s Day. And they last for about a year and I so enjoy them. Can’t seem to keep them alive. Last month I ordered your orchids to see if they could replace the ones I lose every year and they came and are just beautiful, and I have ordered another bouquet of orchids from you and are so looking forward to receiving them. I have purchased many pieces from you and they are so beautiful! Thank you for filling my house up with lovely pieces.

Laurene P. on

So excited, finally ordered my Ralph vases this morning! Missed out last time, so I’m very happy!!
Cannot wait to get them! Thank you!!!!

Mary Balagia on

I love everything!

Judy Clark on

I’m thinking the floral/trellis bowl would be a wonderful addition to the collection of items I have in my home. Also, the dish is amazing! I so appreciate your exquisite taste which inspires me with ideas for my home. Thank you.

Ellen H. on

Really look forward to your blogs… You go from one fun adventure to another!

Jennifer S on

I always love checking out the new arrivals in the containers. So many beautiful and tempting items!

Sandy on

Another beautiful group of blue and whites. I need a bigger house. The platter is beautiful.

ellen on

so much blue and white–I want it all!! :):)

Karen McLeod on

Lover of everything and anything blue and white. Love the tulipieres and will be ordering the medium size. Thank you for all the lovely porcelain.

Kathy M on

I am new to Enchanted Home and look forward to the posts so much! Love blue and white–so hard to decide what to order, it is all so beautiful!

Margianne on

All so lovely! You bring magic into our lives.

Laurie on

I am in love with the new garden seat with pink flowers! To die for!!!

Kayln on

All are beautiful pieces, but the solid colored planters are my favorites. They can go with any style home from very traditional to more modern!

Benesse on

It would be really helpful, not to mention facilitate a quicker sale, if all items had all relevant dimensions listed consistently throughout.
For ITEM 5. TULIPIERES–there are NO dimensions given at all. Height and base dimension would make all the difference toward making a choice. Same for ITEM 1: Height and top diameter would be nice to know.

Mirna Hill on

Hi Tina, I really love all of your products. I want the garden seat but will have to put it on my Christmas list (if I am a good girl) I will get it. Question for you, I have a large porcelain platter that I bought a while back but I cannot find platter holder that is large enough or can carry the weight of this porcelain platter. What should I be looking for in terms of hanging it? Your help is greatly appreciated. I am adding white and blue details to my dining room, I have two foot ceilings on one wall specifically and I would like to place it over the large French china cabinet.

Dana Feiock on

This may be your best yet! I love everything I have ever purchased. I have so much trouble choosing. I love the straight sided vases, so useful.

Joyce Bedrosian on

Love the Fishbowl #11 and the “fruit” bowl #14!!

Judy on

I love my blue and white!!

Mary Baker on

I would love to have this plate added to my collection of blue and white porcelain. I already know how I would display it and I would walk by it each day in my dining room. Thank you for sharing your beautiful blog. I wake up and read it first thing each morning. Have a great rest of your week. Missing Teddy too! Many hugs are sent your way as you remember your beloved Teddy.

jill on

Love them all! Especially the jar sets!

Fran W. on

Beautiful items! That platter is gorgeous!

Andrea Voinot on

Ohhhhhh! Love this!! Blue and white forever!?

Betty Ray on

What a beautiful plate, always Blue & White for me.

Jacquelynn O'Boyle on

Blue and white where would it not look wonderful.

Sonya O. on

Love the double happiness jar!

Jennifer Levey on

Such beautiful blue and white! Love it all!

Vickie on

The lovely mint green color featured is so calming and it.
I see some nice orchid pot options today.
Thanks..keep your chin up.

Todd S on

Bowl me over! Love the two bowls you have in this group.

April on

Love the tulipieres. Best of all pics of Teddy

LisaAnn Ruf on

Everything is so beautiful. I’ve seen many decor trends come and go, but the classic ageless blue and white has always been my favorite. I’m lucky enough to have received antique Chinese Export from my grandmother, a collector. Your pieces will blend seamlessly with my older, treasured pieces. Congratulations on achieving such high quality at such reasonable prices! As a floral designer, I’m using this motif in many of my wedding and party installations. Keep these treasures coming!

