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Good rainy evening from here in NY.  This is not my normal posting time but I will be out of town for a few days so everything is being done in advance (fingers crossed).  As we approach the finish line (within a few months) the progress week to week is especially exciting as this is the fun stage…the finishing stage. There is a lot to go over this week and from here on in, it’s going to be chock full of lots of decision making.

The hardest part about doing this from afar is not being able to check in daily, as my husband and I are both very much  “hands on” types of people. But I rely on the weekly pictures which I love getting from my builders office and hope to get down there in a few weeks. Lots of fantastic progress this week-

Back entrance flooring, from Francois and Co

Powder room off kitchen flooring

Laundry room

Great room mantle

Husbands bath

My bath


Son’s bath


Every week I pick a subject to discuss. This week is all about seating in the kitchen and dining area (informal). I have started looking at barstools for kitchen ( we will use four) and a dining set. I have seen quite a few that I love so now it’s going to be a matter of narrowing things down.

It always has to start with me with good looks (of course) but comfort and high quality is important too.  There are a few companies that I find are consistently high quality matched with lots of customization options and things that won’t break the bank. Vanguard Furniture has turned out to be such a great resource for me so far, I ordered all the beds and many of the nightstand  through them.

Moving along to the dining space, I say space vs room because this is an open floor plan so the great room is our living room and dining room, it’s one great big room which I have to say I love and am looking forward to living in.

I have always admired big, open spaces and excited that we get to now have one of our very own. I don’t want anything overly formal, it has to be casual but upscale and good looking. Here are some of the wonderful options I have found so far, really have to make a decision soon as it takes a good 10 weeks to get these in and we would love to have something to sit on when we take ownership.



Then I started thinking how I have always loved a banquette and the idea of having one in this house feels so fitting so came up with this concept (ignore the fabrics shown) this is just a concept-



Then I have to consider barstools…..all of these I think are beautiful and not sure quite yet which way to go but these are all contenders (all from Vanguard except last two are from Century furniture)

Speaking of kitchens the other decision I am have to make is lighting. For the island like so many islands, there will be room for two fixtures. Of course I love lanterns but feel you see them everywhere and I do  mean everywhere though they look great, I must admit.

I don’t want to repeat belljars (though I will use a pair elsewhere) but I saw these from Visual Comfort and fell in love with them. I think they add a really nice softness to all the hard surfaces, the wood cabinets, wood floors, metal hood, etc…

I found a white kitchen and went to my design board that I use for my edesign projects and  added them along with some planters just to get a feel for how they would look and I must say I really really like them (bear in  mind not totally to scale but it gives you the idea)!

When I  started to  look at lighting, I liked so many but eventually was able to narrow it down to these. Below are the four that are the contenders. Would love your opinion!





Digressing just a bit but I saw this on Pinterest the other day and must say this is soooo pretty for a kitchen (Schumacher) isn’t this fabric like a breath of fresh crisp spring air? It just makes me happy to look at!


So there you have what is going on as of last week. Lots of good progress happening and decisions are coming at me fast and furious…really have to be on my a game with so many decisions to make. Thanks for sharing this fun journey with me, until next time……

PS The Antica Farmacistsa flash sale is on and will end tomorrow, click here to visit.












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Everything is looking beautiful Tina! Any estimate of when you will be in? Perhaps christmas? Or the New Year?

Love I love that fabric? Are you also considering it for your bar stools or are you going with a neutral fabric?

Have a great few days away! Travel safe.

I really like the lighting fixtures you added to your design board. They have a certain nautical vibe with the design of the fixture just above the shade. I like the wood-framed back barstool. As for the kitchen set, I’ve found that a pedestal table helps with getting in and out without having to deal with the legs of the table.

One of my favorite pics of Teddy . He looked so content . Touching to see all his pics after every post . He had a wonderful , loving life .

Tough choice but I selected 1. Question please….
The lights in the photo with the white kitchen and blue planters are gorgeous as is. Do you know the source of those exact lights? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Good evening Tina
I find bar stools to be the hardest piece of furniture to meet my liking,
Took several years to find what I truly loved for my condo. Maybe it’s because I like a swivel bar stool, Just found, after 2 years, the perfect swivel bar stools for my home, They were featured in Frontgate catalog. Beautiful wood tone;
the fabric has the look of linen, a slight off white

The fabric is gorgeous and so you, Tina. I love the dreamy timelessness of your choices at your getaway–so lovely and elegant. Thanks for bringing us along for the ride. xox

Love the fabric. Gives you the option of using pops of yellow in your PB kitchen which will be a lot of fun and very beautiful!

Two bits of advice! We had a banquette and I loved the look, but the table was a tressle style and it was impossible to slide in to sit because of the bulky legs. And because of the tressle, leg room was compromised. My second concern is a lamp shade over the island if the fixture isn’t hung high enough for taller people. It can become bothersome to look around the shade vs through the glass!

Hello, dear Tina… I am catching up with your posts after being away last weekend. Love the marble in both of the baths. Isn’t it nice not to have to share a bath with a man? My guy is much neater than me, so he is even happier. The fireplace is magnificent.
Hope you enjoy your getaway!! xx

If you cook at all you will be hating life ,cleaning the shades of choice number 1! Do not put glass in the others…

I like the Bernhardt Marquessa dining chairs and their matching settee/bench which you don’t show above. I prefer the Bernhardt Campania dining table with the Marquessa chairs and settee. For bar/counter stools, I would suggest a paler wood than the cherry. I hope you don’t regret the ship lap. It’s such a trend in some homes but I think with yours being close to the water it should be timeless.

Everything is looking lovely! Can’t wait to see your finished home, and I’ve no doubt you will enjoy the time you spend in the south. Regarding lighting — is it too late to use any of Urban Electric’s (located in Charleston) gorgeous fixtures? During a reno/addition a few years ago, my decorator and I looked for months for lighting over my island. When I came across some by Urban Electric, I just knew. The only problem then was deciding which of their stunning pieces to use.

They are all beautiful fixtures!! I have something very similar to #3 in my breakfast room from visual comfort and I absolutely love it. The version I have, came with shades but it is such a good transitional fixture. Good luck with the decisions, can’t wait to see the finished house!!

Just a quick follow up to my comment!! Apparently my fixture was not by Visual Comfort after all but by Libby Langdon for Crystorama, the Sylvan chandelier. Sorry about that, but I thought you might like to take a look at it!! Best of luck!!

I choose the glass lamps for the kitchen, as fabric shades absorb kitchen greases & odors. Maintenance is more for those, altho I do like them for appearance.

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