Marcia moorhead on

Love the hexagon planter, I love mixing the blue and white with all the Fall mums.

Edwina Anderson on

All your blue and white porcelain is very pretty and I would be happy with anything in that collection.

Hurder Kathleen on

I miss reading about Teddy……but love the photos!

Jane T. on

Love it all! I especially love the tulipieres and they display you did with them!

Nancy Budai on

I am sooo inspired!!

Audrey Sizelove on

Love your blue and white pre-sales!

Eve on

Love #4 & 15. All the pieces are beautiful. So glad I found your website!!


That gorgeous platter would look just beautiful filled with pheasants that my husband just brought back from a hunting trip in South Dakota! Absolutely gorgeous!!

Cindy on

Time to start shopping!!❤️

Cay Miller on

Oh, my! Every item is spectacular. Each one is a must have. How to choose? I think the tulipieres are stunning.
Cay Miller

Mary on

All these items are just gorgeous but I love the solid celadon (it looks like celadon color to me) the best.

Christine Leary on

Just arrived home from a trip to find my two boxes of FABULOUS blue & white ornaments!!! Couldn’t be more excited — they look fabulous in a big silver bowl with autumn bittersweet and mini pumpkins! #notjustforchristmas

Mary Joy Webster on

Your blue and white pieces were the finishing touches in my 2 years new home. Thanks for the inspiration!

Brenda M. on

Waiting in the large. Tulipieres.., they are exquisite.

Susan Kayden on

Fabulous collection! #11, the straight Fish Bowl really caught my eye!

Leslie on

My decision to give your blue and white porcelain as wedding gifts has reignited my love for my own collection. This plate would work beautifully with my Blue WIllow and Canton platters. Enjoy your blog (and shop) so much!

Lynn Tinker Toye on

Love the tuliperies!!

Bonnie G. on

Would love to leave a lengthy comment but have to hurry and place my order!

Karen W. on

Tina, all of your collections are always a visual treat. It is difficult to choose a favorite. Thank you for the time and effort you put into developing your product line. The dish would make a perfect holiday gift for my older daughter who is beginning her blue-and-white collection.

Beth on

I have recently redecorated and have incorporated some blue and white pieces. I’m addicted now and want everything I see. All theses pieces are beautiful, I can’t wait to add to my collection!

Claudia McCauley on

Simply beautiful…
Cannot wait for my antique planter to arrive!
Loving the Teddy pics…such a sweet boy… keep em’ coming!

dale on

I love the Ralph vases!

Lesley Holt on

You’re right, Tina! This NEVER does get old. Started with blue and white dishes in 1981 and have never gotten over the obsession. Now, 36 years later, everything I have goes with everything else. It’s a great decorating scheme!

Anthony von Reichert on

Tina, your site is always an inspiration and so lovely. All the best!

Susan K on

So many beautiful items! I really like the Ralph bases!

Trudi on

I love all blue and white!!! Your porcelains are beautiful!!!

Susan Osborn-Sanders on

Everything is just so Pretty Tina, I love the Floral/Trellis Jar?

Ashley on

Love those garden seats, beautiful!!

Mary L. on

Hi Tina,
Once again you have tempted me with fabulous porcelains! Decisions, decisions??!!! I think my favorite is the grand temple jar, item #14.. Thank You!

Chuck Schomaker on

Wowza wonderful container, and that decorative plate is great.

Deanna on

Every ginger jar I have is from your store and now I’m loving the blue and white bowls.

Carmen B on

The platter would look fabulous with the collection I display on a wall with other pieces my Mom left me. It is beautiful!

Linda Beth on

So many beautiful pieces! I love that you are constantly expanding your shop.

Goldie Stetten on

Every piece is prettier than the next, I love the large bowl and the flat top jars!

Lucy Main on

Placing my order now. Your selections are outstanding!

Maureen o on

Love the garden seats but can’t decide on which one to get! Will think it over tonight!

Sherry S on

Fabulous new container! Love them all.

Gladys on

These pieces are gorgeous! Blue is my absolute favorite color and I recently started collecting these beautiful B&W pieces. So far, i have a set of plates and dessert plates. The serving dish would be an awesome addition. Thank you!

Shery G. on

I absolutely love everything. I love item 12, it’s such a versatile blue and white piece. I can imagine a beautiful orchids or just about any other flower placed inside.

Donna C. on

Love everything, Miss Tina! Always favor the garden seats n large bowls to display fruit or fresh flower arrangements.

Latonia Taylor on

Hello Tina,
As always I love everything . I have moved into a new home and I am in the process of putting all my blue and white treasures out. I get so much inspiration from your home. So sorry about Teddy , I had a golden ,Rex , that was with me for sixteen years,you just never really get over the loss.
Take care ,

Chandra Naylor on

Everything is lovely! I am most excited about the xl Tulipiere though.

Marion Riddell on

Every piece is gorgeous! Love the Ralph vase especially.

Phyllis Eldredge on

I LOVE your website!!

Piper B on

Hi Tina,
I’m coveting #11. The elegant and stately fish bowls are on high my wish list! They would be perfect to use outdoor planters. A little chinoiserie would be a perfect compliment to our colonial styled home:) Oh, Santa??

Vicki C. on

Love all of the blue an white!

Maria Elena Lima on

There are so many beautiful things but the large vase is just classic! Love it.

Polly on

I am a huge fan of blue and white but I have to say those solid colored planters are pretty gorgeous!

Hunter on

I have been a blue and white girl for many years and your pieces are just too beautiful!! The plate is gorgeous and I have just the perfect place for it!

Always, your pics of Teddy pull at my heart having lost my best buddy of 13 years five years ago. I did get another sweet boy but my Duff will always remain my beloved.

Alexandra T on

So many beautiful choices! They never get old!

Robin T. on

I love to follow you and all of your party decorating. You are so talented.
And, I’ve been a lover of blue and white for years…thanks to my mother.

Carol harvin on

Your products are beautiful and you have a talent for making everything look beautiful. So sad about your dog they are the hearts of our home.

Jennifer Hale on

I love everything!

Catherine Anderson on

What hours can I call in an order?

Judy W. on

This could be a beautiful beginning of collecting blue and white porcelain. Time to get started on my own collection. Your creativity using these pieces have been a joy to see?

Mary Bogart on

Hi Tina!
I always look forward to the container sales. It’s so much fun to see whats come in! This dish is beautiful!

Regina S. on

Everything is so beautiful! Love!!

Lizzie M. on

I die at all of this gorgeous-ness! Please come decorate my home! Love it ALL.

Patricia on

Love all but no. 10 and 17 is my favorite. Would love the plate to add o my collection.

Jana Scharnberg on

Love the blue and white!

Natalie on

Beautiful porcelains, love them all! <3

Julie L on

Another great collection! I am sharing this with friends. Great Christmas gifts!
Julie L, GA

Mary Santangelo on

I just ordered a tulipierie! I can’t wait to use it for the holidays. I hope it looks just as nice in person. I am grateful for your website and store.

Jill on

All beautiful but still LOVE the Ralph vases!!!

Ann Bailey on

Your blog has created a love for blue and white in me. Thank you Tina.

Sarah MacDonald on

Every piece is beautiful, how to choose??!!

Linda Cecil on

Gorgeous items! I’m a huge blue & white fan!

Debbie H. on

I love the garden seats. Have purchased some flower arrangements and they were lovely. Thanks

Pat R on

WONDERFUL assortment of absolutely stunning pieces !

V. Franklin on

Love the tuliperes! Especially with the greenery surround. Garden stools will go on my list!

Donna C on

The decorative plate/display dish IS beautiful. Thank you for an opportunity to win it!

Kim on

Love the flat tops!!

Connie Windham on

As always, beautiful items! Especially that celadon garden seat!

Nancy Caswell on

Always love your blog!! ??????????????????????????????

anne d larkin on

Hi Tina,
I hope you are feeling well. I can tell you all our goldens are having a blast.
The ones in my heart met Teddy.
My problem is like you I have a been a B&W lover all my life, and then you came along, and things are out of control. I can’t remember what I just bought and will need to call M. Big hugs.

Karen C on

This would be great with my fall blue and white decor . ????

Leanne Turner on

Each piece prettier than the next!

Peggy on

So many beautiful items. Love them all.

Karen C on

The platter would look great with my fall decor ????

Jackie Shell on

The tuliperes are stunning! Would love to own one (or three!)

Lynn on

That platter is so pretty! Thank you for having such a great giveaway.

Charlotte on

Love the new garden stools!

kesha on

I love the planter with the gold. It is so pretty

Beverly Barna on

Hi! Love your sales, love your merchandise!

Thank you!

Janice on

I am an aficionado of Chinese Art, and these are absolutely superb reproductions.
Anyone would be proud to have them in their home. Well done, Tina!

Jennifer L. on

What a lovely selection! It would be a wonderful addition to my collection. Time to do some shopping!

Lucy Harrison on

Love the temple jar. Fabulous pieces#

Pam on

Love all the blue & white that you have in your shop;n

Kimberley Bolden on

A lovely batch of blue and white ?!

Dana Munoz on

Will you be selling the beautiful lace wraps this year?

Evelyn on

It is difficult to look away when in the presence of a blue and white arrangement. Captivatingly beautiful and addictive design.

Deri Terry on

I still love the tulipieres best, and can’t wait to use mine for the holidays!
Thank you,

Amanda R. on

So many beautiful choices!!! I love getting your Presale emails!

Paula on

Your merchandise is awsome love it all

Gail on

Love all your beautiful pieces and lots of Christmas ideas too!

Diane M. on

Tina, Enjoyed hosting a luncheon today using the Blue and White melamine dishes. All of my friends asked for the link to your site. Beautiful grand temple jar Item 18.

Sandra Miller on

I love the Giveaway plate and I’ve always admired tulipieres.

Stacey on

The grand temple jars are fabulous! I need two! Love my B & W.

Kristen Peterson on

The decorative dish is stunning. The handles are wonderful. It looks like an antique.

Deirdre Critchlow on

I love it all!! I hope I can make up my mind before its all sold out.

Amal on

I’ll have one of each please!!

Nancy on

I’m loving all of the blue and white!? It’s hard to make my decision on all of these beautiful porcelains!!

Nancy on

Love Love Love all that beautiful blue and white!!

Gretchen on

Love love love that plate. I hang them above the doors and door ways in my little old house. Walls are a Ralph Lauren cashmere and doors are black. The small plates add a nice detail since we don’t have a lot of room to hang large art work. And when we do it’s usually our kids 🙂 I think I bleed blue and white lol.

Sharon on

I love the double happiness flat top jar. I have several and this one (or two) would look wonderful in my home.

Michael John on

Keep it coming! I just can’t get enough.

Kathryn Bates on

I love all this blue and white, wish I could purchase every piece. Love how some pieces look antique. My sister-in-law introduced me to blue and white during her years as interior designer and back and forth to England making purchases for her shop, I have several beautiful pieces and enjoy them and think of her as she has gone on to her heavenly home.

Kathy on

LOVE the display dish and all the beautiful new blue and white! I’ll have a hard time deciding what to add to my collection and finding a place for some of these pieces. Great inventory!

Jeannie on

I plan to order soon!

Arlene on

I love everything here. Number 6 the planter is high on my list. I think I have seen them in your kitchen picture posts. I am so sad we are most likely losing our 12 year old grandpuppy this week. He is the reason I love dogs and now have 2 of my own. I felt so bad about the loss of Teddy. But now it is hitting so close to home. Thinking about you and how you are doing. Shed tears for Teddy and now tears for my Oliver

sherry on

hi can you show a picture of the color of green and white jars?
also are the tulpies pots for outside use- even in the winter?

Charlotte on

These would make wonderful Christmas gifts. Love all of them

Alice Adkins on

How can anyone narrow their selections from such a profusion of beautiful?Thank youfor the feast for th3 eyesfirst thing this morning,Again, this is my first week as a subscriber, and loving every photograph, as a hopeless lover of blue and white …everything!

Emily on

Love the new pieces and love my pieces! Thanks for all your inspiration…….

Mary Welch on

So excited for these presale items! Blue and white forever.. <3

Carole McMinn on

I have been in seventh heaven since I found your site. My order was prompt n well packed. I just LOVE my dishes

Rosa Oconnor on

Simply beautiful, blue and white is so soothing and calming and very pleasing to the eye. There is nothing more I want to be surrounded with. Thank you.

Rosalie on

Too many blue and white pretties! Love to have them all.

Teresa Bishop on

Tina I love all your beautiful products,the porcelain , pillows and peonies! It’s like Christmas when I receive another piece to add to my home!

Jeanne E on

So hard to decide…love, love your blue and white porcelain! It took me so long to make up my mind, I missed the beautiful village vase sale! Got my fingers crossed for the beautiful tray. Thanks for the give-away.

Denise on

I always enjoy seeing your blue and white offerings.

Rosemary Mason on

What are the dimensions of item 7 the gingerJar.?

Darlene on

Thank you for bringing us such beauty and inspiration with all your great pieces of blue & white, your incrediable blog where sharing your lovely family, Teddy, your home, your on-line business and all your many talents is such a delight to my day! I always look forward to that cherished time of day with anticipation of what I’m going to learn from your postings!

Andree Rouse on

I just love blue and white. To add it to your decor is like a breath of fresh air. It’s beautiful, uplifting and a perfect accent to any room.

Donna Scully on

Love the items.
Especially the vases.

Bev Lukehart on

So love the wonderful porcelain you import and make available to your readers. When I look at all these lovely pieces I want to redecorate an entire room around them! Thanks for the inspiration you bring to all of us…

Alex W. on

I’d love to add this dish to my collection of blue and white plates on display in the butler’s pantry.

Kristin on

Love the Ralph Lauren inspired vase so much that I bought another one!

Linda Cashman on

I will be getting the extra large tulipiere for my dining room table. I have 12 foot ceilings and a table that seats 12, so I need the BIG one.
My walls are a butter yellow and I love yellow and blue and white together.

Maureen Winchell on

I have inherited my mother’s china. This bowl would make a wonderful addition to the set….pick me….pick me!!

Carol Mitchell on

Cannot wait to receive the large bowl!

Donna on

Such a great selection – and so much fun !

Dianne Kropp on

I never win anything!! LOL Love your home, thanks for inspiring me!

Karen Burnett on

Tina, I feel like your blog is my BBF (Best Blog Forever)! Never in my life have I checked a blog and website daily (sometimes more often)…until now. I find that I don’t want to miss what’s happening and I love, love, love your beautiful blue and white pieces. Thank you for bringing them here and making them so readily available to us.

Diahann Yap on

Love, love, love EVERYTHING!!!!…..decisions, decisions…

Sarah R. on

Goodness! It’s hard to pick a favorite- I could see every one of your items in my home!

Mo on

Wonderful container selection!

Rachael W on

My goodness, the chinoiserie garden seats are absolutely stunning! I love seeing Teddy’s sweet face in the photo above….I have an 11 year old Golden Retriever, her name is Gertie. They are truly the most wonderful dogs, wish they could be with us forever 🙁

Sandy Secor on

Love the blue and white!

Kimberly on

I have collected blue & white items for 45 years, but when we retired and moved to Costa Rica most of my fabulous pieces went to my sisters.
We have serious tremors and I can’t keep fine porcelain. I’d like to collect blue & white items that won’t break. Also, I pay additional fees to have items put on a container to send here on top of postage so I am interested in sale items.
Most fondly,
Kimberly Toberman
Playa Dominical, Costa Rica

Sara Jones on

I love this eclectic collection of blue and white decorative items. They foo dog jar will be a fun complement to my mother’s treasure trove of Blue Willow dishes.

Karlyn on

Really enjoy your blog and all the blue and white porcelains! The temple jars really caught my attention but just love it all❤️

Gail Crake on

Sensual overload! I love (and collect) all porcelain blue and white and your presale items are amazing. I am a fairly new subscriber and can’t wait until you new order of Christmas ornaments arrive. I see a new Christmas tree motif in the offering.

J colton on

Great looking merchandise

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